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Mark and C.J. were surprised to learn that they were half-brothers. Sally told Clarke her doubts about a relationship between the two of them. Amused by the competition for her affection, Bridget advised Mark and C.J. to focus on their relationship with each other. Despite Ridge's assurances, Stephanie insisted that Brooke keep her distance from Ridge. Thomas lashed out at Brooke. Bridget helped Ridge with the kids and was disappointed about Stephanie's attitude toward Brooke. Ridge became curious about the problems between Bridget and Brooke. Tricia advised Brooke to stay away from Ridge. Thorne told Tricia that Ridge and Brooke would eventually reconcile.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 11, 2002 on B&B
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Monday, November 11, 2002

Ridge insists to an irate Stephanie that there was nothing inappropriate going on between him and Brooke. Stephanie tries to convince him that he is vulnerable right now and Brooke will take advantage of that. Brooke tells Stephanie that she is only trying to help Ridge as a friend. Bridget senses the tension when she brings Thomas home. As Ridge was expressing how proud he was that Thomas received an "A" on his project, Brooke asked Thomas if he wanted to go and get ice cream to celebrate. Thomas lashes out at Brooke, telling her that his mother didn't like her and neither does he. He orders Brooke to get out. Ridge tells Thomas that they do not tell people to leave their house, they should ask. Thomas tells Ridge to get rid of Brooke because he did not want her there. Bridget takes the kids upstairs while Ridge talks to Brooke. Stephanie pointedly tells Brooke that the best thing she can do is keep her distance from the family. Brooke tells Stephanie that the kids to not need to hear Ridge says that Thomas is just repeating what he heard Jack say at the funeral. Ridge apologizes, but Brooke assures him that neither he nor Thomas have anything to be sorry for. Brooke said it would be better if she left. Bridget tries to get Thomas to see that Brooke just wants to help, but he does not want to give her a chance. Downstairs, Bridget tells Ridge that maybe she should leave if she is not helping him and the kids. Ridge assures Bridget that he and the kids need her and want her to stay.

Sally advises Clarke to introduce C.J. and Mark the right way so they can get their relationship started on the right foot. Clarke is sure his sons will love each other, but Sally points out that the last thing he wants is his sons competing with one another. Clarke assures her that his sons have no reason to be jealous of each other. C.J. warns Mark to back off, but Mark scoffs at him, wondering who raised him to throw sucker punches and make threats. C.J. is surprised that Bridget told Mark so much personal stuff about herself. Mark tells C.J. that Bridget needs more than a dropout coffee grinder. C.J. tells Mark that Bridget does not need him taking advantage of her. Mark notes to C.J. that Bridget is out of his league. C.J. hurls a coffee can at Mark as he heads out, hitting Clarke as he comes in. C.J. and Mark rush to Clarke's side, each stunned to hear the other call Clarke, "Dad."

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

After Clarke got hit in the face with a bag C.J. and Mark are trying to help their father up. C.J. and Mark are both confused when each of them calls Clarke dad. C.J. asked mark why he is calling Clarke dad? Mark asked C.J. the same question. Clarke tells C.J. and Mark to help him up. When Clarke gets up he tells both Mark and C.J. that they are brothers. With Mark and C.J. still very confused Clarke explains to them that he had Mark before C.J.. Clarke finds the whole situation to be great, that his two boys have finally met. C.J. tells his father they have already met, and Mark is the doctor he had been telling him about. He told his father that Mark is Bridget mentor, and he has been the one trying to take Bridget away from him. Meanwhile back at Spectra, Sally is telling Darla the whole situation that is going with Clarke, C.J., and Mark. Sally is telling Darla about her disapproval with C.J. and Mark meeting. Darla thinks it would be great for the two brothers to meet, and Darla goes into one of her famous stories, at the end of the story she reconfirms her feelings and believes it will be great for C.J. and Mark to meet. Back at the Coffeehouse C.J. and Mark are barking back and forth at one another, and C.J. tells his father (Clarke) that Mark has been using the mentor program for his personal dating system, Mark tells C.J. he is pulling out of being Bridget's mentor because of their personal relationship. The two explode once again and then Clarke tells the two they are acting like children. Mark tells his father (Clarke) that he wants to be a part of his life, but wants nothing to do with C.J.. Clarke tells C.J. how lonely he has been since his sister Mace's death, and then proceeds to tell Mark that recently he has believed he has had no siblings. C.J. and Mark both see their father's point and agree to get to know one another. Clarke leaves to let the two straiten things out, and Mark and C.J. both agree to have a truce when it comes to Bridget. They agree to leave her alone, which means no dates or phone calls. But after Mark left C.J. called Bridget and asked if he could see her that night he said they needed to talk, she said yes. But Mark had also made a call to Bridget and asked her if he could take her out to dinner. Bridget said yes to him as well.

Ridge, Bridget, Thomas, and the twins sat down for a meal. After the meal Ridge and Bridget walk out onto the tarries where Ridge thanks Bridget once again for all of her help. Ridge can tell there is something on Bridget's mind he asked Bridget what she was thinking about. At first Bridget was hesitant to tell Ridge her problem, because he already had so much on his mind, but Ridge insisted. So Bridget confided in him, she told him that C.J. had gotten jealous over Mark. Ridge asked why C.J. would have a reason to get jealous. She told him that her mentor Mark had taken her to the beach, and she didn't realize it might have been a date. Ridge tells her that he wasn't surprised that two guys would fall for her. Ridge also told her that he couldn't believe how grown up she was. At that time she got a call from from C.J., and then from Mark. She told Ridge, and then he said she should go out and he would take care of the kids. While Bridget is leaving Thomas and the twins are upset to see Bridget leave. Ridge tells the kids that Bridget needs to go, Thomas tells Bridget to hurry back, Bridget agrees. Ridge tells Bridget that he is happy she is there, and Taylor was right when she said how great Bridget was.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002
by Anna

Brooke invites Tricia to her office to talk about Brooke and Ridge and their relationship. Brooke expresses her desire to help Ridge. She asks for Tricia's support in this and asks her to tell Stephanie to back off. Brooke insists that she has changed and that she doesn't want to take advantage of Ridge, but Tricia is not convinced. Tricia wants to understand Brooke and Ridge's relationship. Brooke flashes back, remembering the strong romance that she shared with Ridge. Brooke admits that their relationship was very intense, but that she is determined to stay his friend. Tricia tells Brooke that Ridge is very vulnerable right now and that he could easily transfer his feelings for Taylor to Brooke. Tricia insists that Brooke is not the person that Ridge needs right now and warns her to stay away from him. After Tricia leaves, Brooke calls Ridge at home and asks to come over. He agrees.

When Ridge is tucking Thomas in for the night, Thomas admits to hearing his Grandpa Jack say that Brooke did mean things to Taylor. Ridge explains that Grandpa was just angry and was taking it out on Brooke. Ridge tells Thomas that Brooke was just trying to help, but Thomas asks his father if he has to like Brooke. Ridge asks Thomas to give her a chance.

At Spectra, Clarke is convinced that his sons have called a truce as far as Bridget is concerned. Sally, however, knows the type of son she raised and knows that C.J. won't back off easily. She hopes that C.J. succeeds in his pursuit of Bridget.

C.J. is in Bridget's apartment when Mark shows up to pick Bridget up for their date. The two men admit to Bridget that they made a pact not to date her. C.J. lets it slip that Mark is his brother, taking Bridget by surprise. When Mark tells Bridget that his mother kept Clarke from seeing him as a child, Bridget feels sorry for the life that Mark had growing up. C.J. accuses Mark of taking advantage of poor Bridget, especially since he is supposed to be her mentor. Mark tells them both that he has decided to drop out of the mentor program. After the two continue to fight over who is best for Bridget, Bridget interrupts. She defends the good about both of their characters and tells them what she likes about them. However, if she had to choose between them, she wouldn't pick either because she does not want a serious relationship so soon after her failed marriage. She tells them that she wants them to compete, and she sends them out to dinner together to begin to work out their issues.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

At home, Ridge recalled his last moments with Taylor before she died. Brooke arrived to ask Ridge if he wants her out of his life while he grieves Taylor? Brooke explained that Tricia and Stephanie have both advised her that her presence with Ridge could only hurt him right now in his period of grief. Ridge did not ask Brooke to leave.

Tricia asked Thorne about Ridge and Brooke's relationship. Thorne questioned if Tricia has feelings for Ridge. Tricia denied all feelings for Ridge. Tricia did admit that her judgment might be clouded by her own grief over Taylor's death. Thorne predicted that Ridge and Brooke will reunite.

Bridget told Stephanie that Mark and C.J. are half-brothers. When Stephanie changed the conversation to Brooke, Bridget defended her mother. Stephanie was angry that Bridget refused to keep tabs on Brooke for her.

While trying to cheer Ridge up, Brooke told Ridge that she has many more problems than he does. Brooke asked Ridge to "put her out of her misery." Ridge found what Brooke said very humorous and laughed. He and Brooke realized it was the first time he had laughed since Taylor's death.

Friday, November 15, 2002

Brooke asks Ridge if he agrees with his mother and if he does and wants her to stay away from him all he has to do is tell her and she will respect his wishes. Ridge doesn't think that Brooke is doing anything more than just being a friend to him because they have such a long and close history. Brooke lets Ridge know that she called a board meeting and everyone agreed that he should come back to work at Forrester where he can be surrounded by people who love him and care about his happiness. Ridge is still too deeply hurt by Taylor's death and is deeply mourning his wife. Her photographs are all around the house and he can't help drifting back to last memories with her.

Trish goes to visit Thorne to ask his opinion of Brooke's desire to spend time helping Ridge heal. She asks so many questions about Ridge, that Thorne questions her about her own growing attraction to his brother. She tries to assure him that her interest in Ridge is only professional and asks him what she can do to convince him that she is not falling for Ridge. Thorne is beginning to think this might be an interesting opportunity for him to begin to get to know Taylor's old friend.

Bridget, who is staying over at Ridge's to be near the children goes to Ridge and tells him that she is a little angry and upset with Stephanie for coming down so hard on Brooke. Bridget believes that her mother is being sincere in her goal to be helpful to Ridge and is not falling back into her old pattern of trying to include Ridge in her life. She does tell Ridge that in the past, she confessed she had been jealous of the home life he and Thorne had growing up in a household with a mother who was morally upright and correct. Ridge admits that sometimes that can be a problem and uses Stephanie's attitude toward Brooke as an example. Ridge and Bridget are growing closer as siblings. Ridge feels comfortable sharing some of his private thoughts with his younger sister only to find out that she has fallen fast asleep on the sofa. He gently covers her and kisses her goodnight on the forehead.

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