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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 6, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, January 6, 2003

Thorne finds Macy waiting at the church and assures her that he knew she would come. Macy tells Thorne that she could not leave without saying goodbye. Thorne tells Macy that he still loves her and kisses her to prove it. Macy admits to Thorne that she has never stopped loving him, but she must leave to protect her father. Thorne tries to convince Macy to forget about her father and to follow her heart. Lorenzozo rushes to the door and tells Macy not to listen to Thorne because he has let her down before.

While watching the final entries for the fashion shows, Bridget tells Massimo she knows it must be hard for him to watch Ridge interact with Eric. She informs Massimo that the tribute to Taylor was Brooke's idea. Ridge tells Brooke how much he appreciates the tribute and she admits that it may be a new start for her and Thomas. Ridge agrees that it could be.

Before the showstoppers appear, Ridge takes time to thank Eric for the distraction of the fashion competition. The introduction to the Spectra showstopper is some confetti and a huge glamour shot of Sally. This is clearly embarrassing to Ridge and gives the audience a chuckle, but it does not take away from the beautiful wedding gown. The Forrester introduction was much more classy. The model was escorted in a rowboat in the elegant wedding gown Eric designed. The crowd oohed and aahed and showed their appreciation. While Stephanie had a look of disgust on her face when she realized the model was Brooke, Ridge had a look of admiration.

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Lorenzozo reminds Macy that Thorne had his chance and failed, and that he and Adam need her. Adam finds them and orders Macy to get in the car. Her heart breaking, Macy goes with her father and Lorenzozo. As the car pulls away, Macy is in tears despite Lorenzozo's assurances about starting a new life and Adam's promise to find a way for her to see Sally again. Thorne stands alone at the church, also in tears. Before the winner can be announced, Ridge takes the stage and makes a speech about Eric. Ridge explains that he's triumphed today - not over his father but because of him. The crowd applauds as Eric joins Ridge on stage, but the moment is more than Massimo can bear. In despair, he visits his father's grave. Massimo knows he will not be able to keep his secret forever, and promises his father that Ridge will continue their legacy. Sally is stunned and furious that Ridge tore up the results of the vote. Certain that Spectra would have won, Sally is ready to demand an inquiry because she doesn't want to leave Italy without a trophy. Eric is overwhelmed by Ridge's tribute. Knowing it's their last day in Portofino, Ridge gives Brooke a romantic kiss.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003
by Anna

Massimo comes to Stephanie's hotel room. Stephanie immediately begins to yell at him for telling Bridget about Ridge's paternity. Massimo defends himself by telling Stephanie how lucky she is to have children and grandchildren. Ridge comes by and Massimo takes Ridge to a meeting to discuss Massimo Industries with some colleagues.

Sally tells Darla that she won't leave until she talks to Macy again. Darla tells her that Macy has left. Darla explains to Sally that Adam was in danger and they had to leave. Sally can't believe that Macy would disappear again without even a phone call. Sally insists that Darla take her to Macy's apartment.

At the business meeting, Massimo tells the men that Ridge will be the one taking over Massimo Industries in the future. The men question Massimo's chose, but Massimo defends Ridge's ability to handle the complex business. When the men report recent problems with the shipping, Massimo handles the problem with a phone call. Ridge is impressed. When the meeting is over, Massimo tells Ridge that he wants Ridge to realize his full potential. He doesn't want Ridge to continue drawing dresses for spoiled rich women. Ridge is upset that Massimo is trying to tell him what to do. Ridge insists that designing and being creative is in his blood. Massimo says it isn't. They are interrupted by Eric, who's come to get Ridge for the plane ride home.

As Macyi and Adam prepare to leave, Macy questions if it is right to leave her mother again. Macy feels it is not fair that she has to choose between her mother and her father. She then accuses Adam of trying to keep her away from Thorne. Adam admits that he doesn't want her around Thorne. He tells Macy that Lorenzozo loves her and she can have family with him, but Macy insists that she'll never have a family without Sally.

Sally can hardly believe her eyes when they arrive at Macy's apartment and it is vacant. As she thinks about never seeing Macyagain, Sally has chest pains.

Thursday, January 9, 2003

At Bridget's apartment, C.J. planned to surprise Bridget, upon her arrival home from Portofino. C.J. was surprised instead, when Mark walked in instead of Bridget. C.J. and Mark had their usual disagreement over which one of them that Bridget should be in a relationship with.

Amber and Rick had a homecoming party for Ridge and the children. Brooke, Stephanie, Eric and Bridget were all present. Ridge announced to all of his family members that he will never take them for granted again. Ridge thanked Rick and Amber for the welcoming party. They gave the credit for the party to Brooke. When Rick and Amber noticed that Ridge and the kids appeared to be a little happier, Ridge told them that Brooke had helped him a great deal. Ridge revealed that although Brooke had helped him, Bridget was mostly responsible for their being able to deal with Taylor's death.

In private, Stephanie questioned Bridget about why she seemed so upset about something. When Bridget packed to leave Ridge's house, Stephanie tried to convince her that nothing between her and Ridge should have to change. Bridget disagreed with Stephanie that everything had changed, because she and Ridge were no longer siblings. It meant she was no longer an aunt to the children. Bridget warned Stephanie that she was not going to remain in Ridge's home and lie to him on a daily basis.

At Stephanie's request, Ridge went to find out what was wrong with Bridget. Bridget told him that it is time for her to move out and get on with her life. Ridge sensed that something was very wrong with Bridget. He would not allow her to leave until she told him the truth about what was wrong. Bridget denied anything was wrong. Ridge pushed Bridget until she agreed to tell Ridge the truth!

Friday, January 10, 2003

Ridge is upset and confused at Bridget's decision to move out of his home. Bridget tells him that it's for the best for Ridge and the children and will help them to get their lives back to normal. She says they no longer need her and that she has other priorities and things having to do with her life that need to be taken care of. Ridge tries hard to persuade her to stay but her mind is made up.

Downstairs, Stephanie and Brooke are having their usual argument about Brooke's involvement in Ridge's life. Brooke stands her ground and says that she has been nothing but helpful to Ridge. Stephanie tells her she has no place there because it's Taylor's house. Brooke counters by telling Stephanie - it's not Taylor's house anymore.
Brooke says she wants to talk to Bridget to find out what has been bothering her. Stephanie tries to discourage Brooke from getting involved. Brooke insists that Bridget is her daughter and that she has every right to try to find out what's bothering her. Furious, Stephanie leaves to go to Massimo to vent her anger. She lets Massimo know that because he shared the secret of Ridge's paternity with Bridget, Bridget no longer feels comfortable being around Ridge and has decided to move out; clearing the way for Brooke to make moves on Ridge. Massimo agrees that Bridget has been exactly what Ridge and the children need and for her to move out would be to make the worst mistake possible.

Bridget arrives at the bottom of the staircase with her luggage to find the children lined up waiting to beg her not to leave. She tells them the same things she told Ridge - that it's time, she has enjoyed having the opportunity to get to know them and be around them but they don't need her anymore. Bridget reassures the children she is not leaving because of anything they have done and gives them all sentimental presents she bought in Italy to remind them of their time together. Thanking Ridge for letting her have the opportunity to be with them, Bridget walks out the door, getting as far as the steps where she breaks down in tears.

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