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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, January 13, 2003

Bridget arrives home and C.J. welcomes her home with flowers and a hug. She tells him that she is home to stay. Massimo shows up and questions her about leaving Ridge's home. Bridget tells him that it was time to go because Ridge is starting to heal. Massimo tells Bridget that he thinks she left because she is falling in love with Ridge. Bridget is outraged that he could make such a sick suggestion. She tells him that she only sees Ridge as a brother and nothing more. Massimo reminds her that she and Ridge are not related by blood and she would be much better for Ridge than Brooke. Bridget tells Massimo that he would do anything to get Brooke out of Ridge's life. She is disgusted with him and he should leave.

Brooke tries to console Ridge about Bridget. She tells him that Bridget has her own life that she has put on hold for a while. Ridge still cannot understand why Bridget moved out, he felt he should have done more to persuade her to stay. Brooke invites the babysitter to spend the night so Ridge could have help getting the kids ready for school the next day. She then tells Ridge to go to the sauna to relax for a while. When she shows up fully dressed, Ridge is surprised that she is not joining him. She tells him that it is time for her to go home to her baby girl. He tries to convince her to stay by inviting her for a kiss before she leaves. After they kiss, he pulls her into the water and she is completely soaked. He then tells her she could go home now.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Eric told Brooke that Ridge seems down now that everyone is home from Portofino and the design competition is over. Brooke took Eric's cue and headed over to Ridge's. Once there, Brooke convinced Ridge's children to go to school, via a limousine ride.

Bridget reminisced about the time she spent with Ridge in Portofino. Bridget recalled Massimo's words that Bridget is afraid of her feelings for Ridge and therefore running from him. Massimo stopped by Bridget's apartment unannounced and again tried to convince her to return to Ridge and the children.

Massimo arrived at Ridge's house as Brooke and the children were leaving. Ridge told Massimo he did not want to be lectured about his relationship with Brooke. Ridge revealed that Bridget was much more than a babysitter to him. He actually told Massimo that Bridget takes his breath away, when he sees her caring for the children and making them so happy. Massimo convinced Ridge to inform Bridget of just how important she is to him and the children.

C.J. brought breakfast for Bridget. They revealed how much they missed one another. C.J. observed that Bridget seemed preoccupied. Bridget blamed her mood on being very tired.

Ridge called Bridget and told her if they were not siblings, he would propose marriage to her. Bridget shaken by Ridge's telephone call, asked C.J. to leave. Massimo called to reiterate what Ridge had told Bridget "If they were not siblings, he's propose marriage to her." Bridget hung up the telephone.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003
by Anna

Massimo tells Bridget that Brooke is using the children to get to Ridge. Bridget defends her mother, saying that she loves her mother. Massimo insists that Brooke has not changed, and that Bridget is the right woman for Ridge and the kids. Bridget, upset by the idea, accuses Massimo of using her to drive Brooke and Ridge apart. Massimo is anxious for Ridge to know the truth, but Bridget says the scandal would hurt her family. Bridget warns Massimo to stay away from her and never discuss her relationship with Ridge again.

Adam assures Macy that she made the right decision to leave Italy, but Macy misses her mom and is unsure if she can start a new life over in Portugal. Adam reminds her that they have done the right thing, and Macy promises Adam that she'll try to be happy in her new life. As the two hug, Lorenzo enters. Macy is sorry that Lorenzo had to leave his home in Italy, but Lorenzo doesn't mind. He wants to fill Macy's life with love and happiness if she'll let him. He pulls a box from his pocket and, showing a ring, asks Macy to marry him.

At Spectra, Sally worries that she'll never see Macy again. She misses her more now that she knows Macy is alive. Just then, C.J. comes by to see how the trip went. He wonders what is bothering his mom and guesses that being in Italy caused her to think about Macy. Sally admits that she has been thinking about Macy. C.J. says that he too thinks about her, but he tries to focus on the happy times in Macy's life. Sally slips and says that Macy needs that now. C.J. asks his mom why she referred to Macy in the first person. Sally says she didn't realize what she said. C.J. wishes he had just a few more hours with Macy, but knows that will never happen. Sally says to C.J. that she needs to tell him something about his sister.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

At Spectra Fashions, Sally was on the verge of informing C.J. that Macy is alive, when Thorne arrived. While alone, Thorne advised Sally not to tell C.J. that Macy is alive. Sally felt that C.J. would be able to convince Macy to return home. Thorne was hopeful that Macy would return home to him.

Stephanie nagged Ridge about getting together with Brooke. Stephanie reminded him that Taylor would not have wanted Brooke around the children. Ridge defended Brooke. Ridge admitted that when he is with Brooke he is happy.

Amber gave Brooke some of her new designs. Brooke revealed that she was going to test the designs with somebody special. Amber assumed that Brooke was referring to Ridge. Brooke confirmed Amber's assumption about Ridge. Brooke revealed that she was planning to surprise Ridge with a ski trip to Big Bear. Brooke managed to trick Ridge and drove the two of them to Big Bear. Under protest, Ridge decided to stay.

Macy was surprised by Lorenzo's marriage proposal. Macy told Lorenzo that she is confused about her feelings toward him. Lorenzo tried to convince Macy that she would be making the right decision by marrying him. Lorenzo again asked Macy if she would marry him.

Friday, January 17, 2003

Brooke and Ridge share fun times playing in the snow and Marshmallow tag in front of the fireplace while they wait for Ridge's clothes to dry (he fell into a pond during a cross country race). Ridge thanks Brooke for yet another wonderful activity/idea that has helped him to continue to deal with his grief and loss and feel emotionally better. Clothes dry, Ridge goes out to start the car so that he and Brooke can return to LA. He comes back in to tell Brooke that they aren't going anywhere because the car is buried in the snow and the roads seem to be impassable. Brooke laments sarcastically about how horrible the circumstances are with them being stuck in a cozy cabin with a bottle of champagne chilling in the fridge and she with nothing to wear!

In Portugal, just before going out to meet Lorenzo, her father and a minister waiting to marry her and Lorenzo, Macy fantasizes about Thorne and almost loses her nerve and runs for the door before stopping herself. After regaining her self-control, Macy exchanges wedding vows that include declarations of loyalty and trust with Lorenzo and their marriage is completed.

Sally is beside herself at Macy's inability to contact her after finally letting her mother know that she's alive. In her grief, Sally declares that if that's the way Macy wants it then from this day forward Sally declares she doesn't want to talk to her again. Clark walks in the middle of Sally's rant and asks why Sally is talking about Macy in the present tense as if she is still alive. Thorne and Sally try to cover at first by saying that Sally was really referring to how things might be different if it hadn't been for Thorne. Clark isn't buying it and says he wants the truth is Macy dead or alive? Sally can't continue the lie and admits to Clark that Macy is alive. Sally begs Clark to promise that he will not say a word about what he knows to anyone, especially C.J.. Sally is overcome with a combination of anger and sadness. She says finally that all she really wants is to have her daughter back with her. Suddenly, she clutches her heart and as Macy exchanges wedding vows in Portugal, Sally struggles with the unexplained pain and eventually, loses consciousness.

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