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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 27, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, January 27, 2003

Amber and Rick kiss while they wait for the board meeting to determine the future of the Ambrosia line. Rick tells Amber not to get her hopes up about the Forresters continuing with her line. Amber says she is confidant that they will. Brooke and Eric arrive and explain that while storeowners are making room for the Forrester designs, it is Eric's designs from Portofino that they want. Amber agrees that two lines is a bad idea and shows how she's altered Eric's designs to turn his designs into a line for younger women. Eric agrees to move forward with her ideas. Rick and Amber head out to celebrate. They encounter some guys who are laughing and pointing at Amber. They send over a special drink called "silk panties." Amber assures Rick she doesn't know them and that they should ignore them. Rick goes over and tell them that Amber is his wife and they taunt him and suggest that he tell them what "Ambrosia" is really like. They don't know why they called her "Ambrosia"

Thorne is devastated to hear that Macy married Lorenzo and can't believe his eyes when he sees Macy's wedding ring. He asks Macy why did she marry Lorenzo and she has no answer. Lorenzo tells Macy to go visit her mother while he talks to Thorne. He tells Thorne that Macy is only in town for a little. Thorne questions him as to how he could take Macy away from her family and friends. He tells Lorenzo that Macy doesn't need him now that she is around the people who love and care for her. Lorenzo can't believe that Thorne could think Macy would want anything to do with him after how Thorne hurt her. Lorenzo reminds Thorne that he has only himself to blame for losing Macy. Macy decides to sing to Sally to get her to wake up. As she does, Sally opens her eyes. Though Macy is thrilled, Sally is angry and tells her daughter to go away.

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

From her hospital bed, Sally berated Macy for having left in Italy without saying goodbye to her or where she was going. Sally would not accept that Macy was not going to remain in LA. Macy vowed never to hurt Sally again. Sally asked Macy to promise that she would never disappear out of her life again. Macy promised to remain in LA.

At the hospital, Thorne advised Lorenzo that Macy would always want to be around her family. Lorenzo disagreed with Thorne and advised him that being married to him is what Macy wants. Lorenzo accused Thorne of not really knowing what Macy wants. Lorenzo introduced himself to Clarke as Macy's husband.

C.J. confided to Bridget that he is afraid that Sally will not survive the heart attack. C.J. also confided that he wished that Macy were alive and with them.

Ridge asked for Bridget's opinion about a family ring that he planned to give to Brooke. Bridget predicted that Brooke would like the ring. Bridget cautioned that it was too early to give the ring to Brooke. Ridge admitted that he planned to ask Brooke to marry him very soon. Ridge tried the ring on Bridget's finger to see how it might look on Brooke's hand. Ridge questioned why Bridget had behaved differently toward him since the trip to Portofino. Bridget kept her reaction about the ring on her finger to herself.

At the hospital Mark advised Clarke that Sally's condition had improved. Clarke and Thorne attempted to keep C.J. from seeing Macy in Sally's room to no avail. C.J. went into Sally's room while Macy was still there. C.J. was shocked to see Macy!

Wednesday, January 29, 2003
by Anna

In her apartment, Bridget is remembering the fun times she's had with Ridge and the kids. There is a knock at the door. It is Massimo, who is still trying to convince Bridget that she is the one for Ridge. Bridget informs Massimo that she has seen the ring that Ridge intends to give to Brooke. Massimo is worried that Brooke will hurt the kids like she hurt Bridget, but Bridget defends her mother, saying that this is a completely different situation. Massimo leaves, on his way to Deacon's motel room. When he gets there, Massimo tells Deacon that Ridge is preparing to propose to Brooke. He reminds Deacon that Deacon has the power to stop the relationship and urges Deacon to do it if he wants a chance to get Brooke back.

In Eric's office, Ridge tells Eric about his plans to marry Brooke when the time is right. He wants to wait until the kids grow to accept the idea. Eric gives Ridge his support if Brooke is the one to make him happy. Ridge reminds Eric of their long history and how Brooke has always been there for him. Ridge has noticed how Brooke has changed. He is sure that there are no secrets between them and that their relationship is all about honesty. After Ridge leaves, Eric calls Brooke into his office and tells her that Ridge feels there are no secrets. Eric is concerned that Deacon could reappear and cause trouble, hurting Ridge. Brooke assures Eric that nothing can throw her and Ridge off track. She tells Eric that she plans on telling Ridge about Hope's paternity, but Eric urges her not to do it now.

At the hospital, Lorenzo and Thorne argue in the hallway about whether Macy will stay in L.A. or go back to Italy. Thorne is sure that once she's seen C.J., she will not want to leave. In Sally's room, C.J. is stunned to find Macy at his mother's bedside. Macy explains to him how she lived through the explosion. She apologizes to him for letting him believe she was dead, but C.J. is too happy to be angry with her. When Darla, Clarke and Thorne enter the room, Macy introduces Lorenzo as her husband. Everyone welcomes him to the family, except for Thorne, who leaves the room.

Thursday, January 30, 2003

At home, Brooke recalled significant moments with Ridge over the course of many years. She thought about the times they were married, dating and when they were just friends.

Brooke expressed her excitement about the future dinner with Ridge and his children to Amber. Brooke revealed that she hoped her relationship with Ridge would be permanent this time. Amber gave her full support for Brooke to be together with Ridge.

Meanwhile, Massimo, did his best to convince Deacon that his only hope of having a relationship with Brooke is to inform Ridge that he is Hope's father. Massimo managed to motivate Deacon with anger. Finally, Deacon agreed to Massimo's request. Massimo vowed he would be forever grateful to Deacon. Massimo promised him he would not be disappointed by Massimo's appreciation. Deacon was curious why Massimo would have any interest in Ridge or his children.

Trisha told Ridge that Thorne's behavior toward her had changed since he returned from Italy. Trisha explained she can accept that his feelings had changed but she would like to know why. Ridge sought Trisha's advice as to when he should inform his children that he intends to marry Brooke.

Brooke told Ridge that she has never been so happy. She was also feeling that she does not quite deserve all this happiness. Meanwhile, Massimo was counting the moments until Deacon met with Ridge to inform him that Deacon is Hope's father. Massimo was hoping that Ridge would be so upset with Brooke that it would blow their relationship apart!

Friday, January 31, 2003

Amber and Bridget share a brief conversation at Insomnia. Amber tells Bridget how blissful it is to have nothing going on in her life and how much she could get used to the phase of calmness. As they talk, neither of them can help notice that a group of guys sitting nearby are obviously noticing them, Amber in particular. After Bridget leaves to finish studying for her exams, Amber is approached by one of the guys who tells her how excited he is to meet her in person and asks if he can have her autograph. Amber is a bit surprised that he would even be aware of her work, thinking it odd that he would be interested in women's fashions. She is flattered to be asked for her autograph and looks around for a piece of paper on the table to write it. The guy tells her never mind the paper, and asks if she would autograph what he has been holding in his hand. Amber is shocked to see that he has what appears to be pornographic video with her picture on the cover!

Brooke arrives at Ridge's house for the special dinner that he has planned for his kids, Brooke and Hope. The girls are more receptive than Thomas whom Ridge has to reassure that Brooke being around more doesn't affect how much Bridget still cares about Thomas and the girls. He also comforts Thomas by telling him that Brooke does not want to take Taylor's place as his mother but only wants to be his friend. They will be able to keep his mother's photos displayed around the house. Katherine, the nanny, takes the kids to watch a video so that Ridge and Brooke can have some time alone.

Arriving for a dinner meeting, Eric is surprised to see Deacon sitting at the bar of a local restaurant. He angrily asks Deacon what he is doing back and reminds him that he was supposed to be on his way to Hawaii and leaving Brooke alone. Still more angrily, Eric warns Deacon again to stay away from Brooke. Under his breath, Deacon says he's through taking orders from Eric. In the middle of this exchange, Deacon receives a telephone call from Massimo asking him why he hasn't arrived at Ridge's house. He tells Deacon if he continues to delay his arrival, Ridge will have time to give the pre-engagement ring to Brooke.

Even as they are talking on the phone, Ridge is doing precisely that. Brooke is happy and surprised and tells Ridge that in spite of the fact that he can't commit to a specific date, he does want Brooke to know that he believes in the honest and communication they have established between themselves and he loves her and wants her in his life. Brooke says there is no way she will not accept the ring. She tells Ridge how much she loves him also.

As they celebrate this new stage in their relationship, Deacon crashes past Katherine answering the door and bursts in on Ridge and Brooke kissing. Both Ridge and Brooke immediately tell Deacon to get out. Deacon yells at Brooke that she knows she can't go on without being honest with Ridge. He says that if Ridge doesn't dump her as he has in the past, he certainly will once he finds out the truth Brooke has been hiding. He finishes by asking Brooke what kind of example she is setting for "their daughter." Brooke's mouth drops open at Deacon's letting the secret out. Ridge definitely can't believe what he thinks he just heard. Massimo sits in his car outside Ridge's home talking to himself saying that he's sorry Ridge has to go through this but it's for his own good and that of his children.

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