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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 21, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, April 21, 2003
by CBS

Bridget admits that she was on the boat all night and that Nick was wonderful. When Ridge turns his anger on Nick, Bridget insists that she went there because she wanted to. Bridget refuses to leave with Ridge and tells him to stay away from her. Nick thinks Ridge is acting more like a jealous boyfriend than an overprotective brother. Ridge warns Nick not to lay a hand on Bridget. Brooke suspects that C.J. knows who Bridget is seeing and wants to know everything, but C.J. will only tell Brooke that the man involved wouldn't hurt Bridget on purpose. When Brooke mentions her engagement to Ridge, C.J. wants to know when it happened. Brooke wonders if that could be what prompted Bridget to take off and C.J. thinks it's a good bet. Amber assures Rick that nothing will go wrong. She explains that she will just sing a few numbers in April's place and take curtain calls. Rick agrees to let her go through with it, knowing she would anyway. Amber promises Rick that he and Little Eric will always come first. Deacon helps transform Amber into April and get her ready for the gig. Brooke and C.J. are relieved to see Bridget. Ridge explains that Bridget was with Captain Payne and doesn't hide his feelings for Nick. Brooke asks Bridget if she was upset about Ridge and her coming together when everything has been so rocky for Bridget and her mystery man. When Bridget reveals that she has to move on, Brooke promises her that the man of her dreams is out there. Brooke asks Bridget to be her maid of honor. Rick catches April on the phone telling a friend about Amber's plan and what a dork Amber's husband is.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

At the Insomnia Café, Bridget told Brooke that she cannot be her maid of honor when she marries Ridge. Bridget did not tell Brooke that she was refusing to be her maid of honor because of her romantic feelings for Ridge. Bridget gave Brooke very little explanation. Because Brooke demanded an explanation, Bridget simply told her that her refusal to be her maid of honor was not personal towards Brooke. Bridget blamed the events in her own life over the past year for her refusal to be Brooke's maid of honor.

At home, Rick overheard April telling someone she was talking to on the telephone that he is a "preppie dork." April apologized to Rick. Rick told April that he isn't concerned about what people think about him. April revealed to Rick that he is not her type. April assumed that Rick was flirting with her. Rick made it clear to April that she is not his type of woman.

Even though Amber had stage fright, Deacon convinced her to go out on stage and perform as April. After Amber performed the concert as April, she telephoned Rick and April to tell them that the audience loved her. Amber revealed to April that she had loved the whole experience.

Eric held an impromptu engagement party for Ridge and Brooke at Forrester Creations. Stephanie attended, but was not aware that it was a party for Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie told Ridge that she is not happy for him.

Back at the Insomnia, Bridget informed Massimo that Brooke and Ridge had become engaged to be married. Massimo insisted that Ridge does not belong with Brooke because he is in love with Bridget. Massimo told Bridget that he plans to stop Brooke and Ridge's wedding which way he is able to.

Massimo paid Brooke a visit at Forrester Creations. Massimo informed Brooke that her wedding to Ridge will not take place. Brooke confidently told Massimo that he is wrong. Massimo then told Brooke that there are things about Ridge that she does not know. Massimo told Brooke that Ridge is not Eric's son. Brooke was shocked when Massimo revealed that Ridge is his son!

Wednesday, April 23, 2003
by Anna

In Brooke's office, Massimo explains to Brooke that Ridge is his son. He tells her that he has to look out for his son's best interests. Brooke is surprised to hear that Eric doesn't know. Massimo tells her that Stephanie and Ridge don't want Eric to ever know the truth. Brooke is sure that keeping a secret like this will be hard on Ridge and he'll need support. Brooke asks Massimo if this is why he told her about Ridge's paternity. Massimo tells her, no, there's more. He tells her that there are other ramifications to Ridge's true paternity.

Ridge comes into Stephanie's office. He tells her that he knows she is not enthusiastic about his marriage to Brooke, but he and Brooke have worked out their problems. Stephanie is sure that Ridge is just confused and accuses him of rushing Brooke to the altar to avoid his feelings for Bridget. She asks him to be honest. She tells Ridge that a relationship between him and Bridget would be wrong, but asks him if Brooke can make him truly happy. Ridge admits that he loves Bridget and they grew closer in Italy, but Bridget must move on with her life. He tells Stephanie that the world will always know the two of them to be brother and sister.

At the Insomnia, Eric tells Bridget that he knows about Brooke and Deacon. He urges her, though, to stand up for Brooke at the wedding in an effort to pull the family together. Bridget tells Eric that she will consider it.

Ridge goes to see Eric at Forrester. He thanks his father for the engagement party. Ridge is sorry that his mother cannot be supportive of the union, but he realizes that there's been years of animosity between Stephanie and Brooke. After they reminisce about the past problems Brooke and Stephanie have had, Eric admits that he wouldn't mind seeing Brooke come out on top for a change.

As Massimo prepares to tell Brooke more, Stephanie walks in, interrupting the conversation. Stephanie tells Massimo that he needs to leave. Brooke turns on Stephanie when they are alone and calls Stephanie a hypocrite. Brooke reminds Stephanie that Brooke is not the only one in this family with a dirty little secret. Brooke tells her that after all these years of Stephanie thinking she was better than Brooke was, the truth is that Stephanie has been lying to Eric.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Macy told Thorne that Darla hasn't been at work due to illness. Macy revealed that she was concerned about Darla because when they spoke on the telephone, Darla sounded as if she had been crying.

Brooke taunted Stephanie with the news that she knows that Massimo is Ridge's father, not Eric. Brooke accused Stephanie of intentionally marrying Eric knowing that she was pregnant with Massimo's child. Brooke told Stephanie that Eric would have married Brooke's mother if he knew that she was carrying Massimo's child. Brooke vented her hostility over the fact that she and her siblings would have had a nice warm, stable family if Beth had married Eric.

Ridge was livid with Massimo for telling Brooke that he is not Eric's son. Ridge was concerned that Brooke would get to Stephanie before he did. Ridge wanted to warn Stephanie of what Brooke knows. Massimo advised him that it was too late. Brooke and Stephanie were in Brooke's office together now.

Thorne tried to comfort Darla for feeling guilty that they had slept together. Thorne was horrified when Darla informed him that she is pregnant with his child. Thorne asked Darla what she was planning to do about her pregnancy. Darla admitted that she was having much stronger feelings about her unborn child than she thought she would. Darla revealed to Thorne that she actually thought that there may have been a chance that the two of them could raise this child together. Darla was hesitant to schedule the termination of her pregnancy.

Back in Brooke's office, she bragged to Stephanie that she plans to tell the whole world that Eric is not Ridge's father. Stephanie tried to reason with Brooke that the revelation would hurt Eric. Stephanie also advised Brooke that she would be sorry because there are things that she does not know. Brooke ignored Stephanie's advice. Brooke felt Eric would be better off to get rid of Stephanie once and for all. Brooke promised Stephanie that she would ensure that the whole world knows that she is a liar, a slut and a hypocrite!

Friday, April 25, 2003

Darla follows up on getting information about the procedure for getting an abortion. Thorn stands helplessly by as she gets the details. As badly as he feels about what Darla will go through, he wants to be there for her but he knows that she is doing the best thing for everyone. Darla tells Thorn to go because she can't stand having him be there and wanting to support her but knowing he belongs with someone else. Reminding him that he's supposed to be meeting Macy to get the results of her latest testing, she sends him away. Thinking about what their future could have been if Macy were not in the picture, is more than she can handle emotionally.

Thorne joins Macy at the hospital where the news she gets from her doctor keeps getting more and more complicated. The second round of tests confirm the tubal blockage the doctor has suspected, but also reveals that Macy has a growth on her uterus. Macy's doctor wants to do surgery immediately. Thorne tries to reassure Macy, telling her that it's a good thing that they found the growth early, meaning it just has to be benign. They weigh their options. If the growth is benign, the surgeons will remove it and microscopically remove the blockage in Macy's tubes. If it turns out to be malignant, Macy's doctor wants her to sign a consent form for the surgeon to perform a hysterectomy. It looks as if Thorne could possibly be losing not one, but two children.

Across town, Ridge rages at Massimo for telling Brooke that Eric is not his biological father. He knows that the animosity between Brooke and his mother will create a situation where Brooke will want to scream to the world that Stephanie is not the paragon of virtue that everyone thinks she is. He tells Massimo that he already told him that if Eric learns that Ridge is not his son, Ridge would cut all ties with Massimo. Massimo can't understand what all the fuss is about and why everyone doesn't just let the truth come out. Ridge rushes over to find his suspicions are well founded. Brooke and Stephanie have been arguing. Brooke is determined to have the truth come out so that Eric will see the kind of person Stephanie really is. Ridge begs Brooke to stand beside him in keeping the secret in order to protect Eric and his children from exposure to any more family scandal. It takes a lot of persuasion to change Brooke's mind. She feels entitled to get revenge against Stephanie whom she says has told her to her fact that she is a slut and Brooke believed her because of the respect she held for Stephanie. Brooke loves Ridge and for his sake, she tells Stephanie the world won't learn this secret from her lips. But she warns Stephanie to never, ever judge her again.

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