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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 27, 2003 on B&B
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Monday, October 27, 2003

Bridget admits to Oscar that he's the most incredible person who's come into her life for a long time. Oscar wonders why Massimo didn't bail him out when he was in trouble with the Vegas thugs, but Bridget suggests it was Massimo's way of helping him to stand on his own. Bridget reveals that she has a soft spot for bad boys. Oscar kisses her. When Deacon defends Bridget's actions, Amber realizes that he's hung up on her all over again. Deacon reminds her that Macy is in a coma and he couldn't think about another woman. Amber wants Deacon to do something about Bridget and Oscar. Nick confesses to Ridge that he's hopelessly in love with his wife, and that's why he's leaving town. He explains that he's too proud to hang around, having lost out to Ridge, but adds that he'll be back for Massimo's wedding. Ridge and Brooke agree to put their mistakes behind them, and they make love.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

At Logan Designs, Clarke took Sally's photo off of the wall. Brooke and Ridge arrived to officially open Logan Designs. Brooke was pleased with the renovations that Samantha made to Sally's prior office, which was now Brooke's. Brooke introduced herself to the Spectra workers. She assured them that she had no plans to fire them. The workers clapped after Brooke spoke. Brooke requested that Sally's photo be placed back up on the wall.

At Forrester, Thorne surprised Darla with a Christening outfit for their unborn child. Thorne told her that all the Forrester children had been christened wearing the outfit, including him.

Out of grief, Sally went to Stephanie for comfort and advice over Macy's condition. Sally informed Stephanie that the doctors had put Macy on life support. At the same time, Sally was grieving the loss of Spectra Fashions to Brooke. While Sally downed Brooke, Stephanie did not agree with Sally. Stephanie told Sally that she had seen a different side of Brooke. Sally told Stephanie that she was a fool for believing in Brooke. While alone, Sally fumed at Brooke. Sally vowed vengeance toward Brooke.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
by Anna

Bridget comes with Ozzie to see Massimo. She encourages him to go in and speak with Massimo, even though Ozzie doesn't want too. Bridget waits in the hall while Ozzie goes in, thanking Massimo for seeing him. Massimo cuts into Ozzie for letting Macy get hurt and for being involved with those Las Vegas thugs. Then, as Ozzie tries to defend himself, Massimo tells Ozzie that he is proud of the way he gave up the club and made a contribution to coma research. Massimo lets him know that Bridget has spoken highly of Ozzie, and because Bridget has faith in him, Massimo offers Ozzie a job in the company. In the hallway, Ozzie tells Bridget that Massimo gave him a job.

Stephanie drops by to visit Deacon. She tells him that her family shares his loss. Deacon admits to her that he couldn't make the decision to turn off Macy's life support, so he left it up to Sally. When Deacon questions Stephanie as to why she came over, Stephanie tells him that Macy wouldn't want him to be alone right now. Deacon wonders how he'll ever be able to go on and how he will tell his son about Macy's death. Stephanie tries to comfort him by telling him that he will get through it. Deacon is sad that he had it all for such a short time, but Stephanie assures him that he will have it all again someday.

Ridge is waiting for Brooke in her office when she returns from a meeting. He has brought the picture frame with the empty spot in it. He reminds her that they need to spend more time together working on filling the last spot. Jackie comes in to ask Brooke to be her matron-of-honor. Brooke is hesitant at first, not wanting to cause tension on Jackie's special day, but after Jackie insists that she is part of the family now, Brooke agrees. After Jackie leaves, Ridge shows Brooke the private steam room he had built for Brooke. He reminds her that he wants to have a child as soon as possible. As they begin to make love, Ridge hopes that she is already pregnant from the honeymoon. A worried Brooke tries to assure him that she is not pregnant yet.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Ridge and Brooke relaxed in the steam room at Logan Designs. Ridge and Brooke did not notice Samantha who was also there. Samantha, left out of embarrassment, but not before she made Ridge and Brooke aware of her presence. Later, Ridge apologized to Samantha for embarrassing her. Samantha revealed that she was not embarrassed-she was jealous. Samantha told Ridge that she had feelings for him, hence the jealousy!

Bridget arranged for Ozzie to speak to Massimo about employment with Marone Industries. Massimo offered Ozzie a position promoting Logan Designs. Ozzie was grateful to Bridget for a job opportunity with Massimo. Ozzie made it clear to Bridget that he admires her.

Jackie questioned Brooke about why Nick left town. Jackie did not buy Brooke's explanation that Nick wanted to leave because he is still in love with Brooke. Jackie called Nick as he got on the plane headed for LA to attend Jackie and Massimo's wedding. She did not believe Nick when he said he needed to cut all ties with Brooke.

Jackie begged Nick to stay in LA.

Ridge told Brooke that Samantha was not embarrassed in the steam room-she was jealous! Brooke did not feel threatened, she humored Ridge. When Brooke felt ill, Ridge assumed that she is pregnant.

Friday, October 31, 2003
by CBS

Brooke is in her office. She reaches for her water but has a wave of nausea. Brooke is anxious, obviously not happy about the possibility that she is pregnant. She is afraid that it might be Nick's child. Ridge enters. Brooke shows him the lingerie sketches, saying she wants to start Logan's Lingerie. Ridge suggests they go home and start market-testing, or they could go to lunch. Brooke doesn't want to eat. Guessing she's still nauseous, Ridge suggests a home pregnancy test. Ridge asks her again to take the test. Brooke hesitates, then takes the box and heads into the bathroom. Brooke returns with the test. Ridge anxiously awaits the pregnancy results. Brooke does not reveal it. Nick has returned for the wedding. Jackie again asks him to stay. Nick almost tells Jackie about Brooke, but then stops. Jackie guesses he's still upset about Brooke, but thinks he needs to get over it. Nick tells her to back off. Jackie realizes he slept with Brooke after she and Ridge were married. Nick says he was trying to help Brooke after they thought Ridge died. He's sorry it happened but thinks no one needs to know about it because nothing will come of it. Sally storms into Massimo's office. She is upset about the fact that Brooke will be Jackie's maid of honor tomorrow. Massimo says he had to accept Brooke, for his son's sake. He is sorry for what she's going through but she spurns his pity, saying she's sorry he has Brooke for a daughter-in-law. Sally leaves. Massimo is on a two-way call with Samantha. Samantha is in front of Massimo and Jackie's new living room. Samantha is waiting for Massimo just outside the front door when he arrives. She states she wanted to catch him before he went inside. Samantha opens the door. Massimo's face is unreadable. The house is decorated perfectly and there are just a few final touches being done. Massimo talks about how happy he is to be marrying Jackie with his family in attendance. They talk about Samantha's feelings for Ridge and the impossibility of anything happening between her and him.

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