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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, January 12, 2004
by Alex

Bridget visits Ridge at Logan Design to see how his is doing now that Brooke is gone. They briefly discuss Brooke's absence and Bridget tells Ridge that Brooke is trying to do the right thing. The subject turns to Oz and Bridget expresses her happiness at being engaged. She admits, however, that she is concerned about the tension between the Forrester and Marone families and hopes that it will not put strain on her and Oscar.

Eric vents his frustrations about Jackie to Thorne. He recalls kissing Jackie the day of her wedding. Thorne reminds him that she still married Massimo. Oz joins them in Eric's office to go over the publicity for Eric's new line. This is to be his come back line-very elegant, very prestigious, and very expensive. It will be the most expensive line that Forrester has ever produced.

After having cooled down from their earlier argument, Jackie tells Massimo that she deserves an apology. Massimo says he would rather show her how he feels about her and unveils a portrait that Massimo had commissioned before they were married. Jackie claims to love the portrait, but she seems surprised that the name plaque says Mrs. Massimo Marone rather than Jacqueline Marone. Jackie wants to have lunch with Massimo but he tells her that he has important business that needs attending to and leaves. Once Massimo is gone, Eric calls Jackie to apologize for suggesting that Jackie find a replacement for the Forrester account. Jackie says that Eric was right and that they shouldn't work together. Eric tries tells her not to let Massimo's possessiveness convince her to of this. She ends the phone quickly.

Bridget surprises Oscar at work in Eric's office. Eric's office phone rings Oz answers it. Massimo is on the line, pleased to hear that Oz is in Eric's office alone. He invites Oscar to join him, Ridge and Nick for dinner. Bridget jokes that Oz has become quite comfortable in the bosses office. Then she worries about Oz getting dragged into the conflict that is going on in the Marone household at the moment. He tells her not to worry, that nothing will come between them.

At Massimo's office, he tells Hudson that he plans to use Oscar as his secret weapon to destroy Eric's most valuable possession--Forrester Creations.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Ridge told Eric that he does not want to make peace with Nick. He told Eric that Massimo had invited him to his home for dinner.

Later, when asked by Bridget, Eric told her that Oscar is talented and motivated. Eric warned Bridget that Massimo is possessive, over-protective and dangerous. Bridget defended Massimo to Eric.

Massimo's assistant told him that it is risky to obtain information about Forrester Creations from Oscar. Massimo said he's planning to bring Eric's company down in revenge for his flirting with Jackie.

When Ridge arrived at Massimo's, he was surprised to see Oscar and Nick. Ridge told Massimo to never try to trick him into associating with Nick ever again. Jackie convinced him to stay. Later,

Ridge exploded with anger towards Massimo. He explained he would never get past what Nick had done.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004
by Anna

At Massimo's house, Ridge admits to Jackie that it will take time before he can feel comfortable around Nick. Massimo tells Ridge that he's glad Ridge decided to stay. He reminds him that the party is about Oscar, and Oscar's future. Ridge announces that he's leaving, not wanting to be around all the happy people. Jackie insists to Ridge that he must let go of Brooke and find happiness elsewhere. Ridge leaves.

Samantha stops by to talk to Stephanie. Stephanie feels Ridge must accept that his marriage is over and move on, but Samantha reminds her that Ridge thought he would have a future with Brooke. Stephanie doesn't want Brooke to return to find Ridge still pinning away for her. Steph wants Ridge to find someone else, but Samantha insists that Ridge can't just jump into another relationship. Stephanie wants Samantha to be waiting for Ridge when he comes home. She hands Samantha a little bag and leaves the room.

At the party Nick and Jackie discuss Massimo's jealousy of Eric. On the balcony, Massimo introduces Oscar to Hudson, Massimo's personal assistant.

When Ridge comes home, he finds candles lit all over his bedroom. Samantha steps out of the shadows in a nightie. She tells him that he is lonely and that she wants to give him something. She insists that he can take control of his future and move on. She kisses his neck.

When Oscar arrives at this apartment, all his things are boxed up and in the hallway. The landlord tells him that the building has been sold and he has to get out tonight. Oscar calls Massimo and asks if he can stay with him and Jackie for a while. Massimo is delighted. After they get off the phone, Massimo admits to Hudson that he was the one who bought the building.

Thursday, January 15, 2004
by Alex

Bridget comes to Ridge's place and discusses Brooke's decision to leave Ridge. Stephanie tells her that she respects Brooke for making such a difficult decision. When Bridget wants to go upstairs to see Ridge, Stephanie won't let her. Bridget figures out that Stephanie has pushed Samantha into trying to seduce Ridge and is disgusted. She leaves.

Sam is unsuccessful at seducing Ridge. She feels embarrassed at making a fool of herself and Ridge tries to make her feeling better, telling her that although she is beautiful and desirable, he can't think of anyone but Brooke. She leaves and accidentally walks into Thomas' room while trying to find a room to change out of the lingerie. Thomas tries to pick her up, showing that he is on his way to being the lady-killer that his father is. Sam toys with him for a while and then lets him down easy. Thomas tells her not to give up on his dad, as he will need someone. Sam says it's just not her.

Bridget finds flowers on her doorstep with a note inviting her to dinner the following evening at the private dining room. She is giddy, thinking that the flowers are from Oscar.

Amber brings Deacon a new tuxedo as he asked. He tells her that he has a plan to get Bridget back. He explains his plan to surprise Bridget when she shows up for dinner and finds him there instead, looking dapper in his new duds. Amber is skeptical that his plan will work but Deacon remains confident.

Ridge confronts Stephanie about orchestrating Sam's attempted seduction of him, but he can't help but laugh at his mother's antics.

Friday, January 18, 2004
by Alex

Jackie shows Nick a penthouse that she thinks he will need now that he has a baby on the way. Nick is reluctant but eventually Jackie is able to convince him that there is a good chance that, when Brooke returns, she be coming home to him. He agrees to the penthouse and can't suppress his joy at the thought of Brooke, him, and the baby sharing it. Nick receives an email to get to Massimo's office immediately.

Thomas tells Ridge about seeing Sam in a teddy when she accidentally came into his room, thinking it was the bathroom. He advises Ridge to keep his mind open to the possibilities where Sam is concerned, if only for the future. Especially since Phoebe and Stephie are still young enough to need a mother. Ridge tells Thomas that he is still holding out for Brooke and that he believes that she will return to him. Thomas thinks that Nick might have something to say about that. Ridge then gets the same email that Nick got and heads out to Massimo's office.

Bridget arrives at the private dining room for dinner expecting Oscar to be there and is surprised and uncomfortable to find Deacon there instead. She tells him that it isn't fair to set her up like this. Deacon says they have a lot to celebrate and stands up from out of his wheelchair. Bridget hugs and congratulates him. They dances together a little, but when Deacon tries to convince Bridget that he is the man for her, she tells him that he isn't what she wants and that it's over. Deacon falls down in pain and Bridget tells him how sorry she is.

At Massimo's office, Ridge and Nick argue. Nick says that he's apologized over and over and wants to know why Ridge can't let it go. Nick reminds Ridge that Brooke left him. Ridge insists that Brooke will change her mind. As they question why Massimo has tricked them into being in the same room together, Brooke's voice comes over the phone intercom telling them that it was she that brought them there. She explains to them that she thinks that she has found peace and that she wants the same for them which is why she left—And why she won't be coming back.

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