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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 9, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, February 9, 2004
by Alex

Bridget and Oscar have left the dinner party, and Jackie again begins to gush about love and marriage, but Massimo pulls Nick outside on the terrace for a cigar. Nick tells Massimo that he'll be quitting Marone Industries now that he has a baby on the way. Massimo wishes that he could have had the same chance. Nick reminds him that Brooke wants to be a single mother, but Massimo believes that with a few more nights like this one, Brooke and Nick will be setting up the nursery together. Massimo laughs at themselves, two old sailors finally finding port. He is sad, however, that Ridge has lost his, but the truth is that a child belongs with his father.

Inside Jackie tells Brooke that she believes that tonight was a turning point for all of them. She is forever grateful to Brooke for the change in her son. She always worried that he would never experience the joy of a family, and thanks to Brooke he will. Brooke says that she is not ready for a commitment to Nick and Jackie begs her to keep an open mind. She assures Brooke that she has the whole family behind her for support and acceptance. Massimo comes in from the terrace and reiterates the sentiment, say that anyone who would make the sacrifice that Brooke made to keep from tearing the family apart, will always have a place at his table. He even goes so far as to say that he wouldn't want anyone else to be carrying his grandchild.

Ridge tells Stephanie that he's sure that Jackie is doing everything she can to get Nick and Brooke together making sure that her son comes out on top. Again he says that the baby should be his and if it weren't for the paternity test, he would still think it is. He asks Stephanie if she thinks that he should just get over it, and she says that she is not one to judge. Ridge remembers that Stephanie knows what all of this is like. Stephanie says that it hasn't gotten any easier. Ridge doesn't believe that she deserves the punishment she's received since she only found out that Ridge was Massimo's son a couple of years ago. Stephanie admits that if she was really being honest she must have known that there was a possibility that Massimo could have been the father and that she just locked the possibility away deep inside because she was so in love with Eric. Perhaps if she had had more trust in their love and been honest, then she could have spared Eric all this pain and disappointment. Ridge tries to get her to ease up on herself since she didn't mean to push Eric away. But Stephanie points out that she has done the same thing to Ridge over the years, pushing him away by fighting about Brooke and telling herself that it was for his own good. Ridge thinks that Eric will come around and once again look at Stephanie the way he used to. Stephanie doesn't think it will happen and feels that she needs to accept it.

Eric is frustrated with his design block and blows up at Thorne. He apologizes and says that his anger should really be directed at Stephanie for her lies. If Ridge were really his son then he would still be working at Forrester and Eric may still have his inspiration, whatever that might be. Thorne reprimands Eric for not appreciating all the wonderful things that Stephanie has done for him, like returning his company to him. Not to mention all the wonderful times they've had. Eric won't discuss that, and Thorne thinks it's because then he would have to admit to being grateful to Stephanie and maybe even forgive her. Thorne tells Eric that he is so focused on his anger that he can't design. Eric angrily brushes him off, and Thorne says that Eric's stubborn pride will bring the company down.

When Thorne leaves, Eric has a series of flashbacks of him and Stephanie. He tries to draw but can't. He then has another series of flashbacks of the two of them, and suddenly he feels his inspiration again, running to the sketchpad where he draws a design with Stephanie as the model. Eric stares at the drawing stunned, as he realizes that it is Stephanie that is his inspiration.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

At Forrester Creations, Thorne told Stephanie that he had spoken to Eric on her behalf. Stephanie doubted that Eric would ever trust her again; hence they would never get back together. Meanwhile, Eric created a new design with inspiration from Stephanie. Thorne revealed to Sally that he was still disappointed that his parents were not together. He could not believe that after all these years they had no feelings left for one another.

Eric called Stephanie to his office. He informed her that she was the inspiration for his latest design. He told her his creativity had been hurt by what she had done-tearing the family apart. Eric revealed that he was still hurt by the revelation that Ridge is not his son. He told Stephanie he longed for Ridge to return to Forrester Creations and work with him. His other wish was that all of the children return and work with him also. He also hoped that he could be with Stephanie every day!

Bridget predicted for Brooke that Nick would be a great father. She tried to make Brooke understand how much Nick loves her. Bridget encouraged Brooke to take a good look at Nick. Later, Bridget told Clarke that Nick must demonstrate to Brooke just how much he cares for her.

At the bar, Nick informed his friends that he no longer drinks. He informed them that he is going to be a father. Nick stayed at the bar to perform the song he wrote for Brooke with the house band. While he was singing, Brooke walked in. She was touched by Nick's song. Nick was surprised to see Brooke.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Samantha finds Ridge alone in Brooke's office, packing up some of his things. He admits to her that he has to accept the way things are.

Brooke comes into the bar where Nick is singing. When he finishes, she tells him that the song was incredible. Jackie enters the bar and listens to Brooke and Nick's conversation, unnoticed. Nick admits to Brooke that he wrote the song for Brooke. Brooke leaves, heading back to her office. Jackie tells Nick how happy she is that Brooke is responding to Nick. Nick feels that his mother is imaging it all. Jackie tells him that she knows what she saw - the way Brooke looked at him when he was singing.

Brooke enters her office and finds Ridge packing the rest of his things. Ridge tells her that he can't be around her because it hurts too much. He says that he has tried to tell her how he would be okay with raising the child with her. He doesn't want to make things harder for her. Brooke is stunned, however, when he hands her annulment papers.

In Eric's office, Eric admits to Stephanie that he is not angry with her about Ridge's paternity and that he wants to come home and have a life with Stephanie again. Eric tells her that he can't be mad at her for not telling him about Ridge's paternity since she, herself, hadn't know long. He tells her that he has no family without her. Stephanie admits to Eric that she always knew there was a chance that Ridge could be Massimo's son, since she had slept with Massimo. She had put those doubts into the far corners of her mind because she was in love with Eric. Stephanie leaves, feeling that Eric will continue to be mad at her now that she admitted knowing that Ridge might have been Massimo's son.

When Stephanie arrives home later, she is greeted by Eric, who meets her with candles and wine. She is surprised that he is forgiving her, even after she admitted the truth to him. Eric insists that his life isn't complete without her.

Thursday, February 12, 2004
by Alex

Eric and Stephanie announce to Thomas, Steffy, and Phoebe that they are reuniting and Stephanie is moving home. The kids are happy for them, but disappointed not to have Stephanie around anymore. Thomas says that having Brooke and Hope around made them feel like a family again for the first time since their mom died. The girls go upstairs and Thomas asks Eric how they can get Brooke back. Eric thinks that it's too late, but Thomas hasn't given up and he plans to do something about it. When he leaves the room, Eric tells Stephanie that Ridge has had annulment papers drawn up and plans to deliver them today. Thomas overhears Eric, grabs his coat and leaves.

At Brooke's doctor's office, a nurse enters to tell her that there had been some kind of software problem at the testing site and that many of the paternity test results may have been compromised.

The annulment papers shock Brooke. She doesn't want their marriage ended as though it never happened. Ridge says that Brooke was right when she said that a clean break is the best thing for everyone involved. Especially his kids who are confused and need to know that they can count on him again. Brooke tries to sign the papers but can't bring herself to do it. Ridge tells her to let him know when she's signed and goes to leave, but Brooke calls out to stop him. They talk about how much they've been through to be together. Ridge thinks maybe they were just fools to think that they could have it all, but Brooke thinks that every time he held her in his arms and told her the he loved her was worth it. Ridge tells her that he can't share her with another man and that she needs to make a life for her baby with Nick. They've done all that they can do, and now all that is left is to say goodbye. As they kiss and hug one last time, the phone rings in the other room and the doctor leaves a message for Brooke to call her immediately.

As Caitlin is leaving Jackie's place after bringing over Eric's sketches for her viewing, Brooke's doctor shows up at the door looking for Nick. She says the issue is confidential and therefore won't tell Jackie why she needs to see Nick, but Jackie guesses that it has something to do with the paternity test.

Friday, February 13, 2004
by Alex

Thomas drives to Brooke's office to stop her from signing the papers. He begs her to come home, not just for Ridge, but for him and his sisters also. Thomas explains that he knows the whole story and that he doesn't blame Brooke at all. He knows that things are difficult for her too, but there must be a way for them to get through this. He tells Brooke that he has an idea that may make it possible and asks her not to do anything for now.

Ridge comes home to find Stephanie and Eric together. Ridge tells them that he can't believe it, but his marriage is officially over. Stephanie tries to ease his pain by reminding him that Brooke and he are still best friends, but Ridge says it's not that simple and he's not sure that they can get back to that place again. Stephanie and Eric also announce their reconciliation to Ridge who is thrilled.

Jackie pesters the doctor to tell her if the paternity is at stake and finally the doctor gives in and tells her the situation. Jackie is devastated for Nick. She's quite sure that Nick will jump on the next available boat and run away again if the baby turns out not to be his. And just when he had finally managed to let go of all his anxiety and be happy. Brooke, having listened to her messages, returns the call on the doctor's cell phone. The doctor assures her that nothing is wrong with the baby, but that she needs to discuss something with her right away so she is coming to Brooke's office to see her immediately. She's leaves an inconsolable Jackie to cry.

Thomas shows up at Nick's boat. He tells Nick that whatever he feels for Brooke is nothing compared to what Ridge feels for her. It's not fair that Ridge should be serving Brooke with annulment papers. Nick is glad because it means that Ridge is accepting the situation. Thomas pleads with Nick, on behalf of him, Phoebe, and Steffy to let the new baby grow up in their home. He promises that the baby will be loved and have a wonderful home. They were all just becoming a real family before all this happened and they all love Brooke. Nick feels badly, but he has a responsibility and can't turn his back on his child. Nick just hopes that Thomas won't hate him for it. Thomas says he doesn't hate Nick at all, but he is appealing to him consider his proposal.

Both Ridge and Brooke have flashback of times together. In tears, Brooke signs that annulment papers.

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