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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 22, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, March 22, 2004

In Brooke's office, Jackie begs Deacon not to tell Brooke about the paternity test. Deacon is bitter about Massimo's treatment of him and is determined to reveal Jackie's secret until Jackie begins to convince him that she believes in him. She tells him that what she asked of him was huge and that he could have demanded anything in return, yet all he wanted was a job opportunity and that told her a lot about Deacon as a man. Deacon is skeptical of her story, but Jackie is persistent. Deacon tells her that either she really does believe in him, or she just pulled the greatest con of all time. They leave Brooke's office together.

Nick, in his penthouse, flashes back to the first night on the island with Brooke, until Ridge shows up at his door furious about the stunt he pulled taking Brooke away the night before. Ridge is belligerent and condescending about Nick's devotion to his son, instead suggesting that this is really all about getting Brooke into his bed. Nick says that he wants Ridge to forgive him and accept his relationship with Brooke. Ridge says that he will never accept it. Nick tells him that he may have to after last night, which sets Ridge off on a rampage demanding to know what happened on the island. Nick won't answer him so he storms out.

Brooke goes to see Stephanie and tells her about Nick's proposal. Brooke insists that she doesn't love Nick and would never do that to Ridge anyway, because it would hurt him too much. Stephanie is surprised that Brooke would choose to be alone, since she has never been able to be alone before. Brooke thinks she should raise the baby by herself. Stephanie tries her best to convince Brooke to accept Nick's love and become a family. Ridge comes in demanding to know what happened on the island with Nick.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Ridge revealed to Brooke that he was aware that she and Nick had spent the night on the island together. Brooke rationalized the trip with Nick by telling Ridge that it was "an escape from him."

Brooke admitted to Brooke that there has to be something better out there for her than grieving over the loss of Ridge for the rest of her life.

At her home, Caitlin introduced Thomas to her adopted brother Jimmy. Jimmy credited Caitlin and Hector for providing him with a good life after his parents were killed in a fire. Thomas immediately liked Jimmy. Jimmy begged Thomas to adopt one of the three puppies that was left on their doorstep. Thomas decided to give one of the puppies to Sam.

Eric told Sam that he is sorry for everything that she went through in the past. Sam apologized for grieving so badly when her dog died. Eric told Sam that he and Stephanie are there for her. Sam admitted that she had always wanted parents like he and Stephanie. Shortly after, Thomas and Caitlin brought one of the puppies over to Sam. The puppy brought tears to Sam's eyes.

Stephanie approached Nick at Marone Industries about his proposal of marriage to Brooke. Stephanie told Nick that she encouraged Brooke to marry Nick regardless of Ridge's broken heart.

Meanwhile, back at Logan Designs, Ridge felt that Brooke was out of her mind to even consider Nick's marriage proposal. Ridge was shaken when Brooke said she is seriously considering Nick's proposal.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

At first Samantha is hesitant, but she finally accepts the new puppy. Along with Thomas and Caitlin's input, she decides to name the puppy Annie.

Jackie is surprised to learn from Stephanie that she supports a union of Nick and Brooke. Later, Brooke confides in Stephanie that she's worried about Ridge.

Meanwhile, Massimo and Nick are awaiting Ridge's arrival to a board meeting when Ridge disrupts the proceedings by exploding through the door and yelling at Nick for proposing to Brooke.

Later, Jackie is concerned when she overhears a scorned Ridge blaming Nick for tearing his family apart.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

In Massimo's office, Nick tells Ridge that he crossed the line by taking the ring from Brooke. Ridge responds that Nick crossed the line by giving it to her in the first place. Ridge still refuses to believe Nick's story about only wanting what is best for his child. Instead insisting that what Nick is really after is Brooke. He informs Nick that Brooke will never agree to marry him. Jackie is listening at the door as Massimo tries to calm the situation down. Ridge accuses Massimo of taking Nick's side and tells Massimo not to let Nick tear their family apart the way he did Ridge and Brooke's marriage. Massimo tells Ridge that it is he that is tearing their family apart, leaving Ridge in complete shock. Ridge says that everything was great until Nick and Jackie showed up in town. Massimo is angered that Ridge is bringing Jackie into the situation. Ridge thinks that Massimo would do anything to protect Jackie, but Massimo says that blood is always his first priority. Jackie winces behind the door. Ridge tells Massimo that they differ in that way, because nothing could every make him give up on Brooke. Nick tells Ridge that all of this is going to hurt his son and he doesn't want that. He then asks Ridge to explain to him exactly what is so wrong with that. Ridge simply glares at him and walks out, bumping into Jackie on his way out. Again he only glares and then leaves.

Sam comes to the Forrester main house to show Stephanie the new puppy, but finds only Brooke. Sam mentions how much she liked Caitlin. They talk about the situation with Brooke, Ridge and Nick. Brooke tells Sam about Nick's proposal and Ridge's reaction. Sam admits that she wouldn't be heartbroken if Nick and Brooke sailed off into the sunset together, but that Ridge would be. She understands the devotion that the two of them have for each other. Brooke is struggling with her decision, telling Sam that she thought that if she accepted Nick's proposal then they could all move on, but having seen Ridge's reaction, she just doesn't want to hurt him an further. Sam reminds Brooke that she needs to keep her eyes on what is truly important in all of this mess, which is her baby's welfare.

Jimmy tells Hector that Caitlin is with Thomas taking a puppy to the Forrester guesthouse for a woman whose dog just died. Hector questions him intensely but Jimmy tells him that Thomas seemed like a really nice guy.

Thomas and Caitlin have coffee at Insomnia and discuss Sam and the puppy. Caitlin thinks that Sam would make a great mother. Caitlin suggests that Ridge and Sam make get together but Thomas doubts it since Ridge can think of nothing but Brooke. Thomas walks Caitlin home and the flirt some more on the front porch. Thomas wonders if Caitlin will be at work, but she isn't holding her breath that her father will change his mind. Thomas says he'll call her, but Caitlin thinks she may get grounded if he does and then they won't be able to see each other at all. The two kiss on the front porch as Hector watches from the window.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Massimo is on the phone in his office with Nick, telling his secretary to reschedule the board meeting without including Ridge. When he's finished on the phone, he tells Nick that the time for patience with Ridge is over. Nick thinks he can fix things, but not if he keeps navigating around Ridge. He warns Massimo that things could get rough, but he going straight through Ridge from now on.

Ridge goes to see Eric to vent his frustration that everyone thinks he is the bad guy in the situation with Brooke and Nick. He tells Eric about Nick's proposal and Eric is shocked, assuming that Brooke would never marry a man she didn't love. But Ridge no longer knows who to trust or what to think. He's convinced that Jackie is too desperate to get Nick and Brooke together and there is something very wrong about her in all of this. Eric has never known Jackie to be anything but honest; however, he concedes that Ridge has always had very good instincts. Ridge can't put his finger on it and thinks that perhaps he is just paranoid. Eric doesn't think that sounds like Ridge at all. But Ridge tells him that he's been doing a lot of things that are unlike him lately, like trashing the board meeting, which he has no memory of driving too, because he was so angry. He thinks he could have put his own brother in the hospital the way he was feeling. Ridge asks Eric if he thinks that Ridge should just give up on Brooke. Eric asks him if he can live without Brooke and Ridge replies with a definite no. They belong together and that's all there is to it. Eric advises him to fight for Brooke, because he obviously believes in their future and Eric didn't raise him to quit.

Jackie goes to see Deacon because she is so devastated about the confrontation between Nick and Ridge in Massimo's office and she has no one else to confide in. She can't believe how destroyed Ridge is by all of this, and she never intended for him to suffer this much. She knows that she should have told the truth from the beginning because you can't build happiness on another person's misery. But since she has lied since she found out, she is sure that Massimo will leave her and Nick will never speak to her again if she were to come clean at this point. She is also concerned that Ridge is going to start snooping around and figure things out. Deacon urges her to cut him off at the pass by telling the truth before then.

Nick goes to see a very stressed and worried Brooke. She is relieved to hear that Nick and Ridge are both in one piece. Brooke realizes that Nick wants an answer to his proposal, but she isn't sure that marrying him is the answer. Nick is convinced that the baby must be feeling the pressure that this is putting on Brooke. He is desperate for Brooke to move forward with him and make a leap of faith into their future. He wants Brooke to accept his proposal now, not later, and he slips the ring onto her finger.

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