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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 5, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, April 5, 2004

Thorne and Darla visit Sally who is painting. Sally feigns happiness at her new found freedom from the dog eat dog world of fashion, but later admits that she just has too much time on her hands. She longs to have Spectra back in her hands. Thorne and Darla are sure that Massimo isn't going to give it back and they encourage Sally to move on.

Clarke shows up at Massimo's door trying to schmooze him into letting Clarke act as interim CEO while Brooke is on maternity leave. Massimo tells Clarke that, since Ridge left Logan Designs as Head Designer, the company's profits have taken a tumble and that Clarke had better concentrate on creating fabulous designs instead of fantasizing about being a CEO, or he'll lose the job he has. Besides, Massimo has other plans for that position. Massimo then calls Sally and says that he has a business proposition for her.

Brooke makes Phoebe and Steffy very happy and assures them that she will always be there to help them when they need her, especially now that they are growing into young women. She gives the girls heart pendants for their birthday. Ridge is very please with how happy Brooke makes the girls. Later, once the kids are in bed, Brooke gives Ridge a necklace that she bought for him. She goes to leave, but not before Ridge kisses her passionately.

Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Sally is insulted and outraged when Massimo offers her the position of interim CEO during Brooke's maternity leave. Later, when Sally talks to Darla, she calms down and cultivates a plan, and accepts Massimo's offer after all.

Priscilla insists that Samantha forget about Hector for good. Meanwhile, Hector confides in Amber about how much he loved Samantha but that she broke his heart. Hector feels that Priscilla had a hand in manipulating the situation. Later, Hector is annoyed but not the least bit surprised when Priscilla shows up to talk to him.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

Samantha suggests to Caitlin that she should tell her father about her new internship at Logan Designs. Meanwhile, Priscilla and Hector argue. She warns him to stay away from Samantha.

Priscilla is shocked when Caitlin walks in, as she knows that she is her granddaughter.

Rick tells Nick he believes that Nick and Brooke have a future together.

Later, when Brooke admits to Rick that she still feels like the baby is Ridge's, he firmly says that a future with Nick is her best chance for a fresh start.

Thursday, April 8, 2004

In Brooke's office, Massimo tells her that he wants Sally to be the interim CEO of Logan Designs while Brooke is on maternity leave. Brooke feels that they would be inviting trouble by letting Sally back into the building. Massimo assures her that everything will be fine. When Sally arrives, the employees are happy to see her. In Brooke's office, Brooke offers to go over marketing reports with Sally, but Sally assures Brooke that she will be able to handle everything on her own. Brooke leaves and Sally replaces a picture of Ridge on Brooke's desk with a picture of Macy. Sally tells Darla that she want to resurrect Spectra Fashions.

At Hector's, Priscilla introduces herself to Caitlin as an old friend of her mother. After Caitlin leaves, Priscilla is stunned by how much Caitlin looks like Samantha. Hector says that he's done everything he can to raise Caitlin to be the best she can be. Amber listens outside at the open window as Hector and Priscilla discuss the past. Hector tells Priscilla how he came to New York to see Samantha all those years ago, but was devastated when Samantha refused to see him and never answered his letters. He still can't understand why Samantha gave away their baby and signed away her parental rights. Priscilla tells him that Samantha had big dreams for her future and didn't want to be saddled with a baby. Hector admits that Samantha was young, but he planned on devoting his life to making a family with Samantha and their child. He tells her that he thought that is what Samantha had wanted too. Priscilla reminds him of the agreement that he raise the child on his own and never try to contact Samantha.

Friday, April 9, 2004

Brooke confides in Stephanie. Brooke wonders how she can wear Nick's ring while she is still in love with Ridge. Brooke admits how sad she is at the thought of losing not just Ridge, but all of the Forresters if she marries Nick. Stephanie assures her that they will all still be here for her. Stephanie tells Brooke that Brooke has finally grown up and Stephanie would be proud to have her as a daughter-in-law again. Stephanie surprises Brooke by telling her that she loves her.

Ridge goes to Nick's office and questions what kind of man Nick thinks he is. Ridge asks him what it will feel like if Nick pushes Brooke into a marriage she doesn't want. Ridge tells him that Brooke would be walking down the aisle, crying, because she is still in love with Ridge.

Jackie goes to see Deacon and tells him not to come around anyone in her family, for safety. Deacon asks her if she has come to see him for any other reason, and he admits that he is still thinking about the kiss they shared. Jackie assures him that she has forgotten all about the kiss.

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