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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 12, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, July 12, 2004

Ridge and Brooke are about to start the wedding. Ridge makes an announcement to their family and friends. Eric also tells the guests that these two people were destined to be together. Now it is going to happen. Adding to the ceremony Steffy and Phoebe read a poem for Ridge and Brooke. The Minister takes over and continues the ceremony. Ridge and Brooke put back on each other's wedding rings, back where they belong.

Nick and Stephanie are still sitting at the bar drinking. They figure that the ceremony should be over. Stephanie announces to Nick that she is still going. She gets off the bar stool and heads for the door. Nick, finishes his drink, and follows her out, not wanting to leave her alone.

Jackie goes to see Massimo. Massimo reminds her that today is the day his son is getting married, and, because of all the things she has done, he will not be there. He tells her that there is nothing she can say or do to make him forgive her. Jackie tells Massimo that she came there because she is concerned about him. She says that they have wasted most of their life not being together and she wanted to be the one who filled his life. They have lost so much time. It took years to find each other. She knows that he still loves her. She reaches for him and kisses him. She tells him she will do anything to bring them together again. Massimo sends Jackie away.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

The Forrester family celebrated the reaffirmation of Ridge and Brooke's vows. Thorne and Darla congratulated Ridge and Brooke. Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe were all happy that Ridge and Brooke were re-married. Stephanie and Nick who were very intoxicated arrived at the wedding. It was apparent to Ridge, Brooke Eric and other guests that Stephanie was intoxicated. Brooke took Stephanie aside very quickly to keep her from embarrassing herself.

At her request, Deacon went to see Jackie. She told Deacon that she had lost all of the men in her life except him. Deacon promised to be there for Jackie. He informed Jackie that Massimo had just re-hired him to follow Jackie. Deacon reported to Jackie that Massimo was upset because Ridge had not invited him to his wedding. Jackie explained to Deacon that she wants Massimo back because her marriage is the most important to her. Deacon told Jackie that she can have him anytime.

Meanwhile at the wedding, Caitlin and Rick were together. This was not known by anyone else. Thomas asked Caitlin to dance. Eric commented that Thomas and Caitlin made a cute couple. Rick remarked that Thomas really likes Caitlin. Once alone, Brooke lectured Stephanie about being the one who isolated her family, not Brooke. Still very intoxicated, Stephanie told Brooke that she wants to love her as everyone else in the family, but can't! Stephanie sobbed and called Brooke the new matriarch of the Forrester family.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bridget mentions to Oscar that she would like him to go to Copenhagen with her if she gets accepted for her internship.

Felicia takes an interest in Nick.

Ridge gives Hector his word that Caitlin will be in good hands at Forrester Creations. Meanwhile, Rick and Caitlin's attraction grows stronger.

A still drunken Stephanie spits that it is only a matter of time before Brooke self destructs. The argument is broken up by Ridge and Thorne. Thorne takes Stephanie's side and then exits with Darla. Brooke and Ridge assure each other that they will live happily ever after.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ridge sees Caitlin and Rick share a kiss. Later, Ridge lets Rick know that he disapproves. He instructs Rick to stay away from Caitlin because the new line could be in jeopardy if their relationship continues. Felicia comes on to Nick; he is somewhat receptive until he finds out that she is Ridge's sister. Nick then tells her to have a nice life and leaves. After all the guests have left, Ridge and Brooke happily experience love and romance on their wedding night.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Eric and Stephanie are talking. Stephanie says she really got out of hand tonight and she hopes she never sees another bottle of tequila. She tells Eric that she has always believed in virtue and decency. Eric asks her if it could be that Brooke is more decent than she thought. They have survived so much states Eric, they really are an inspiration. Eric tells Stephanie that Ridge loves Brooke, and she needs to hear that, or she will lose everything. Eric lets Stephanie know that she is the heart and soul of the company, and any thought of her giving up should be put out of her head. He won't let her give up ever.

Ridge and Brooke share a night of wedding bliss.

Thorne and Darla feast on the joys of being in love also. Thorne tells her that she is the best thing that ever happened to him. Darla leaves to check on the baby and Thorne looks at the sketches for the new line. When Darla is out of the room, Thorne looks at the sketches. He says that they just don't look like Forrester Designs. Darla comes back in and Thorne tells her that he has to find a way to stop the production of the designs. He makes a phone call to Ridge. He suggests postponing the meeting but Ridge says no. He is all excited about the line and will be at the conference the following day. Thorne suggests that they reconsider this whole thing. He says he and Darla agree. Ridge tells him that Darla has no business interfering. Only their Dad's opinion matters and he is crazy about the line. Ridge gets off the phone and tells Thorne that he will see him the following day. Thorne is livid. He says, "If you want war, you've got it"!!!

Caitlin daydreams at the window, of her evening at the wedding and Rick. Samantha walks in the room. She tells Caitlin that she noticed both Rick and her gone at the same time, and she wonders if she should be concerned. Caitlin is miffed when her Mother calls her feelings for Rick a crush. She says it is much more than that. Samantha reminds her that Rick is much older than her and that he has been married once before. She tells Caitlin that she won't tell her Father for now, but please be sensible.

Rick is having a beer out by the pool, remembering what Ridge told him about Caitlin. He needs to nip this thing in the bud now, before it is too late. Amber saunters up to Rick, coming on to him. She asks him about the wedding and Ridge. Rick is not in a talkative mood and Amber continues with the fact that she used to know everything in his life and she misses that. Amber nudges Rick, hoping to find out some information. Rick tells Amber about a girl. He also says it won't go anywhere though. She tries to guess who. First, Megan, but then she is too old for him and second, Caitlin, but, oh no, not her, because she much too young for him. Rick just looks on. She backs off from him and tells him to wait as she will be back in a moment. While waiting for Amber's return, Rick receives a phone call from Caitlin. He tries not to lead her on with his conversation. She thinks that she has read into it that Rick is interested in her, but, as she tries to leave openings for him to say something, he does the right thing, and says nothing. She reluctantly hangs up, disappointed.

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