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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 16, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, August 16, 2004

Ridge receives a call from Brooke. She asks if he has found Thomas as of yet. He says that he has, at the beach house and with Amber. Brooke is surprised.

At the restaurant, Amber is sitting having a cup of coffee. Oscar sees her and comes over. She is upset and tells Oscar that she just got evicted from the beach house and the whole Forrester family. Oscar shakes his head and asks if she got caught with Thomas. Amber tells Oscar that Ridge caught them kissing on the bed. Amber tells Oscar that she and Thomas are just friends. He says that it is hard to believe. Amber tells him that Thomas is sweet and he gave her a necklace and even sent her flowers. He makes her feel special and not like she is "a nobody." Oscar says that he knows Ridge, and because he does, if Ridge sees Thomas and her together again, she'll be lucky to see another day. He also says that Amber needs to stay away from Thomas. Oscar tells her Ridge is trying to do what's best for her son. Thomas is lucky he has a Dad like she never did, and she should not mess it up for him. Oscar stands up to leave, but, says to Amber that she doesn't need Thomas to make her feel good about herself. She has every reason to be proud of herself. He asks her is she has a place to stay and she says that C.J. told her she could stay there.

Thomas and Ridge arrive home to a waiting Brooke. Thomas is angry and so is Ridge. Brooke comments that it's not that they are angry with him but they do want to know how far this relationship has gone. Thomas tells them the story of how they met after the showing with Caitlin. Ridge insists that he stay away from Amber and Thomas tells him that he doesn't get to decide if Amber is in his life or not. He leaves the living room and goes upstairs to his room. Brooke tells Ridge that Rick had come over and talked with her. He told her how he felt about Caitlin and that he was sorry that Thomas was hurt. Ridge tells Brooke that he throw Amber out, lock, stock and barrel. Brooke is upset. She says that , that might just be playing into Amber's hand. In throwing her out, it just might have pushed Thomas to Amber. She suggests he be a friend to Thomas now, so everything is cleared up and he understands why Ridge is so concerned. Ridge goes upstairs to Thomas' room to talk with him. Ridge and Thomas talk about things but do not necessarily get things resolved. Ridge leaves and returns to Brooke. Thomas calls Amber and asks her if she has found a place to stay. He tells her that he will make it up to her. Ridge did not have the right to talk to her like he did. Amber tells him just to back off. She is not his problem. She tells him it's not worth the headache to either of them. She says goodbye and hangs up.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

At home, Ridge expressed his displeasure to Brooke over his gruesome discovery of Thomas in bed with Amber. Brooke wanted Ridge to back off with Rick because Brooke would not ever want Amber in Rick's life again. Ridge told Brooke not to get in the way; then called Rick.

Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Rick complimented Caitlin on her new Ingénue designs. Caitlin reminded Rick that he did not respond when she told him that she loves him. Rick responded that he loves Caitlin also. Caitlin told Rick that Hector proposed to Samantha. Rick was concerned that Hector would expect Caitlin to have Thomas as a date for their wedding because Hector does not know about him and Caitlin. Caitlin promised Rick she may tell Hector of their relationship by then.

At the Insomnia Café, Amber sat by herself and was dodging Thomas's phone calls. Amber recalled that Ridge had threatened her, and then kicked her out of the Forrester beach house. While Amber was sitting alone, she came face to face with Caitlin. Their conversation was polite at first. Caitlin asked if they could still be friends, even though she is dating Rick. Amber nixed any friendship with Caitlin. Caitlin was horrified to learn that Amber was having a relationship with Thomas. Amber explained that because Caitlin had hurt Thomas badly, he was only seeking comfort.

At Ridge's house, Ridge demanded that Rick stop dating Caitlin. Ridge revealed to Rick that because Thomas had gotten hurt by Rick he had turned to Amber for sympathy. Ridge told Rick that he had discovered Thomas and Caitlin in bed together. Ridge demanded that Rick deal with Amber, immediately. Rick and Ridge were unaware that Thomas was nearby and had listened to their entire conversation.

Rick went to Amber's shabby apartment. Rick warned her about staying away from Thomas. Amber tried to explain to Rick that Ridge had misunderstood what he saw. Rick did not want to hear any explanations from Amber. Rick rudely told her to stay away from Thomas so she does not do to Thomas what she did to him!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Rick lays into Amber for using Thomas. Thomas busts through the door to tell Rick to leave Amber alone. Rick tries to convince Thomas that Amber is just using him to get back into the family, but Thomas refuses to listen to him. Thomas tells Rick that he is the one pursuing Amber, not the other way around. Rick starts to leave and wants Thomas to come with him. Thomas refuses and Amber yells at Rick to leave. After Rick leaves, Thomas tells Amber to call if she needs anything, then leaves.

Rick is cleaning out Thorne's office. Caitlin comes by looking for Thomas. Ridge asks her to come in and close the door. He tells her that if she continues her relationship with Rick, she will be ruining her life and risking her job and the Ingénue line. Ridge tells her that she needs to tell her father about Rick. After Ridge leaves, Caitlin gets a call from her father. He tells her that there is a storm coming. Caitlin tells him that she was just about to leave and will head straight home. Then she notices that she has a message from Rick on her voice mail. He wants her to meet him at his house. It is raining hard and lightning when Rick arrives home to find Caitlin waiting for him in the dark. She is cold and wet from the rain and tells him that she parked around the block and walked so no one would notice her car. They kiss and Rick carries her upstairs.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Thomas tells Hector about Caitlin and Rick's relationship. A furious Hector tries to call Caitlin's cell phone, but she doesn't answer because she and Rick are together. After "verbally" expressing their love for each other, Caitlin tells Rick she wants to be with him in "everyway." While in bed Rick asks once more if she's sure she's ready to make love. He explains that they don't need to rush because they have the rest of their lives and her first time should be perfect. They both agree it would be better if they wait. Samantha finally reaches Caitlin and tells her to come home immediately. When Caitlin gets home, Hector demands to know where she has been.

After his conversation with Hector, Thomas stops by Rick's house to inform him the secret concerning Rick and Caitlin's romance has just been revealed to one more person.

Nick visits Felicia, and they talk about the possibility of becoming closer friends or even more. Nick also confesses to Felicia- she is the "friend" he was consulting the ship's medic about the other day. He told her he knew the real reason she was taking the pills in her purse. Nick then told Felicia he was sorry and she began to cry. Felicia let her guard down a little and began sobbing. Nick reached out for her and she accepted comfort in his arms.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Thomas comes in to talk with Rick. Thomas calls him untrustworthy. He has Caitlin doing things behind her parent's back. Rick tells him, that they were trying to be discreet. Thomas says that there is no reason for it anymore. Caitlin's father knows all about them, and if he could give Rick a piece of advice, he better get dressed and prepare himself for company.

Felicia breaks down and cries on Nick's shoulder. Nick wants to know why she hasn't told anyone about her condition. She tells him to just get out and sits on the sofa and cries. Nick comes back in and tells her that he doesn't take orders very well, and he comforts her and tries to help her. He inquires as to what her plan is. She shows him that some strands of hair are falling out. She will get the results tonight of her CAT scan that she had done yesterday. She tells him that she has been dealing with this problem for 7 or 8 years. She has colon cancer. Nick asks what her chances are, and she says it depends on how far it has spread.

It could either be a stage 3 or 4. She will find that out. He tells her that he would like to go with her. She enters the doctor's office with Nick and the doctor comes out and introduces himself. He tells her that it is good she brought someone with her for support.

Caitlin comes into her house after being with Rick and getting caught in the rain. She looks at both her parents, and they are standing there with very serious looks on their faces. Caitlin and her Dad argue. He questions her about what has been going on and where she has been. He tells her that he doesn't approve of being lied to by both she and her Mother. Caitlin tells him that it is not her Mother's fault. She asked her not to say anything to him. Caitlin is furious with her Father and tells him that she was in Rick's bed and they could have made love and it would have been beautiful because they love each other, but nothing happened. Hector asks how he can believe her when she lied to him before. Hector runs out of the house to find Rick. In the meantime, Caitlin calls Rick and lets him know that her Father is on the way over to see him. Rick tells him that he will wait outside for him, so that he won't think he is trying to hide anything. He will straighten it out. Upon driving up to the house, Hector is thinking over the argument with Caitlin, and he takes his eyes off the road, and before he can do anything, he runs over somebody. He stops immediately, and discovers that it is Rick. He calls for help immediately. When he decides to use oxygen on Rick, one thought keeps going through his mind, and he asks, "Rick, did you have sex with Caitlin?"

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