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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 23, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, August 23, 2004

Hector leaning over Rick is still asking him what he did to his daughter. He asks him again, "Did you have sex with my daughter?" Rick is able to muster enough breath to tell him that he did not. Hector looks down at Rick and once again says to him, you did not have sex with my daughter and you never will!!! He then puts an oxygen mask over Rick's mouth to help him breathe. The ambulance arrives and puts Rick inside to transport him to the hospital where they are waiting for his arrival. As they do so, one of the men says to Rick, that Hector saved his life. As they leave, Hector starts to think about what he's done. Caitlin and Samantha are in the kitchen talking. Caitlin is saying that she didn't think it was a good idea for her Dad to go after Rick. Samantha says that everything will probably be all right, and asks again if Rick was going to be outside to meet him. Hector calls Caitlin to tell her that Rick has been hit by a car and is on the way to the hospital. She tells her Dad to tell Rick that they are on their way and will meet him there.

Ridge and Eric are talking in the living room about Felicia. Eric tells him that Nick told Stephanie that Felicia was on some kind of drugs. Eric is now sure that he wants her to stick around her family, so that they can help her. While talking, the phone rings and it is Samantha. She is telling Eric that Rick was in an accident and has been taken to the hospital. He and Ridge leave immediately. At the hospital, two police officers come up to Hector to ask him if he saw who might have done this to Rick. He tells them that he did. It was raining and he didn't see him, and when he finally did, it was too late. Hector tells them also that he was in a hurry. Samantha and Caitlin arrive at the hospital first and see Hector. Caitlin runs up to her Dad and holds him. Eric and Ridge now arrive. They are trying to find out what happened when Mark comes out of Rick's room. He is attending to Rick. He tells them all that Rick has suffered with two broken ribs and a collapsed left lung, but so far they have not noticed any spinal or head injuries. Mark says that only one person can go into the room at a time. Caitlin will be going in. She sees all the equipment in the room and walks over to his bed. She sits beside him. He finally wakes up to discover that she is there. Caitlin tells Rick, that her Dad saved his life. She also says that she will stay with him. She kisses him. Rick looks and sees Hector peering in the glass window to see them.

Felicia and Nick enter her Doctor's office. He is glad that he is there for her and she is happy for the support. The Dr. is also glad that she brought someone to support her. The Dr. tells her that her report is positive. The surgery and the chemotherapy she had, has done the trick. They will have to monitor her closely, for approximately five years. She is ecstatic. The Dr. asks her if she has told her family yet, and she says no. She feels there is no reason to do so at the moment. She just wants to feel this relief. She hugs the Dr. and they leave. Nick brings Felicia home and he wants to know what she wants to do. She tells him that she doesn't know. She isn't sure right now. He informs her that she was willing to have him close when she thought she was dying, and, now that she's not, she wants to push him away. She tells him that she can't offer him anything right now. They share a kiss. She even says that it is really risky. He replies, "I like risky."

Back at the hospital, Eric approaches Hector. He tells him that he just spoke with the police. He asks Hector, "Did you do this to my son?"

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

At the hospital, Ridge and Eric confronted Hector about hitting Rick with his car. Hector admitted that he done so; however he claimed it was an accident. Eric and Ridge wanted to know why Hector had been driving so fast that he could not stop in time to avoid hitting Rick with his car. Hector revealed that he was very upset and on his way to talk to Rick because he had just learned that Rick and Caitlin were in bed together.

Meanwhile, Deacon gave Jackie emotional support and explained to her why she should sign the divorce papers. Jackie finally signed the divorce papers after agonizing over them. Deacon told Jackie that he has serious feelings for her. Jackie and Deacon made love.

Back at the hospital, Ridge offered to work with Hector. He told Ridge that it was too late because Ridge had not kept his promise to look after Caitlin. Ridge explained that he demanded to Rick to stop seeing Caitlin to no avail. Hector was still furious with Ridge, Eric and Samantha for not informing him of Rick and Caitlin's relationship.

Caitlin visited with Rick in his hospital room. Rick managed to utter to Caitlin that it was Hector that hit him with the car. Caitlin was very upset with Hector. She did not believe him when he said it was an accident. Caitlin felt strongly that Hector really had wanted Rick dead. Caitlin refused to leave the hospital with Hector.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

At Forrester, Ridge and Eric work on some designs. Eric is glad that Forrester is going back to the classic, elegant designs, but he wishes that Thorne could be there with him. Eric tells Ridge that when Thorne comes back to work at Forrester, he wants Thorne to have more responsibilities. Ridge shows Eric the front page of the fashion section of the newspaper. There is a picture of Thorne and an article about his new line of clothes as Spectra. Upset, Eric rushes over to Spectra with Ridge in tow.

At Spectra, Darla encourages Thorne to make amends with his father, but Thorne wants to show Eric how successful Spectra can be with Thorne working there. Thorne has big dreams for Spectra. Clarke and other employees enter in and Clarke announces that Sally wants Thorne to be President of Spectra. Thorne tells everyone how he has already lined up suppliers and buyers that he knew from his days at Forrester. He is determine to make Spectra bigger and better than Forrester. Eric and Ridge enter. Eric tells Thorne how much Forrester needs him, but Thorne says it's a little late to decide that. Thorne tells them both how successful Spectra will be, but Ridge warns Thorne not to come crawling back to Forrester when Spectra fails.

Jackie wakes up in Deacons bed. Deacon asks her if she is ready again. He notices how different waking up with her this time is compared to last time. She orders breakfast to be delivered to Deacon's house and spoons him English delicacies.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

After taking Jackie out to the beach, Deacon tells her he'd like her to move in with him. A surprised, as well as, stunned, Jackie asks if he's lost his mind and reminds him of how it would look if she was to move in with a man so much younger than she. Jackie also rationalizes her son, Nick, would never approve of it. When Deacon questions Jackie about putting her own happiness on hold, she admits she's also afraid of what Massimo may do to him when he found out they were playing house together. Deacon tries to relieve Jackie's fears telling her not to be afraid of Moss. They begin to kiss, and the passion builds until Jackie doesn't realize (or for the moment doesn't care) that her cell phone is ringing because Massimo is calling her.

Hector is convinced he did nothing wrong earlier in defending his daughter. He was definitely not happy about Caitlin spending the entire night by Rick's bedside in the hospital, and questioned Samantha's competence as a mother. He tried to persuade her to agree that they're going to direct Caitlin's interests away from Rick.

Upon learning that her father deprived Rick of oxygen while waiting for the ambulance, Caitlin is horrified. Rick is concerned that Hector will never accept their feelings for each other, but Caitlin wants to continue her relationship with Rick, all the while insisting her dad will eventually change his mind. Rick admits his fear of Hector.

While Caitlin kisses Rick, Hector arrives outside Rick's hospital room just in time to see the pair smooching. Hector waits until Caitlin leaves, then enters Rick's room where he warns Rick to call things off with his teenage daughter or he'll report him to the police.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Deacon and Jackie are talking. He is putting a tattoo on her. When he is done and she looks at it, she discovers that it is a sharp. (For Deacon Sharpe.) He says that he has one also. He shows her his. (It is a Union Jack, or as he prefers to call it, a Union Jackie.) She tells him how free she feels with him. How happy she is. Deacon comes out later and sees that she is resting. He tells her that he has to run a couple of errands but will be back soon. While she is waiting, she receives a call from Massimo. He wants her to come over to his house. He tells her that what he has to say can't be done on the phone. He has tried to reach her all day, but, she says she has been busy. Deacon arrives home, but finds no Jackie. He calls her cell phone and leaves a message. Jackie arrives at Massimo's house, and sees her portrait in the living room on an easel. She says out loud that she is surprised he has not thrown it away. Massimo enters the room. He sees her looking at the portrait and says that he was going to destroy it. She looks at him, and says, "Well, you can tear it up to shreds if it will make you feel any better." Deacon tries Jackie's cell phone number again, and leaves a message for him to call her. He has said that since time has gone by, they both have had time to think and remember how important family and honesty and loyalty is. Massimo tells her that he can't live without her. He is asking her to come back home. She can't believe what she is hearing, and Massimo tells her to believe this, and he kisses her.

At the hospital, Caitlin looks into the window of Rick's room and sees her Father there. She enters and asks him what he is doing there? He's says, " Rick and I are having a little talk, and he has something to say to you." Brooke bursts into the room seeing him for the first time since she got back. Hector tells Brooke, that he was the one that hit Rick, but, it was an accident. Caitlin informs her that her Dad was on the way to see Rick, and Brooke assumes that it was to pick her up. Brooke says that they were dating, and Hector says that it was a little more than that. There was no sex involved, because Samantha called and interrupted what was going on. Brooke says, that was the best thing, and perhaps if they agree to slow down Hector would probably agree also. Hector says no way, and maybe Brooke doesn't understand coming from a different environment than Caitlin does, but things like that, just are not done. First, Rick is too old for his daughter, and, you cannot believe what Rick says. He can't use all the fancy things he has to lure his daughter away. Brooke tells him that Caitlin has made a commitment to Forrester Creations. Hector asks her, if she is threatening him, because he would hate to press charges against a Forrester Vice President for statutory rape. Caitlin cannot believe that her Father is saying those things. She tells her Father not to make anything worse by putting Rick in jail. He is reminded by Brooke that he experienced the same kind of things by Samantha's Mother, and perhaps he should understand a little better. Hector tells Caitlin, that she doesn't know if he had been tested for the aids virus, or how many girls he has been with. Rick tells Caitlin that this time that they have spent together has been all screwed up. Hector says to Caitlin that she is in way over her head. He turns to Rick and tells him to tell her. Rick tells her not to cry, that everything will be all right. Brooke suggests that they wait a little while, perhaps, until Caitlin is a little older. Caitlin walks over to Rick. She tells her Father that she loves Rick, and, not to make her choose between the two of them, because she will. Rick kisses her again, and Hector pulls her away.

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