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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 11, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, October 11, 2004

Ridge arrives at Amber's place and all hell breaks loose. He calls her everything from a child molester to a gold digger to "just plain trash." Amber tells him to leave, but he is having no part of it until he finishes with her. A bitter confrontation takes place, and soon Amber is telling Ridge that Thomas is just like Taylor. Sweet and loving, and most decent person she has ever met. He tells Amber that if it wasn't for her, Taylor would still be alive, being a mother to her children. Ridge grabs Amber and Thorne barges through the door. Thorne announces, "There will be no more threats of any kind, no bullying." His days of treating people like he has are through!

Jackie tends to Massimo and then is told by the nurse, that she needs to take care of herself also, or she will be of no use to Massimo. The doorbell rings and it is the Minister that Jackie has called. He sees that Massimo is now at home, and tells her that he is sure Massimo is more comfortable but is sorry there has been no change yet. Jackie tells the Minister that she called him there so he could hear her confession. She is the one responsible for Massimo's condition. She is never going to forgive herself. She wants the Minister to know that she had an affair and that Massimo knew it and that that was what caused the stroke. The Minister asks how Massimo can get better if she can't heal her own heart? She only knows that there will be no redemption for her while he is in this condition. Massimo hears all of this as a tear trickles down his cheek.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

At Amber's trailer in Furnace Creek, Thorne intervened between Amber and Ridge. Thorne tried to help Ridge out with his relationship with Thomas. Thorne advised Ridge the more he pushes Thomas about Amber, the more he will lose Thomas. Thorne advised both Amber and Ridge that his lawyer advised him that the restraining order against Amber is not valid. Furthermore, Thorne advised Ridge that Amber is now an employee of his at Spectra. Ridge was outraged that Thorne hired Amber. Ridge felt strongly that Thorne hired Amber only to get back at him through Thomas or to hurt him at Forrester Creations.

Felicia went to see Nick at Marone Industries. She gave Nick encouragement that Massimo would recover. She advised Nick that perhaps Massimo can comprehend and is trying to communicate with him. Nick told Felicia that he was determined and would not give up on his father.

At the Marone home, unaware that Massimo could hear and comprehend, Jackie reminded Deacon that he would not want Massimo to recover because Massimo would remember what happened and want Deacon dead. Jackie was adamant with Deacon that she does not want him near Massimo because Deacon does not want Massimo to recover. Jackie continued to be adamant with Deacon that she wants a life with Massimo, not him. Jackie walked over to Massimo and told him that she would find a way to make Deacon leave.

Meanwhile at Amber's trailer. Ridge began to get violent towards Thorne. Amber panicked and called the police. When the police arrived they would have arrested Ridge, but Amber elected not to press charges against Ridge. Thomas arrived shortly after the police did. Thomas was disgusted with Ridge's behavior. Thomas again told Ridge that he is an adult; a man! Ridge became very remorseful and told Thomas that he is sorry. Ridge hugged Thomas and told him that he was only trying to protect him from Amber. Ridge did not want to lose his son. Ridge again apologized to Thomas.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Deacon tells a confused and medicated Jackie that he thinks she needs someone to help her out. Jackie agrees this time to let Deacon stay at the house with her and Massimo.

Ridge informs Brooke of what happened with Amber and Thomas at the trailer and that Thorne hired Amber as a designer.

Much to Ridge's dismay, Brooke tells Ridge that although she will never be able to forgive Amber for what she did to Rick, she does think that there is a possibility that Amber has changed.

Thomas tells Amber that all they need is a chance to prove to Ridge and everyone else that they are good together. Thomas also tells Amber that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. Amber is thrilled to have found true love.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Sally, Clarke, Thorne and Darla are waiting for Amber and Felicia to show up for their first day of work at Spectra when Thorne walks out of the office to find Thomas and Amber kissing. Thorne told Amber that her private life is her own business even when she in on company time.

Jackie comes downstairs and reminds Deacon she had asked him to leave the night before. Deacon offered her one of the pills that Dr. Mark gave him for Jackie's nerves and Jackie tells him she doesn't want them she just wants Deacon to leave her alone to take care of her husband. Jackie walks over to Massimo and starts talking to him as Deacon put one of the tranquillizers in some orange juice with Massimo watching him.

Thorne brings Thomas and Amber into the office and everyone welcomes them to Spectra. Sally states that she thinks Felicia won't be to work at Spectra because of Stephanie and Eric.

Ridge, Eric and Stephanie are trying to talk Felicia out of going to work at Spectra when Felicia says Thorne needs her and Forrester doesn't. Felicia says she wants to be a part of what Thorne is trying to do at Spectra. Felicia leaves saying she is late for work as Ridge tells Stephanie and Eric they are standing by and letting Thorne get his way.

Jackie gets a little lightheaded and Deacon gives her the drugged orange juice. Deacon said Massimo doesn't know that Jackie is there as Massimo watches and says to himself "get your hands off of her." Jackie relents and drinks the juice and Deacon tells Jackie that he just wants to help her and offers to leave if that is what she wants. Jackie walks over to Massimo and starts to read to him as Deacon watches them from the balcony.

Eric tells Ridge to let it go about Felicia working at Spectra. Ridge tells Stephanie and Eric that Amber is back in town and working at Spectra. Ridge says he's sick of Thorne and what he is doing and says he is going to talk to Thorne.

When Felicia arrives at Spectra, she confirms for Sally that Ridge offered her a job so she won't work at Spectra. Felicia tells them she declined the job and that Spectra was were she wants to be. Thorne is giving his "Dream Team" of designers a pep talk when the phone rings and security tells Sally that Ridge is on his way in. Darla rushes Thomas out the back door so Ridge doesn't see him at Spectra as Ridge walks in. Ridge tells Thorne that he needs to talk to him and Thorne tell Ridge to "bring it on."

Deacon comes downstairs and tells Jackie he is packed to go. Jackie stood up and got lightheaded again. Deacon tells Jackie she has to start eating to keep her strong as Massimo is watching them. Massimo wants to warn her but can only say to himself to stay away from Deacon. Deacon walks Jackie to the couch and sits down with her. Deacon tells Jackie he can help her and that he cares for her. Deacon tells Jackie to repeat that she needs him there and Jackie does. Deacon leans over and kisses Jackie as Massimo says to himself that Deacon is the devil.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Thorne is having a meeting with his "Dream Team" when Ridge shows up. He is again making accusations that Thorne is doing this because of his feelings towards Ridge. He is as usual, cocky to a point. However, this time Thorne is in charge. He tells Ridge that with a leap of faith, they will succeed. Thorne says that while they could find no one else to give them a chance, to shine, he will. They will be able to prove themselves to everyone, and to keep in mind that this is no longer a rag tag group, so he better watch out. Ridge calls them a support group for underachievers, the creative genius behind Sharpe Designs. Thorne says that every word out of his mouth makes us even more determined. So, is you want to stick around and put down the competition, like you always do, go ahead, but he would be safer to go back to work and prepare for the worst, because, their coming on and their coming on strong. Ridge walks out the door. Darla walks up to her husband and embraces him. She says that Ridge will never be able to bully you again. Everyone there is proud of Thorne.

Jackie, walking around her room is becoming quite addled because of the pills. She is misplacing things and can't keep oriented. Deacon comes in to see if he can help and she tells him that everything always seems to be in a different place. Deacon finds her tea, gives it to her and reminds her to take her pills, which she does. Nick visits his Mother's room before he leaves for work. She manages to tell him that Deacon shouldn't be there. Nick thinks she is confused by the stress and tells her just to rest, that there are people there taking care of everything. She needs to keep her strength up.

At the front door, Nick lets in Stephanie who has come to visit Massimo. She is shocked to see him in this condition. While there, Stephanie discovers Deacon has been made VP of a new company of Massimo's and also helping out with Massimo while Nick is attending to Marone Industries. She sits at Massimo's side while Deacon watches from across the room. Massimo is seething inside and is crying out for help from Stephanie. She tells him that she will be there for him and then asks Deacon what Massimo's prognosis is. He responds that they don't know. Stephanie whispers to Massimo that she loves him and he has to keep trying to get better. Massimo, unable to speak, attempts to scream out before Stephanie leaves. Stephanie looks back and notices that a tear has fallen on his face.

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