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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 3, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, January 3, 2005

Stephanie warns Brooke against allowing Bridget and Ridge to spend too much time together. Brooke begins to worry.

Continuing their conversation, Ridge thinks that Bridget should be staying at home with her family but Nick states that Bridget needs some breathing room. In the end, an exhausted Bridget tells Nick that she is okay and that she will just go home with Ridge. Later when Ridge and Bridget arrive home, Brooke observes Ridge wipe a tear from Bridget's cheek and is concerned. Stephanie arrives at Nick's and they both agree that they are concerned that Ridge will only make things worse for Bridget.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

At home during breakfast, Brooke recalled how she observed Ridge and Bridget getting close and Ridge saying that Bridget would always be his princess. Thomas arrived at the table and told Ridge he knew that Ridge had danced with Amber only so Caitlin would have time with him alone at the party. Thomas revealed that it does not matter that Caitlin has feelings for him, because he is with Amber now. Thomas then addressed Bridget and told her she was a life line when Taylor died. It seemed a coincidence now that Ridge was home with a major career change; Bridget was again living with them.

Bridget went to see Nick and apologized for ruining his night at he party by having a melt down. Nick advised Bridget that she will find the right person and fall in love. Bridget vowed that she would never want to hurt her mother or ruin Ridge and Brooke's relationship.

At Spectra, Eric was upset with Thorne because of the logo they used. Eric advised that the logo is exactly why Ridge had not wanted Thorne to use the Forrester name. Eric had worried that Spectra would take advantage of the Forrester name and they did. Clarke congratulated Sally on the logo and said "wait till Eric sees this", not knowing that Eric was already in the office. Thorne promised Eric that they would use a different logo. When Eric left, Sally told Clarke that Eric was not upset over the logo as he said; he was upset because Spectra was doing better than Forrester.

After everyone left, Brooke questioned Ridge about Bridget. She revealed that Stephanie had informed her that Bridget had broken her relationship off with Oscar and wondered why Ridge or Bridget had not informed her? Ridge told Brooke that Bridget has a lot going on. Brooke wondered if Bridget were still in love with Ridge? Ridge clarified for Brooke that Bridget felt she may not be able to fall in love again. Ridge made it clear that Bridget is not in love with him. Brooke revealed that she heard Ridge call Bridget his princess. Brooke worried that Bridget may misconstrue Ridge's help for other things. Brooke told Ridge that she was going to make him promise something that he better stick to or else!

Wednesday, January 5, 2005

Bridget sits with Nick at the bar and talks while he eats. She realizes that he is in the same situation she is. Nick is still in love with Brooke but can't have her, just as Bridget is in love with Ridge, who in unavailable.

At home, Brooke makes Ridge promise not to cause Bridget anymore sadness by hugging her and calling her princess. Brooke feels that only confuses Bridget more. Ridge reminds Brooke how important his marriage is and that he wouldn't do anything to harm his relationship with Brooke.

Bridget comes back home to find Brooke alone in the living room. Brooke tells her that she knows all about Oscar, and about Bridget's feelings for Ridge. Brooke tells her that she is only upset that Bridget didn't come to her first with her problems. Bridget tells her mom that she didn't want to unload her problems on Brooke. Brooke assures her that she wants to hear Bridget's problems. The two hug and cry.

Caitlin arrives to work to find Thomas in her office, ordering fabric samples. She tells him that she can still work with him, even after their conversation at the party. She realizes that Amber is the one that he loves. Thomas invites her to go to the winter formal at his high school as his friend because Amber doesn't want to come. Caitlin agrees to come as his friend.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

Jackie shows Heather around Jackie M. and outlines her responsibilities to her. Jackie informs her that Deacon's favorite drinks include plenty of protein shakes and root beer. Deacon enters and he and Jackie recall his unexplained urge to drink at the party and Jackie reiterates her belief that Deacon won't mess up his current opportunity. The two hug as Massimo enters the shop. Jackie welcomes him warmly while Deacon looks downright intimidated. Jackie asks if she and Massimo can become friends again; a request that Massimo scoffs at before excusing himself to look around the boutique. Later, Deacon sips on a laced protein shake courtesy of his new assistant.

Thomas and Caitlin practice swing dancing in preparation for a high school competition. Amber enters the room and tells Caitlin she's pleased the other woman will be accompanying him to his high school dance. She explains the dance isn't her thing and says she's glad Thomas won't miss out on it on her account. Thomas leaves the room and Amber keeps up her act and continues to belittle Caitlin. Later, Caitlin and Thomas resume dancing while Amber, who had supposedly returned to work, watches from the doorway with a worried expression on her face.

Friday, January 7, 2005

Massimo comes back to work for the first time and expresses a great deal of happiness and excitement at being back at the helm of his own company. His staff welcomes him with champagne and warm wishes. Massimo clears out the room so he can accepts a phone call from Heather who tells him that she hasn't noticed a change in Deacon's dependency level. Massimo instructs her on what to do next. Deacon's lunch arrives and Heather slips a flask of vodka into the bag. Deacon receives the delivery and, at first seems angry that the alcohol is there, then opens the bottle, and sniffs its contents.

Eric and Stephanie look over Spectra's latest advertisement Stephanie is angry at the super-sized font screaming Thorne's name; Eric however seems unfazed. An assistant hands Eric Forrester's latest sales figures and the two exchange worried glances. Eric relays the news that Spectra's sales are up twenty percent while Forrester's sales have declined five percent.

Over at Spectra Sally and Clarke celebrate the good news and congratulate Thorne who doesn't look as happy as he probably should be. Thorne calls and Eric offers him his congratulations and praise. Thorne expresses regret over Sally's dress label shenanigan and promises that he will rectify it in the near future.

Ridge goes over to Spectra and congratulates his brother on turning Spectra into a world-class fashion house. Ridge tells him that he should be accomplishing all of these feats over at Forrester. Ridge admits that he created all of this mess and wants to fix it. He asks Thorne what he needs to do to rectify their current situation. He tells Thorne that he wants the two of them to return to Forrester and obliterate the competition.

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