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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, January 10, 2005

The Forrester preview does not amaze the press in the audience. Sally and Darla attend, in disguise and when Sally badmouths Forrester to Jarrett, Eric has security escort her and Darla out. After the preview, Eric's spirits are low but Stephanie tries to comfort him.

Ridge continues to try to convince Thorne to return to Forrester. Sally and Darla overhear their conversation and are worried that Thorne will desert Spectra Couture.

Deacon struggles against drinking the bottle of vodka.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

At Stephanie's house, Brooke gladly reported to her that nothing is going on between Ridge and Bridget. Brooke continued to deny that Bridget and Ridge still have feelings for one another. Stephanie begged Brooke for the sake of the family preservation to put a stop to Bridget and Ridge.

Meanwhile, at home, Bridget relaxed alone by the pool. Nick stopped by to visit. Nick was surprised that Bridget would not be returning to Copenhagen. Nick warned Bridget that she should not be living with Brooke and Ridge considering her feelings for Ridge. Ridge arrived in time to hear Nick warn Bridget. Ridge was aggravated by Nick's advice to Bridget. Ridge asked Nick to leave. After Nick left, Ridge assured Bridget that her living with he and Brooke is no problem. Ridge also assured Bridget that there is nothing going on between them.

At the Café Rouse, Sally, Clarke and Darla worried that Ridge had convinced Thorne to return to Forrester Creations. Thorne arrived and had a proposal for Sally. Thorne asked Sally that he be paid one half of the sales profits from Spectra Couture as it has his name on it. Sally was flabbergasted that Thorne would make such a request. Thorne later admitted that Ridge had invited him to return to Forrester Creations. Thorne explained that Ridge respects his judgment now and that he and Ridge could work together as a team. Thorne also explained that to remain at Spectra and be a leader, he needed more accountability while his name was on clothing line label.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

At the breakfast table, Thomas gets a message from Amber that she has tickets to a basketball game. He hurries out to meet her and find out the details. Bridget gets a call on her cell phone from Nick, asking her to meet him. She leaves, and Brooke and Ridge are left with Hope and RJ. Brooke tells Ridge that she went to see Stephanie yesterday. Stephanie tried to warn Brooke about the feelings Ridge and Bridget have for each other. Once again Ridge assures Brooke that he would never do anything to hurt his marriage or Bridget.

When Bridget arrives at the bar, Nick has a friend for Bridget to meet. He is a doctor and is very interested in talking with Bridget. Nick leaves the two alone. Bridget enjoys listening to the doctor talk, but steers the conversation away from her own life. He asks Bridget to have dinner with him. She hesitates to answer and Nick comes back over to encourage her to go with her new friend to dinner.

When Thomas arrives at Amber's, he is excited to see that she has 4 tickets to floor seats for the Lakers game. Then he notices that the game is the same night as the Winter Formal. He tells her that Caitlin is really looking forward to the dance contest and he doesn't want to disappoint her. Amber tries to act like she is okay with it, but is upset that Thomas is choosing Caitlin over her. Thomas also lets her that Ridge set her up when Ridge danced with Amber at the Jackie M party. Amber is very hurt when she finds out that Ridge still doesn't approve of her.

At Eric and Stephanie's house, Stephanie tells Eric what she thinks about Bridget living with Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie is sure that eventually, Ridge and Bridget will give into their feelings for each other. Eric angrily says that Bridget is a moral person who would never go after her mother's husband. Stephanie agrees that Bridget is a good person, but will be tempted by her feelings for Ridge. Eric refuses to see the danger that Stephanie sees. He leaves for the office. A few minutes later Ridge arrives. He argues with her that there is nothing going on between him and Bridget. He insists that he is very happy with Brooke. Stephanie tells him that Bridget has some of the same qualities that Caroline and Taylor both had. Ridge disagrees with Stephanie's point of view.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Nick brings Bridget to a bar and introduces her to one of his old buddies. Bridget turns down a date with the guy much to Dominic's dismay. She says she doesn't need a hook up right now. The two go back to Nick's boat and Bridget finds a picture of Nick and Brooke lying out in the open. Nick admits he still thinks of Brooke but insists he has moved on with his life. He says he lost more than Bridget; he lost a fiancée and a son at the same time, but he's managed to push forward. Bridget says she now feels guilty that she's so torn up over a few kisses.

Ridge is over at the main house arguing with his mother. Stephanie tells Ridge she wants Bridget to stay with her at the main house. Ridge refuses, claiming to have the awkward situation with Bridget under complete control. Stephanie doesn't take the news lightly and asks Ridge point blank if he was keeping Bridget there just to prove he wouldn't make the same mistake twice. She reminds Ridge that Brooke threatened to leave him if he messed around with Bridget again.

Meanwhile, Amber is upstairs in Thomas's room whining over the fact that Ridge keeps meddling in their relationship. Thomas assures her that their relationship is rock-solid but Amber is worried. She goes downstairs to leave and overhears the argument between Stephanie and Ridge. She hears some of the many intimate details of his relationship with Bridget.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Bridget and Nick continue to commiserate over their failed attempts at relationships. Bridget urges Nick to admit that he is still in love with her mother. Nick admits he's still in love with Brooke and confides in Bridget of a recurring dream he has. Bridget tells him that she now believes she has a handle on her feelings for Ridge.

Ridge and Brooke talk about the current rockiness of their relationship. Ridge tells her about the visit from Stephanie saying it has done a world of good. They begin to make love when the doorbell rings. It's Amber who expresses anger over Ridge's ploys. Ridge is very short with her but she continues to ramble on and on about how much she loves Thomas, how strong their relationship really is without sex, and how much she has changed her ways. She begs for a second chance but Ridge is unimpressed and tells her that he will never approve of her. Bridget comes home and interrupts their conversation. Ridge forcefully removes Amber from his house, warns her never to return, and informs her that her relationship with Thomas is officially over.

After slamming the door, Ridge focuses his attention on Bridget who tells him that she isn't as hung up on him as she originally believed. As they embrace, neither one is aware Amber is outside taking pictures of them in what appears to be a compromising situation. Amber repeats Ridge's sentiment that there's only room for one of them in the Forrester family, this time adding that it will be her.

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