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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of January 31, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, January 31, 2005

Amber talks to Thomas privately as she tries to explain herself. Thomas tries to see Amber's point of view, but he also sees Ridge's argument as well. Thomas ultimately tells Amber that he wants some time apart and breaks off their relationship before he leaves.

Ridge gloats to a devastated Amber and then proceeds to be quite harsh with his words to Amber. After Amber's self esteem is shot down, she flees crying. In her car, a distraught Amber listens to the radio and hears about the record low temperatures that are being predicted in Big Bear.

Amber recalls that the Forrester family will be going on a ski trip to Big Bear. A plan begins to hatch in Amber's mind of retribution and justice.

Bridget presents Nick with a pair of skis and invites him to join the family trip to Big Bear. As a way of thanking Nick for helping her get over Ridge, Bridget spontaneously kisses Nick's cheek. As she pulls back, they look each other in the eye and unexpected chemical sparks ricochet between them.

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

At Forrester Creations, Eric, Caitlin and Thomas prepared for the Big Fashion showdown between Spectra and Forrester Creations. Meanwhile, Sally did some preparing of her own. Sally prepared "gifts" for the press including cash as much as five hundred dollars for each reporter. Darla told Sally that it wasn't right; however, Darla could overlook the pay off if Spectra won.

Amber told Clarke her woes caused by Ridge. She informed Clarke that Ridge had caused Thomas to break up with her. Amber told Clarke that she would seek revenge on Ridge by breaking up his marriage to Brooke. Clarke advised that Brooke had waited a long time to be with Ridge and nothing could break them up. Amber told Clarke that she planned to use Bridget to break up Brooke and Ridge. Clarke was concerned when Amber ran off to Big Bear to where Ridge would be.

Sally placed money in the pocket of a reporter. The reporter who was familiar with Sally was surprised that Sally was so insecure even after having Thorne working with her. Eric put Megan on "Sally watch" to be aware of any stunts that Sally might pull during or before the fashion challenge.

At Big Bear, Nick and Bridget skied and had a good time. At the cabin, they saw Hercules the dog, who Nick agreed was cute; he told Bridget that he meant she was cute. Ridge arrived when Nick brought the dog to his home next door. Ridge questioned Bridget about her relationship with Nick. Ridge advised her to take things slowly with Nick. Bridget and Ridge went out to the terrace to watch the sunset. They didn't realize that they were being observed by Amber whose rented condo overlooked them. Amber was encouraged when she saw Bridget and Ridge on the terrace, and Ridge placing his hand on Bridget. This is exactly what Amber planned to use to break up Ridge and Brooke!

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

The Forrester/Spectra fashion show continues. Sally has placed some high school cheerleaders in the crowd, dressed as fashion editors, to get the crowd excited during the Spectra dresses. Both companies have great designs. Eric sends out his show stopper wedding gown and is very well liked. When Thorne's show stopper comes out, the crowd is silent for a moment before giving it a standing ovation. Thorne is proclaimed the winner of the showdown. Eric congratulates Thorne on all his hard work.

After the showing Thomas congratulates Caitlin on her work with a kiss.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Amber invites Clarke over to her rented cabin at Big Bear to help her spy in the Forrester family. The two pour over a map looking for an old, abandoned mine shaft that Amber promises is the center of her devious scheme. Amber repeats her threat that Ridge has crossed the line and, this time, he won't get away with it.

Ridge, Bridget, and Nick hang out at the cabin, unaware Amber is spying on them from a telescope across the way, as they wait for the rest of the family. Bridget excuses herself and the two men don't waste any time arguing over Bridget's welfare. Ridge accuses Nick of using Bridget as a substitute for Brooke. Nick denies this and begins to gush over all the reasons he is attracted to Bridget unaware she is listening from the doorway. Brooke and the kids arrive finally interrupting the argument between the two brothers.

Friday, February 4, 2005

During dinner at the cabin, Ridge tells Thomas that he is better off without Amber.

Bridget convinces Nick not to drive home on the icy roads and to stay the night.

Ridge confides in Brooke that he senses something more then a friendship developing between Nick and Bridget. Brooke refuses to believe Bridget could get involved with another man that she was once involved with.

After everyone goes to bed, Bridget and Nick cozy up by the fire as the romantic tension builds. Just as the say goodnight to one another, Brooke walks in, and observes Bridget and Nick share a passionate kiss.

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