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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 7, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, February 7, 2005

Once they are alone, Nick and Bridget agree that they can't pursue a romantic relationship. Later, an awkward Brooke confronts Nick about the kiss she saw between Nick and Bridget.Nick assures Brooke that he and Bridget understand why their relationship is impossible.

After Ridge overhears Thomas on the phone with Amber, he warns Thomas to stay away from her.

When Clarke tells Amber that he saw Bridget take off skiing, Amber quickly follows her in a disguise.

Amber calls for help and lures and unbeknownst Bridget toward the trap – the old mineshaft.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

After the rest of the family is gone from the cabin, Ridge goes to search for Bridget who went out skiing.

Meanwhile, Bridget falls for Amber's plan and while reaching for a glove that the disguised Amber left behind, Bridget falls down into the mineshaft.

Amber rushes back to her rental and informs Clarke that Bridget fell into the mineshaft. Clarke and Amber watch Bridget come to on the monitor and Amber divulges the rest of her plan to Clarke.

At Café Russe, Deacon shows up drunk to a meeting for Jackie M with the Spectra gang. Once Massimo shows his face, Deacon hurls insults at him until Massimo puts his foot down.

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

At the Café Ruse, Massimo berates Deacon. He tells Deacon that Jackie has lost everything she ever wanted by being with Deacon, and that Deacon is not worth her time. He tells Deacon that he is not strong enough to hit rock bottom and be able to pull himself out again.

After Massimo goes out to the waiting limo, Nick catches him. Massimo admits that he got what he wanted when he had Deacon given alcohol without his knowledge.

At Big Bear, Ridge goes out to find Bridget. Amber and Clarke watch with binoculars as Ridge gets close to the mine that Bridget has fallen into. Amber and Clarke hide behind the trees as Ridge finds Bridget. Amber has left a rope near the mine and Ridge finds it. Bridget tells him that she can't climb up the rope with her fingers so cold. Ridge then ties the rope to a tree and begins to climb down to her. Amber takes a knife and cuts the rope, causing Ridge to fall to the bottom. He is knocked unconscious for a few minutes. When he wakes up, he has trouble remembering what he tied the rope to. He assures Bridget that they will be rescued by morning.

Amber and Clarke go back to the cabin to watch the hidden camera in the mine. Bridget and Ridge snuggle together to keep warm.

Back in LA, Brooke calls Ridge's cell phone and leaves a message for him to wake her when he gets home.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

As Ridge and Bridget huddle in the mineshaft, freezing and bruised from their fall, they worry that no one will find them. Bridget starts to show signs of hypothermia.

Ridge tries to calm Bridget down. Brooke is worried when she wakes and realizes that Ridge never came home.

Nick stops by to see Bridget but Brooke and Thomas inform him that they never came home. Nick drives up to Big Bear and proceeds to look for Bridget and Ridge.

As Clarke becomes more and more worried, Amber becomes more and more determined that her plan will work – Ridge and Bridget will kiss.

Amber tells Clarke that her plan is the only way she can get back together with Thomas.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Ridge tries to warm Bridget up but she is slowly slipping away. Ridge tells Bridget to hold on a little longer until someone rescues them, but Bridget is drifting fast and Ridge knows it. Ridge knows she is dying and leans into give her a goodbye kiss on the lips.

Amber decides after feeling guilty to call the ranger station and give an anonymous tip as to where Ridge and Bridget are located.

Clarke sees Ridge kiss Bridget and yells to Amber that she got what she wanted.

Nick continues to search for Bridget and Ridge and finally spots a pair of skis and some footprints. Hector helps console Brooke as well as use his connections with the fire department to try to help Ridge and Bridget.

Caitlin tries to calm Thomas down as well saying that Ridge and Bridget will be found.

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