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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 21, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, March 21, 2005

Brooke is leaving Ridge a message on Ridge's cell phone. Hope comes in and asks Brooke if Daddy will be there to give her the lollipop for her act. Brooke assures her that he will. The doorbell rings and everyone arrives at the mansion to set up for the recital. After being introduced as the next act Hope hesitates looking forlorn and then brightens up when someone arrives. It is Nick and he has the lollipop. He takes it to Hope and she sings and dances to "The Good Ship Lollipop." Absolutely adorable, she gets a standing ovation. Nick hugs her and asks if her next stop is Broadway. Brooke is proud but thinks "Ridge how could you not be here?" Nick comforts Brooke by embracing her and says "Your tears are back." Brooke answers "Yes, and you are here to comfort me." Bridget walks in. Brooke calls Ridge's cell phone and leaves a message of Love and confusion, as to where he is and why he isn't at home.

Ridge and Morgan arrive back to their room from the hospital. Both are relieved that the tests were negative and Ridge should improve quickly. Ridge wants to go out but that is definitely not what Morgan wants so they order in. Ridge mentions over dinner that he feels that there is someplace he should be (meaning the recital). Morgan says he is exactly where he should be. After dinner Morgan is alone and listens to Brooke's message.

Stephanie and Bridget talk about her feelings about Nick. Stephanie realizes from what Bridget is saying that she is in Love with Nick. Bridget admits it by saying, "Yes I am head over heels in love with him." Bridget says she feelings funny about things because of how everything is with Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie says not to worry that Ridge will go home his marriage and family are everything to him.

Stephanie is giving her maid, Helen, a ride home. They are very friendly and each feels the other was a wonderful mother. Helen is talking about her daughter being accepted at college and how nice it was for Stephanie to buy her a lap top. Suddenly their windshield flashes bright from headlights of an oncoming car. Stephanie flinches and that is followed by loud crashing noises. Stephanie and the maid are shown unconscious and bleeding.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

In the car, Stephanie lie unconscious while Helen, worried about her. Hector arrived as part of the rescue team. Hector notified Brooke that Stephanie had been hospitalized due to the car accident.

At home, Brooke cried on Nick's shoulder that Ridge not only had not returned home, but broke his promise to Hope. Brooke explained that Ridge had not attended Hope's recital. When Bridget arrived she tried to support Brooke. Brooke told her that she had called Ridge but be hung up the phone on her because he was tired. She reminded Brooke that Ridge loves her. Bridget knew that Ridge would never leave his family or Brooke.

At the Insomnia Café, Caitlin told Thomas that her parents may split up. Caitlin worried that if her parents do split up, her mother might return to New York. Thomas tried to comfort Caitlin by explaining that Ridge and Brooke had some break ups, but always managed to get back together because they love one another.

Thorne and Darla fantasized about spending their first night alone since Alexandria was born. They were excited because Stephanie was going to babysit for them. Meanwhile, Mark treated Stephanie at the hospital. Hector told Stephanie that Helen was okay. Stephanie insisted on visiting Helen. Brooke and Thorne arrived to visit Stephanie. Mark informed Stephanie and Brooke that Stephanie had one broken rib and a dislocated shoulder. Mark warned Stephanie that she needed to rest for a few days. Hector returned to Stephanie's room to inform her that Helen had died of a cardiac rupture. Hector explained that Helen's injury wasn't apparent right away, that's she seemed fine. Stephanie was devastated to receive the news of Helen's death.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

At the hospital, Brooke tries to comfort Stephanie, who is upset over Helen's death. Stephanie blames herself for not seeing the car that ran the red light. Brooke tells her that the police are still looking for Helen's daughter to tell her of the death. Brooke encourages Stephanie to be the one to tell her.

Brooke goes out into the hall and calls Ridge's cell phone again. She tells him of the accident and of Helen's death and begs him to come to the hospital for his mother's sake. Nick and Bridget arrive with flowers for Stephanie and Helen and are upset to find out that Helen didn't survive. Brooke tells them that she's tried to call Ridge, but he won't return her calls. Nick feels like something isn't quite right about Ridge not coming to be with his mother.

At the Insomnia, Thomas and Caitlin discuss Ridge. Thomas tells Caitlin that Brooke has tried to call Ridge, but he hasn't returned any calls and he missed Hope's recital. Caitlin wonders if something bad has happened to Ridge that is preventing him from calling home.

In Venice, Morgan listens to the message that Brooke left on Ridge's phone. Ridge comes in to see her and she tells him that she has a fire to put out, but it's nothing that concerns him. He goes back into the bedroom. Morgan uses Ridge's phone to email Stephanie at the hospital. In the email he says that after all Brooke has put him through, he can't come back. Morgan then goes into the bedroom. Ridge questions her about the past. She tells him that his family didn't appreciate him back home and they are getting away from all the stress. Ridge gets a headache trying to remember and Morgan lays down with him in bed, telling him not to think about the past. She encourages him to just let go. The two start to kiss.

Back at the hospital, Brooke is devastated when she reads the email aloud for Stephanie. Stephanie tells her that the email was not written by the son that she raised or by the man Brooke married. Stephanie assures Brooke that Ridge will soon come out of his fog and come crawling back to Brooke, begging forgiveness. In the meantime, Stephanie promises to help talk to the children with Brooke and help them understand what is going on.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Hector offers his support for Brooke as she tells him about the email Ridge sent Stephanie. Hector tells her that it may not be Ridge who is behind the email. This gives Brooke a renewed sense of hope. Brooke calls Ridge again and leaves another message.

The sparks between Nick and Bridget continue to fly as Bridget sets up a fancy French dinner for them both.

Stephanie returns home from the hospital with Eric and is consumed with guilt over what happened to Helen. As Stephanie worries about Gabriela and how to explain Helen's death, Gabriela shows up at their front door. Stephanie breaks the bad news to Gabriela who is stunned and very upset.

Friday, March 25, 2005

Morgan explains to Ridge that she has called Brooke and that Brooke is on her way to see him. Someone who looks like Brooke arrives at the door.

Back in Los Angeles, as Bridget and Nick are dancing under the stars, Nick and Bridget agree to take things slow (not make love yet) but as they kiss, temptation comes to a head and they can hardly resist each other.

Meanwhile, Stephanie explains to Gabriela what happened to Helen that night. As Stephanie recounts the accident, Gabriela breaks down sobbing and runs out saying that she wants to be alone. Stephanie informs Eric about how Gabriela ran out.

Hector and Caitlin continue to discuss Ridge and Brooke's situation. They both know that Brooke loves Ridge despite this incident. They both hope that Ridge and Brooke will find their way back to each other.

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