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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 9, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, May 9, 2005

The recent events have taken a toll on Thomas who is beginning to dredge up memories, including the guilt he feels for never getting to say goodbye to his mother. Stephanie does what she can to help him and also attempts to reassure him that Ridge will get the help that he needs. Meanwhile, Jackie tells Nick that she believes what happened at the wedding may be a sign the Nick is meant to marry someone else. This infuriates Nick and he kicks her out just as Bridget walks in; she reiterates that their love is true. Unbeknown to everyone else, Brooke finds herself confronting Taylor, though she has a hard time believing it is really her. Taylor commends Brooke for all that she has done for the children and reminisces a bit. Brooke senses her whole life is about to change.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

At home with Ridge and Brooke, Taylor was excited about seeing her children for the first time. Ridge left to pick up the twins at Eric and Stephanie's house. Taylor and Brooke who were alone had a long chat. Taylor admitted that she was not ready to see Ridge married to Brooke. Taylor explained that she had been in a coma for so many years that she did not realize how many years went by. Taylor thanked Brooke for being a mother to her children. Brooke told Taylor that the children and Ridge had stabilized her and given her a peacefulness she never had before. Brooke explained to Taylor that she Ridge and the children really were a family. Brooke provided many details about the children for Taylor.

Meanwhile, Jackie had doubts about Nick and Bridget's relationship. Bridget felt Jackie's doubts were due to Bridget being Brooke's daughter. Jackie advised Nick and Bridget to postpone the wedding. Jackie advised them that their wedding could have been postponed for a reason. Jackie learned from others that "things happen for a reason." After Jackie left, Bridget couldn't help think about Ridge and his digging up Taylor's grave. Nick took Bridget out for the day to cheer her up.

Ridge arrived at Eric and Stephanie's to pick up the children to bring them to Taylor. Stephanie and Eric were adamant that Ridge needed mental health assistance. They had found out from James Warwick that Ridge could be admitted to a very good psychiatric hospital and receive the help that he needs. Ridge told them that if they did not believe in miracles, they certainly would very soon.

Ridge arrived home with the girls. Taylor peered at her children from a curtain.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Ridge brings the girls home to see Taylor. Steffy and Phoebe are shocked and don't believe it is really their mother. A frightened Phoebe runs upstairs and hides in her room. Ridge begins to explain what happened but refrains; Taylor enters and sings "You Are My Sunshine" which brings back a flood of memories. All the while, Bridget and Brooke watch Taylor's reunion with her kids from the terrace and discuss what the future holds for Brooke. Thomas, still ignorant to the news, discusses all of his resurfaced emotions with Gabriela. Later, he returns home to find his mother with Steffy and Phoebe; without hesitation he runs to his mother and embraces her.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

The entire family sits on the bed as they discuss the past, and embrace one another. Brooke can hear their joy from the next room as she continues talking to Bridget who, by this time, also wants to see Taylor. Brooke convinces her to wait a bit longer as they continue discussing the oddity of the situation they find themselves in. R.J. cries and Brooke takes the opportunity to introduce him to Taylor who is taken aback; Ridge doesn't know how to explain the baby to Taylor. Meanwhile, Nick finds himself trying to explain his actions in the cemetery. Stephanie tells Nick of her plans to institutionalize Ridge which doesn't seem to please him. Bridget later tells Nick about the great news.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Nick is shocked to hear the news of Taylor's reappearance but is pleased to find that Ridge isn't going crazy. Nick and Bridget discuss legal matters regarding Taylor's arrival and believe that R.J. is a very important factor. Taylor finds herself in shock while holding R.J. Taylor starts to realize just how much things changed during her absence. Ridge decides to exit with R.J. and Brooke after seeing how emotional Taylor is growing. Steffy, Phoebe and Thomas decide to stay with their mother who tells them how she survived. Brooke makes known her disappointment that Ridge didn't mention R.J. Brooke tells Ridge that Taylor will have a find a place of her own the next day; Ridge doesn't respond as he tries to process all of his emotions.

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