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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 27, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, June 27, 2005

Stephanie is still at the beach house with Ridge. She is in pain and can't speak; Ridge keeps asking her what's wrong. She tells Ridge that she always knew Brooke would be the death of her. Ridge tells her he's going to bring the car around and take her to the hospital. On the way, he calls Eric and updates him. When they arrive at the hospital Thorne and Darla are there. Stephanie is still clutching her chest and in pain.

Dante has come to see Taylor. She is surprised and not pleased to see him there. He tells her that he didn't want to leave without seeing her and asks if he can meet Ridge. Taylor tells him that Ridge isn't there but Brooke is. Dante can't understand why Ridge hasn't made up his mind yet. Taylor tries to explain that things are very complicated. She tells him that she'll always be grateful to him. Dante says he just wants her to be happy.

Brooke and Taylor wonder where Ridge is and if he's coming home. They talk about the children and how both of them want to put the kids first. Brooke feels that the two of them could be civil if Stephanie didn't involve herself in the decision.

Stephanie tries to tell Eric and Ridge to go home. They refuse. Ridge says he'll call Taylor. Stephanie says not to tell Brooke. They start to argue more about Brooke and Stephanie is in more pain. Ridge tells Stephanie that he loves her and he does listen to her...just not after the 10th or 15th time. Stephanie tells Ridge that if he stays with Brooke then she doesn't want to be there; it will break her heart.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

At the hospital, Stephanie's cardiac condition worsened. Ridge tried to calm her and begged her to hold on. Stephanie asked Ridge to "Please forgive me," then she passed out. While extremely worried about Stephanie, Ridge telephoned Taylor and told her to come to the hospital immediately. Ridge asked Brooke not to come to the hospital. Ridge explained that he and Stephanie had been arguing about Brooke when she collapsed.

At the Café Rouse, Massimo was surprised to see Dante. The two old friends greeted one another fondly. Massimo asked Dante if he's heard that Ridge's wife was back from the dead. Dante denied that he had heard about it or that he knew Taylor. Massimo was curious why Dante was drawing a portrait of Taylor. Dante lied and told Massimo that he had seen Taylor's face in the newspapers and was drawn to her; perhaps that is why he drew her. Massimo asked Dante for the drawing of Taylor so he could give it to Ridge.

Bridget arrived at home just in time to support Brooke. Bridget urged Brooke to go to the hospital with her. Brooke advised her that Ridge told her to stay away from the hospital and Stephanie right now. Brooke revealed to Bridget that she had a gut feeling that Stephanie was faking her heart attack in order to manipulate Ridge into staying with Taylor.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Mark informed Ridge, Taylor, Eric, Thorne and Darla that Stephanie had suffered a mild heart attack. A few minutes later, Stephanie awoke to find Taylor there. Stephanie muttered that "I don't think I'm going to make it." Taylor begged Stephanie not to give up. Stephanie apologized to Ridge and Thorne for not being the best mother. She apologized for her interference in their lives. Stephanie said she was happy to see Ridge and Taylor together and that no matter what happened she would always remember that moment. The priest said a prayer for Stephanie with everyone by her side. Ridge asked the priest to help him with something that could mean the difference between life and death. Ridge then told Taylor that they will make everything okay. Ridge spoke to Stephanie and told her that he had chosen to return to Taylor. Ridge told Taylor that he loved her and still believed in what they had before she left. He told her that he felt blessed to have her back in his life. He asked Taylor if she wanted to renew their wedding vows. Taylor cried tears of joy. Stephanie looked on with joy from her hospital bed.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

As Stephanie lays in the ICU at the hospital, Brooke is at home with Bridget, wondering what is going on. Brooke wonders why Ridge doesn't call. She tells Bridget that he called for Taylor to come to the hospital, but she is worried that he hasn't called back. Brooke is worried that Stephanie is using her illness to bring Ridge and Taylor together. Bridget is sure that Taylor, a trained psychiatrist, would be able to see through any of Stephanie's tricks.

At the hospital, Ridge has decided that he and Taylor should renew their vows right there in Stephanie's hospital room. Stephanie, barely able to talk, is pleased and asks for Thorne to be the best man. Thorne volunteers Darla to be the matron of honor. Everyone steps out in the hall for a minute. Eric catches Ridge alone and asks him if he is choosing Taylor just because of Stephanie's condition. Eric tells him to think about what he's doing to Brooke, Hope, and RJ. Just as Ridge looks like he might change his mind, Taylor comes over to see if everything is alright. Eric goes back into Stephanie's room and answers the phone when Brooke calls. She asks to talk to Ridge, but Stephanie warns Eric to hang up the phone. He does, but then steps out in the hallway to call Brooke back to tell her to hurry to the hospital.

As Brooke drives through a heavy rainstorm in the dark, a minister arrives in Stephanie's room to officiate the ceremony. The ceremony goes uninterrupted. Brooke finally makes it to the hospital, but when she enters Stephanie's room, all is dark and quiet. Brooke demands to know where Ridge is, but Stephanie just smiles.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stephanie tells Brooke that she finds herself in a very peaceful state of mind. She is happy to say that her children still need guidance. Brooke, unbelieving in what she is hearing, says, "Ridge chose Taylor?" Stephanie says, "do you think I would be smiling if he chose you?" Stephanie tells her that the ceremony was right at her bedside. They renewed their vows and Brooke is the loser. Brooke, begins to cry and Stephanie in her usual fashion chides Brooke for her emotions. Stephanie is happy that no one will be there for Brooke, this time. Brooke is sure that Stephanie faked the whole heart attack, and she will put an end to it once and for all. Stephanie tells her to do it. Brooke knows that Stephanie played Ridge and tells her that it wasn't at all what Ridge wanted but what she wanted, as usual. Stephanie is happy because she got what she wanted tonight. Taylor and Ridge are married again, after having renewed their vows. Stephanie looks at Brooke and tells her triumphantly, that her son Ridge, loves his Mother more than he loves you. Brooke loses her composure and tells Stephanie that she was always obsessed with Ridge. She couldn't make him come around to her way of thinking, so she had to fake this heart attack. Brooke accuses Stephanie of lying. She claims that she will put Stephanie in her place. She attempts to pull Stephanie out of her hospital bed and have her tell Ridge the truth. Unable to do that, Brooke says there is another way. Brooke disconnects Stephanie's breathing tube and tells Stephanie to prove that she is wrong, saying "die, Stephanie die."

Jackie greets Nick at Massimo's. She is surprised to see him but glad also. Massimo invited her over to meet an old family friend, and Nick can meet him also. He is the youngest son of an Italian family that Massimo knows. Nick looks at the portrait that Dante gave to Massimo. Massimo tells Nick that Dante is also a sculptor and is becoming renowned. Nick cannot believe that this portrait is from a newpaper and not from first hand knowledge of the woman in it. It becomes known that Dante also knows Bridget, because of Massimo. Nick is beginning to suspect something. Dante tells them all that he has to leave to go back to Paris, and has a car waiting outside, but perhaps he will return. Massimo asks Dante to say hello to his parents as he sees him out.

Ridge and Taylor arrive back at home. Ridge is thinking about Brooke as Taylor tries to comfort him. Thomas comes downstairs and sees the two of them together. Taylor tells her son that his Dad and her renewed their vows tonight at the hospital. Thomas is happy as he says that they are a family again. Ridge and Taylor look out on the terrace, and Taylor tells him that she never stopped believing that this would happen.

Friday, July 1, 2005

Brooke and Stephanie's conversation continues to get more heated. Stephanie begs for Brooke's help. The nurse rushes in. Security takes away Brooke. Stephanie is put back on the ventilator. Nick takes Brooke away, and comforts her as she blames Stephanie for everything. Bridget goes to see Stephanie in an attempt to defend Brooke and is shocked to hear of Ridge and Taylor's renewal. Later, Brooke tells Nick about her visit with Stephanie. Brooke confesses to Nick that she doesn't know how she can compete with Taylor. Dante again pays a visit to see Taylor. Ridge becomes suspicious after learning Taylor and Dante know each other.

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