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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 4, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, July 4, 2005

Jackie visited Stephanie at the hospital. Jackie thought that Stephanie had faked the heart attack as a means to get Ridge to choose Taylor. Stephanie denied it but Jackie was not convinced.

Ridge demanded to know who Dante was as he didn't think he was getting the whole story. Taylor told him that Dante was an artist who Prince Omar had hired to paint her portrait after she woke up from her coma. She told Ridge that when she woke up everyone was calling her Leila but she knew that wasn't right; that Dante helped her escape from Prince Omar. Ridge thanked Dante for his help. Dante also told Ridge and Taylor that he knew Bridget.

Stephanie called Ridge and told him she was feeling much better and thanked him for saving her life. She told him that she wanted his wedding night with Taylor to be romantic. She also told him that Brooke had been there and that she knew about he and Taylor renewing their vows.

Brooke and Nick started getting her house ready for the kids. Brooke was devastated by Ridge's decision but knew she had to make a home for her kids. Nick made her admit that she knew that Ridge chose Taylor not because Stephanie and Taylor were so strong but because Ridge was weak. Ridge called Brooke on her cell but she asked Nick to answer it. Nick told Ridge that he was taking good care of Brooke. Ridge wanted to talk to her but she refused. Nick told him that he had made his bed, now he had to sleep in it.

Ridge and Taylor prepared to go to bed. Taylor seemed unsure since all of Brooke's things were still in the bedroom but Ridge told her that he loved her and that this was right. Ridge and Taylor made love.

While setting out photos at her house, Brooke drops and breaks a photo of her and Ridge. She breaks down in tears.

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Stephanie discusses Ridge's situation with Sally. Stephanie and Sally toast to Ridge's happiness now that Brooke is out of his life. Eric scolds Stephanie for using her heart attack to manipulate Ridge and not only hurt Brooke, but also revel in Brooke's pain and heartache. Ridge and Taylor have a discussion with the kids. Nick and Jackie talk about Brooke's situation and also question Stephanie's motives. Brooke lashes out at Taylor, and Eric scolds Stephanie.

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Nick visits Stephanie and accuses her of meddling in Ridge's life. Stephanie tries to hold her ground as Nick starts to question her about her heart attack and her influence on Ridge's decision. Stephanie is agitated by Nick's accusations. Brooke's frustration continues to grow, while Ridge has questions about his future. Thomas, Steffy and Phoebe are hopeful that Ridge and Taylor will become a family again soon.

Thursday, July 7, 2005

Ridge is remembering Brooke telling him that because of his mother, he lost his son. He is walking around in a daze, as he imagines seeing Hope and RJ. Ridge says out loud, "I love you, Logan." He never meant for any of this to happen.

Bridget, Brooke and the children arrive home to find that Nick has the place all in order for them. Bridget quietly asks Nick to watch over Brooke, that she wants to go over and see Ridge. Nick has made the place as comfortable as possible, including bringing over Katherine, so that the children would feel more at home. As Nick tries to comfort Brooke, he tells her that he hopes both Stephanie and Ridge feel the pain that they have caused for the rest of their lives. Nick holds Brooke as she tells him that her whole life has been about Ridge. He reminds her that Ridge turned his back on her and the children.

Thomas is at work and Gaby comes in to see him. He tells her that Nick and the Immigration know about their marriage. He tells her that there are a few more things that they will have to do before she can get her green card. As they talk, Phillip Dunn from the Immigration Department arrives. He is looking for Thomas Forrester. He explains to them that one of the conditions before a green card is issued, is to wait 90 days. That gives them enough time to find out if the marriage was because of the right things or because it was so that she could receive a green card. He starts to ask them a few questions, of which there will be many, but Thomas speaks for Gaby, saying that the loss of her mother, is still causing her to grieve. When asked if he loves her, Thomas responds with, "What is there not to love." Mr. Dunn leaves for the time being.

Bridget enters the house once again and finds Ridge holding RJ's teddy bear. He asks if she is there to pick it up. She responds that she is there to tell him how angry she is with him for hurting her mother again. Ridge tells her that someone was going to get hurt, even Taylor if he had chosen Brooke. Bridget tells him that the only thing left to do, is see a lawyer and discuss visitation with your son. She tells him that he didn't make a choice, his Mother made it for him. She tells him that Stephanie choreographed the whole thing, and he wouldn't see or couldn't see what she did. She tells him that he has a very small window to do something, because Brooke is going to move on for her and the children.

Ridge tells Bridget to watch Nick like a hawk because Brooke was all that Nick ever wanted.

Nick tells Brooke that he and Bridget will be there for her. Bridget walks in and hears Nick saying that you, Hope and RJ are the most important things in his life now. Bridget cries.

Friday, July 8, 2005

Ridge expresses his anger towards Stephanie because the most important decision of his life was all about Stephanie. Ridge explains he renewed vows because that was what Stephanie wanted. Ridge thinks he now made a big mistake. Ridge comes out and tells Stephanie to stop meddling in his life. Bridget reconnects with Dante and they reminisce about the time they spent together in Rome. Dante tells Bridget that they should be together. Bridget tells Dante that Nick and her are in love. Dante surprises Bridget with a kiss. Taylor and Nick have a disagreement about who should be with whom. Thorne reaches out to Brooke. After, Brooke is stunned when Ridge shows up at her door.

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