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Monday, August 22, 2005

Stephanie tells Brooke that she should kill herself for Bridget. Brooke seems to contemplate it for a few moments before turning the gun on Stephanie and telling her that perhaps she should call the police and tell them there is a crazy woman in her house. They argue about the merits of Brooke's life. Stephanie says that if she won't kill herself then to shoot her (Stephanie); the end result will be the same. Brooke would be locked away for life away from Bridget. Stephanie continues to goad Brooke and Brooke fires the gun but the bullet goes into the door. Stephanie sneers that Brooke can't even shoot straight.

Taylor calls Dante on his cell looking for Bridget. He doesn't tell Taylor where she is even though he is watching her through binoculars while she is on the beach with Nick. Taylor is concerned that Bridget might do something rash concerning her pregnancy. Dante tells Taylor that it's too late.

Nick is on the beach with Bridget and she is telling him that she doesn't have what he wants anymore. He realizes that she aborted their child and can't believe that she would do such a thing. She tells him that he can go and be with her mother. He wants to know all the details of when his child died and Bridget tells him that she doesn't owe him any explanations. She tells him that she wouldn't raise the child of a man who is in love with her mother. Nick is devastated that Bridget would do this to punish him. Nick finally tells Bridget that he used to lay awake and watch her sleep and think of all the ways that he could love her. He tells her that when she killed his child she killed them, she killed him and she killed herself. He walks away as Bridget cries.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

At the beach, out of despair, Nick ran from Bridget. Bridget screamed for Nick not to go, but he would not stop. Bridget realized immediately the mistake she had made by lying to Nick and telling him that she had aborted their child.

When Nick returned to the Shady Marlin he worked up an angry frenzy destroying anything in his way. He became more distraught as he thought about Bridget and her abortion. When Brooke telephoned Nick, she realized that something was terribly wrong with him. Brooke encouraged Nick to come to her house and tell her what is wrong. When Nick arrived at Brooke's he was so distraught that he could barely walk. Nick informed Brooke that Bridget had an abortion. Brooke became very upset about Bridget and immediately blamed herself. Brooke felt that she and Nick had pushed Bridget to such erratic behavior as an abortion.

Meanwhile, at Dante's apartment, Bridget and Dante called Katherine to meet with them. Bridget told Katherine that she had lied to Nick that she had an abortion to test him to see if he loves her or Brooke. Katherine agreed to spy for Bridget for a few days to see if Brooke and Nick start an affair. When Katherine arrived at Brooke's house, Brooke and Nick were comforting one another and each was trying to hold the other together. Katherine observed Nick and Brooke hugging one another. Katherine immediately sneaked back out the door before she was noticed!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

At Dante's, Bridget is sure that she's made a terrible decision by lying to Nick about aborting the baby. Dante reminds her that it is the only way to know if he really loves her, but Bridget tells Dante that he didn't see the look on Nick's face. Bridget decides to go and tell Nick the truth, but Dante insists that she wait another day or two.

Nick arrives at Brooke's. She's worried about Bridget and hasn't heard from her. Nick is walking around like a zombie. He tells Brooke that Bridget killed his feelings for her when she killed their child. He talks about how all his relationships have turned out badly. Catherine watches the two of them from the upstairs hallway. Nick says something about how it all began with a shipwreck and now it's ending with a shipwreck. He leaves. Catherine comes downstairs and Brooke tells her about Bridget's abortion. Catherine acts horrified that Bridget would have done that. Catherine asks if she can run an errand before she picks up Hope and RJ at Ridge's. After Catherine leaves, Brooke looks at the newspaper. There is an article about a horrible hurricane heading right for them. She realizes that Nick is going to sail out in the storm. She goes to find him.

At Ridge's, Taylor is talking to Thorne. She tells him how happy Ridge is to have Hope and RJ visiting. She tells Thorne about her worries, that Ridge may still want to be with Brooke. She asks Thorne to talk to Ridge. Taylor thinks that Ridge would sort out his feelings better if he had someone to listen to him. After Taylor leaves the room, Ridge enters and the two brothers talk while Taylor listens from the hall.

Brooke arrives at Nick's boat where it is raining and the wind has picked up. Nick is upset to see her there, but Brooke tries to convince him not to sail. Nick tells her that he's been in storms before. Brooke begs him not to go, because he'll surely die out there. They argue and Brooke tells him that she loves him.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Brooke tells Nick that she loves him, she always has. He tells her that she is only saying that so that he won't leave. He wants her off the boat but she won't budge, saying that she won't allow him to kill himself. She claims that he has brought nothing but love and caring to everyone, but Nick can only think about Bridget and what he did to her. He had promised that he would not be like every other man that she knew and look at what's happened to her again. He's lost everything also. He tells her that he thought he would never feel this way again, and once again he has lost it all. His child, his family and the woman he loves. Brooke tells him that he was the only man who was ever there for her, the only one that she could count on and she won't let him leave, she needs him.

Gaby goes into Thomas' room, where he is working. They engage in banter that turns serious for both of them. Gaby teases him about acting on his impulses, and being found out, but he tells her that he doesn't see his parents worrying about them, when they have so much going on in their own life. He doesn't think that their marriage is going to make it. Thomas just hopes that Ridge is honest with his Mother, because of what his indecision is doing to her. Thomas has been working on his designs for the fashion show but really can't concentrate. Gaby tells him that she will be there for him even if his parents are apart. He tells her that he just wants to see his parents happy like they used to be.

Thorne and Ridge are talking with each other. Ridge has opened up to Thorne about his feelings and Thorne tells him that if he still has feelings for Brooke, that he needs to be honest with Taylor. Ridge tells him that Brooke is unforgettable. Taylor happens by outside the room where they are talking and hears what Ridge told Thorne. Ridge tells Thorne that he loves Taylor, but he loves Brooke too. What he doesn't know, is how to tell Taylor. Taylor walks into the room and tells him that she has heard enough. Thorne leaves the two of them to talk alone. Ridge apologizes to Taylor as she tells him what she overheard. Taylor is angry and upset because the two of them renewed their wedding vows and two people who love each other and are married cannot have divided feelings. She thinks that Ridge, still does.

Dante listens as Bridget tells him that she doesn't want Nick to suffer anymore. Catherine knocks on the door and enters the room. Bridget listens as Catherine tells her what she saw happening between Nick and Brooke. She tells Bridget that they were concerned about her. Nick thinks that you don't need him. She tells Bridget that if she tells Nick the truth, there may still be hope for the two of them. She has to tell him that the baby is still alive, and that perhaps everything might still be fine.

Friday, August 26, 2005

The storm rages around the Shady Marlin. Brooke and Nick hold and kiss each other. She assures him they belong together. This knowledge was clouded by his commitment to Bridget. Brooke really loves him; she's the love of his life. Brooke asks Nick to be her husband, to let her love him forever. They make out; Brooke feels so incredibly happy. Bridget calls Nick's cell. They have to speak in person. Nick is glad Dante's taking care of her. Brooke says it's too soon for them to tell Bridget. Nick must do it alone, now; Bridget knows it's over. They hate to part, but Nick promises Brooke they have the rest of their lives together. They resume kissing.

In their living room, Taylor maintains she can't live with Ridge's indecisiveness. If he still feels like Brooke's husband, he can't be Taylor's. Ridge accuses her of shrinking him. He admits he's grieving for his relationship with Brooke. He rejects marriage counseling, so Taylor tells him to move out. Ridge thinks it's payback for forcing his wives to audition for his love. She suggests counseling so he can resolve his conflicted feelings. So he's the damaged one who needs repairs? He can have all the space and time he needs. Ridge agrees to leave tonight. Taylor will tell the kids later.

Bridget agonizes over the possibility Nick may never forgive her. Dante counsels that while her mother and ex-fiancÚ may not act on it, they carry their love in their hearts. Bridget meets Nick on the Marlin, where she calls him "Baby" and "Sweetheart." She knows there's no excuse for what she did to him. He doesn't want to make prepared little speeches that aren't true. He takes responsibility for not seeing he still has feelings for Brooke. Bridget doesn't realize they're current. She finally believes he and Brooke didn't have an affair. Nick wants to start fresh, with a new life for each of them. Not catching this last, Bridget confesses she didn't have an abortion. Nick looks frightened.

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