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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 29, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, August 29, 2005

On the Shady Marlin, Bridget apologized to Nick for lying that she had terminated her pregnancy. Bridget explained that she lied after she saw he and Brooke together on the night she was about to tell him that she was pregnant. Bridget told Nick that she wanted to be sure that Nick loved her and not Brooke. Bridget understood now that what she had seen was just friendship between Nick and Brooke. Bridget admitted that she had been very insecure which led her to test Nick about his feelings for her. Nick was furious with Bridget for having tested him and lied to him about the termination of her pregnancy. Bridget begged Nick to forgive her for lying and to resume their relationship. Nick demanded that they go to Brooke's immediately to inform her of what Bridget had done.

Meanwhile, Eric went to Brooke's house to confront her about rumors of a relationship between her and Nick. Brooke responded by telling Eric that Bridget had terminated her pregnancy because she misread what she saw. Brooke then explained that the pregnancy termination was for the best, because it made Brooke and Nick realize that they have always loved one another. Eric was appalled with Brooke to even think about betraying Bridget a second time. Eric warned Brooke that Bridget could not withstand another betrayal by Brooke.

Eric left and Bridget and Nick arrived at Brooke's. Bridget tried to elicit an apology from Brooke for terminating her pregnancy. Bridget then told Brooke that she did not terminate her pregnancy that it was only a test to see if Nick and Brooke would start a relationship if she were not pregnant. Brooke was emotionally overwhelmed when Bridget told her there was no termination of her pregnancy. Unbeknownst to Bridget, Brooke was distraught because this meant that she would lose Nick!

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jackie goes to visit Eric and he tells her about Bridget's supposed abortion. Jackie is stunned and can't believe that Bridget would do such a thing. Eric tells her that Nick & Brooke have realized they love each other and he assumes they are planning a life together.

Bridget tells Brooke that she didn't have an abortion; she lied about it to test Brooke and Nick. Brooke is upset that Bridget could do such a thing and cause everyone so much pain. Bridget begs Brooke and Nick to forgive her and wants them to be happy that she is still pregnant. Bridget wants to marry Nick and have the life he promised her. Nick tries to tell Bridget about the feelings that Nick and Brooke have for each other but before he can Bridget gasps and grabs her stomach. She says it's nothing - just a twinge. Out of concern for her Brooke sends her upstairs to rest. Brooke and Nick talk outside the house and he still wants to tell Bridget what happened between them. Brooke tells him that he can't - he has to marry Bridget and be a good husband and father to his child.

Thomas is preparing for his fashion show. Gaby arrives and confides in Darla that she wishes this marriage was more than just in name only. Darla warns Gaby not to make an enemy of Taylor.

Wednesday, September 31, 2005

Despite the presence of Agent Dunn, Thomas' first Spectra Fashion Show is a success. Taylor invites Ridge over to celebrate Thomas' fashion show, but he doesn't want to hurt Thomas with dishonesty. A crushed Thomas watches Ridge leave. As Bridget continues to beg Nick for forgiveness, Jackie arrives at the boat. Bridget goes, but Jackie is still in shock over Bridget's deception. Jackie insists that her son follow his heart and admit his feelings for Brooke. Jackie tells Nick to finally reveal to Bridget that he loves Brooke.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Jackie tells Nick that she wants to know the truth. Nick tell her that she all ready knows it. He is in love with Brooke and she with him. He tells her that he can still be happy with Bridget though, and she is carrying his child. Nick tells her that he grew up without a father and he doesn't want his child doing the same thing. Jackie acknowledges that it will be her first grandchild. Jackie tells Nick that he is going to be sending the wrong kind of message to his child. He is saying that it is all right to walk away from real love. He tells his mother that he and Brooke may have found real love but he has been telling Bridget that he was the man that she could always count on, and if he walks away from her now, for her mother, what kind of man does that make him? He's says that if he leaves Bridget, then he is betraying the mother of his child. Jackie wonders what will happen, if the truth ever comes out. She tells Nick that if he continues to lie to Bridget, and continue to hide his feelings for Brooke, then he is cheating everyone and no one wins. Honesty is the only way and Jackie says he will find that out someday. She hopes that day is soon, though. Nick calls Brooke and tells her he has to see her, and he is coming over right now.

Dante goes to see Bridget. He wants to know what happened between Nick and her. She tells him that she is sorry she didn't get back in touch with him. She is hoping to work things out with Nick. She is in love with him and she just wants to put this whole mess behind her. Dante tells Bridget, that he wants to be there for her if things don't work out. She tells him that he has to find someone else, because she loves Nick.

Taylor, Thomas, Gaby and the girls arrive home after their celebration. She tells Thomas how proud she is of him and so is his father. "If that's true," says Thomas, "why isn't he here?" Taylor tells him that now is not the time to talk about such things; it's his time to celebrate. Thomas knows that she told Ridge about counseling and that he refused. She tells him that their problems can't be solved with one fashion show, that they also have other issues, the least of which is her supporting him and Gaby in order to protect her. Ridge didn't think that they could play by the rules. It didn't make it any easier when Ridge saw the two of them kissing before the fashion show. Taylor is worn out and decides to retire for the night. When she goes upstairs, Thomas asks Gaby to meet him at the cabana, he has a surprise for her. Gaby walks into the cabana and sees what Thomas has done. He tells her that she has brought so much into his life, and even though his Mother said that he needs to go slow, he loves her. He married her to help protect her, but now it is so much more. Gaby tells him that she feels the same way also. She tells him that she wants to make love to him. He realizes that he has forgotten protection, to keep them safe, and dismisses himself to go back to his room, telling her that he will be back shortly. They kiss passionately.

Taylor walks into the cabana and asks Gaby what is going on. She tells Gaby that she supported the two of them and look at this. She asked them for only one thing. Taylor tells Gaby that she went out on a limb for them, went against her husband because they gave her, their word that nothing would happen. Taylor asks her to pack her things and leave. She should call Stephanie, and stay with her. Gaby tells her "no." She's not leaving, she's not going anywhere.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Over the phone, Brooke tells Eric Bridget can't know that Nick will be faking their relationship. Bridget arrives at the beach house. She now trusts her mom with Nick. Eric says they have feelings for each other, but Bridget corrects his tense. Eric doesn't pursue it. If she's excited, so is he.

Nick bangs on Brooke's door and orders her to open it. He refuses to forget their love. Their feelings aren't going away. If he lets Bridget down, Brooke will never forgive him. He may let her down by lying to her. Brooke insists they really end their relationship. Nick insists they be honest with Bridget. He professes his love for Brooke, but she resists his advances. She orders him out, but he persists, and they make out on the stairs.

Taylor says her son and Gaby are too young to be exclusive. Gaby thinks she doesn't want a poor daughter-in-law. Taylor wants Gaby to leave because she broke the rules. Thomas enters and threatens to leave with her. He was right to include sex now his marriage is real. He tries to take all the blame and restore the bargain. Taylor decides Gaby can stay the night; they'll revisit the issue in the morning. She walks Gaby to her bedroom while Thomas remains in the pool house. The newlyweds are restless. Thomas goes to Gaby and kisses her. He dismisses her concern about deportation and tells her to trust him. Gaby responds to his passionate embrace and they make out on the bed. Taylor calls Ridge and leaves a message about the tempted teens.

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