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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 31, 2005 on B&B
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday, October 31, 2005

Katherine Chancellor arrives in LA and meets with Massimo at café Russe. Massimo calls Stephanie to meet with Katherine and him. Meanwhile, Brooke tells Stephanie her career is over and kicks Stephanie out of her office. Stephanie asks Katherine if she is still sole owner of Forrester Creations.

Nick doesn't believe Eric slept with Brooke. Bridget tells Nick to fight for Brooke. Nick goes to find Brooke. Meanwhile, Eric tells Brooke he lied to Nick and Bridget about them having sex, and that Brooke must convince Nick that she is committed to Eric. Nick catches up to Brooke, asks her if she slept with Eric.

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

In Brooke's office, Nick asked Brooke if she has been having sex with Eric. Brooke lied and said she was. Nick refused to believe her. Nick begged Brooke that if she loved him to tell him the truth about her and Eric. Brooke finally admitted that she and Eric are not sleeping together.

At home, Katherine Chancellor informed Stephanie that she had not altered the trust in any way. This was per request of Stephanie's father, John Douglas. Katherine informed Stephanie that she provided tax information as requested to the Forrester Creations attorney every year as required. Stephanie realized that Jonathan and Eric knew about the trust and kept it from her. Katherine told Stephanie that she is sole owner of Forrester Creations.

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Eric told Jonathan that he may have misplaced the trust. This is because the safe was open and only Jonathan and Eric know the combination for the safe-Eric and Brooke's anniversary date of their first marriage. Jonathan advised that it is important for no one to know about the trust-especially Stephanie! After Jonathan left, Stephanie arrived at Eric's office to confront him about the trust.

Nick took Brooke to the Shady Marlin. He decided he would resolve things between them his way. Nick took the boat to the middle of Santa Monica Bay to talk to Brooke. He told Brooke that the night on his boat they had realized their love for one another. They made a commitment to one another that they had neglected. Nick announced to Brooke that tonight everything changes! He informed Brooke that everything for Eric, Bridget, he and Brooke would change!

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Stephanie confronts Eric about the trust and how it's still valid. Stephanie seethes at Eric's betrayal. Eric tries to downplay the trust, but Stephanie snaps back it means everything to her. Stephanie announces Forrester has a new CEO and it's payback time. Nick kisses Brooke. But Brooke refuses to give into their passions because of Bridget. Nick reveals his heart is with Brooke. Brooke admits she loves Nick, but Eric is her future. Nick pulls Brooke into a steamy kiss. Meanwhile, Bridget goes for an ultrasound and Dante joins her. Dante reassures Bridget he'll take care of her.

Thursday, November 3, 2005

Brooke and Nick are together in the middle of the bay, and she isn't going anywhere until they settle this problem. Brooke refuses to give in to her real feelings for Nick because of her daughter. She does admit that they want each other but asks if it is worth it? She tells him that she wants to make love to him but that his child is always going to come first, no matter who he is with. She calls him confused but says that Bridget will forgive him, even though she is still angry now. Bridget still loves him. She tells him that if he can walk away from his commitment to Bridget and his marriage and child, then she will believe that he and Bridget do not belong together. If he can do that, then Brooke tells him to take her and make love to her now. He admits that he can't do that anymore than Brooke could. Brooke tells him that he will have such a happy life together with Bridget and their child. He admits that they will, thanks to her.

Stephanie tells Eric that he will not fight her. She has the full weight of the law on her side, and it will be on his head if he tries. She mentions fraud, embezzlement and a few other things. She wonders out loud to him, how much trouble Brooke could get herself into, while he spent time in jail. Stephanie mentions how many victories she watched him celebrate over the years at her expense. She tells him that he should have been more concerned about his own family and company instead of all the affairs and indiscretions that he put her through. The one thing that she remembers is that her father told her to always live a principled, dignified, moral life. Eric tells her that the company always thrived. She tells him that he was either too stupid or too arrogant to get rid of the document. She tells him that she couldn't trust him then, knowing what she does now, so how could she ever trust him enough again to let him run her company? Stephanie tells him that she is staying. She writes out on the drawing board, things that she learned from Eric. Things like calling him a liar, a cheat, and finally she gets to tell him that he is fired!! She tells him not to let the door hit him on the way out.

Dante tells Bridget by the end of the evening after having helped her move to the beach house and cooking dinner for her, that she won't want him to leave. Bridget tells him that he wants more from her, and she can't offer that right now, that what she needs is a friend. He says that he can be that also. She tells Dante that maybe it would be better if Nick and her mother gave in to each other so that her father could move on with his life. Dante knows that she is still in love with Nick.

Friday, November 4, 2005

Brooke tells a picture that she can't be with Nick. Eric is furious that all his work belongs to his ex-wife. Jonathan cautions Stephanie could bring fraud charges. Brooke doesn't believe in the power of the Trust. Eric wants them to join forces with Ridge and Rick - Stephanie needs them. Ridge says his mother won't take the company.

Forrester ownership sinks in for Stephanie. She has purpose and vision. Taylor is happy she's not moving. She trusts her children's interests to their grandmother. Brooke destroyed the company's image. Taylor and Massimo accompany Forrester's owner to the showdown. Stephanie's taking control! Rick and Ridge can stay, but Brooke's fired. Brooke vows to stop Stephanie.

The Spectra crew is morose. If Thorne loses his invested inheritance, he'll be a failure as a husband and father. Maybe he wasn't meant to be a success. Darla has complete confidence in and will love him forever.

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