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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of April 24, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, April 24, 2006

At Brooke's, Ridge kisses her passionately. Because of Brooke's medication, she is unable to resist his advances. Brooke weakly attempts to push him away, but then falls back into his arms. He caresses her and tells her how much he loves her and wants to be with her. Feeling light-headed from the medication, Brooke pulls away saying she cannot handle this right now. Ridge tells her that he wants to help her overcome her issues with her father so that she can let go of her anger toward him. Brooke does not feel like talking about her feelings for her father or Ridge. She tells Ridge she wants to be alone and goes upstairs to her bedroom. Once she gets upstairs, she puts on her robe and takes another pill. After showering, an exhausted Brooke drops off her towel, and falls into her bed nude, pulling the covers around her. Downstairs Ridge paces back and forth, finally deciding to follow Brooke upstairs. He finds her sleeping in bed, takes his clothes off, and joins her. Once he gets into bed, he begins kissing Brooke. Half asleep and in her drugged state, she asks him what he is doing. Ridge kisses and caresses her telling her how much they both need to make love to each other.

At the Forresters', the battle for Dominick continues when Dante and Bridget stop by announcing that they are taking Dino to Italy for 10 days. Felicia is not pleased. Dante explains that his family wants to meet his son. Trying to persuade her, Dante offers to make the trip shorter; Bridget reasons it might be good for Felicia to get a break from Dino. Felicia will not budge. When Bridget refers to the baby as Dino, Felicia furiously responds that her son's name is Dante. Calming down, Felicia explains that she does not know how much longer she has to live and Italy will have to wait. After Dante leaves, Felicia begins to cry because she does not want to lose any time with her baby. She begs Bridget to wait and take Dominick to Italy after she dies. Bridget makes light of the situation, saying how fast the week will pass by. Felicia is not pacified. She tells Bridget a week will feel like a year without her son. Bridget reminds Felicia that Dante is Dominick's father and does have rights. Ignoring Felicia's tears, Bridget says they will be leaving for Italy tomorrow.

Meanwhile at Marone, Nick is disgusted that Massimo used Brooke's best friend in his plot against the couple. Massimo says that Brooke belongs with Ridge since she has a child with him. Nick argues that Brooke is not a commodity and her best friend should know that. Megan apologizes to Nick for causes him pain but tells him Ridge is the only man that ever truly made Brooke happy. Nick tells her his attorneys will be in contact with her and she should make sure that she does the right thing. After she leaves, Massimo's warns Nick that fooling around with his nephew's mother will bring a curse on the Marone family. Nick claims Massimo is the only curse because he had Jackie put in jail. Massimo is angry that Nick does not remember how horrible Jackie and Deacon treated him when he was paralyzed. Massimo argues that he is not doing this to hurt Nick, but to protect him. He tells Nick that there is no way to fight what is between Brooke and Ridge, pointing out that Brooke constantly bounces from one man to the next, but in the end she always comes back to Ridge. Ignoring his advice and realizing that Massimo's strength is fading, Nick demands that Massimo free Jackie now. Reluctantly complying with his son's wishes, Massimo picks up his phone and orders someone to "release her."

At the Federal Building, Nick comes to pick up Jackie and bring her home. She hugs him and cannot believe that he got the best of Massimo. Nick explains that Massimo had Megan plant false information on Jackie's computer. Jackie cannot believe how evil Massimo is but is happy that his plan to keep Nick and Brooke apart failed.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A sedated Brooke slept with Ridge. Brooke awoke and realized what had happened. Ridge discovered that Brooke was sedated. Brooke admitted that she had taken too many pills and passed out. Ridge was appalled when he realized that when he was with Brooke she had been sedated the entire time. Ridge apologized to Brooke. He told Brooke that he would cut out his heart before he could take advantage of her. Ridge promised to make things right. Later, Ridge agonized in his office that he had made love to Brooke while she was sedated.

Nick was happy to see that Jackie was getting gout of jail. Massimo arrived to speak with Nick to try to mend the fences between them. He told Nick that he was proud of the way that Nick had stood up to him and did not back down. Massimo still warned that in the long run, Brooke would return to Ridge like she always has in the past. Jackie and Massimo got into it over her imprisonment for an affair with Deacon and supporting Brooke and Nick's relationship.

Felicia was upset that Bridget and Dante wanted to take Dino to Italy. Felicia worried if something happened to her while Dino was in Italy she might never see him again. Stephanie butted into their conversation. Stephanie told Bridget in essence because Felicia is alive she is no longer needed to take care of Dino. Stephanie took it upon her own to decide that she would bring up Dino so Felicia and Bridget would have no argument between them. Bridget fumed at Stephanie and told her that Dante would come and get Dino. Bridget reminded Stephanie that Dante has a legal right to his child. When Bridget left, Stephanie told Felicia that Italy or Dante taking custody of Dino would not happen. Bridget quietly returned and spoke with Felicia alone. They acknowledged that they are in a challenging situation. Even though there was tension, Bridget told Felicia that everyone is so happy that she is alive including herself.

After Nick left the jail house, he went to Brooke's. He found Brooke crying and realized that she was in a bad mental state. Nick guessed that Ridge had been there. Nick wanted to know from Brooke what Ridge had been doing there?


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

At Forrester, Ridge stares at picture of Brooke and obsesses about what happened the night before. While he is brooding, Taylor walks in. She has some papers she needs him to sign so their daughter can study abroad. Taylor senses that Ridge is upset. She asks him if it is about Brooke. Ridge tells her that he made a mess of things by bringing Stephen Logan in to town. Taylor thinks he should have known better. Getting into psychiatrist mode, Taylor figures out that Ridge hoped to win Brooke back by bringing Stephen in to help Brooke deal with her abandonment issues. Taylor does not understand why Ridge does not just go ahead and sleep with Brooke, since Brooke usually uses sex to solve all her problems. Ridge tells her they had sex, but it was not consensual. Taylor is shocked. Ridge explains that Brooke was on medication and he did not realize how out of it she was until after. He tells her how horrible he feels about everything and says he has to go see Brooke right away and make things right. After he leaves, Nick barges in looking for Ridge; he asks Taylor if she knows what happened between Brooke and Ridge.

At Brooke's, Brooke is still devastated that Ridge made love to her. Nick stops by and tells her he spoke to a doctor about how her medication affected her. Brooke tells him she threw the pills away. Nick does not understand why Brooke is so upset. He wants to know what happened with Ridge and why Brooke is being so secretive. Brooke tells him it's not Ridge's fault and she does not want to talk about it. Before he can get anything out of her, Brooke's father drops by. Nick is not happy to meet him. He tells Stephen that he loves Brooke and he knows how much Stephen has hurt her in the past. Stephen admits that he has made mistakes, but says he is determined to make up for them. Brooke gently asks Nick to leave so she can talk with her father. After Nick leaves, Stephen remarks that he is very direct which is quiet a contrast from Ridge. Brooke tells him she does not want to talk about Nick or Ridge, she wants him to say what he has to say and then leave. Stephen tells her he checked into a place where they used to go camping and he would like to take her and the kids there. Brooke is annoyed that he expects her to make time for him now that he finally is making time for her. Stephen apologizes for bothering her and starts to leave. Brooke asks him to stay and begins to open up to him. She says she is not upset with him; right now, she is more concerned about Nick and Ridge. She confesses that she has never been so confused in her life. Brooke does not think her father can be objective about Nick, since he supports her relationship with Ridge. Stephen said he came back to help Brooke get back with Ridge, because Brooke always said Ridge was her destiny. Brooke tells Stephen that he has no idea how much she loves Nick or how much they have been through to be together. She admits that Ridge took advantage of her drugged condition the night before. At Brooke's request, Stephen goes to get her a glass of water. Right after he leaves, Ridge walks in apologizing to Brooke once more. Stephen comes back in the room and is furious to see Ridge touching Brooke. He warns Ridge if he does one more thing to harm "his little girl he will make Ridge pay in ways that he can't even begin to imagine."

Meanwhile at the Forresters', Felicia tells Christian she cannot believe that Bridget would consider taking Dominick to Italy without her consent. Felicia does not want to be apart from him because she does not know how much time she has left. Christian assures her that she will be around for a while. Stephanie walks in and informs Felicia that she faxed the guardianship papers to the lawyers. She promises Felicia that there is no way they will be able to take Dominick out of the country. After taking Felicia back to the guesthouse, Christian returns to see Stephanie. Stephanie tells him she thinks Bridget is being thoughtless. Christian defends Bridget, arguing how close she has become to Dominick. Stephanie says Bridget only has parental control if Felicia is dead. Christian reminds Stephanie that even though Bridget may not have any claim on Dominick, Dante does. Stephanie says her only concern is Felicia and making sure, she has her son as long as she is alive.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Brooke tells her father that she is not afraid of Ridge. She will talk with Ridge, and at her request, Stephen leaves. Ridge tells Brooke that he feels like he has ruined everything. She tells him that he has. He ruined who she was trying to become. Brooke understands that Ridge loves her, but she won't forget what he did. She has all ready given him one chance too many.

Nick asks Taylor to tell her what happened, last night. She tells him that she doesn't want to get involved, but somehow they are always drawn into Brooke and Ridge's life. She asks if Brooke was on any medication, and then comments that what happened, might not have been consensual. Nick calls Brooke in the presence of Taylor, and asks her if Ridge did what he thinks that Ridge did. Brooke tells him that she is okay. Nick says that he is going to kill him. Nick, in a rage, storms out looking for Ridge. Brooke tells Ridge, that Nick knows what happened. He better leave now and Brooke suggests that he head up to Big Bear for a couple of days, until she has time to calm Nick down.

He stops at Forrester's, and hears Sally tell a courier that she has a parcel to be delivered to Ridge Forrester up at Big Bear. Nick immediately heads up there.

Taylor goes to see Brooke. She tells her that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. First Ridge came and talked with her, and then Nick came looking for answers. She tells Brooke that she got what she wanted, Ridge without any guilt. Taylor tells Brooke that Ridge was terribly ashamed of himself, but implies that Brooke got what she wanted.

Dante comes over with their itinerary in Italy for Felicia. They came to pick up Dominick. Christian tells Dante that he helped Felicia pack a bag for Dominick. He is all ready, but Felicia steps out and says, that she is not.

Bridget stops at the main house, at Stephanie's request. She begs Bridget to reconsider taking the baby out of the country. Bridget tells her that it will be all right, it is just for a week. Bridget tells her that there are no rules about what they are doing, so if they end up hurting each other, it is not maliciousness. Felicia agrees. Bridget tells her that Dante is a good man and will be a good Father. Felicia tells Bridget, that she never was very good at sharing. They are all gathered around saying goodbye and Stephanie walks into the room. She tells Felicia that she tried to get them to change their mind. The traveling party leaves and Felicia turns to her mother, and says, "You promised me this would never happen." Stephanie says to herself, that yes, she did promise it would never happen.

Nick reaches Big Bear and Ridge is inside. Nick pushes the door open to confront Ridge and Ridge tells him that he all ready apologized to Brooke, and anything else can be taken, directly up with her. Ridge turns to the wall, removes a rifle, and turns to Nick, saying, "Now back off little brother."

Friday, April 28, 2006

Up in Big Bear, a fight intensifies between Nick and Ridge. Suddenly, Brooke arrives and tries to break the fight up. Stephanie tells Felicia she is taking care of protecting Dino but Felicia's not quite sure what that means. Bridget and Dante are on the plane ready to leave for Italy, when Lt. Baker comes on board and reveals that there is a court document preventing them from leaving the country. Stephen is surprised to learn that Taylor supports Ridge and Brooke's relationship.

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