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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 1, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, May 1, 2006

At Big Bear, while Brooke struggles to keep Nick from hitting Ridge, Nick angrily declares that Ridge will not get away with it. He does not understand how Brooke could let Ridge get way with this. Brooke tells him again that it was not Ridge's fault, it was a mistake. Nick tells Brooke that Ridge told him she wanted it. Ridge denies this. Nick goes on telling Brooke how Ridge said she "loved sex and no one satisfied her like him." Brooke is appalled by what she is hearing; Brooke questions Ridge, who sheepishly admits to it. Brooke tells Nick that Ridge only spoke this way about her to get a rise out of Nick. Nick is angry that she is allowing Ridge once more to disrespect her and demands to know why she never holds Ridge accountable for any of his actions. Nick keeps hounding Brooke. Finally, Ridge tells her to put a leach on him, which causes Nick to lunge at Ridge. Brooke has to tear them apart. Brooke tells Ridge to go home, after he leaves, Brooke tells Nick the situation is not black and white. Nick disagrees, saying either Brooke wanted to sleep with Ridge, or she did not and asks a dumbstruck Brooke which it is. Brooke explains that Ridge thought that she was allowing it, but she was not. Nick says Ridge violated her and he wants her to press charges and get a restraining order. Brooke refuses. Nick asks her what is to keep him from attacking her again? Nick thinks she is refusing to press charges because she might secretly want Ridge back. Brooke says this is not true, she loves Nick. She says she does not want to press charges because she does not want the kids to find out about it. Brooke begs Nick to forget about this and just focus on their future. Nick refuses and demands that she press charges. Brooke says she cannot do that to RJ's father. Brooke tells Nick she loves him and begs him once more not to let this come between them.

At the Forresters', Stephanie fights her daughter's battle. As Felicia watches on, Stephanie explains to Dante and Bridget that they are contesting the guardianship because Felicia is alive and capable of taking care of her own child. Dante says he understands this and argues that they are not taking Dino away from Felicia; they are just taking him on vacation. Stephanie tells Dante it is time for he and Bridget to step aside and allow Felicia to be a mother to Dominick. Dante refuses to let Felicia have complete control of his son. Stephanie thinks he is being irrational. Dante finds it impossible to be rational after they had him arrested for kidnapping his own son. Bridget understands Felicia's fear of being apart from her son, and tells her they will cut the trip short. Stephanie says that is very generous, but does not change the fact that she has no right to take the baby anywhere. Felicia finally speaks up, telling her mother "that's enough." Felicia does not want her son to be constantly exposed to so much fighting and animosity. Felicia is exhausted and goes to bed telling everyone they can discuss things further tomorrow. After she has left, Bridget blames Stephanie for causing this situation. Stephanie stands strong; telling Bridget her guardianship will be revoked in a few days. Dante argues Stephanie cannot revoke his rights as a father. Belittling his parenting skills Stephanie jokes that "one drunken night doesn't make a father." Bridget is shocked when Stephanie offers them money if they will sign full custody over to Felicia. Bridget thinks Stephanie is being cruel. Stephanie understands Bridget's attachment but tells her she has to let go. Bridget says even if she does not have authority, Dante does because he is Dominick's biological father. Stephanie threatens to fire him if he does not sign full custody over to Felicia. Bridget says that will not deter him. However, Dante explains that he needs his job at Forrester in order to keep his work visa. Bridget cannot believe Stephanie would attempt to have Dante deported. Stephanie says she is not asking Dante to walk away from Dominick just to put Dominick's needs above his own. Bridget thinks it all comes down to Stephanie's need for control.

Meanwhile at Marone, in her son's office Jackie looks at a picture of Nick and Brooke and relishes the fact that they have found love, only wishing that she could find it too. Lost in this romantic reverie, she daydreams of Eric divorcing Stephanie and coming back to her. Sadly waking from the daydream, Jackie realizes Eric will never come back into her life. At this moment, Stephen Logan taps on the door, explaining he is looking for Nick. Jackie is surprised when she learns who he is. Stephen tells her wants to get on better terms with his future son-in-law. Jackie brags about how wonderful Nick is. They are charmed by each other. She tells him one way to win Nick over is to treat her nicely. They bond over a shared dislike for Stephanie and Massimo. Stephen says Ridge lured him back in to town by promising to help him repair his relationship with his daughter. He tells Jackie at first he wanted to help push Ridge and Brooke back together, but not anymore. Jackie remarks that Stephanie is not the only Forrester with a talent for manipulation. Stephen tells Jackie if her son is half as charming as she is, he does not see how Brooke can resist him. Jackie smiles flirtatiously

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

While alone at the cabin, Brooke re-hashed with Nick what had happened between her and Ridge. Brooke explained that she had taken too many pills and passed out. She explained that when she woke up she did not know what had happened. Brooke tried to tell Nick how upset she was when she realized that she had slept with Ridge.

Meanwhile, Taylor blabbed to Bridget that Brooke had slept with Ridge. Taylor explained that Brooke had taken too many pills and passed out. Taylor was suspicious that Brooke really wanted to sleep with Ridge. Taylor also told Bridget that Nick found out about what had happened between Brooke and Ridge. Bridget immediately knew that Nick would want to kill Ridge.

Ridge questioned why Massimo and Megan had framed Jackie. Massimo admitted he did so to buy Ridge more time to win Brooke back. Ridge told Massimo that he and Brooke had slept together, but he didn't know that Brooke was medicated and unaware of what she was doing. Ridge told Massimo that Nick came after him at the cabin. Massimo was discouraged because the last thing he wanted was his two sons fighting over a woman.

Back at the cabin, Nick was not happy with Brooke. He asked her to really be honest and admit if she had made love to Ridge because she still has feelings for him. Brooke told Nick that she loves him and will continue to forever. Nick was unsure if he could live with what Ridge had done. Nick left the cabin and watched Brooke from a window as she cried. Nick re-entered the cabin and told Brooke that he is not going to leave her. Brooke and Nick made love.

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

At the cabin, Brooke and Nick are lovely dovey after their night of passion. Nick does not blame Brooke for what happened with Ridge and tells her he will make sure it never happens again. Brooke says they are happy now and she does not want Nick's need for revenge to ruin things. Nick kisses her and tells her he is doing this for justice, not revenge. After he leaves, Bridget stops by. Bridget is upset that Ridge took advantage of Brooke. Brooke defends him, saying once more that Ridge did not realize that she was drugged up. Bridget asks if Nick is ok with everything. Brooke tells her they made love and everything is ok now. Bridget does not want to hear all the gory details. Brooke apologizes for not being able to restrain herself until Bridget's divorce was final. Bridget tells her it is ok. Bridget implies that she is trying to get something going with Dante. Brooke is happy about this. Bridget wants to know more about how Nick is dealing with things. Brooke tells her Nick feels betrayed and wants revenge against Ridge and his father. Bridget is afraid that Nick will do something crazy.

At Forrester, Ridge informs Stephanie that Megan does not work for them anymore. Stephanie is surprised to learn that Massimo used Megan to frame Jackie. Ridge tells her that Megan did it in order to break Nick and Brooke up. Stephanie wants Ridge to get over his obsession with Brooke. Ridge tells Stephanie that he and Brooke had sex and Nick thinks he raped her. Stephanie is shocked and thinks it is ridiculous. Ridge tells her he jumped into bed with Brooke, not realizing she was doped up. Stephanie reminds him of the time he did the same thing with Thorne's wife, Caroline when she was drunk. Stephanie thinks Brooke is pitting Nick and Ridge against one another to prove to herself that she is still worth fighting for. Ridge denies this and says Brooke loves him and they are going to work things out. Stephanie does not understand why Ridge still wants to be with Brooke. She thinks Brooke is mentally disturbed and making a fool of her son. Ridge ignores all of Stephanie's warnings, still determined to get Brooke back.

At Marone, in a board meeting the senior officers present Massimo with a letter from Megan exposing him in Jackie's arrest. Massimo denies his involvement and says Megan is just bitter because he broke up with her. Massimo tells the board he believes Nick helped Megan write the letter. At this moment, Nick walks into the room and confirms Massimo's suspicions. Nick called the emergency board meeting to protect Marone from Massimo's scandal. Massimo attempts to defend himself, but the board members want him to resign. They vote Nick in to replace him. After the board members have left Massimo vows never to forgive Nick for this betrayal. As the guards escort Massimo out of the building, he warns Nick he will be back. After all this, Ridge stops by thinking he is coming to the board meeting. Nick tells him the meeting is over and hands him Megan's letter. Ridge reads it and cannot believe Megan confessed. Nick tells him Massimo is out of Marone and he will be next. Nick threatens to have Ridge thrown out of the building. Ridge reluctantly leaves warning Nick "this isn't over, it's just beginning."

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Brooke comments on the fact that Massimo has been banned from the company. Brooke isn't quite sure how to take that. She tells Nick that she is on the way over to Forresters. "To pick up your things, I hope," says Nick. Brooke starts to say no, but Nick tells her that she can't possibly think about going back to work there, with Ridge there. You can't work next to him. Nick tells Brooke, that if they are going to have to deal with this, then you have to make up your mind. Brooke arrives at Forrester's and starts to pack up her things. She puts one particular folder in the box she is packing up. Nick, who wanted to accompany her over to Forresters, stayed behind to meet with the press, over the change in command at the company. After they are gone, his Mother arrives and beams with happiness over her son. Nick tells Jackie that Ridge took advantage of Brooke, sexually, by forcing himself on her. When told that Brooke was resigning from Forresters, Jackie warns him that it might just be too much for her to handle after all her years spent there. Nick tells her that Brooke chose him over the Forrester company.

Ridge and Eric talk. Ridge keeps on about what he intends to do to get Brooke back, and Eric finally asks him when he is going to realize that Brooke has all ready made her choice, and it was Nick, not him. Ridge tells him that he is not about to give up his love, now or ever. He knows they could have worked things out, from the very beginning, if his Mother hadn't tried to interfere so often. Ridge tells his Dad that his Mom will never stop trying to keep Brooke and him apart. He has to do something before his Mother decides to do something else to Brooke.

Thorne and Stephanie talk. She thinks Brooke is calling it rape, so as to hide the fact that she really gave in to Ridge. Thorne suggests that maybe Brooke will quit the company now, and Stephanie says, "Oh my God, could I be that lucky?"

Later, Brooke and Stephanie come face to face. Brooke tells her that she's packing and she will be out of there in about another hour. She will be out of her business and her life. Brooke tells her that Nick doesn't want her working there. Stephanie, quietly, says to herself, "Bless you, Nick."

Friday, May 5, 2006

Bridget and Dante try to come up with a plan to stop Stephanie from interfering in their involvement with Dino. Taylor visits Nick and questions if Nick is worried that Brooke won't be able to leave Forrester Creations. Ridge begs Brooke to stay at Forrester Creations. Brooke gives Ridge one last kiss and leaves. After Brooke leaves Ridge tells Stephanie this is all her fault. Ridge is obviously upset. He then grabs his chest and collapses.

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