The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 15, 2006 on B&B
Jackie returned Eric's engagement ring for the final time. The unconscious Ridge responded to Brooke's voice and touch, but Brooke insisted that her future was with Nick. Stephanie resigned as CEO and shocked everyone with her choice of successor. .
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 15, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, May 15, 2006

At the hotel in Cabo, Brooke was touched that Stephanie had finally accepted her into the family. Nick stated the obvious: Stephanie was only doing it for Ridge. Ignoring Nick, Stephanie continued to pressure Brooke to accompany her. Brooke apologized to Nick but told him she had to go. Not trusting Stephanie's motives, Nick decided to join them.

Meanwhile, in Ridge's hospital room, Dante and Felicia broke away from their kiss and tried to understand why they felt so drawn to one another. Felicia thought it was just because it was such an emotional time for them. Just as they were about to kiss again, Bridget walked in and asked them about Ridge. They told her he was having more tests. Sensing they were uncomfortable, Bridget asked if she had interrupted something.

Felicia covered, explaining that Dante had just been comforting her. Bridget remained clueless and began to fawn all over Dante. Dante offered to stay with her at the hospital, but Bridget insisted that he and Felicia go be with their son. Before Dante and Felicia left, Dante kissed Bridget goodbye as Felicia looked on with a guilt-ridden face.

At the Forrester guesthouse, Dante had put Dominick to bed and continued his flirtations with Felicia. Felicia teased him again about the fact that she could not remember the night they had spent together. Felicia did not understand why Dante was still living with Bridget after she refused to marry him. Dante explained that Bridget just needed more time, but Felicia did not buy it. She thought Bridget might never be ready to marry Dante. She wondered why Dante had kissed her if he was so devoted to Bridget.

Dante joked that Felicia had kissed him. Their flirting was momentarily stopped when the baby began to cry. They took the baby out, and while Felicia was holding him, she admitted that she was the one who had instigated the kiss. She told him it would not happen again, but Dante did not believe her. She told him he should go, but her eyes asked him to stay.

Outside of Ridge's room, Eric questioned Christian about the MRI and was told that the test had been inconclusive. Christian was concerned that Ridge was still unconscious and wanted to perform another test on him. Just as Christian walked away, Jackie and Stephen showed up. Eric was surprised to see Stephen but greeted him with a handshake. Eric told them that Ridge's condition still had not improved.

Jackie did not think Brooke was the answer and was upset that Stephanie was interfering in her son's relationship. Eric defended Stephanie, but Jackie thought she was up to no good. Eric was annoyed that Jackie had drawn Stephen into the drama. Tired of being played for a fool, and fed up with Eric constantly sticking by Stephanie, Jackie gave him back her engagement ring. Eric told her he did not regret a moment they had shared together, and Jackie told him she felt the same way.

When Eric and Jackie were hugging each other goodbye, Eric got a call from Stephanie. She told him she was on her way with Brooke. While Eric was on the phone, Jackie told Stephen that Stephanie was fooling Eric. Jackie did not believe Stephanie had had an epiphany about Brooke. Stephen agreed with her and asked if that was why she had given Eric back the ring. Jackie confessed that her relationship with Eric had been over for a long time. Stephen told her she had done the right thing.

At that moment, Stephanie arrived at the hospital with Brooke and Nick. They hurriedly greeted Eric. Stephen went over to Brooke and apologized for telling them where she was. Brooke assured Stephen he had done the right thing. Jackie disagreed, telling Brooke that Ridge was no longer her responsibility.

Bridget exited Ridge's room and was surprised to see her mom was already there. Stephanie pulled Brooke away from everyone, wanting her to get to Ridge as soon as possible. Jackie dragged Nick away and warned him that Stephanie was trying to tear him and Brooke apart. He told her that would not happen

Back in Ridge's room, Brooke was sad to see Ridge looking so helpless in his hospital bed. Stephanie leaned over her son and told him she had taken Brooke to see him. She placed Ridge's hand in Brooke's and told him that it was the only place Brooke wanted to be at that moment. She told Ridge that she had made amends with Brooke.

Brooke told Ridge she would always love him and that they would be connected forever. As tears formed in her eyes, she begged Ridge to return to her and R.J. Caressing his face, she kissed him. Miraculously, Ridge began to awaken, murmuring the name "Logan."

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The family gathered in hopes that Brooke could make Ridge's health improve. Stephanie apologized again to Ridge because she felt that it was her fault that he was lying there. With the help of Brooke's voice, Ridge woke up.

Stephanie tried to make good to Brooke. Jackie was upset that Brooke had rushed back to Los Angeles and cut her trip short with Nick. Jackie told Stephen that she hoped that it didn't affect Nick's relationship with Brooke.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

At the hospital, Stephanie welcomed Brooke back to the family and begged Brooke to give her another chance. Nick looked on, disgusted by Stephanie's groveling. Stephanie compared Brooke's effect on Ridge's recovery to Dominick's effect on Felicia's recovery. She thought it was the same kind of miracle and kept thanking Brooke for saving Ridge's life.

Nick minimized Brooke's role in Ridge's recovery and felt the doctors deserved most of the credit. Nick told Stephanie the only reason she was kissing up to Brooke was because she blamed herself for her son's heart attack. He felt Stephanie's change of heart toward Brooke was just a desperate attempt to make it up to Ridge. Brooke questioned Stephanie's sincerity as well.

Nick and Stephanie argued about who was going to take Brooke home. Refusing to be swayed by Stephanie's pleas, Brooke insisted that her place was with Nick. She told Stephanie she loved Nick and planned to have a future with him. Stephanie argued that Brooke's "destiny" was with Ridge. Brooke reminded Stephanie she could have had a future with Ridge if Stephanie had not constantly interfered. Brooke and Nick went home, leaving Stephanie to sulk in the hospital.

After Nick and Brooke left, Stephanie called Sally and said she wanted Sally to set up a mysterious press conference for the following day. Jackie barged in on Stephanie before she got the chance to go into details about the conference. Jackie was upset with Stephanie for dragging Brooke and Nick back into the love triangle. She said Stephanie was giving Ridge false hopes.

Stephanie argued Brooke would choose Ridge. Stephanie thought Jackie was interfering because she was upset about her breakup with Eric. Stephanie ruffled Jackie's feathers further by reminding Jackie how wrong she had been about Eric's feelings for her.

Jackie accused Stephanie of using Felicia's illness to hold on to Eric. Jackie said she would not let Stephanie pull the same trick to force Brooke to stay with Ridge. Jackie said she was tired of Stephanie using Brooke as a scapegoat, and she and Stephen intend to fight to keep Brooke and Nick together.

Stephanie scoffed at the idea of Stephen having any influence over Brooke. Jackie believed that Brooke would never choose Stephanie and Ridge again, since she knew what it was like to have a man who truly loved and supported her and a future mother-in-law that adored her. Stephanie appeared confident but, after Jackie left, realized it might not be that easy to win Brooke back.

In Ridge's hospital room, Jackie dropped in to visit him. She told him she and Nick were happy to know that he was getting better. Not believing a word she said, Ridge rolled his eyes and was glad to see her exit. After she left, Ridge dreamed of Brooke and woke up calling out her name. He remembered what Stephanie had said about supporting his relationship with Brooke.

Later, Stephanie entered the room to check on Ridge. Ridge asked for Brooke, and she told him Brooke had needed to go home and check on the kids. Seeking her son's forgiveness, Stephanie once more apologized for undermining his relationship with Brooke. She told him she was determined to get Brooke back to him. Even though she did not love Brooke, Stephanie told Ridge that she finally understood how much he loved Brooke and promised to support the relationship.

Skeptical at first, Ridge questioned his mother's sincerity. In the end, he chose to believe her. Reaching out for her hand, he finally gave her the forgiveness she so desperately had been craving.

Meanwhile, at Brooke's, Brooke kissed Nick and admitted she was glad they had rushed back to check on Ridge. Brooke thought Stephanie was right about how crucial it was for Ridge to see her. She told Nick she knew she had made a difference in his recovery. Nick was afraid that Brooke was starting to fall for Stephanie's pitch. Nick told her that he was glad Ridge was recovering, but he did not want Brooke to be a part of Stephanie's schemes.

Brooke wanted to believe in Stephanie's sincerity but had her doubts as well. Not willing to understand how important Stephanie's acceptance had always been to Brooke, Nick glibly said it didn't matter either way. Becoming jealous, he asked her if she wanted to be part of the Forrester family again. Brooke reassured Nick that she wanted to be with him. She told him that he was her future, and they kissed.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Brooke took R.J. to the hospital to see his daddy. After a short visit, Katherine arrived and took R.J. for his regular routine of the day, giving Brooke and Ridge time to talk. Ridge asked Brooke why she was there. She told him that she loved him and always would. She was concerned about him and his health.

Ridge mentioned that he had been given a second chance, and Brooke said that he should take advantage of the opportunity and make the best of it. He changed the subject for a moment and asked Brooke if she believed everything that his mother had said to her. He told her that he was having a hard time with it and also wanted to know what her feelings were. He realized that no matter what happened, he could not have her and considered that it was all his fault.

Jackie and Nick talked at her boutique. Jackie was concerned for her son and Brooke. She knew how vulnerable Brooke was when it pertained to Stephanie. Nick offered a suggestion. She suggested that perhaps Brooke could work with her in some capacity. Jackie wondered if she would really like to do that, and as Brooke walked in the door, Nick told Jackie to ask Brooke herself.

Jackie talked about her boutiques and the opening of new ones. She would like to have more time to do that and asked if it were possible that perhaps Brooke would like to work alongside her. Brooke thanked Jackie for the offer, which Jackie told her was an open one, but turned it down as she just wasn't up for it yet.

While Jackie spoke with Nick, Brooke received a cell phone call from Stephanie. Stephanie was holding a press conference because of Ridge; the public wanted to know how he was doing, and the family would like her there, attending and giving her support. At first, she said no, it wasn't really a good idea, but Eric jumped on the phone and told her that they really needed her there. She finally told him that she would attend.

Stephanie was getting ready for her press conference, but first she needed to speak with Eric and Thorne. She told them that she was thinking about taking Brooke back aboard as CEO. They look at her strangely, wondering what she was planning. She told them that she wanted to do whatever she could for her son. That included eating crow and getting Brooke back into his life.

Eric asked Stephanie how Ridge and Brooke felt about what was being offered, and she replied that they didn't know yet. Eric tried to refresh her memory by reminding her that should Brooke return, she would probably return all the things that Stephanie had hated before. Stephanie told Eric that she realized that, but she also realized that Brooke made money for the company. Stephanie said that she had been wrong.

Stephanie said she would like to have Eric and Thorne's support of her idea. They looked at each other, and Eric okayed it. Thorne said that if his dad was crazy enough to go along with it, then he would also.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Stephen and Jackie discussed ways to stop Stephanie from getting her claws in Brooke, and then decided to go to the press conference. While at the press conference, Jackie called Nick to inform him to watch it on the television.

The Forrester Creations press conference was underway, and Brooke believed that it was just to announce Ridge's recovery. Stephanie played a tribute to Brooke and shocked everyone by saying she would resign and wanted Brooke to be the new CEO.

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