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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 22, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, May 22, 2006

At Marone, Nick paces back and forth in his office nervously watching TV reporters at the Forrester press conference speculate about whether Brooke will accept Stephanie's offer. No longer able to stand not knowing what is going on, Nick calls off all his meetings for the day and rushes out of his office to find Brooke.

At Forrester, Brooke is furious with Stephanie for ambushing her at the press conference. Stephanie does not understand why Brooke is so upset about being offered half of the company. Eric, Stephanie and Ridge pressure Brooke to accept the offer. Stephanie promises to never disrespect Brooke again if she comes back to the company. Brooke cannot believe how hard Stephanie is trying to get her to return to Forrester. Just as Brooke is beginning to soften, Stephen and Jackie barge in and tell her not to sign anything. Stephen lets Stephanie have it for trying to bribe his daughter into giving up her future with Nick. Stephanie argues that is not what she is trying to do, claiming the stock agreement is totally legitimate with no stipulations. Disregarding her words, Stephen tells her that Brooke is not going to have anything to do with her company or her "dysfunctional" family. At this point, Nick walks in and commends Stephen for sticking up for Brooke. Nick says the only reason Stephanie is offering Brooke half the company is to force her back with Ridge. He assures her that this desperate attempt is not going to work and then escorts Brooke out. Later, after everyone has left the office, Stephen sneaks back in and picks the stocks up off Stephanie's desk.

At Brooke's House, Nick and Brooke debate about the Forrester offer. Brooke reminds him of how lucrative it would be. Nick does not care about that and grabs the documents from Brooke so he can rip them up. When Brooke realizes what he is about to do, she stops him. With tears in her eyes, she tells him he is asking her to give up her dream. Nick realizes it is a big sacrifice, but begs her to do it for their future.

Back at Forrester, Bridget tells Felicia and Dante she cannot believe that Stephanie has offered her mother half of the company. Dante says that Brooke did not accept Stephanie's offer, but Felicia points out that she did not decline it either. Bridget worries that if Brooke accepts the offer it will cause problems in her relationship with Nick. She thinks Stephanie has orchestrated the whole thing solely to get Brooke and Ridge back together. Bridget tells Dante she has to go talk to her Mom. He is disappointed because they had plans. She kisses him goodbye and promises to make it up to him. Later when Dante is working alone in his studio Felicia walks in and startles him. She asks him about his relationship with Bridget. Felicia thinks Bridget is still hung up on Nick. Dante says she is just worried about Stephanie putting stress on Brooke and Nick's relationship. Felicia thinks Dante is in denial. Not wanting to talk anymore about Bridget, Felicia becomes flirtatious. She brings up their night together again. Looking lustily at him, Felicia tells him they should explore their feelings for their son's sake. Dante walks over to her and kisses her passionately.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

At Dante's studio, Felicia and Dante kissed. Felicia suggested that they should get to know one another and find out if there is anything between them. Dante reminded her that he is in love with Bridget. Felicia suggested that if he and Bridget's relationship did not work out perhaps they could get together. As a stand in for Bridget, Felicia modeled nude for Dante's project.

Bridget confronted Stephanie about her offer to Brooke to give Brooke fifty percent of Forrester Creations. Bridget preached to Stephanie that Brooke is in love with Nick now. Bridget reminded Stephanie that she divorced Nick so he and Brooke could be together. Stephanie coldly recapped that Bridget left Nick after their baby died because Bridget believed that their marriage would not survive without a child.

In her office, Taylor told Hector that she is livid with Stephanie for humiliating her by telling the world during their special television broadcast at Forrester Creations that Brooke and Ridge belong together. Taylor later told Stephanie that she was hurt by what Stephanie said on the television broadcast, but Taylor realized that Stephanie was only trying to trick Brooke. Taylor was shocked when Stephanie explained that she meant every word and that Brooke and Ridge do belong together. Taylor told Stephanie that she now realizes that Stephanie no longer loves her, nor is she her friend.

Stephen approached Nick with a plan "to crush the Forresters." Stephen advised that if they could persuade Taylor to give them one percent of her stock, then Brooke would be the majority stock holder once again and the company would be hers to do what she wants including firing Stephanie, Eric and Ridge. Stephen further explained that this could be revenge for all the mean things the Forrester's had done to Brooke and his family over the years.

At the Insomnia Café, Nick chatted with Bridget. He apologized for leaving her and then not getting together with Brooke as they had planned. Nick sought Bridget's advice about Brooke. Nick asked Bridget if it would ever be possible for Brooke to give up her dream of working at Forrester Creations and leave Forrester Creations and the Forrester family behind her?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

At Insomnia, Nick confides to Bridget that he is beginning to have doubts about his relationship with Brooke. He asks her if she thinks Ridge will ever be out of Brooke's life. Bridget is annoyed that Nick expects her to give him love advice about her mother. Nick tells her he wants them to be able to talk about anything and ask how things are going with Dante. He is surprised to learn Dante proposed to her, but he still cannot get his mind off Brooke. Irritated by their conversation, Bridget tells Nick that he and Brooke are fundamentally different. She explains that Nick is very sure of himself and rarely changes his mind, while Brooke is just the opposite. Upset by how insensitive he is to her feelings, Bridget reminds Nick what she gave up in order for him to be with her Mom. She then tells him she has to be somewhere and abruptly leaves.

At Forrester in Dante's Studio, Dante instructs Felicia on how to pose. As Dante shapes the clay into her form, Felicia becomes philosophical. She wonders what the world will be like when she is dead and admits it will still be the same. She cannot believe that she survived her cancer. Dante says she seems nervous and Felicia tells him it is because she does not know what life has in store for her. He tells her she is better off not knowing. They decide to take a coffee break, but first Dante has to mark Felicia, to make sure she gets back in the same position. As he gets close to her, they cannot resist kissing. When Felicia goes to make the coffee, Bridget stops by. After her encounter with Nick, Bridget realizes what a drag it is to have someone always crying on your shoulder about their relationship. She begins apologizing to Dante for being so selfish and thoughtless about his feelings. Felicia peeks in and hears Bridget telling Dante what a "miracle" he has been in her life. Bridget admits that she could never have made it through the past year without him and Dante assures her he is glad to have been there for her. Before Bridget can gets a chance to say anymore. Felicia traipses in wrapped in a blanket. Bridget is shocked.

In Taylor's office, Stephanie apologizes to Taylor for being so insensitive to her feelings at the press conference. Hoping to make amends, Stephanie hands Taylor over a measly 2% of Forrester. Taylor is insulted to be given such a low amount and refuses it. Outside her office, Stephen eavesdrops and is glad to hear that Taylor is upset with Stephanie. Taylor feels used and taken advantage of over the years, by both Ridge and Stephanie. She realizes that Stephanie is not concerned about her now that she is no longer with Ridge. She tells Stephanie to get out. As she is leaving, Stephanie tells Taylor that she believes their love will survive this. After watching her leave, Stephen seizes his opportunity to win Taylor over. He taps on her door and she is surprised to see him. Stephen tells her he has come by to talk about Brooke's offer. Taylor lets him know that she is not happy with Stephanie's actions. She shows him the stock Stephanie just gave her and he acts indignant about it being only 2%. He tells Taylor he has a plan that will help her get her dignity back.

Back at Forrester, Stephanie is surprised to find Nick waiting for her in her office. He offers to buy the rest of the company so he and Brooke can run it together. Stephanie is not interested. Stephanie warns Nick that there is something between Brooke and Ridge that cannot be denied. Nick refuses to believe her arguing that Brooke loves him. Stephanie tells Nick that she rather not fight him but she will if she has to and it won't be pretty.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Felicia is wrapped in a blanket with nothing on underneath as Bridget walks into Dante's studio. Bridget looks rather disturbingly at her, but Felicia counters with the fact that she can't possibly be angry when she has no emotional attachment to Dante. Felicia finds it odd that Dante has waited so long for Bridget, and she has not yet given him any sign that she wants things to move forward. She tells Bridget that she will stay away from Dante for now, while Bridget makes up her mind whether or not she wants him or whether she is still drawn to Nick, who is having problems of his own right now. Felicia picks up her clothes and leaves, reminding Bridget to let her know where things stand, and she won't do anything until she hears from her. Bridget tells Dante that she doesn't know, but she thinks that if something was going to happen between them, that it would have happened by now.

Stephen and Taylor have dinner together, as Stephen tries hard to persuade Taylor that she and Brooke, if working together, could own the whole of Forrester Creations. Taylor isn't interested in revenge, but Stephen tells her that it is a chance to get even with the Forrester's for treating them all so shabbily in the past. She realizes that she has always been the dutiful Mother, the long-suffering wife. She admits that she doesn't have ice cold blood like they do. He reminds her that with 52 percent, she could have it all.

Jackie visits with her son. She tells him that he better be wary of Brooke wanting to return to Forrester and possibly Ridge. Nick says that he isn't worried about Brooke.

Stephanie and Ridge talk. She is doing everything that she can to bring Brooke back to Forrester's and to him. He realizes all that she has done, but wonders when he tries to reach Brooke and gets no answer, whether or not, she really wants to return to him.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Nick and Stephen talk about how Taylor might sign over her percentage of the stock which would give Brooke controlling interest over the company. They both feel that what is coming to the Forrester family is well deserved. Stephanie distributes the remaining stock to her family. Taylor visits Stephanie and realizes she will never make things fair so therefore she decides to really think about Stephen's offer to cause a stir in the family.

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