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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 19, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, June 19, 2006

At Forrester, Ridge watched Brooke from behind the curtains as she strutted on the runway. Stephanie walked up behind Ridge and assured him that everything would go smoothly with his showstopper. In the audience, Nick was not happy to see how much Brooke enjoyed the spotlight. He complained to Bridget about how much he hated seeing Brooke parade around in Ridge's underwear designs.

In Brooke's office at Forrester, Stephen was convinced that Ridge was up to something and told Jackie that whatever Ridge was planning would take place when Ridge and Brooke were on stage in front of everyone. Jackie agreed with him, and they rushed downstairs in an attempt to prevent it.

Backstage, Brooke was exhilarated from the positive reception she had received on the runway. Ridge fawned over her, telling her to just wait until they saw her in the showstopper. She excitedly went to put it on. When Brooke reappeared dressed in the showstopper, Ridge was thrilled and told her that she had never looked more beautiful. As she preened in front of the mirror, she admitted to him that she had never felt more beautiful.

Just as Ridge was telling Brooke there was nothing they could not accomplish together, Stephen barged in, with Jackie by his side, and demanded that Brooke not go back out on the runway. He warned her that Ridge was going to try to pull something. Ridge scoffed at Stephen, saying Stephen was crazy. Brooke argued that her showstopper was the most important part of the show.

Jackie told Brooke that Ridge was using the show to somehow cause a rift between Brooke and Nick. Seeing that there was a problem, Stephanie and Eric rushed over and ordered Stephen to get out. Thorne announced that it was time for the showstopper. Brooke ignored her father's warnings and prepared to go onstage.

Behind the curtain, Ridge made a few adjustments on Brooke's attire and told her once again how beautiful she was. He sent her out on the runway with their song, "Unforgettable," playing in the background. Brooke basked in the attention When everyone began to clap, Ridge started out to the stage; Stephen grabbed him and warned him not to try anything funny.

Once on stage, Ridge walked up to Brooke and told her it was their moment. He then said it all began with a kiss. Ridge kissed her as Nick watched, horrified, and the press cheered loudly. Brooke was swept away with Ridge in their romantic moment. Remembering herself after the kiss, Brooke nervously glanced over at Nick, and he scowled back at her.

Once Brooke and Ridge walked off the stage, Bridget commented that she could not believe Brooke had let Ridge do that to her. Nick angrily responded that he couldn't either. He got up and rushed off.

Backstage Stephen was furious about Ridge kissing Brooke. He verbally attacked Stephanie, saying that they had set Brooke up on purpose. When Brooke walked in, Stephen asked his daughter how she could go along with kissing Ridge on stage and being so hurtful to Nick. The Forresters tried to play it down by acting as if the kiss had just been part of the show.

Brooke told her father to leave. Stephen said she needed to get away from the Forresters, and Brooke replied that he was the only person she needed to get away from. Nick barged in, threatening to kill Ridge, and Thorne had to hold him back. Brooke left with Nick. Before leaving, Nick promised Ridge that it was not over.

Jackie was furious that Eric had been involved in the kiss plot. Ridge told Stephen to do as Brooke had requested and get lost. Stephen replied that Brooke would see Ridge for what he really was. Ridge doubted that. Stephen said Ridge's pathetic attempt to break Brooke and Nick up just proved how desperate Ridge was. Ridge thought the only desperate one was Nick.

Back in the showroom, Felicia and Bridget discussed the kiss. Bridget said that Nick was furious, and Felicia guessed that had been Ridge's intent. When Dante walked out, his family congratulated him, and Felicia gave him a big kiss. The press picked up on it and discovered that Dante and Felicia were engaged. Bridget was heartbroken as she watched.

Felicia insisted that Bridget, her maid of honor, join her and Dante as the press took pictures. When she could get away, Bridget went into her father's office and remembered some romantic moments she had shared with Dante. She began to cry, and then Felicia walked in. Felicia hugged Bridget and thanked her for being such a wonderful sister.

Meanwhile, in Brooke's office, Brooke told Nick that the kiss had just been a gimmick for the show. Nick did not buy it and was disgusted that Brooke would cheapen herself so much for good press. She told Nick he needed to learn how to separate Brooke Logan the persona from who she really was, his fiancée and the woman who loved him. Nick gave her an ultimatum, telling her he could not deal with her working with Ridge anymore. He said that the kiss had to be a goodbye kiss -- either to him or to Ridge.

Brooke argued that the kiss had been meaningless, but Nick told her it had not been meaningless for him to see it. Nick told her that she had let Ridge make a fool of him. Brooke apologized and asked Nick to forgive her. He hugged her but still looked doubtful.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Back at home, after the Brooke's Bedroom fashion show, Nick told Brooke that he did not want her to continue working at Forrester Creations -- even if she worked from the Marone office. Brooke and Nick continued to disagree. Brooke denied that Ridge's on-stage kiss at the fashion show for Brooke's Bedroom had meant anything to her. Brooke explained that it had been Brooke Logan the persona up there with Ridge and that the kiss was generating sales. Brooke told Nick that she loved him, not Ridge.

Stephanie advised Felicia that Bridget and Dante still had feelings for one another. Felicia was disappointed that Stephanie was not supporting her just before her wedding. Meanwhile, Bridget told Ridge that he should not have kissed Brooke in front of all the cameras. Bridget told Ridge that she, Nick, and everyone knew that Ridge had kissed Brooke intentionally to try to hurt Brooke's relationship with Nick. Ridge insisted very arrogantly that Brooke didn't love Nick the way she loved him.

Ridge paid Brooke a visit at home after Nick left. Ridge told Brooke that leaving her to return to Taylor had been a big mistake. Ridge also felt that Nick had become controlling with Brooke. Nick was telling Brooke where she could not work and who she could not associate with -- the Forrester family.

Ridge flirted with Brooke before he left. Brooke called him on it and told him she would no longer tolerate his flirting with her. Brooke again reminded Ridge that she was engaged to and loved Nick.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

At Brooke's, while she was reading about her kiss with Ridge in the morning headlines, her father dropped by. Brooke refused to let him scold her about kissing Ridge, telling him that it had been a brilliant publicity stunt. Stephen felt that Ridge had taken advantage of her once again. Brooke did not want to listen to her father and asked him to leave. Not deterred, Stephen played psychologist, telling Brooke she had been searching her whole life to find someone who would make her feel safe and warned her that Ridge was not that someone.

Brooke thought her dad's grudge with the Forresters stemmed from the fact that her mom had just married him because she could not have Eric Forrester. She told her dad she was not going to fight his battles for him. Stephen told Brooke he was not asking her to fight his battles. He just wanted her to get off the fence and not risk losing Nick. Stephen wanted Brooke to understand how insensitive she had been to Nick's feelings when she had allowed Ridge to kiss her on stage.

Brooke thought Stephen was being a hypocrite, since he had just played musical beds with Taylor and Jackie. Stephen told Brooke she was better than he was and deserved a better life. He warned her that she would not have a better life if she stayed addicted to Ridge. Brooke argued that she was not addicted to Ridge; she just wanted to run Forrester, and it was a family company. Brooke became bitter toward her dad again, about how he had left her when she had been a little girl. Stephen told her there was no way he could have stayed when he had known her mother had wanted another man. He asked Brooke if that was how she wanted to make Nick feel.

Stephen told Brooke that he wanted so much for her because he had given her so little. He thought with Nick she had more of a chance for being happy than she'd ever had in her life, and he did not want to see her blow it. Brooke softened toward her dad when she realized the truth in what he was saying to her. He told her that he had gone there to make amends and say goodbye because he was heading back to Paris. Before he left, Brooke told him she loved him.

In the showroom at Forrester, Felicia anticipated her wedding and remembered how Dante had proposed to her. She feared that Dante's heart might still belong to Bridget. Darla and Thorne entered and told her she was going to make a beautiful bride. Bridget showed up with the dress and was afraid that Felicia would not like Eric's garish design; however, Felicia loved it. Felicia was up-front with Bridget and asked if Bridget had any second thoughts about giving Dante up. Felicia wanted to make sure that Dante was not having second thoughts either.

Bridget dodged Felicia's questions and denied she had any feelings for Dante. Not buying her lies, Felicia told Bridget not to treat her like an idiot and to just be honest with her. Bridget admitted that Dante had been there for her when she had lost Nick and had helped her get through one of the hardest times of her life. She acted like that was all there was to it and pretended to be very happy that Felicia was getting to marry Dante.

Still unconvinced, Felicia said she was no charity case. Bridget told Felicia she was an amazing woman, and she did not want anything to ever get between them. They told each other how much they loved each other and hugged.

Meanwhile in his studio at Forrester, Dante sadly dressed for his wedding as he remembered special moments he had shared with Bridget. His father arrived to check on him and kidded him about having cold feet. He told Dante that Felicia was a wonderful woman, and Dante admitted that he loved her but confided to his father that he was in love with Bridget. Dante's father was shocked. Dante explained that his love for Bridget had been the reason he had moved to Los Angeles in the first place.

Dante told his father that he had originally proposed to Bridget, but she had turned him down, but since he had gotten engaged to her sister, Bridget had realized that she loved him. Dante's father admitted that he'd had a similar experience in the past but told his son that family should always be first. He felt that Dante should be with the mother of his child. Dante could tell that his dad still thought about the love that he had lost. He told his dad he had to talk to Bridget and see if he could change her mind.

Back in the showroom, the wedding was about to begin as Dante's friends and family gathered. Felicia, dressed like the black widow, spotted Christian and thanked him for being there. He teased her about her avant-garde wedding gown. After Felicia hugged Christian, Darla handed her the black bouquets for her and Bridget. Felicia went to find Bridget.

In Eric's office, Bridget changed into her black dress for the wedding. Once she was dressed, Dante entered and tried to convince her to be with him. Bridget was adamant about not hurting Felicia and told Dante to leave her alone. Bridget regretted telling Dante she had ever loved him. She told him that Felicia was already suspicious.

Bridget did not want anything to get between her and Felicia, and she told Dante they were over. Dante thought Felicia would be okay with it, but Bridget said Felicia really believed he loved her. Dante said Felicia was the mother of his son, but Bridget was his love and the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. As he pulled her closer, Bridget begged him to stop, unable to resist her feelings. Felicia walked in and found them kissing passionately.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

A devastated Felicia backed out of the room before a smooching Bridget and Dante could see her. Bridget pulled away from him. "I can't do this to my sister," she lamented and begged Dante to go through with his wedding. He reluctantly agreed then discovered Felicia waiting just outside the room, but she didn't reveal what she had seen. After Dante left, Felicia started to confront her sister, but Stephanie interrupted them.

Bridget exited, and an observant Stephanie asked what was going on. Felicia started to rat out Bridget, but an excited Eric burst into the room. "Are you ready?" he asked. "My two daughters, the bride and the maid of honor...I will never forget this day," he said. Stephanie was still perplexed as to what Felicia had been about to say.

Stephen showed up at Taylor's house to say goodbye. "I wanted yours to be the last face I see when I leave town," he said as he smiled. Taylor seemed depressed with his news that he was returning to Paris. Stephen apologized for causing any problems for Taylor and told her to call him if she ever needed help. "I'm going to miss you," Taylor admitted, and they kissed before he walked out the door.

The ceremony began, and Felicia watched from the wings as Bridget walked to the altar and exchanged longing looks with Dante. Eric then escorted Felicia down the aisle, but she was plagued by images of Dante and Bridget kissing. When Felicia joined Dante, she caught her groom glimpsing at Bridget. As vows were exchanged, an emotional Bridget thought about happier times with Dante.

When Felicia observed Dante gazing at Bridget again, she couldn't hold it together any longer. "Your behavior today is appalling," Felicia screamed at Bridget, continuing, "You're my sister. You should be ashamed of yourself." With that, Felicia tossed her bouquet at Bridget as the shocked guests looked on.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Felicia declared her wedding was ruined thanks to Bridget and stormed out. Bridget ran to find Felicia to apologize to her. After Felicia refused to accept Bridget's apology, Bridget forced Felicia to admit that she had always known that Dante wanted to be with Bridget, not her.

Brooke continued to try to convince Nick that she wanted to be with him and that the kiss she had shared with Ridge on the runway had been strictly business. Once Stephanie found out that Bridget was the reason why the wedding had been stopped, Stephanie decided to insult both Brooke and Bridget, forcing Brooke to instinctively want to defend her daughter to Stephanie.

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