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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 26, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, June 26, 2006

At the guest house, Dante drops in to see Felicia. She is glad to see him and doesn't want to talk about the wedding fiasco. Dante remains firm, saying they have a lot to talk about. Felicia says she wants to forget it all and move on. Dante is happily surprised that she can let it go so easily. She tells him so wants them to go to Italy and see his family. Felicia blames Bridget for everything and thinks there wedding will go smoothly as long as Bridget is not a part of it. She wants them to elope. The baby begins to cry and Felicia goes to get him. Dante is delighted to see his son, but not thrilled about Felicia's wedding plans and tries to stall her. Felicia is determined that they become a family soon. Dante squirms and is relieved to hear Stephanie calling for him. He tells Felicia he will be back and makes a speedy exit.

At the Forresters', when Dante arrives Eric and Stephanie tell him how worried they are about Felicia. Dante apologizes and Eric tells him he sympathizes with his dilemma, however Eric feels Dante's place is with Felicia. After Eric leaves, Stephanie has a few things to say. She tells Dante a relationship with Bridget won't last because Bridget, like her mother, is emotionally unstable. She thinks once Brooke dumps Nick, Bridget will be there to take her place. Dante argues that is the past. Stephanie reminds him that with this mother and daughter team, history has a way of repeating itself.

Meanwhile at the Beach House, Brooke questions Bridget about Dante. Bridget doesn't understand why something so right for her has to be so wrong for everyone else. Brooke, of all people, knows how complicated love can be, but she is still unsure if Bridget is really in love with Dante. Bridget tells her mother that she is. Brooke realizes Dante will have to give up a lot to be with Bridget. She doesn't believe Bridget is the kind of girl to put her own needs above everyone else's. Bridget admits that she has held her feelings in, because of Felicia, however in the end Bridget feels like Felicia deserves to be with a man who truly loves her. Bridget thinks Dominick will be fine, because he will have two families that love him. Brooke asks Bridget about her feelings for Nick. Bridget tells her she will always care for Nick, but she knows they have no future. Now that she is in the same situation, Bridget understands how hard it was for Brooke to give up Nick. She holds no bitterness towards her mother anymore and tells Brooke she finally has a chance for happiness and she is going to take it. Brooke is convinced and supports her daughter's decision. After Brooke leaves, Dante stops by and Bridget showers him with kisses. She asks him if he has told Felicia anything yet and he admits he has not. Bridget understands how hard it is for him to hurt Felicia. Dante tells her he doesn't want to risk everything and rip Felicia and Dominick's world apart unless he knows for sure that Bridget is committed to him. He tells her that Stephanie tried to convince him that Bridget will never be over Nick. Bridget says she doesn't care about Stephanie or Nick, she just cares about him. She begins to kiss him passionately and tells him she wants to be with him for the rest of her life.

Back at the Guest House, Stephanie stops by when Felicia is on the phone finalizing plans for her and Dante's trip. When Stephanie asks her about it, Felicia informs her that she is planning her wedding. Before she can go into details, Brooke stops by. Stephanie and Felicia hope that she has convinced Bridget to back off. However, Brooke tells them that she supports Bridget's decision. Stephanie, unable to hide her disgust, says it is pure, unadulterated selfishness and she is not surprised Brooke thinks it is OK. Felicia says it doesn't matter anyhow because Dante doesn't want Bridget. She tells Brooke that she and Dante are eloping and she is not going to tell her where because she doesn't want "crazy" Bridget to try to ruin it. Brooke is speechless.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

At the beach house, Stephanie arrived to find Bridget and Dante making love. Dante was ballistic with Stephanie and warned her that if she did not leave, he would throw her out. Stephanie berated Bridget for acting on her feelings and ruining Dante's relationship with Felicia. Bridget told Stephanie that she really loves Dante. Stephanie questioned the timing of Bridget's self-discovery that she loved Dante after all this time. Stephanie pointed out that Dante had chased her for a year but she wanted no part of Dante.

Meanwhile, Nick told Brooke that he doesn't think that Dante would be a healthy relationship for Bridget either; especially after Bridget turned his marriage proposal down then he proposed marriage to Felicia right away. Nick gave Brooke some very good news: He is going to ask Bridget to sign divorce papers since she is moving forward with Dante.

At home, Eric questioned Felicia about her relationship with Dante in detail. Eric tried to explain to Felicia that Dante had feelings for Bridget, and he continues to. Felicia ignored Eric and told him that he and Dante will be eloping very soon. Eric questioned if Dante had even agreed to this. Felicia was annoyed at Eric because she felt he was being negative about her relationship with Dante. Later Dante told Eric that he is in love with Bridget.

After Dante left, Bridget convinced Stephanie that she really loves Dante and the timing is not suspicious. Stephanie agreed that she did not want Felicia to enter into a marriage in which her husband was in love with someone else. Stephanie told Bridget she would try to convince Felicia that it is not in her best interest to marry Dante, for her own sake, not Bridget's!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

At the beach house, Bridget and Felicia have a heart to heart. Both think they are the one who should be with Dante. Bridget tells Felicia how much she loves Dante and that she cannot bear to let him go. Felicia does not believe Bridget really loves Dante. She confronts Bridget about her jealousy and accuses her of being vengeful because Dominick lived while her baby died. Bridget is hurt that Felicia would think this of her. Felicia apologizes and tells Bridget she was just trying to say the cruelest thing she could think of. The barbs keep flying between the feuding sisters. Felicia asks Bridget why she always goes after her Mom's men. Felicia says it would be like if she went after Stephanie's old beau, Massimo. Bridget avoids answering the question. As Bridget goes on describing her love for Dante, Felicia eyes begin to water. She realizes that Dante and Bridget belong together, but she does not want to admit it to herself. Then Dante walks in and interrupts their conversation. Felicia yells at him that he better not be coming to call off their wedding. Dante looks sheepish and tells Felicia how wonderful she is and how he wants to make sure Dominick knows how lucky he is to have Felicia for a Mom. He tells her he is lucky to have shared a love with her. Felicia can tell by his shifty technique that he is about to dump her. Feeling heartbroken and betrayed, Felicia makes a tearful exit after telling Dante there is no way she is going to let him off easy or give the ring back.

Meanwhile in the private dining room, Ridge and Brooke share an intimate last evening together. Ridge attempts to make the atmosphere as romantic as possible hoping to convince Brooke to give him another chance. They admit that they are the only ones that will ever truly know how they feel about each other. Brooke tells Ridge that he has shaped her into the person she is today. She says that they shared something special and she will always care about him. However Brooke is determined to be with Nick and tells Ridge she does not love him in that way anymore. She shows him her and Nick's wedding invitation and asks him to give up the chase because the divorce is final and they are over. She asks Ridge to let her happiness be enough for him. Ridge pours her some champagne and when "Unforgettable" begins to play on the piano they share one last tearful dance. After the dance Brooke gives Ridge a gift. It's a scrapbook that commemorates their love. She tells him it is for RJ as well. The scrapbook is half empty and Brooke tells Ridge they will fill the rest of it up with family pictures, but not with pictures of them as a couple. Those days are over. Ridge tells her he never felt alone before in his entire life, but he does now because he is losing her. She tells him to close his eyes and then she gives him one last goodbye kiss. When Ridge opens his eyes, she is gone and he is all alone.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Bridget and Dante talked about their love for Felicia. Bridget was dismayed at having to hurt her sister the way she did, but Dante told her that Felicia would get over her anger because she loved Bridget also. Dante and Bridget talked about the fact that there was nothing left standing in their way to be together now. They each professed their love for one another, and soon, Dante carried Bridget off to the bedroom and the two of them made love.

Nick and Brooke talked about Ridge. She tells Nick that she still loves Ridge and wants him to move on with his life and find someone special, just like she did. Nick tells Brooke that now is as good a time as any to bring over the divorce papers to Bridget to sign. Brooke tells him that she will be waiting for him to return, and he leaves for Bridget's place. When he arrives, Dante opens the door to him. Bridget comes out of the bedroom and Dante says that he will leave them alone to talk, while he goes to take a shower. Nick and Bridget talk a little and she tells him that she is happy for him and for herself also. She has Dante but he finally has Brooke also. Nick signs the papers and hands them over to Bridget who also signs them. Bridget gives Nick a goodbye kiss and he silently walks out the door, saying nothing. Bridget sits on the sofa crying briefly. When he returns to the Shady Marlin, he tells Brooke that it was harder than he thought it would be. After several moments, he kisses Brooke and tells her that they are getting married.

Ridge went to see Stephanie and was not in a mood to discuss business. He tells her that he and Brooke are over for good. Stephanie, being Stephanie, went to see Brooke while Nick was on the way to see Bridget. She asked Brooke if there was anything that she could say or do to keep her from moving on with Nick. Stephanie practically begs Brooke to think twice before she tosses him out of her life. She says that will never happen because he is RJ's father and she will always love him, even though she is marrying Nick. Stephanie claims that she is concerned about Ridge's health if she moves on without him. Brooke tells her that tomorrow is a photo shoot with Ridge and they all have to work together. She says that she has all ready had two strikes against her with Nick, and there are not going to be anymore, because Nick won't put up with it.

Stephanie visits with Massimo. Massimo tells her that Ridge has already left and she tells Massimo that she has a plan that might just toss Nick the third strike and end his relationship with Brooke once and for all.

Friday, July 30, 2006

Ridge confesses to Thorne that he will always wait for Brooke's love, however he feels as if he has lost her forever. Stephanie and Ridge supervise Brooke's photo shoot for Brooke's Bedroom line. Stephanie convinces Brooke to take some sexier photos for the new ad campaign. Jackie warns Nick that he needs to keep Brooke away from the Forresters. Nick agrees. Massimo tells Ridge not to give up on Brooke.

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