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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 3, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, July 3, 2006

At Forrester's Photo Studio, Ridge raves about Brooke's nude photo's and predicts the hype from them will lead to record sales. Brooke is concerned with the nude photo getting too much exposure however Ridge promises that it will not because they will only use it on the last page of the ad. Overall, Brooke is excited and they share a toast. Stephanie watches on convinced that when Nick sees the nude pictures it will be strike 3 for Brooke. When Stephanie comes over and begins to gush over how wonderful the photos are Brooke remarks that this is not the image Stephanie would normally support for Forrester. Stephanie tells her that a leopard can change its spots. Brooke is still hesitant about using the photos, fearing Nick's reaction. Trying to control Brooke herself, Stephanie tells Brooke she can't believe how she lets Nick control her and kill her free spirit.

At Felicia's, Dante stops by to drop off the baby. Felicia wants him to stay longer, but he can't because he and Bridget have plans to go to the beach. Felicia is disappointed, but hides it. Dante informs her that his sculpture of her won and award. Felicia tells him she knows because she got an invitation to the awards ceremony. Felicia feels that this proves that other people can see how good she and Dante are together. Just as she is beginning to get in flirt mode, Bridget pops in with the diaper bag. Annoyed to see her, Felicia plays it off by inviting them to use the pool at the Forrester's, instead of going to the beach. After they accept her invitation the baby begins to cry and Bridget and Dante go to check on him. While they are gone, Felicia replaces Bridget's sunscreen with baby oil. After Bridget and Dante go to the pool, Christian stops by to see how Felicia is doing after her wedding debacle. Felicia tells him she is still furious but feeling a little better today now that she has stirred up some mischief. She then confesses to him about switching Bridget's sunscreen with baby oil. She tells a speechless Christian that it is only fair that she burn Bridget since in a different way Bridget burnt her.

Meanwhile at Marone, Nick is surprised to find Massimo in his office. Massimo notices Nick and Brooke's wedding invitation and does not understand why he didn't receive and invitation. Nick tells him it is because he doesn't support the marriage. Massimo admits that he still thinks Brooke and Ridge belong together. He warns Nick that Brooke will only hurt him. Nick blows his Dad off, saying he has to go over to Forrester and make sure they are not up to anything over there.

Back at Forrester in her office, Brooke continues to look at her nudes, while Ridge tries to convince her to use them. Ridge is disgusted to see how controlling Nick is and asks Brooke how long is she going to let Nick come between her and what she knows is right. Brooke argues with Ridge that Nick has already put up with enough scandal. She reminds him that the kiss on the runway may have been a publicity stunt, but to Nick it was personal. Ridge tells Brooke if Nick can't handle the real her, that is his problem. He begs Brooke not to let Nick clip her wings right when she is beginning to soar. After Ridge leaves Nick comes by, still pouting about the photo shoot. Brooke coddles him. When they are about ready to leave the photographer for Brooke's shoot stops in. Brooke tells her she wants to go with the first set. The photographer is disappointed because Brooke does not want to use the nudes. Nick remains clueless. When they leave her office Nick and Brooke go checkout the wedding site. Nick likes it because it is by the water. He kisses Brooke and hugs her, telling her he can't believe they are about to get married.

In Brooke's office, after she has left the photographer comes in and tells Ridge Brooke is not going with the nudes. He is disappointed. When Ridge looks at Brooke and Nick's wedding invitation he remembers his favorite wedding with Brooke. He thinks to himself that Nick will never understand Brooke or accept her need to be wild and free.

At the pool Bridget asks Dante to put the sunscreen on her, because without it she will burn like a lobster. Dante and Bridget think it was nice of Felicia to let them use the pool and hope that their relations will continue to improve. Not wanting to burn, Bridget puts on more sunscreen. After lying in the son for a while, Dante gets frisky and wants them to go make out in the pool house. Bridget is up for it until she takes her sun glasses off and realizes is badly sun burnt. Felicia peaks through the bushes and is happy to see that her plan was a success.

Back at Marone, Massimo and Stephanie have been plotting on the side. They initiate an ad campaign that will have Brooke's nude pictures in the internet and all over the world by the next day.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

At home, Brooke made wedding plans. Stephanie arrived and learned of her plans. Stephanie nagged Brooke that if she married Nick, he won't allow her to be herself. Brooke told Stephanie to not launch the photo ad for Brooke's Bedroom. Stephanie knew that Brooke was afraid to launch the photos for fear that Nick would be upset. Stephanie told Brooke she knew of Brooke's two strikes. Brooke advised that it was Stephanie and Ridge that Nick had the strikes against.

At home, Bridget apologized for having missed Dante's art award ceremony. Bridget had severe sunburn; what she did not realize is that Felicia had switched the sun block for baby oil. A prescription from the pharmacy arrived. Bridget assumed her father had sent it to her.

Dante went to the studio to accept another award. He introduced Felicia who was present. They interviewed Dante about his work and life. Felicia blurted out that she and Dante were to be married, but Dante left her for her sister. Later, Felicia told Christian that she did something to Bridget "that is not life threatening."

Taylor warned Nick that his big wedding announcement will provoke Ridge to try harder to stop his wedding to Brooke. Nick was certain that there is nothing that Ridge could do to make Brooke decide not to go ahead with their wedding plans. Nick told Taylor that Stephen had also slept with Jackie. Taylor did not know about Stephen and Jackie and became upset.

At home, Bridget used the cream. When Dante arrived, Bridget's face was numb and she could not speak. Dante called Christian. Felicia admitted to Christian that she had sent Bridget Botox.

Nick arrived. He told Brooke that he would like her to form her own company. Nick admitted that he does not want her to work with Ridge. Meanwhile, Massimo and Stephanie planned to sabotage Nick and Brooke's wedding by placing the nude photo from Brooke's bedroom in plain view and facing Nick.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

At Brooke's, as Brooke is preparing for her wedding she receives a ball and chains from Nick with a note saying now he will be her ball and chain for life. Getting nostalgic Brooke remembers the first time Ridge told her he loved her. Nick gives her a call from the wedding site excited about their wedding day. Ridge stops by in one last-ditch effort to get her to change her mind. He pleads with her to choose him. He feels as if she is about to drown and he wants to save her. He tells her that Nick can't accept her for who she is and is trying to turn her into someone else. Ridge adds that he would never do that to her. Trying not to be swayed, Brooke remains bitter toward Ridge about how he deserted her for Taylor. Ridge begs her to be honest with herself before it is too late. Recognizing the truth in his words, but unable to accept them she rushes out of her house, leaving him all alone. After she leaves Ridge sadly looks at pictures of Brooke and him when they were a family. Stephanie stops in and tries to reassure him that everything will work out in the end. He asks her what she is up to, but she does not let him in on her plans.

At the wedding site, after Nick gets off the phone with Brooke, Nick notices some construction workers preparing to put up a poster and asks them to keep in quite for his wedding ceremony. After he leaves they put up the nude billboard of Brooke and gaze at it lustily.

Elsewhere at the wedding site, Stephanie receives a call from Massimo and they layout the details for strike three. After she gets off the phone Bridget walks in and Stephanie tells her to stop the wedding. Bridget does not want to cause a problem for her Mom and Nick. Stephanie tells her that it has been a misguided sacrifice on both their parts. Bridget tells Stephanie to leave it alone and Nick will love Brooke for the rest of her life. Stephanie doesn't buy it, pointing out that not so long ago Nick promised to love Bridget for the rest of his life. Bridget ignores Stephanie and continues to believe in Nick and Brooke's love. After Stephanie leaves, Nick, Dante and Brooke show up. Rick makes a crack about it not being Brooke's first time down the isle, but Brooke said this time is forever. Bridget looks as if she has heard that before.

Meanwhile at the Shady Marlin, Jackie helps Nick get dressed in his sailor suit for the wedding. They discuss how Massimo will not be there and Jackie tries to convince him to make up with his father. Nick refuses saying he will never forgive his father.

Back at the wedding site, Brooke prances around in her slinky wedding gown with Bridget, still troubled by Ridge's words. She asks Bridget if the dress is too revealing. Bridget thinks it is, but tells her Mom she can't pretend to be someone she isn't. Brooke begins to feel bad again about how she stole Nick away from her daughter. Bridget assures her she is over it and she supports their wedding. Brooke tells her how much she appreciates her forgiveness

In Massimo's limo, Massimo and Stephanie admire the nude ad of Brooke that they strategically placed in view of the wedding altar. They eagerly watch as everyone gathers for the ceremony, wandering when it will catch Nick's eyes.

At the altar, right before Nick arrives, Jackie, Bridget, Dante and Rick see the billboard and are appalled. When Nick gets there Jackie successfully prevents him from seeing it. His eyes are on his bride who is riding up in a horse drawn carriage. He walks to meet her and helps her down. Gazing into Brooke's eyes he tells her how beautiful she is. Stephanie and Massimo begin to worry that Nick won't see the billboard and the wedding will go off without a hitch. However Nick looks away from Brooke for a second and he notices it. He is shocked when he sees the nude billboard of Brooke, hardly believing his eyes. He gives Brooke a look of utter disbelief and disgust.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Brooke and Nick both eye the poster, showing Brooke in the rejected photo for the new "Brooke's bedroom" line. Nick is horrified and Brooke stands there disbelieving what she is seeing. As the two about-to-be married people, look at each other, Nick walks away. Brooke follows after him and the rest of the visitors mingle and talk about what they think will happen. Jackie, Dante, Rick and Bridget head for Chuck's place, which is close to the Shady Marlin to wait for the results. Jackie thinks that they will solve their problems once again, but Bridget and Rick aren't so sure. Brooke arrives at the Marlin to speak with Nick. She tells him that she had nothing to do with this ad. She did not endorse it, in fact she turned it down and told Stephanie not to use it. Nick tells her that he did not take on being married to a naked pin-up model. He tells her that he warned her not to let her guard down where Stephanie was concerned and she did. Brooke admits being angry at the fact that it was done behind her back but does not regret doing the shoot. She tells him that it was done very tastefully and in fact she is very proud of it. Brooke tells Nick that in no way does she feel either exploited or exposed, but, instead felt the ad was a beautiful one, even though Stephanie used it without her permission. Brooke tells Nick that the original idea came from Stephanie and the "signon" was Ridge's idea. He then questions Brooke as to whether or not Ridge was in the room during the shoot. Brooke tells him that Ridge walked in during the shoot. His next question of course, "did you ask him to leave?" Of course not, it was work and besides it wasn't exactly like he had never seen me naked before. At this point Nick starts to lose it. He tells her that everything was fine between them until she started to work with the Forresters again. He makes sure that she understands that he wants her gone from that place for good. She looks at him and tells him that they differ on things and he will have to accept her for who she is or they might as well call this whole thing off now.

Massimo and Stephanie, riding in the limo together see Nick walking away from the gazebo where Nick and Brooke were standing. Stephanie utters, "Strike three." Massimo tells her to tell Ridge to get ready to stand up in the batter's box.

Ridge picks up a picture of the family that he used to love and come home to at night. He fantasizes that Brooke walks in and tells him that he was right, that she couldn't go through with the wedding to Nick. Ridge says to her that he didn't understand how she could love a man who didn't love her for who she is.

Jackie, Rick, Dante and Bridget arrive at Chuck's Place. Even Chuck wonders where the bride and groom are. They gather and talk and wonder what is going to happen next. Bridget tells Dante that she understands what Nick is feeling. She felt the same way when she walked in on him while Felicia was posing. Yes, he is an artist, but it still got to her and she was very unhappy and uncomfortable.

Stephanie goes in to see Ridge. She tells him what happened.

Friday, July 7, 2006

The guests suspect the wedding is off when the justice of the peace leaves. Nick is still very upset about the photo and strongly disapproves. Massimo calls Stephanie with the news that the wedding is off. Ridge hides his relief, claiming Brooke will come back to him of her own free will. Jackie talks with Bridget and thinks Bridget still has feelings for Nick. Meanwhile, on the Shady Marlin, Brooke and Nick argue over what they're willing to do for each other. The justice enters and they marry. Jackie calls Stephanie to gloat and Bridget wonders if the wedding was a mistake.

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