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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 24, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, July 24, 2006

At Forrester in Brooke's office, Stephanie pressures Brooke to return the stock now that she is no longer in the family. Brooke is insulted by Stephanie's attempt to take back her offer. She accuses Stephanie of only giving her the stock for Ridge's sake. She believes Stephanie still views her as the slut from the valley. Stephanie doesn't deny that she views Brooke as a slut, however she maintains that her initial offer was sincere. Stephanie feels she offered Brooke everything she ever wanted, and Brooke rejected it and rejected the family. Stephanie demands that Brooke give the company back. Brooke refuses, ripping up the stock transfer, she tells Stephanie she will never give up the company and she has earned the right to run it. She then storms out leaving a furious Stephanie behind. Stephanie vows to find a way to take the company back from Brooke.

At Marone, Jackie welcomes Nick back from his honeymoon. Jackie tells him now that he is finally married to Brooke everyone will have to accept their relationship. Nick is afraid it's not that simple. He complains about Brooke's sister Donna, telling his mom that Donna thinks Brooke and Ridge belong together. Jackie thinks Nick will be able to win her over. After she leaves Nick obsesses over Brooke working at Forrester. Stephanie drops in and begins trying to play him. She tells him how much she respects him. Nick says the ad campaign was not the best way to show her respect. However he thanks her for proving to the world how strong his commitment is to Brooke. Stephanie tells him she wants Brooke's stock back. She warns him that Brooke may not want to give the stock back because that would mean she would no longer have much contact with Ridge.

Meanwhile In Ridge's office, Donna comes by and tells Ridge that she still supports his relationship with Brooke and thinks Brooke made a big mistake choosing Nick over him. Donna begs him not to give up on Brooke and offers her help in bringing them back together. Ridge refuses, saying he is going to respect Brooke's decision. He tells Donna he and Brooke still can work together and inspire each other at Forrester, and that's enough for him. He tells her how excited he is about working with Brooke on their Bedroom Line. Surprised that Brooke has not told Ridge of her plans to no longer model, Donna tells Ridge she thinks he needs to talk to Brooke. After Donna leaves, Ridge asks Brooke to come to his office. She arrives fuming about Stephanie's attempt to oust her again. She is upset that Stephanie never really accepted her, but was just pretending for Ridge. Trying to cheer her up, Ridge shows her some of his knew designs for the Bedroom Line, and tells her she will look amazing in them. Brooke loves the designs, but informs Ridge that out of respect for Nick, she will no longer model them. Ridge is disgusted and disappointed that Brooke continues to allow Nick to control her every move. Calming down, Ridge admits that he needs to move on, but tells her it is hard when to when he can still see the love in her eyes. Donna hears their voices and begins eavesdropping through the door. Ridge tells Brooke that he could search the whole world over and never find another Logan. Donna is touched and more determined than ever to bring them back together.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

At the church, Thorne mourned Darla. He spent a few minutes alone with her. He asked Darla why she left him after she had promised that she never would leave him.

At the service for Darla, various people paid tribute to Darla with a eulogy. Ridge, Stephanie and Sally all spoke about Darla. Each paid a beautiful tribute to Darla. Lt. Baker arrived at the service and sat in back. Hector and Phoebe noticed his presence.

Unexpectedly, Taylor got up from her seat to speak about Darla. Taylor explained that the reason Darla died was because she was helping Phoebe who had been all alone on the foggy road. Taylor commented that she knows now what her task is in life;" it is to be the woman that Darla saw in me."

Thorne addressed everyone and thanked them for their tribute to Darla and their support to him. He stated that everyone's comments confirmed just how special Darla was.

After the service was over, Ridge told Taylor that he is worried about her drinking problem. Ridge suggested that they all spend time as a family for the afternoon and Taylor agreed. After Ridge left, Taylor was alone in back of the church. She took a brochure with the listings for Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Lt. Baker approached Taylor. He told Taylor that he wanted to speak with Phoebe who had already left. He commented that Darla's death was sad and tragic.

As Thorne was leaving the church, he asked Taylor if she would accompany him home and assist him in informing Alexandria that Darla had died. Taylor agreed and she offered to help Thorne for the rest of his life.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

At Thorne and Darla's, Taylor and Thorne prepare to tell Alexandria about her mother's death. Thorne is not sure how to handle it. Taylor tells him that sometimes it is hard for a grieving parent to explain death to a child and often it is better to have someone less involved explain. Taylor asks Thorne if Alexandria has ever known anyone that's died. Thorne tells her Alexandria knows about death, but has never really had to experience it first hand. Taylor thinks many children Alexandria's age don't understand the permanence of death. Before they can finish their conversation, Alexandria comes running in proudly showing them a "Get Well" card that she made for her mother. After Alexandria leaves the room Thorne feels guilty about not telling her about Darla's funeral. He knows she would have wanted to attend. Taylor assures him that Alexandria will understand that he was just trying to protect her. He worries about how he is going to break the news. Taylor advises Thorne to be himself and just be honest and loving when he tells her. While he is still trying to figure out the right words, Alexandria comes up to him asking about her mother. Thorne sensitively explains that Darla is dead. Not old enough to understand, Alexandria asks him when Darla can taking her pony riding. Trying to help, Taylor says either she or Thorne will take her, but her mother can't. She explains that even though Darla isn't coming back, she will live on in their hearts. Before Taylor leaves, Thorne thanks her for all of her help and she thanks him for making her feel useful again. Taylor offers to come back if Alexandria has anymore questions. Alexandria calls her Dad in to sing her Mom's favorite song, "Smile". Thorne sings her to sleep, as Taylor watches.

Meanwhile in Thorne's office at Forrester, Ridge is staring at a picture of Thorne and Darla when Donna walks in. He wonders if he should remove all the pictures of Darla from the Thorne's office, but Donna tells him not to. She tells him she came by to check up on him, since Brooke no longer can. She tells Ridge that he and Brooke are the gold standard of relationships and she has never been able to find one that measured up to theirs. Ridge refuses to get into another discussion about him and Brooke.

At Taylor's, Stephanie drops by looking for Taylor, but Phoebe explains that Taylor still isn't back from the funeral. Stephanie worries that Taylor has cut herself off from the family. She tells Phoebe she wants to be friends with Taylor again. Stephanie is concerned that Taylor is blaming herself for Darla's death. She says no one is to blame except "that animal that ran her down." Before Stephanie leaves she asks Phoebe how her mother seems to her. Not wanting to make Stephanie suspicious, Phoebe says she thinks Taylor is going through a rough patch because she misses Ridge. Stephanie refers to Taylor's drinking problem, and tells Phoebe to let her know if she or her Mom ever need her, promising that no one else will have to know.

Back at Forrester, in Brooke's office, Nick admits that Brooke's naked ad campaign payed off for Forrester. Brooke worries that sales will fall if she doesn't keep modeling for the Bedroom Line. Nick suggests that Donna become the new lingerie model for Brooke's Bedroom. He thinks it would be a cute campaign to have Brooke's little sister going through Brooke's closet and trying on her sister's lingerie. At first Brooke is opposed to the idea, saying she isn't sure how Donna looks in underwear, but Nick assures her that Donna looks good. Donna drops in before they have a chance to fool around and Nick makes a speedy exit. Donna is upset with Brooke for deserting the Bedroom Line when Ridge needs her most. She tells Brooke that it is hard for Ridge to try out his designs without a model. Donna is caught off guard when Brooke tells her that Nick thinks she should be Ridge's model. Brooke teases her sister, acting like she may not be in good enough shape to model.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Brooke told Donna that she might just do as the new spokesperson for Brooke's Bedroom, if she learned how to properly deal with the whole idea. As Brooke had her practice her steps, Donna became less awkward and more flowing. Brooke was now thinking that she had a chance.

Dante came home to a sad Bridget who can't think what it is going to be like for Darla's daughter to have to grow up without mommy. She is also sad because they won't grow up in their children's lives either. Dante asks Bridget if it is possible that is pregnant. She doesn't think so, until he reminds her that her last period was at least 6 weeks ago. Bridget still wants to have a baby so when Dante mentions that maybe she could be, Bridget says that she will take a pregnancy test.

Brooke tells her sister that she is madly in love with Nick. Donna refreshes her memory by telling her that she could have had it all. She had Ridge, the company and Stephanie's respect and she threw it all away for some "sailor."

Brooke comes downstairs and says that Donna is going to try something on. The two of them start to shift the furniture so that their living area looks like a runway. Donna comes down in her outfit and robe as Nick and Brooke sit on the sofa. After some barbs are tossed around, Donna removes the robe. Nick's mouth falling to the ground and he remarks that Donna just might be able to pull it off. Brooke has her parade around and as Donna's awkwardness turns into some semblance of a model's gait, Brooke becomes more and more satisfied.

Dante goes to work and finds Felicia there. She has brought a surprise for him to see, his son, Dino. After some shifting around, Felicia is able to get Dante to herself as she manages to get everyone else in the room doing something elsewhere. Bridget suddenly bursts into the room, and tells Dante that she has the test results, but hasn't looked at them yet. She asks Felicia if they could have some time alone for a few minutes, but Felicia says that she wants to be there for the results.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Ridge tells Stephanie that he is no longer going to design for the Brooke's Bedroom line because Brooke is resigning as the spokesmodel. Donna accepts the spokesmodel position but Brooke is saddened about leaving. Later, as Donna practices the catwalk, Ridge informs her he is no longer designing the line. Ridge and Donna then sense a mutual attraction and he decides to continue designing for the line. Bridget tells Dante and Felicia that she is not pregnant. Dante is upset and doubts his relationship with Bridget. Felicia kisses Dante and is hopeful about a reunion with him. Stephanie tells Bridget she's in the way of Dante and Felicia starting over.

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