The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 14, 2006 on B&B
As Lieutenant Baker inched closer to the truth about Darla's death, Hector convinced Taylor to visit a socialite who'd been imprisoned for vehicular homicide. Bridget, Dante, and Felicia mended fences. Nick accused Ridge of using Donna to get to Brooke.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 14, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, August 14, 2006

At Taylor's, Thorne was shocked when Taylor confessed that she was the driver that had killed his wife. Taylor explained that she hadn't had time to react, and she hadn't even seen Darla until she'd fall back onto Taylor's car. Thorne was furious at Taylor for lying about it for so long and demanded to know if she had been drunk the night she'd murdered his wife. Taylor admitted that she had been drinking that night but said she had not been drunk. She told him she wouldn't have driven if she hadn't felt like Phoebe had been in danger.

Thorne didn't think her explanation justified Darla's death. Taylor told him she would do anything to take back what had happened, but she had to tell him the truth. Thorne got really upset when he thought Taylor was blaming Darla by saying that Darla had fallen back on her car. Thorne was disgusted to think that Taylor had only been trying to relieve her guilty conscious when she'd reached out to help him and Alexandria.

Just then, Taylor heard Phoebe calling her and woke up, realizing her confession to Thorne had all been a dream. Phoebe wondered why her mother was so upset, and Taylor explained the dream she'd just had. Phoebe tried to calm Taylor down and begged her to stop obsessing about the accident. Taylor broke down and said she couldn't stop thinking about it because the guilt was eating her alive.

Seeing how upset Taylor was, Phoebe agreed that maybe she should tell Thorne the truth. Taylor was touched by Phoebe's unselfishness, and they hugged. Later, Thorne called and thanked Taylor again for everything she had done for him and Alexandria. He told her how much he wanted to be there for her too. Taylor began to crumble when he said that he knew Darla was grateful for all Taylor had done for them.

At Marone, Bridget stopped by to see Nick. She told him she felt like a fool for stopping Felicia's wedding when she hadn't even been in love with Dante. Nick told her not to worry because Dante just wasn't the right guy for her. Bridget admitted that as hard as she'd tried to convince herself that she'd wanted to be with Dante, in the end, she had just been using Dante to help her get over Nick.

Bridget assured Nick that she would get over him and apologized for making him feel uncomfortable. Before she left, she informed him that she had graduated and was Dr. Forrester. Nick was proud and wanted to throw a party for her.

Meanwhile, at Brooke's, Ridge approached Donna when she was looking at her picture in the latest Eye On Fashion and congratulated her on being the newest sensation. Donna was excited and told Ridge she was ready for more. Becoming a little shy, Donna said she was going to check on R.J., but Ridge told her he was sleeping. They began talking about how much they loved R.J. Ridge wondered if R.J. knew how much he loved him, since they didn't get to spend a lot of time together.

Donna assured him that R.J. knew who his real father was and that Nick could never replace him. Ridge asked when Nick was going home, and Donna told him he shouldn't try to work his visits to R.J. around Nick's schedule. However, Ridge maintained that it was better for everybody if they didn't cross paths. Ridge felt bad about losing his chance to be a family with Brooke and R.J. Donna told Ridge it wasn't his fault and that Brooke had made the biggest mistake of her life when she'd chosen to marry Nick.

When Ridge confided to Donna that he didn't know what to do with his life, she advised him to forget Brooke and move on. Later, when she was admiring her magazine layout again, Donna thanked Ridge for changing her life. Ridge thought she deserved all the credit. Donna felt like she was living a fairy tale and said those things never happened to her; they happened to Brooke. She admitted that Brooke was a hard act to follow.

Ridge told Donna she was captivating and a hard act to follow. As Ridge went on about all of her wonderful attributes, Nick walked in. He wasn't impressed with all of Ridge's flattery and asked him why he was still there. Donna huffed that they were talking business, but Nick didn't buy it. Donna angrily showed him the magazine layout, trying to prove that they were working.

Nick argued that the "sleazy crap" that Ridge was spouting was more about risky business. He warned Ridge to leave Donna alone, saying that she was not just another one of his bimbo models. Donna didn't appreciate Nick's interference and let him know that he couldn't be bossing her around. As their voices got louder, they woke the baby, and Donna went to check on him. After she left, Nick accused Ridge of using Donna in another pathetic attempt to win Brooke back.

Ridge pointed out that Nick had encouraged Brooke to let Donna be the new model. Nick said that was supposed to have been a new opportunity for Donna, not Ridge. Nick didn't like all of the touching, flirting, and kissing going on between Ridge and Donna. Ridge argued that it was completely innocent, but Nick believed it was all a ploy to get Brooke back. Nick added that he would protect Donna from Ridge's manipulations.

Donna overheard Nick's remarks and confronted Ridge, asking him if what Nick said was true. Ridge refused to answer and walked out. Donna was crushed, and Nick felt sorry for her.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

At home, while in bed, Nick told Brooke that Ridge had been there to visit R.J. and Donna. Brooke became upset with the idea that Ridge would hurt Donna. Nick predicted that Ridge was using Donna to make Brooke jealous, and it seemed that Ridge's plan was working because Brooke was upset.

Felicia confirmed with Dante that their all-night lovemaking had not been a dream. Dante told Felicia it was her that he wanted to be with. He apologized for leaving her for Bridget on their wedding day. Bridget arrived and discovered that Dante and Felicia were back together. At first, Dante was apologetic to Bridget and told her that he would always care for her. Bridget wished them both well and told them that she was happy they were back together.

After Dante left, Felicia admitted she had been very upset when Bridget had ruined their wedding. She admitted to switching Bridget's suntan lotion with baby oil when she'd gotten badly sunburned and then when she'd gotten a prescription for the sunburn, she had switched it with Botox. Bridget was surprised but not angry because she realized she'd deserved it.

Meanwhile, Donna went into work at Forrester Creations. She poured her heart out to Ridge. She asked him point-blank if he was using her to make Brooke jealous. Ridge told Donna he wasn't sure of his feelings. He did not know if he had feelings for Donna; however, he loved Brooke and always would.

Ridge described himself as "on the rebound" and a very risky person to have a relationship with. Donna told Ridge she was willing to take a risk. Brooke arrived. Brooke noticed the flirting between Donna and Ridge and was not happy about it.

When Donna left, Brooke again told Ridge that she was hurt when she saw them flirting with one another. She accused Ridge of trying to make her jealous with Donna. Ridge simplified that he was only trying to move on. However, he told Brooke that all he really wanted was to hold her and to be with her. Ridge made a very passionate plea to Brooke to leave Nick and return to him.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

At Forrester, Ridge told Brooke that they belonged together, but she reminded him that she was married. Not being deterred, Ridge said he could see that Brooke was still in love with him when he looked into her eyes. He pleaded with Brooke to leave Nick and give them another chance. Brooke remained loyal to Nick, but Ridge told her that she was making the same mistake he had made when he'd left her for Taylor. He told her she was going down the wrong path, but she was afraid to admit it to herself.

Ridge said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her more than anything else in the world, but if he couldn't, he would go on living and eventually meet someone else. Brooke admitted they would always be connected, and seeing him with another woman would make her jealous. Brooke felt like she needed to stay away from Forrester, but Ridge said she couldn't run away from their love. Eventually, he thought she would return to him, and he didn't understand why it couldn't be then. They embraced, and Brooke's eyes filled with tears then she pulled away saying she had a meeting at Marone. Ridge tried to convince her to stay, but she insisted that she had to go.

Later, Donna went in to see how things had gone with Brooke. Ridge told Donna that Brooke was pulling away from him because she was scared and couldn't deal with her feelings. Donna couldn't believe it when Ridge told her that Brooke was joining Marone's board of directors. Ridge said Nick thought if he could replace Forrester with Marone, maybe one day he might be able to replace Ridge with himself in Brooke's heart.

At Taylor's, Phoebe tried to comfort her mother, but Taylor couldn't get past her guilt. Phoebe told her again that she was fine with Taylor telling Thorne the truth. Phoebe thought that Thorne and the judge would understand that it had just been an accident, and Taylor wouldn't face a prison sentence. Taylor was hopeful that Phoebe was right. She told Phoebe one secret: she kept destroying her marriage, and she didn't want to let the secret destroy their lives.

Before Taylor could get out the door to tell Thorne the truth, Hector barged in determined to stop her. He told Taylor and Phoebe they had to go with him. He took them to jail and introduced them to Diane, a woman serving time for vehicular manslaughter while under the influence. Hector talked about what a good woman she had been before she'd gotten arrested and how she had always been doing charity work.

When Diane began to talk about her downfall, it was chillingly similar to Taylor's. Diane said she had been racked with guilt and had confessed. However, if she could do it over, she wouldn't because no guilt was worth being in prison for ten years. Diane's tragic story left Taylor more torn than ever about what she should do.

At Marone, Nick eagerly prepared for his board meeting, excited by the fact that Brooke was going to be a member. He was surprised when Donna stopped in to thank him for motivating her to confront Ridge. Nick warned Donna to stay away from Ridge, or she would get burned. Donna let him know it was her choice to do what she wanted with Ridge, and he needed to butt out of her life. She told him to get over his attitude with Ridge.

A little while after Donna left, the board members gathered, and Nick informed them that he was making Brooke a member. One of the members was not happy about a model becoming a board member. Nick told him not to underestimate Brooke. When Brooke arrived, Nick introduced her to the board as "one of the most successful minds in business today." The board members remained skeptical. They began to discuss tactics for keeping Marone at the top of its game. When Nick asked Brooke how they could set Marone apart from the competition, she suggested that they paint the tankers green instead of black.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Brooke defended her new idea to the Marone board. Later, Nick complimented Brooke on how great she had been in the meeting, but she was not sure if working with Nick at Marone was the best idea. Brooke felt that the fashion industry was more her area of expertise.

While the inmate talked to Taylor and Phoebe, they grew more fearful of telling the truth. Hector told Taylor all the reasons why she couldn't tell the truth, yet Taylor felt she needed to step forward. Lieutenant Baker saw Taylor and Hector leaving the prison. He found out from a guard why they had been there and began to put the pieces together.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Brooke mentioned to Nick that she would like to plan a special surprise for Bridget to apologize for not being at Bridget's graduation from medical school. Nick then pleaded with Brooke to work side by side with him at Marone. Brooke was hesitant and tried to deflect the subject by talking about their love. Nick sang a love song to Brooke that he had written for her.

Thorne confided in Taylor, which made Taylor finally admit her involvement in Darla's death. Thorne refused to accept Taylor's confession. Lieutenant Baker was catching on to Taylor and told Stephanie his theory that Taylor might be more involved that anyone had thought. Stephanie began to think that Lt. Baker might be right. Later, Lt. Baker confronted Taylor and told her that he'd smelled alcohol on her breath the night of the accident.

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