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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 11, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, September 11, 2006

At the beach house, Bridget pleads with Nick to stay with her and dump Brooke. Nick feels he over reacted about Brooke and Ridge's kiss. Bridget reminds him that Brooke keeps telling Nick that Ridge won't be a problem yet he continues to be one. She doesn't understand why Nick wouldn't choose a stable life with her, a woman who will always put him first. She warns him that he will never have security with Brooke, and will continue to be frustrated and hurt by her since Brooke is addicted to Ridge. Nick thinks Brooke will be true to their marriage, however Bridget tells him that Ridge has taken Brooke away from all of her previous husbands, and Nick will be next. Nick refuses to believe that Brooke would ever leave him for Ridge and tells a devastated Bridget that he wants the marriage to work. He is also determined to tell Brooke the truth about their one-night stand, but Bridget manages to convince him to take that secret to his grave.

At Taylor's, Hector is annoyed when he finds out Thorne is there. Taylor explains that Thorne came over to help her move some furniture so it would be easier for Hector to get around. Hector doesn't believe that is the real reason Thorne came over. Thorne attempts to be friendly telling Hector he sympathizes with him and is sure Taylor will be able to help him move on to the next faze of his life. Not in the mood for his well wishes, Hector tells Thorne he needs to concentrate on his daughter instead of Taylor and that it is way too soon for him to be starting a relationship with another woman. Thorne accuses Hector of being jealous and says he doesn't need Hector's approval. Hector makes a feeble attempt to attack him, but lands on the couch. An embarrassed Taylor asks Thorne to leave. After he leaves, Taylor and Hector begin to argue. Hector warns her not to keep getting closer to Thorne or she could end up in jail. Taylor refuses to take his advice and tells him she will be his friend, but her relationship with Thorne is none of his business. Thorne peers through the window outside and wonders what they are fighting about.

Meanwhile at Forrester, Ridge and Donna are excited about the international tour they are going on. Donna thinks it will be nice to get some time away from Brooke. Brooke walks in when they are kissing passionately and informs them that they are not going on a pleasure cruise. She is not happy about Ridge's itinerary and thinks they need to plan a more productive one. Ridge asks Donna to leave so he can have a moment with Brooke. Once they are alone he asks her if she is jealous. She tells him she is committed to her husband and that Nick has never let her down. No matter how she denies it, Ridge feels that Brooke's heart is still with him. He tells Brooke that Nick is far from perfect and he knows that Nick will let her down in the future. Ridge says wishes they were back together, but he is moving on with Donna and plans to have the time of his life with her in Europe. They hug and Brooke tells him goodbye. As she is leaving the building, Brooke gazes at one of her and Ridge's wedding pictures and wistfully remembers her love affair with him.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Stephanie tells Taylor that she wants her as a daughter-in-law again just as Hector enters. Stephanie confronts Hector and they argue about Taylor and Thorne. Stephanie continues to blame Hector for making Taylor keep the secret as Taylor defends him. Meanwhile, Phoebe has to show a friend of Nick's around Los Angeles and is shocked and appalled to find out it is Harry. Phoebe and Harry argue about the time he stole from the tip jar. As she looks over the hedge, she comes face to face with Shane, part of the new gardening crew. At Dante's beach house, Felicia and Dante muse over the new couples. Dante asks Felicia to marry him so they can make it official.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

At the Beach House, Bridget argues with Nick on the phone about telling Brooke the truth. She tries to convince him not to tell. Nick says Brooke knows Bridget so well that she will figure it out either way. While they are talking, Brooke comes to the door and Bridget hurries off the phone. Brooke questions Bridget about who she was talking to. She suspects it is a romantic interest, from what Felicia has told her. Bridget says Felicia is exaggerating. Sensing that Bridget has something on her mind, Brooke tries to get her to open up. Bridget admits that she is still in love with Nick. She says she never thought Brooke would leave Ridge for Nick. She adds that when Brooke and Nick got married she never thought it would last and she has been waiting for their marriage to end so hers can begin again. Brooke is calm about Bridget's revelation and tells her daughter she loves her no matter what she does. Bridget tells Brooke she doubts she will feel that way much longer.

At the Shady Marlin, Harry returns from his excursion with Phoebe and is not happy to see Nick there. He is disgusted with Nick for cheating on Brooke with her own daughter. He begins packing and informs Nick he is moving out.

Meanwhile at Taylor's Shane peers in through the window at Phoebe and remembers when he first met her, right before Darla died. Taylor comes down and she and Phoebe discuss their plans to celebrate Darla's birthday at Thorne's. Taylor confesses her feelings for Thorne and asks Phoebe if she is ok with that. Phoebe just wants her mother to be happy, but she is concerned about the guilt Taylor must feel. When Taylor goes upstairs to dress for the evening, Hector is angry to learn that she and Phoebe are spending the night at Thorne's. He warns her that Thorne will put the move on her. Taylor angrily tells him to butt out. Downstairs, Shane pops in claiming that he needs to check the indoor plants out for pests. He and Phoebe began to talk and she tells him about Darla's death. Shane acts sympathetic and tries to get her to open up more about the accident. Phoebe gets uncomfortable and asks him how he knew her name when they first met. He explains that his company makes a point of knowing the clients they work for. He then changes the subject and begins to admire their home. Something about his manner makes Phoebe very uneasy. Later when Taylor comes down to greet Thorne she tells Shane he needs to leave, since the house will be empty soon. After she leaves with Thorne, Phoebe comes down and Shane asks her to tell Taylor he needs to speak with her about something tomorrow. Later, when Shane gets back to his dingy apartment he stares at the newspaper clippings of Darla's death and remembers what he saw the night she died. He vows to profit from Taylor's secret.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Brooke looked at Bridget strangely, as Bridget announced to her that she was still in love with Nick. She went on to say that she hoped that her mother's marriage to him would come to an end so she and Nick could get back together. Nick happened to show up as they were talking and thought that Brooke had learned the truth from Bridget. When Nick started to say something about spending the night with Bridget, she interrupted before Brooke could find out. Brooke then told her daughter that she couldn't blame her for feeling the way that she does, as Nick looked at the two of them in bewilderment. After Brooke and Nick left, Bridget held her daughter's belongings and lovingly put them away. Brooke later told Nick that she was sorry for what had happened between them, but the best thing to do was just to go on believing that their love would sustain them. Nick, holding Brooke, could not help but wonder what the future would bring.

Shane thought about telling Taylor what he knew and then demanding that she give him a huge amount of money. When he realized that he was only daydreaming, he still felt that whatever he did would be right for him because what Taylor did was definitely wrong - and criminal.

Clarke, Sally, Alexandria, Thorne and Taylor all gathered around to celebrate Darla's birthday. Alexandria was happy because of the cake and birthday candles on top. In a tender moment, Alexandria presented Taylor with one of Darla's necklaces. She then told Taylor that she loved her. When the party was over, and the guests were gone, and Alexandria was tucked safely in her bed for the night, Thorne also told Taylor that he loved her.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Thorne admits to Stephanie that it felt right having Taylor in his house, and is surprised to see Alexandria has been so receptive of her. Thorne admits he is worried about what Ridge will say when he finds out about his relationship with Taylor. Stephanie encourages Thorne to just focus on Taylor and that no one will stand in his way. Taylor decides to keep the secret of Darla's death in the dark forever, but Hector doubts she can do it. Shane continues to spy on Taylor and Phoebe.

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