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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of September 25, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, September 25, 2006

At Brooke's, Brooke is relieved to hear that Bridget has changed her mind about going to Africa. Nick walks in before Bridget can break the news to her mother that she is pregnant. When Nick walks in he is holding a bouquet and explains to Brooke that he wants to renew their vows. Ignoring Bridget, he leads Brooke out to the terrace which is all lit up and decorated for the ceremony. During the ceremony Brooke tells Nick how strong and safe he makes her feel and she promises to never take his love for granted again. Nick promises to never bully her or try to control her again. Forgotten in the shadows, Bridget cries as she watches the man she loves renew his commitment to her mother. Felicia walks up to her and realizes that Bridget obviously didn't tell them she is pregnant. She tells Bridget that it is probably for the best. Bridget doesn't agree and informs her sister that she is still determined to tell them tonight . After the ceremony Brooke tells Nick that she wants to get married every year. She then hurries upstairs to prepare for their "honeymoon." An excited Nick starts up the stairs after her, but is stopped by Bridget. He senses that she is bitter about the ceremony and reminds her that he is just doing what is best for Brooke by making a fresh start. He tells her that he will never cheat on Brooke again. Bridget is not impressed and thinks Nick is getting it far too easy. Nick is confused by Bridget's hostile attitude and asks her what is wrong. She blurts out that she is pregnant with his baby.

At Taylor's, Hector tells Phoebe that Shane is a thief and has a restraining order against him. Phoebe is shocked, but she still tries to defend him. Then Shane grabs the rap sheet from Hector. He explains the robbery charge by telling Phoebe that he stole a sandwich when he first moved to LA and was broke. Hector demands to know why he failed to appear in court. Shane says he did go to court that day but had to leave at 1pm because he had a job interview, since he left before he had been seen they considered it a failure to appear in court. Still not satisfied Hector asks him about the restraining order. Shane swiftly replies that he got that when he quit his job as a security guard at a bank, adding that it was standard procedure for that bank to do this to security guards once they quit their position there. Shane then angrily leaves, heading to his room. Phoebe follows him upstairs and assures him that she believes his story and doesn't care much for Hector's opinion. Shane tells her he paid for the sandwich as soon as he got his first check but admits there may still be a warrant for his arrest. Phoebe tells him she knows he isn't a criminal. Attempting to get closer to her, Shane gets her to change his bandages. While she is doing this, Shane watches her, and realizes that he might be able to get more than a million dollars out of this deal. Acting like he just wants to thank her, Shane asks Phoebe to come out to dinner with him when he gets his next check and she accepts. Hector eavesdrops outside the door. Not trusting this guy at all, Hector decides to make another call to his friend to checkout Shane's story.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Nick was shocked to learn from Bridget that she is pregnant with his baby. Nick visualized his life with Brooke ending when Brooke learns of Bridget's pregnancy. Bridget told Nick that she had planned to tell Brooke everything until she witnessed the renewal of their vows and saw how happy Brooke is. Bridget decided to wait until she has some testing conducted to see if the baby will survive. Brooke was upstairs in the bedroom waiting for Nick while Bridget and Nick had the conversation about Bridget's pregnancy. Brooke read a magazine article about how Donna is the perfect replacement for Brooke in the Brooke's Bedroom line.

Shane reasoned to himself that he should befriend the foresters or become part of their family rather than blackmail them for money. Shane reasoned he would have more to gain than just one million dollars from a blackmail scheme. Hector told Shane that he knows he is a con man and will be watching him. Shane remarked that Hector was not who he says he is.

Taylor received a chip at the AA meeting for 60 days of sobriety. Thorne prepared a romantic dinner for Taylor upon her arrival home after the AA meeting. At the AA meeting, Taylor had credited Thorne for her sobriety. Thorne admitted to Taylor that he is surprised to be in love so soon after Darla's death. Thorne credited Taylor for bringing him back to life after Darla died.

On the Pacific Coast Highway, Shane stopped the car and explained to Phoebe that this is where all the bad accidents have occurred in the past. Shane shocked Phoebe and told her that he is the homeless man she saw the night of Darla's accident. He then revealed that he had seen Taylor hit Darla and knew Taylor is who the police are looking for!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

At Taylor's, Thorne and Taylor kiss and Taylor can't believe how much effort Thorne put in to creating a special evening for her. They get romantic and begin to dance. When they sit down they have sparkling cider and Taylor tells him how much she needed an evening like this. Thorne says difficulties just slip away when he is with her and she makes him enjoy life. He encourages her not to be afraid or feel guilty about their budding romance. Thorne is ready to take their relationship to the next level and thinks they should let the family know, starting with Ridge. Taylor worries that everyone will think they are rushing into something so soon after his loss. Thorne doesn't care what anyone thinks and says all that matters is that he and Alexandria are crazy about her. They look into each other's eyes, admit that they are falling in love, and kiss passionately. As they start to make love, Taylor silently hopes that God and Darla will be able to forgive her.

At the Forresters', Stephanie tells Eric that Taylor's AA meeting went well and she thinks Taylor is finally getting over her depression about her divorce. Eric is happy for Taylor and wishes she had come over. Stephanie explains that she would have come by but couldn't because Thorne was planning a special dinner for her. Eric worries about how close Thorne and Taylor are becoming, considering she was married to his brother, but Stephanie is all for it. Eric fears Thorne is rushing into something he may not be ready for. Stephanie disagrees and thinks that Taylor may be the one woman that can bring Thorne true happiness.

In Hector's room, Hector realizes that Shane knows about Taylor's involvement in Darla's death. He becomes very worried about Phoebe since she is out with Shane. Determined to find them before something bad happens, he calls a cab. When Hector answers the door he thinks it's the cab driver, but instead it is Harry. He tells Harry that Phoebe is in danger and convinces him to help find where Shane took her. As they race to find them, Hector refuses to tell Harry why he thinks Shane is dangerous.

Meanwhile in Phoebe's car, Phoebe freaks out after Shane tells her he knows the truth about Darla's death. Shane tries to calm her down by telling her he only wants to help her, just like he wanted to help her that night. Phoebe remembers him leaving her alone that night, but he tells her he was watching from the bushes to make sure nothing happened to her before help arrived. He goes on to tell her that he saw everything and then apologizes for not being able to help prevent what happened. At first she doesn't trust him and fears that he is trying to blackmail her. He assures her that he understands why they kept the secret, but he says the secret has been eating away at him. He promises that he will keep the secret, but explains that he has had a hard time dealing with it alone and feels like talking to her about it may help him. Phoebe understands how hard it must have been for him and she begins to cry. Shane tries to comfort her, but before he can Harry pulls him out of the car a starts punching him. Phoebe jumps out of the car and shouts for him to stop.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Taylor and Thorne are about to make love, but she stops him. Phoebe tells Hector that Shane told her everything and that she trusts Shane. Later, they interrupt Taylor and Shane tells Taylor that he saw her hit Darla. Hector tries to convince everyone that Shane is a threat. Taylor realizes that she has to the tell Thorne the truth. Lt. Baker arrives at the Forresters, and Eric is shocked to see Stephanie quickly dismiss him. Thorne visits as well and thanks Stephanie for having him drop the investigation so he can move on with his life. Thorne also tells Eric and Stephanie that he's in love with Taylor.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Nick and Bridget discuss Bridget's pregnancy. Nick feels that he has to tell Brooke the truth. Nick sees Bridget's pregnancy as a blessing, despite the fact that it could ruin his marriage. Bridget tells Nick why she loved him and they find out the results of her HCG test. Brooke tells Eric that Ridge is no longer a factor in her life because she is committed to Nick. Eric and Felicia both feel Brooke is only with Nick because it is safe but that her heart belongs to Ridge.

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