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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 6, 2006 on B&B
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Monday, November 6, 2006

At the Forresters', Nick grabs Stephanie by the throat, presses her against the rail and demands for her to confess that she pushed Jackie over the rail. Fearing for her life, Stephanie denies his accusations. When he releases her she races for her bedroom and locks the door. Nick comes after her and kicks the door down. When he gets in the room Stephanie is pointing a gun at him and tells him she will use it. She continues to deny pushing Jackie.

At the hospital, Eric and Brooke worry about how furious Nick is with Stephanie. When Ridge arrives he is shocked to hear that Donna told Nick Stephanie pushed Jackie intentionally. Fearing what Nick might do something to Stephanie, they rush out to help her. When they arrive they run up the stairs just when Stephanie puts a bullet through the wall over Nick's head. She warns him the next time he won't be so lucky. Eric takes the gun from Stephanie and they all convince a reluctant Nick to leave and go be with his mother. After Brooke and Nick leave, Stephanie attempts to win Eric and Ridge's support.

Meanwhile at Brooke's, Donna calls Storm and when he comes over he says Stephanie could be charged with aggravated assault even if Jackie was at Stephanie's house uninvited. Nick is mad at Brooke for keeping it from him, after Donna told her what happened. Nick is determined to make Stephanie pay for what she did to his mother. Storm thinks if Nick presses charges against Stephanie, he could land her jail. Stephanie calls Donna and blesses her out for causing this situation. Nick and Brooke hear the entire conversation over the speaker phone. Despite Brooke's efforts to protect Stephanie, Donna and Nick vow to bring her down.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

At the hospital, Jackie told Nick and Storm that she wants Nick to sue and take Forrester Creations away from Stephanie out of revenge for Jackie's injuries. Jackie knows that the loss of Forrester Creations would be the worst kind of revenge and hurt for Stephanie.

At home, Shane tried again to put the moves on Phoebe. Phoebe told him to stop. She tried to be diplomatic out of concern that Shane wouldn't not testify for Taylor. Harry went to the prison to inform Taylor that Phoebe thinks she can handle Shane, but that Harry knows that Phoebe cannot handle someone of his type.

Meanwhile, Eric hired an attorney to come up with a financial deal that would convince Donna not to testify that she saw Stephanie push Jackie over the banister. Stephanie was offended that Eric did not believe her. Brooke advised Stephanie that Donna fully intended to let it be known that she witnessed Stephanie push Jackie whether it was true or not. Nick unexpectedly came to the office and disrupted the meeting. To everyone's horror, Nick announced that he was going to take Forrester Creations.

Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Nick and Eric discuss selling Forrester Creations in exchange for Stephanie staying out of jail. They fight over whether the fall was an accident. Nick tells Brooke that they can revitalize Forrester Creations together, but Brooke insists there is no company without the Forresters. Bridget checks in on Jackie as her condition seems to be improving. Jackie tells Bridget that Stephanie pushed her down the stairs. Stephanie arrives and asks to speak to Jackie alone. After Bridget leaves, Stephanie tries to get Jackie to back down from taking Forrester Creations. Jackie refuses, calling Stephanie a bully.

Thursday, November 9, 2006

Every time Stephanie tried to convey to Jackie that she was truly sorry for Jackie's accident, Jackie called Stephanie a "bully" and threatened that she would not get away with it anymore. She would either have Stephanie or Stephanie's company, the choice was hers. Stephanie was a little more on the mark when she asked Jackie if Eric was really her target. Jackie told Stephanie that she would not turn away from Eric, if he came to her. Stephanie told her that no matter what, the family would never allow Forrester Creations to be taken away.

Eric and Ridge were concerned how the talk between Stephanie and Jackie was going, and Eric wondered if it just wouldn't be easier to sell the business to Nick. Ridge was outraged at the thought of the idea. Eric talked about the concern that he felt for what happened to Jackie, leaving Ridge to ask if his father was still in love with Jackie. Eric admitted to having feelings for both women. At this point Ridge hoped that Nick's plan would be dismissed when it got to court.

Brooke tried to reason with Nick, who was not hearing a thing that she was saying. He was bound to get his own kind of revenge on the Forresters for what happened to his mother and for trying to make Brooke conform to their way of business, once again. Brooke told Nick that if he can't find another way to deal with the accident, then he could not count on her to be on his side. Nick was not to be swayed from doing what he thought was right.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Harry is concerned for Phoebe. They are just about to share a kiss, but are interrupted by Shane. Although Phoebe is timid Shane takes Phoebe for a quick bite to eat. To her surprise, he takes her back to his apartment for a romantic dinner. As Shane leaves to go buy champagne, Phoebe takes out her phone and calls Harry. She searches for an address so they can pick her up, but is shocked to find a wall full of her pictures instead. Shane returns and closes the phone on Phoebe and asks her what's going on. Phoebe tries to calm him down and Shane admits that he loves her. Storm tells Taylor that with Shane's testimony she has a very good chance of being acquitted of vehicular manslaughter. Taylor is concerned for Phoebe's safety.

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