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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 12, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, February 12, 2007

At Brooke's house, Stephanie berates Rick for being romantically interested in Phoebe, a teenager he is practically related to. Brooke defends her son against all of Stephanie's accusations, saying Rick and Phoebe are just friends and everyone is over reacting. Stephanie thinks Brooke is taking the situation too lightly and warns her if she doesn't put a stop to it, she may lose Ridge

Desperate to buy him out, Nick makes a deal with the devil, agreeing to give the creepy Mr. Golden whatever he wants, whenever he wants it as long as he signs over his company. After the documents are signed, Nick is surprised when Golden's assistant fingerprints him for "security purposes." Nick hurries out after telling Golden he looks forward to their next conversation. Golden assures Nick he will be in touch soon. Once Nick gets on his plane he hands Storm the contract. After looking over everything, Storm tells Nick the Forrester's are going to be shocked when no one comes to their showing. Nick wants to make sure the Forrester's don't get a clue until their gowns hit the runway.

At Forrester Originals, Jackie stops by and checks out Eric's new designs. She tells him they are beautiful. Eric brags that they are some of his best work ever and tells her he's so excited about the show. Jackie feels guilty, knowing that his line will not sell, if Nick's plan succeeds. Trying to ease her conscience, Jackie tells Eric there will always be a place for his talent in the fashion industry. When Eric is summoned to the showroom he leaves Jackie alone in his office. Nick calls her from the plane, telling her his trip was a success which means Eric won't be able to sell his line. After she gets off the phone with Nick, Stephanie walks in and isn't happy to see her sitting in Eric's office. Jackie explains that she just came by to offer Eric her support, but Stephanie doesn't buy it. Stephanie thinks Jackie must be really worried to have come over to check out the competition and warns Jackie that there will be no Forrester Creations after tomorrow. She goes on to gloat about how her marriage and her company are stronger than ever and Jackie doesn't have a chance with Eric anymore.

At Forrester Originals, in the showroom Ridge admires his daughter and tells her how beautiful she looks. Phoebe tells her Dad not to stress about her and Rick's friendship, and to let it be. Ignoring her request, Ridge lights into Rick as soon as he sees him, demanding to know what part of "stay away from my daughter" he didn't understand. Brooke unhappily witnesses this scene. After Rick walks away, Brooke tells Ridge he needs to lay off Rick and Phoebe unless he wants to make the situation worse. When Eric walks in he gets a call from Thorne telling him that something is wrong because he is at Golden's and it is closed. Busy with all of the preparations, Eric doesn't give much thought about Thorne's message. Later he gives a big speech thanking everyone for what they have accomplished by working together as family.

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Stephanie stops in to tell Nick she knows he is planning something. She tells him whatever he has planned will fail because he is swinging in the dark and knows nothing about the fashion industry. Not able to resist goading her, Nick warns her that none of her manipulations will be able to save her from the judgment day coming soon.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

At Forrester Originals, the Forrester family prepared for the preview of their new company fashion show. Eric was proud that the new company was a family effort. Stephanie, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Brooke, Bridget, Rick, Pam and Phoebe were all involved in some capacity with the new company. As everyone gathered prior to the beginning of the fashion show, Stephanie told Eric that she is very proud of his and Ridge's talents, but particularly Eric's.

Meanwhile, Nick, Jackie and Donna prepared to make an announcement to Eye on Fashion Magazine that they had expanded Jackie M. to Jackie M international. Prior to the fashion show beginning at Forrester Originals, one of the reporters heard from some source that Forrester Creations was about to make a major announcement. Consequently, the reporters left Forrester original to go to Forrester Creations.

Suddenly, the Stephanie and Ridge noticed that there were no reporters in attendance for the fashion show. Stephanie began to become suspicious. Stephanie and Eric telephoned their buyers who were vague and secretive about why they were not present at the Forrester Originals fashion show. Thorne informed them that he had noticed several of their buyer's stores which were closed. Thorne recalled that when he tried to obtain answers about store closings, he was given the run around.

The Forresters learned that Forrester Creations was about to make a major announcement and turned on the television. Stephanie, Eric, Ridge, Thorne, Felicia, Rick, Brooke and Phoebe were shocked to learn that Nick had purchased all of the Forrester's buyers and the stores had become part of Jackie M.

After the initial shock of what Nick had done, Stephanie went to see Nick against Eric's strong advice not to. Stephanie asked Nick not to take her mistakes out on the rest of her family. Nick indicated that he was equally upset with Stephanie's family for enabling her behavior. Stephanie asked Nick why he would do this to Eric, especially because Jackie wanted a relationship with Eric. Nick was arrogant and told Stephanie that the entire Forrester family would have to pay for everything she had done to people over the years.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

At Forrester Originals, Stephanie and the family speculate on how Nick was able to afford to buy out all of the distributors. Felicia feels he must be under a lot of debt and Ridge states that they are as well. Ridge suggests they sale to department stores, but Eric refuses to sink so low, saying he rather burn all the gowns than make them accessible to the average Joe. Ridge thinks his father needs to be realistic, but Brooke says if they do that Fenmore's will drop them and they will never be in another specialty store again. Despite Ridge's urgings, Eric refuses to consider making gowns at half cost and half quality. Ridge then tells him they should sale the Forrester name, while it is still worth something, before Nick ruins it. Eric adamantly refuses, instead he thinks they should open their own stores all over the world to sale their line. Rick supports his father's idea and he and Ridge bash heads over it. Brooke breaks up the fight, then leaves. Ridge thinks Eric's idea is too risky and says he will not be a part of it.

At Taylor's, Taylor admires the flowers Nick sent her and makes plans to meet him for dinner. They agree to be each other's Valentine's. When Phoebe walks in and notices the roses, Taylor confesses that they are from Nick. Phoebe thinks she should send them back after what Nick did to Eric and Ridge. Taylor feels bad for the Forresters but she thinks they asked for it. Taylor sits Phoebe down and explains that now that things are over with Thorne, she intends to move on with her life. Later Taylor daydreams about being in Nick's arms, as she eagerly prepares for their date.

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations, Jackie frets to Nick about Eric's downfall, worrying about how much he has suffered in their revenge plot. Nick maintains that the Forresters got their due and Eric has to go down with them. Jackie continues to bemoan Eric's plight. Storm says they can always slash their prices and sale to department stores. Jackie argues that Eric would never resort to that, but Nick agrees that would be their best option. Donna is impressed that Nick was able to pull everything off so smoothly. Later, Brooke drops by and confronts Nick. She tells he will end his war with the Forresters if he ever loved her. Nick says it's not war, just a business that she chose to walk away from. Getting really close to him, Brooke begs him to sale Forrester Originals at his store and he tells her he will have to think about it. Before she gets the chance to use her feminine wiles to persuade him further, Taylor burst into the room. Brooke is surprised that they have plans for Valentine's Day and questions Taylor about it. Annoyed, Taylor tells her that is none of her business now that she is engaged to Ridge. Taylor then boldly kisses Nick in front Brooke, who demands that they stop. Taylor lights into Brooke telling her Nick is much too smart for her tricks and she should just go back to her gullible Ridge who falls for them every time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

In Nick's office at Forrester Creations, Taylor, dressed for a romantic dinner with Nick, jousts with Brooke asking why Brooke isn't home with her fiancé. Brooke turns the tables and states that she wonders if it isn't too soon after her relationship with Thorne for Taylor to be dating. Taylor advises Brooke that Thorne ended their relationship and she and Nick are getting on with their lives and celebrating Valentine's Day together. They head out the door while Brooke whines that she wanted to continue her discussion with Nick about carrying the Forrester line in Jackie M boutiques. She asks Nick to think about it, and he promises he will as he and Taylor leave for dinner. They stop at Nick's home, and Taylor guesses he wants to change, but when they enter, candles, flowers and a pre-set table for two greet them. "Too much," he asks Taylor jokingly. They banter over dinner and he tells her she is fired as his psychiatrist so they can start conversing on a more personal level. She agrees, and they discuss Brooke's proposal that Forrester Originals be sold in Jackie M Boutiques. Taylor says she's surprised he would even consider it, and he replies that he will always care for Brooke. Taylor tells him she personally has no allegiance to the Forresters after Stephanie used the information she overheard in Taylor's office about Jackie's past to humiliate Jackie at the Forrester Creations showing. After dinner, Taylor and Nick cozy up in front of the fire wrapped in each other's arms. They start kissing as Nick asks Taylor if she's a passionate woman, and the conversation and the romance gets more passionate while Nick's phone rings, but he doesn't answer it –choosing to get closer to Taylor.

At Brooke's home, Ridge and Rick face off over just about everything. Rick starts in on Ridge for being disloyal to the family, and not supporting Eric in his dream of owning specialty boutiques. Ridge says he's a realist, but Rick counters he is responsible for many of the Forrester's problems: Taylor's drinking and tearing out his mother's heart time and again. Ridge acknowledges he's made some mistakes, but he's going to make up for them. Rick sarcastically notes that he's going to do that by marrying his mom again "for how many times is it?" he asks. And he lays into Ridge for leaving his mom, RJ and Hope to go back to Taylor the last time after Stephanie faked a heart attack. The door opens, and Brooke finds the feuding Forresters, and tells them to stop their bickering. She drops the news that they might be able to sell Forrester Originals in Jackie M Boutiques since Nick said he would consider it – much to Rick's and Ridge's surprise. She sends Ridge off so she can talk to Rick, privately. Her son reminds her that it's not too late to let Nick know she cares for him, but Brooke claims she's building a life with Ridge. Rick doesn't let up so Brooke tells him Nick has moved on since he and Taylor are celebrating Valentine's Day together, and he notes that it really bothers her. Brooke admits that it does because she will always care for Nick, and Rick continues to push her not to give up on a relationship with Nick since other than his father, Nick is the only man Rick ever approved of for his mom. Brooke says she's going to bed. Upstairs, dressed in her black negligee, Brooke picks up the Eye on Fashion magazine sitting on the nightstand that prominently features Nick and Jackie on the front cover with more photos of Nick inside. She flashes back to seeing Taylor and Nick kissing in Nick's office, and puts the magazine away as a shirtless Ridge comes in. He tells her that Rick is trying to break them up, but she says she won't let it happen, and they start in on an unforgettable Valentine's Day love fest.

Downstairs, Rick calls Nick's cell phone, and leaves a message that he needs to talk to Nick as soon as possible, and that it's about Brooke.

Friday, February 16, 2007
by ED

At Big Bear, Eric suggested to Stephanie, Ridge and Brooke to go along with his plan to buy Forrester Boutiques, placing the family business into further financial burden. Ridge then said that Brooke spoke with Nick about selling Forrester Originals fashions to Forrester Creations. Stephanie was upset at this announcement and said that she will not compromise with Nick given all the work done to make the new company a success. Through show flashbacks, Eric reminisced about his 5000 accomplishments with the show's cast. Later, following a pillow fight, Reluctantly, Stephanie gave in and agreed to support Eric's plan to start a chain of boutiques.

Meanwhile, Brooke went outside with Ridge fearing being alone with Stephanie and her contemptuous behavior. Climbing to Eric's bedroom window, Brooke and Ridge caught a glimpse of Stephanie and Eric in an intimate moment.

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