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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of February 19, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Brooke reads Eye on Fashion Magazine and is concerned that Donna hasn't gotten good reviews so she decides to go talk to Nick in person. Taylor arrives at Nick's office before Brooke and she and Nick agree to take their time building a relationship. Just as they are about to kiss Brooke enters, but Taylor gives Nick a kiss anyway. After Taylor leaves, Brooke tells Nick she's disappointed about how their relationship has been reduced to a competition. Taylor re-enters the room because she forgot her purse and is left alone with Brooke as Nick has to deal with a business issue. Brooke tells Taylor she does not want to see Nick get hurt but Taylor tells her to stop meddling in Nick's private life. Meanwhile, Phoebe is at Insomnia Café for karaoke night with her friend when Rick arrives. C.J. talks Phoebe and Rick into singing to keep the crowd from leaving. As they sing, the chemistry between them is undeniable. Phoebe then asks Rick for a ride home but he is hesitant because of Ridge's warning.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

At Forrester Originals, Eric, Ridge, Brooke Thorne and Felicia planned their strategy to open up Forrester Original boutiques all over the world. Because Nick had purchased all of the Forrester Original distributors, there was no place for the Forresters to sell their high end designs. They all waited for Rick to arrive at the meeting, but they could no longer wait for Rick to arrive.

Meanwhile, Rick was in the process of giving Phoebe a ride home. Phoebe had actually begged Rick for a ride before he agreed to do so. On route, Rick's truck broke down. Rick called Brooke and informed her that his truck was broken down and that Phoebe was with him. He asked Brooke not to tell Ridge that phoebe was with him.

At home, Stephanie accused Pam of playing on Eric's sympathies. Pam was not aware that she had done so. Pam, however, emphasized to Stephanie that she would not return to Chicago. She informed Stephanie that she wanted to build a new life. She explained to Stephanie that she had taken care of their mother for the last thirty years and that their mother had stifled her lifestyle.

Brooke was forced to tell Ridge that Phoebe was with Rick, when Taylor called worried about Phoebe's whereabouts. Ridge accused Brooke of lying to him for her son's sake.

Rick tried to calm Phoebe about being broken down in the truck. Phoebe was having traumatic memories about the night that Darla was killed. Rick managed to calm Phoebe down. Rick and Phoebe shared a kiss.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The sexual tension between Rick and Phoebe is evident; there is a definite connection between them. As they lean in to kiss again, Brooke calls Rick and tells him that she told Ridge that he was with Phoebe. Later at Brooke's house, Ridge is so upset with Rick that he intends to throw him out once he gets home. Brooke pleads with him not to throw Rick out and they begin to argue. When Rick and Phoebe arrive home, Ridge makes Rick leave and Phoebe defends their relationship by telling Ridge that they have kissed and that she is in love. Meanwhile, Taylor and Nick are flirting and decide to play strip poker. Taylor is winning and both of them are enjoying each other's company. As they are kissing Taylor notices a St. Christopher medal around Nick's neck and she asks about it. Taylor is upset to find out the medal was a gift from Brooke, but Nick takes it off to symbolize that his relationship with Brooke is over. Taylor is happy again as they kiss and their growing connection is evident.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

At the Marone mansion, Taylor and Nick continue the romantic cuddling, and discuss they will leave their past relationships behind them – the medal on the table that Brooke gave Nick being one of the symbols that they will move on. Later, the two discuss kids, Nick says that he always wanted to be a parent, but it might not be in the cards. Taylor states that he would be a great dad. She believes the right woman will come along for him sometime, but he seems skeptical. He tells Taylor she's a good mom to her kids. As they continue to talk, Taylor rubs Nick's back and shoulders and assures him he will find the right woman because he's a pretty good catch, and that if she had been in Brooke's shoes, then she stops. Nick waits for her to continue, but instead of finishing, Taylor kisses him.

At Brooke's place, Phoebe and her dad argue about a Rick/Phoebe relationship with Phoebe pointing out they are not related as she declares her love for Rick. She claims they will do whatever they want, and no one can stop them. Ridge says he can't let this happen, and calls Rick a "loser," someone who would take advantage of an 18-year-old girl. They continue to disagree as Brooke returns from seeing Rick off since Ridge sent him packing. She tells Ridge her son is not a loser. After Phoebe heads upstairs, Brooke says Rick will return to Europe and that will end the relationship with Phoebe, but Ridge worries Phoebe will follow him. He adds that the relationship – they are both Forresters – is inappropriate, and they must put a stop to it before the press gets a hold of it. It would destroy the family and the new Forrester Originals business. And, he claims Rick is all wrong for Phoebe.

At Bridget's, Rick knocks on the door and asks to stay for a few days while Bridget inquires what's up with him and Ridge. She correctly assumes he and Ridge are still arguing. Rick says his mom doesn't belong with Ridge, and wonders whatever happened with Brooke and Nick, and Bridget guiltily looks away, and tells Rick their mom loves Ridge. Suddenly, Brooke shows up to chat with Rick while Bridget goes to work at the hospital. Brooke tells Rick the relationship must stop. Phoebe calls Rick's cell phone to apologize for her dad, and Rick says not to worry, but he can't talk, and will call her later. Brooke continues, telling her son that he is driving a wedge into the family, and she won't allow that to happen. She wails that she and Ridge are so close to being together and raising RJ together. She orders Rick to stop the relationship with Phoebe for the sake of the family.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Continuing at Bridget's, Brooke tries to convince Rick that his involvement with Phoebe is wrong, while Ridge, still at home with Phoebe, tries to tell Phoebe that she should be involved with boys her own age. While Phoebe stands firm about what she felt when she kissed Rick, Brooke persuades Rick that a relationship with Phoebe would put a strain on the family and that they'd also endure the pressures of the press and Stephanie. With Ridge in the background, Phoebe calls Rick and he breaks it off with her telling her that a relationship is just too complicated for them. Rick's heart is heavy as he asks Brooke to leave. Later, Ridge tries to comfort Brooke saying they avoided a disaster and that the kids would thank them one day. A heartbroken Phoebe visits Rick and demands an explanation for breaking it off. Phoebe spills her heart to Rick about what she felt when they kissed and all he can tell her is that he is sorry. She runs out of the house crushed and Rick rushes after her. He is heartbroken as well and they melt into a passionate, romantic kiss in the rain.

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