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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of March 26, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, March 26, 2007

In Phoebe's hotel room, she and Rick are kissing when they are interrupted by a driver who has come to take them to Forrester Originals new store. Before they leave, Phoebe receives a phone call from Taylor telling her that she and Nick are getting married. When she gets off the phone she tells Rick and neither of them is thrilled with the news.

Walking around in Sydney, Ridge and Brooke kiss and embrace. Brooke wants to play all day but they realize they can't because they have a lot of work to do. Brooke then takes Ridge to the new store location where they meet up with Phoebe and Rick. After Brooke introduces them to the new staff, one of the sales clerks mentions what a striking couple Rick and Phoebe make, telling them she saw their picture online. Ridge quickly responds saying the pictures were taken out of context and that Phoebe and Rick were never a couple and never will be. Later while they are having dinner Phoebe scolds her father for trying to control her life. Phoebe reasons that if she is OK with him marrying Phoebe and with Taylor and Nick getting married, Ridge should respect her wishes to be with Rick. Ridge is shocked to learn about Taylor plans to marry Nick and is annoyed when he finds out that Brooke already knew about their engagement but failed to tell him. Ridge then argues to Phoebe that what he and Taylor do is a separate issue, and still refuses to accept her and Rick as a couple. Phoebe angrily tells her father how much she and Rick love each other and points out that Brooke even accepts the relationship. Treating her like a little girl, Ridge says she will understand when she gets older. Ridge then begins to lash out at Rick warning him that he will never allow Rick to take advantage of Phoebe. Upset by her father's behavior, Phoebe tells him to leave Rick alone then storms out of the room with Rick following behind her. When they are alone Ridge tells Brooke once more that he will never accept them as a couple.

Back in Phoebe's room, Rick tries to comfort her, but is interrupted when they hear Ridge calling for Phoebe. They sneak one more kiss in before Rick dashes off; unaware that Ridge is watching them.

Meanwhile, at Taylor's, Stephanie drops by and tells Taylor no matter how lonely she is, getting pregnant isn't going to solve it. Stephanie adds that she doesn't think Taylor should be rushing into her relationship with Nick. Annoyed, Taylor tells her she and Nick know what they want and are going to get married. Stephanie asks what about if she can get Ridge back, but Taylor feels that ship has sailed. Not taking the hint, Stephanie says Ridge will be all alone once Brooke dumps him because of the Phoebe/Rick situation. Taylor replies that Ridge isn't her problem anymore and Nick is her life now. She warns Stephanie to back off her and Phoebe.

At Forrester Creations, Jackie walks in and questions Nick about his engagement. She tries again to convince her son to wait and see if Brooke's marriage with Ridge ends first. Nick tells her he doesn't care what happens since Taylor is the woman for him. Continuing to pressure him, Jackie argues that Rick's relationship will come between Ridge and Brooke. Nick tells her that doesn't affect him and he is marrying Taylor, regardless. He adds that Taylor is planning to have his child. Jackie finally accepts Nick's decision saying if it makes him happy than she is happy for him. When Taylor arrives she is surprised when Jackie congratulates her. After Jackie leaves Nick explains that his mother knows how important it is for him to be with her and have a child together. Taylor kisses him and says there is no reason why that can't get started on that project now.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

At the hotel in Sydney, Australia, Rick and Phoebe met secretly in Phoebe's room during the middle of the night, while they thought Ridge was sleeping. Stephanie called Ridge. Rick and Phoebe heard the telephone ring then heard that Ridge was awake. Stephanie informed Ridge that Taylor is engaged to Nick. Ridge said he was in no place to be able to tell Taylor what to do. Ridge told Stephanie that he was having trouble keeping Rick and Phoebe apart. Stephanie told Ridge to just "wring Rick's neck." Brooke could hear Stephanie on the phone and she did not like it.

At home, Ann and Stephanie squabbled over breakfast. Stephanie blamed her for being abused. Ann pointed out that she just told Ridge to ring Rick's neck. Eric was angry with Stephanie for her suggestion of threat of violence to Ridge and he told Stephanie he won't have it in his home. Eric could see that Ridge is treating Rick as Stephanie had treated him in the past. Eric saw Stephanie's treatment of Brooke and Jackie as examples of her violent behavior.

Phoebe called Donna and complained that Ridge won't allow her any time alone with Rick even for something as simple as attending a play. Donna suggested that Molly make a reservation for her and Rick in the suite. If Molly made a reservation, Ridge would not suspect it is for Phoebe.

Brooke had a severe nightmare about Stephanie's past violence towards her. Brooke said that she saw the same behaviors developing in Ridge. Brooke said she was worried that they would again lose their relationship. Ridge assured her that he loves her more than anything and wouldn't want to do anything that would make her unhappy. Brooke was still uncertain about what Ridge would do if Phoebe and Rick continued to be together as a couple. Ridge tried to justify his treatment of Rick by saying he does not dislike Rick, he only wants to make sure his daughter does not get hurt.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

At Forrester Creations, Ashley drops by to meet Nick and commends him on becoming such a formidable opponent to the Forresters. Flattered, Nick compliments her on her perfume and asks her if it is the new Forrester fragrance she has been working on. Ashley tells him it is a variation of the fragrance. Nick then offers to double whatever the Forresters are paying her if she will come work with him. Ashley says he is a generous man, but declines his offer saying she doesn't approve of the ruthless tactics he used in order to strip the Forresters of their company. Ashley adds that his actions remind her of someone back home. Getting more personal, Ashley tells Nick that she believes he is motivated by revenge because of Brooke and she doesn't buy that he is really in love with Taylor. Nick tells her that using a woman for revenge is not his style. He then tells her he loves Taylor and they are getting married. After listening to some of the conversation from the door, Taylor walks in and Nick introduces them. Once Ashley leaves Taylor convinces him to take the day off so they can start making a baby. Nick agrees and then takes her to a church. Taylor doesn't understand why he brought her there until Nick explains that he wants to start things out on the right note by getting married before she gets pregnant.

In Sydney, Phoebe tells Rick she has a surprise for him later and they kiss before entering the store opening together. Once they walk into the room cameras flash and Brooke greets them. Ridge then thanks everyone for coming to their pre-opening and tells them he is looking forward to serving their fashion needs directly. After Ridge introduces Phoebe he gets nervous when she tells the press she is about to confirm a rumor, but relaxes when she only confirms the fact that Ashley is making their new fragrance. Later when reporters are swarming around Brooke and Ridge Phoebe seizes the opportunity to whisk Rick off to the Honeymoon Suite. Ridge is nervous when he notices the two are missing and his worst fears are confirmed when he receives a call from the hotel letting him know that Rick and Phoebe have just checked into the Honeymoon Suite.

At Nick's house Donna tells Jackie they are closer than ever to breaking Ridge and Brooke up, however Jackie is not so enthusiastic. She tells Donna she was wrong about Brooke being the only woman for Nick, she now believes he is in love with Taylor. Donna disagrees, saying Nick is only with Taylor because he thinks Brooke is lost to him forever. Before they can discuss it further, Donna gets a call from Phoebe's hotel in Sydney, letting her know Rick and Phoebe have checked into the Honeymoon Suite. Pretending to be working for Forrester, Donna tells the desk clerk to be sure to send Ridge an email letting him know about the booking. After she gets off the phone she tells Jackie what just transpired. Jackie can't believe what she did, but Donna maintains it will all be worth it when Ridge lashes out at Rick and Brooke dumps him for good.

Meanwhile in the Honeymoon Suite, Rick and Phoebe are delighted to have some time alone. After using the sauna they lay on the bed in their robes. Phoebe is glad that they are going to wait until the time is truly right before they have sex. Things began to get hot and heavy as they make out. When Ridge walks in and sees them he flies into a rage, grabs Rick off the bed and punches him in the face. Afterwards, Brooke comes running in, horrified by Ridge's behavior and tries to revive her son.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

While Taylor is tempted by Nick's suggestion to get married immediately, she tells him she wants her children to attend the ceremony, so they hold off. Instead of a wedding, Taylor tells Nick it's prime baby-making time, so they warm up to one another in front of a fire, and Taylor tells Nick how happy she is as he scoops her up and heads to the bed for another exhausting lovefest.

Meanwhile in Australia, romance is falling apart between Ridge and Brooke after Ridge's punch results in a bloody wound on Rick's head. As Brooke and Phoebe plead with an unconscious Rick to wake up, Brooke sees blood on her hand, and her mother's instinct kicks into high gear as Ridge pouts and appears ready to pounce once Rick does come to. As soon as Rick's eyes flutter and he starts talking, Ridge starts the never-ending tirade of "never touch my daughter again."

Tirelessly, Phoebe insists her father stop the madness, but he won't cool off, so she races out of the honeymoon suite in her bathing suit and robe. Rick quickly comes to life and chases after her, and they race though the streets until Rick catches her and tells her he loves her and nothing will keep them apart. One day they'll return to Australia - just the two of them. Back in the honeymoon suite, Ridge seems to be oblivious to the fact that he's in trouble as a teary-eyed Brooke says she can't forgive him for attacking her son, and she doesn't want to marry him since she can't trust him. As Ridge starts to backpedal then ask for another chance, she pulls off the diamond ring and says it's over.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Donna wants Ridge to catch Rick and Phoebe together, but Jackie convinces her to let the sabotaging go; they both hope Ridge does not receive the email about the suite. Phoebe wants Ridge to apologize to Rick; she tells Ridge that he hurt not only Rick, but Brooke too. Ridge will not accept that Brooke no longer wants to marry him, and he tells Phoebe that he will be able to work out his relationship with Brooke. Rick tries to push Brooke towards Nick, telling her that Nick is only with Taylor because he couldn't have Brooke. Brooke is saddened by the end of her relationship with Ridge and goes straight to Nick's house to tell him what happened. Brooke knows her future is not with Ridge and she wants Nick back if he will have her. While Jackie and Taylor are in the kitchen, Brooke enters Nick's house and heads upstairs to Nick's bedroom. Brooke asks Nick to make love to her, he looks like he might not resist Brooke's request.

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