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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 21, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, May 21, 2007

Phoebe confronts Ashley about accusing Ridge of murder. Rick goes to Ridge's office to investigate and is caught by Phoebe. Phoebe tells him to let go of the accusations against Ridge. Storm hopes that Brooke can get a confession from Stephanie to help Nick. Brooke takes a compassionate path to get Stephanie to confess. Stephanie warns Brooke not to go to the police. Stephanie starts to choke Brooke with the phone cord when she tries to make a call to the police. Nick learns the trial has been moved up to the next day.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

At Stephanie's house Stephanie had strangled Brooke with the telephone wire to keep her from calling Lt. Baker. Stephanie let her grasp on Brooke go. Stephanie promised she would never try something like that again.

Brooke tried to convince Stephanie that informing the police that Ridge was present when Shane was killed; however, Ridge had tried to prevent Shane from killing himself. Therefore, Brooke concluded that neither Stephanie nor Ridge should be convicted for murder as it was not a murder. Stephanie reminded Brooke that Ridge would have called the police immediately; however, Ridge remembered that because he confessed to Grant's murder, he was told he could never be charged with any gun crimes or risk life in prison. Even with Stephanie's information, Brooke was still convinced that for Nick's sake the police needed to be notified of what really happened to Shane immediately. Brooke started to leave Stephanie's house. Stephanie pretended for the moment to agree with Brooke. Stephanie lied and told Brooke that Ridge was not in Paris, he was at Big Bear. Stephanie offered to drive with Brooke to Big Bear to notify Ridge of Brooke's plan to notify the police of what really happened with Shane.

At the Big Bear cabin, Brooke was surprised to learn that Stephanie had lied to her about Ridge being there. Stephanie told Brooke on no uncertain terms that she would not allow Brooke to go to the police about Ridge's involvement in Shane's death.

At the prison, Storm told Nick that his only hope of finding evidence that he is innocent is Brooke's talk with Stephanie. Storm, Nick and Jackie anxiously waited to hear from Brooke. They had hoped that Brooke would obtain a confession from Stephanie about Ridge's involvement in Shane's death.

Phoebe went to Ridge's office and found Rick there trying to obtain evidence that Ridge is guilty of murdering Shane. Phoebe could not believe that Rick would do such a thing and became very upset with Rick. Phoebe randomly stopped at Constantine's to discuss the situation. Constantine supported Phoebe, while obtaining information about Rick and Phoebe's hostile relationship. Constantine gave Phoebe a hug to comfort her.

At the prison, Taylor convinced the prison guard to allow her to go to Nick's cell to see him for a few minutes. Nick was happy to see Taylor. Taylor gave him encouragement that the truth would come out soon about who killed Shane.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Everyone is surprised to learn Brooke never came home the night before and try to figure out what happened to her. Eric tells Jackie that Stephanie went to Paris to help Ridge with an Originals store opening over there and that he doesn't know where Brooke is. The trial begins and still there is no word from Brooke. Storm asks the judge for a postponement but the trial proceeds as scheduled. Stephanie is unfazed by the fact that she is keeping Brooke hostage at the cabin. Brooke is anxious to get to Nick's trial and dashes to her car in attempt to leave. She realizes Stephanie has tampered with her car and she fires a shotgun in the air to get Brooke's attention.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

At Big Bear, in Annie Oakley fashion, Stephanie (clad in ugly pajamas) puts down her shotgun on the porch as she and Brooke return to the cabin. She says she and Brooke will stay there until the trial is over. Brooke comments that Stephanie must be insane – all the times she attacked Brooke and tried to kill her. As she remembers aloud, a montage of the all the slaps and name-calling scenes from years past runs. Stephanie says Brooke surely must remember the good times as Brooke is a part of the Forrester legacy. As she reminisces, a montage of happy times with the two women hugging runs. Some scenes include Rick and Bridget as kids. Steph wants the Forrester legacy to continue and not as some big scandal. Brooke informs Stephanie that she is concerned about Ridge – he took a man's life, how must he feel? She continues that she will tell the courts that Rick, not Ridge. shot Grant Chambers many years ago, and that this was a terrible accident. They need to tell the truth for their sons. Stephanie is surprised that she would put Rick in such a situation, but Brooke says he doesn't even remember shooting Grant, and it's time the truth comes out. Stephanie gives her the phone to call Ridge.

Back in LA, at Nick's trial, the assistant DA makes her opening statements saying Nick is a wealthy, powerful man who was out to protect his family. Storm makes his statement saying that one of Nick's enemies framed him for the murder. The trial goes badly with the first witnesses. The Harbor Master confirms that Nick took his boat out, and although the security isn't very tight at the marina, there was nothing suspicious about the night in question. Another witness testifies that Shane's hair and blood were on Nick's boat and his shirt. Lt. Baker testifies about Nick wanting the restraining order and saying that if the police couldn't do something to stop Shane, he would. Jackie testifies that Nickee and Shane had a physical encounter at the office.

In Paris, Ridge is apparently holed up in a very small, seedy, hotel room where the window is wide open and street sounds can be heard. He has flashbacks about the gunshot and dumping Shane's body. Brooke calls and tells him to come home, and Ridge says that's all he wanted from the beginning. Brooke tells Stephanie that Ridge is relieved. Stephanie tells Brooke she can breathe again, and that she somehow lost her way, and thanks a tearful Brooke as the women embrace, and Brooke says the truth will set them free.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Storm calls Phoebe and Ashley to the stand. He questions Phoebe about Ridge's motives and Ashley about the noise she heard in the office. Tartaro paints Nick as an aggressive person with a motive. Stephanie doesn't want Ridge to confess, but Brooke says she'll come forward herself if Ridge doesn't. Ridge is tormented by how the truth will cost him and his family. At the courthouse when Ridge finally arrives, Stephanie tells him to wait until the verdict is handed out. Nick is found guilty and demands Ridge to speak up.

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