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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of May 28, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Nick is taken away soon after saying goodbye to Taylor, but taunts Lt. Baker about putting the wrong person in prison. Meanwhile, Brooke pressures Ridge to come out with the truth about Shane's death. Following Stephanie's advice, Ridge decides to wait until Nick's sentence is read, but confesses the truth to Taylor and Phoebe. Ridge leaves a very angry and distraught Taylor and Phoebe to explain the truth to Nick, adding that Shane's death was still his fault.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

At Nick's jail cell, Ridge told Nick the facts about how Shane accidentally died while Ridge was trying to prevent Shane from committing suicide. Nick had a difficult time believing that Ridge did not frame him for Shane's murder. Ridge commented that he would not mind seeing Nick rot in prison, however, Ridge was going to get Nick cleared of murder charges instead. Ridge asked Nick to take care of Taylor and the children.

Taylor gathered the judge, the prosecutor and Lt. Baker at Nick's jail cell. They explained that Ridge had admitted to killing Shane. Ridge then admitted that he was in fact guilty. The judge dismissed Nick's guilty verdict and he was allowed to go free. Taylor and Nick celebrated at the prison by placing Nick's wedding band back on his hand. Meanwhile, Ridge was promptly arrested and placed in a jail cell.

At home, Stephanie informed Eric of what happened between Ridge and Shane. Eric was surprised that Stephanie allowed Nick to be convicted and go to prison. Stephanie disclosed that Ridge could not go to the police because of what the judge had said after Ridge claimed to have killed Grant. Eric was not aware that Ridge had covered for Rick who had murdered Grant. Eric planned to immediately go over to the police station. Eric threatened Stephanie that she should go with him to the police station due to her criminal act of allowing Nick to be convicted for something he did not do.

Eric went to the jail to visit Ridge and lend his support to him. Eric agreed that Ridge is not a murderer. Eric had little hope that Ridge could be cleared of Shane's murder.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Both Taylor and Nick are happy that Nick is home again. Phoebe is in shock over both her father's confession and her breakup with Rick. Rick meets Ashley on the Originals Jet as they head off for a business trip. Taylor tries to assure Phoebe that everything will work out, leading her to call and leave a message on his cell phone. Simultaneously, Rick and Ashley begin to kiss on the plane. Rick tells Ashley that he cancelled their business trip and they are headed to a secluded hideaway hotel in Mexico.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rick and Ashley share a romantic getaway in Mexico when they are supposed to be in New York. Rick tries to convince her to stay a few more days, but Ashley says they have until late afternoon. They start to discuss their relationship, and Ashley stops the conversation saying they have better things to do than analyze what this means. They decide to make the most of it between the sheets. Afterwards, they see the newspaper with Ridge's picture on it, and Rick runs to the phone to call Phoebe.

Nick and Taylor are having an ultrasound with Bridget conducting while the real doctor supervises. Everything is normal, and they get a new picture as Bridget puts the earlier photos in a file folder, but says it's the wrong file it says B. Marone "my mother's file," she says. The real doctor apologizes. Oblivious to the file mix-up, Nick and Taylor revel in the pregnancy, and Nick says he believes the baby is a boy. Taylor tells him how happy she is -- that she originally wanted to do the in vitro for him, but now she is so excited because "this is our baby," she says.

Over at the Marone mansion where Phoebe now lives, Constantine visits knowing Phoebe needs a friend because he saw the news of Ridge confessing. She is relieved since she couldn't get a hold of Rick even though she left him numerous messages. She wails that Rick is probably angry with her for breaking it off with him, yet he was right about her dad. Constantine says Rick should have supported her. The phone rings, and it's Rick asking if she's OK he just got the news. She says it was all an accident and Shane was trying to kill himself, but her father did dump the body. She asks why he didn't return her calls, and he said he never got her messages. She tells him she really needs him really, really needs him. Rick says he's coming back to town right away. As he hangs up, he looks at Ashley still in bed. He looks confused, and she looks hurt.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Taylor and Brooke discuss how the current events are affecting their children, and agree to stay out of each other's lives. Brooke assures Taylor that she will not go after Nick. On the plane back to Los Angeles, Rick is conflicted about his feelings for both Ashley and Phoebe. While Phoebe is surprised that Rick landed from his trip so soon, Felicia grills Constantine about his intentions with Phoebe.

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