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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of June 25, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, June 25, 2007

Carl believes the labels are not the same, meaning Taylor was fertilized with the donor's eggs. Only after he tells an ecstatic Bridget does he realize that he has made a huge mistake, and the labels really are the same because the lab in Cryostorage got a new printer. Constantine doesn't tell Ridge more about Rick's other women, causing Ridge to realize that Constantine has more then a professional interest in Phoebe. Rick is frustrated and annoyed that Phoebe is putting her singing career before her job at Forrester Originals. Everyone is excited to have Brooke back at Forrester Originals, except for Stephanie, who does not want her to have romantic feelings for Ridge. Stephanie tries to no avail to convince Ridge that if he and Brooke get back together, she will ruin his life and eventually go back to Nick.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

At Constantine's studio, Phoebe agreed to a make-over. Constantine had advised Phoebe that she had to find a unique look or identity in order to become a rock star. Phoebe agreed to heavy make up and new sensuous clothing.

Taylor and Nick made love. Unexpectedly Bridget who was relieved that Taylor was carrying the donor's eggs, called Taylor. Bridget used the excuse that she was calling Taylor to see how her morning sickness was. Bridget, however, was just happy to talk to Taylor because she was confident that Taylor was not carrying Brooke's eggs. Taylor suspected that there was something more to Phoebe's phone call, but did not know what.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Carl was horrified to discover that the reliability of his information about whose eggs were implanted into Taylor had just been nullified. Carl was horrified to realize that Taylor could be carrying Brooke's eggs. Carl immediately tried to contact Bridget to inform her that he was mistaken when he informed her that Taylor was absolutely carrying the donor's eggs and not Brooke's eggs.

Rick went to speak to Ashley in the lab. Ashley could see that Rick was still upset that Phoebe was being influenced by Constantine. Ashley encouraged Rick to go support Phoebe at the studio. Rick gave Ashley a kiss on the hand. They expressed mutual affection, as Felicia walked to the door and witnessed Ashley and Rick together.

Rick went to the studio. He was shocked to see Phoebe's new look. Rick warned that Phoebe could not project a rock star image because she was the model for the Phoebe perfume and it was not appropriate. Rick accused Constantine of trying to change Phoebe and totally influence her life. Rick asked Phoebe to leave with him immediately. Phoebe would not leave with Rick. Phoebe was devastated when Rick left without her.

Carl went to Bridget's beach house. Carl informed Phoebe that he had made a horrendous mistake and that is was possible that Taylor could be carrying Brooke's eggs!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Both Ridge and Rick agree that Phoebe is spending too much time with Constantine, but Rick tells Phoebe that he will not stand in her way. He admits that he loves Phoebe but we sense that his thoughts might be wandering towards Ashley. Felicia visits Ashley and questions her about Rick and tries to persuade Ashley to give Ridge a chance. While Eric and Thorne are thrilled to welcome Brooke back to Forrester Originals, Stephanie warns Brooke to stay away from Ridge. While Ridge talks to Brooke alone, Stephanie begs Ashley to go after Ridge and prevent Brooke from getting close to her family. Bridget is about to tell Nick and Taylor the truth about the egg-switch, when Dr. Mills stops her and gives her proof that the eggs were logged out at different times. Bridget tries to reassure herself that what Dr. Mills is saying is actually the truth.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Conversations, conversations.

At the FO office, two models try to convince a smartly-dressed Ridge to join them at a new club. Felicia, the matchmaker, interrupts and sends the ladies off as she persuades Ridge to date Ashley instead of returning to Brooke. She tells him she just knows Ash is interested because she asked her.

At the same time at Ashley's, Steph, mommy matchmaker, coerces Ash to date Ridge. Ash isn't crazy about getting in the middle of Forrester family issues since she left her own family infighting behind in Genoa City. In fact, she says she may return to GC since she doesn't like her daughter bouncing back and forth across the country to spend time with both parents, and things aren't as simple in LA as she had hoped. Steph and Ash banter about Ridge's ties to Brooke. Steph admits they will always be joined together because they have a child, but that's no reason for him to be stuck with Brooke. Persistent Steph puts on the full-court press finally wearing Ash down to date Ridge who just happens to call on the phone, and the two agree to dinner, as Steph offers to pick up RJ for Ridge so he won't have to go to Brooke's tonight. Later, Ridge shows up at Ashley's with flowers, and the two get cozy as Ash admits she may return to GC. Ridge cuddles her and says he's sorry to hear that since he really wanted to get to know her better. He does, as the two engage in some steamy kissing.

At Brooke's, thoughtful mom Brooke offers Budge a half-eaten leftover egg salad sandwich RJ didn't want. Budge declines, and the pair discuss Brooke's ricocheting from man-to-man again as Brooke runs around lighting every candle in the house waiting for Ridge to pickup RJ. Brooke worries that Ridge won't trust her because she is fickle and erratic -- noting that Steph calls her Hurricane Brooke, and Steph is pushing for Ridge to pursue Ashley. Budge defends Brooke while Brooke apologizes for not staying with Nick since Budge gave him up so he could be with Brooke. Once again, Brooke lays out the bonding speech that she and Ridge have a child together and how important that bond is. She wants Hope and RJ to have two parents raising them, and she's sorry she didn't give that to Rick and Budge, but Budge says she doesn't know if it would have made a difference. Someone's at the door and Brooke opens it to welcome Ridge while Bridget leaves out the back. Surprise! It's Steph to pickup RJ not Ridge. The claws come out as Steph notes the candles and says her son won't be falling for Brooke's seduction routine tonight. Brooke counters that she will deliver RJ to Ridge if he has to work late, but he's not working at the office, Steph replies smugly. Brooke assumes he's with Ash, and refuses to let Steph interfere and take her son. Steph lays into her for leaving Ridge to run to Nick, and says Ridge is too smart to settle for her this time.

Friday, July 29, 2007
by PM

Ridge and Ashley were at her place discussing his not wanting her to leave L.A. Ashley told Ridge she finds him irresistible, but is worried about Brooke's agenda and Ridge's feelings for her. Ridge tried to talk Ashley out of returning to Genoa City. She really wanted to know how strong his feelings still are for Brooke. Ridge tells her to stay in L.A. and see what they find together. Brooke called Ridge and he ignored the call since RJ was supposed to be with Stephanie. Ridge and Ashley continued to enjoy the evening. Then Ridge left to go tuck in RJ, so they kissed and said au revoir.

At Brooke's house, Brooke refuses to allow Stephanie to take RJ, and Steph tells Brooke she prays Ridge finds a wonderful woman to fulfill him like Brooke never could. She adds that she wants to see him with someone like Ashley. Brooke replies that Ashley may be what Stephanie wants for Ridge but not what Ridge wants. Brooke tells Stephanie to leave, but Stephanie continues to taunt Brooke that Ridge is not coming back to her. Stephanie insists on taking RJ, but Brooke was adamant that if Ridge wanted to see RJ, he has to come to Brooke's. Stephanie scoffs that Ridge will figure out Brooke's scheme, and adds that Ridge & Ashley will be out very late. Brooke inquires if Stephanie would rather have Ridge spend time with a stranger than his son, but Stephanie shot back that Ridge would spend time with his son -- just not with Brooke ever again.

Stephanie returns home, and irately tells Eric that Brooke would not let her pickup RJ. She wants Eric to do something about it, but he refused. Ridge came home, and Stephanie let him know what happened with Brooke. Stephanie told Ridge not to go over there because that is exactly what Brooke wants, but Ridge left to go to get RJ anyway.

When Ridge arrived at Brooke's, RJ was already asleep. Brooke was ready for "bed" too. Brooke said she tried to call him, and she tried to question him about his date with Ashley. Ridge did not want to discuss it. Brooke asked Ridge to stay there overnight with her and to be with the kids. Ridge got a call but did not answer it. Brooke continued to plead with Ridge to stay as she pulled him into a kiss. Ridge stopped kissing and just looked at her.

Stephanie went over to Ashley's to let her know that Ridge went to Brooke's and that she is afraid Ridge will get "tucked in" instead of RJ. Ashley got angry, and shouted that's why she did not want to get stuck in the middle of Ridge and Brooke. Ashley told Stephanie that if Ridge spends the night with Brooke then its all she needs to know. She said she cares for Ridge so she can't take the back and forth with Ridge and Brooke.

Rick and Bridget were at her place eating ice cream and discussing their Mom and Taylor and the egg mix-up being resolved. They also talked about Phoebe's makeover and Ashley and what happened in Mexico. Bridget expressed concern for how Rick was able to work with Ashley after Mexico. Rick said it would drive him crazy to see Ashley with another guy because none out there are worthy of her. Bridget wondered how hard it must be for Rick to have seen Phoebe with Constantine at the party. Rick detailed the makeover Phoebe got from Constantine and how he hated it. Bridget made Rick realize that music is what brought him and Phoebe together in the first place. Rick exclaimed that music is "it." It is what brought him and Phoebe together in the beginning and it can do it again. Bridget let Rick know that Brooke wants Ridge back. Rick was NOT happy about that.

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