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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 2, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, July 2, 2007

Brooke tries to use R.J. to convince Ridge to spend the night, but he refuses. Stephanie tries to convince Ashley that Ridge is a good man. Ridge returns to Ashley saying that things are over with Brooke. Stephanie goes over to Brooke's house to tell Brooke that Ridge is with Ashley now and will never come back to her, which Brooke refuses to believe. Constantine and Phoebe record what they think will be a hit. Rick, angry that Phoebe has spent so much time with Constantine, proposes a contest in which they each sing with Phoebe and whoever wins gets to work with Phoebe. All three agree to the singing competition.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ridge urges Phoebe not to center her life around a man, and feels the singing competition is proof of how possessive Rick is over her. Ridge is concerned over Rick's unfaithfulness, but Phoebe insists they have moved past it. Ridge and Constantine discuss their mutual disgust for Phoebe and Rick's relationship. Constantine agrees to help lay down tracks for Rick and Phoebe's song, but Rick doesn't believe Constantine will actually go through with it. Rick senses Constantine is in love with Phoebe. Brooke and Ashley continue to fight over Ridge. Ridge tells Ashley he is uncomfortable with the fact that there is another woman in Rick's life besides Phoebe.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Ridge invites Ashley to a fourth of July pool party, where everyone is extremely welcoming. Ashley wants to come clean about her and Rick, but both Rick and Felicia urge her not to. Brooke is crushed when she shows up at the pool party and she realizes that Ridge is moving on with Ashley. Constantine works alone on his and Phoebe's duet, while Rick and Phoebe work together to find the prefect song for their duet. Rick hangs up on Constantine when he calls, and Phoebe reveals that Constantine recorded the message from whoever the woman Rick was seeing from Rick's phone and saved it for her.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

It's a game of "I spy" with Ridge phoning Con to see if Con has identified "the other woman." "Not yet," Con says, but he's working on it, and Ridge wants to be updated. As Con hangs up, Rick enters the recording studio and accuses Con of setting him up with the taped audio of "the other woman." They joust over Phoebe and the tape, and Phoebe enters whining that the whole "other woman" thing is history so she wants to record their duet. As Rick and Phoebe prepare to sing, that slippery devil, Con, asks Rick if he has to make any calls before they record. Then, Con pokes fun at the song they've chosen saying his own grandmother would like it. Con watches, smiling, (or is that leering) as Rick and Phoebe sing a romantic love song from Zorro. After they finish, Con says it was very well done, and Rick leaves to take a call from none other than Ashley, telling him she needs to see him. As Rick leaves, Con sees Phoebe checking the Internet and sees that C.J.'s Insomnia Web site is promoting the contest that pits Rick and Phoebe against Con and Phoebe. "Don't worry," Phoebster tells the Con. "We'll (meaning Con and Phoebe) win." Then, Rick will realize she should pursue her music career.

At the FO office, Ridge sneaks into the lab where Ash is working, and gets some smoking-hot lip action going. In between smooches, Ash and Ridge agree they need some time alone together. But, the door opens and Mama-mia matchmaker Stephanie comes in to admire their lip lock, jovially telling them if she enforced the Forrester personnel policy, they'd both be fired. Then, she tells them to take the day off and head up to Catalina. Not just yet since Brooke comes in suggesting they all go to Catalina, but Steph ignores her and encourages Ridge and Ash to get a hotel room at Catalina. The backbiting continues as the fearsome foursome test out the new Phoebe soaps. Brooke reminisces about her time in the lab coming up with the Belief formula, and then Steph starts berating Brooke asking why she is there, and the insults fly as Brooke leaves. Ridge tells Mommy the insults were unnecessary and Ash suggests Ridge talk to Brooke. Ash then tells Steph she doesn't appreciate her turning Brooke into an enemy for Ash. She thinks the company needs Brooke plus she is family, but Steph argues that Brooke isn't family although she admits her children are, and Steph feels so badly that Budge and Rick had to be raised by Brooke and the "daddy of the month."

Ash defends Brooke, but Steph tells Ash that Brooke has slept with every man in her family, and Ash is only safe from similar treatment from Brooke because she doesn't have a son or husband who Brooke can sleep with. She suggests Ash wouldn't do something like that. A thoughtful look crosses Ash's face. Steph leaves and Rick comes in, so the morning is shot since now Ash is arguing with him about coming clean to Ridge regarding their sexfests. She says she plans to spill her guts to Ridge before someone else does.

In the darkened FO fashion show theater, Brooke looks distraught as Ridge lights the room and makes an entrance on the runway. He tells Brooke that Steph will never change, and Brooke says she has years of practice dealing with her, but Ridge is somber. Brooke asks if maybe she should resign, and Ridge says that might be for the best. A surprised Brooke listens as Ridge says he feels something for Ashley and he really wants to see where that goes, and doesn't think Brooke wants to be around for that. Shell-shocked, Brooke asks if he wants a break. Ridge tenderly tells Brooke that he can't keep this history going. After Sydney, all he could think about was getting back together with her, but he realized she really does love Nick. Brooke breaks in with the fact that her relationship with Nick is "resolved" because he is with Taylor and they are having a baby. Ridge says, "You came to me because you can't have him." Brooke argues that she was "confused" after Sydney, but Ridge says he doesn't trust her loving him anymore. He says no matter how hard the two of them try, they can't make each other happy. He hugs her, pets her hair, kisses her, and then leaves, turning out the lights. Alone in the dark, Broke cries and tears stream down both of her cheeks!

Friday, July 6, 2007
by PM

Ridge was at Forrester Originals talking to Eric and Stephanie. He told them it wasn't easy walking away from Brooke after all he shared with her. Eric agreed saying that Brooke had been a big part of the family and the company for a long time. Stephanie told Ridge she was proud of him for moving on. Eric and Ridge continued to talk about Brooke leaving Forrester Originals. Stephanie said Ashley is more than able to fill Brooke's shoes in more ways than one. Stephanie packed a box with all Brooke's stuff and gave it to a deliveryman to bring to her. Ashley walked in and wanted to know about Stephanie's good mood. Stephanie gladly stated, "Brooke no longer works here." Ridge came in and Stephanie left for home. Ashley questioned Ridge regarding how he felt about it. She wondered if Ridge had any second thoughts. Ridge told Ashley he will always care about Brooke but he doesn't see Brooke in his future. Ridge told Ashley it is different this time because of her and then they kissed.

Ashely came into the lab and Rick was there waiting. She was surprised to see him still there. Rick told her they were not done talking. He wanted to know if she told Ridge about them yet. Ashley told Rick to do the right thing and tell Phoebe about them. She said she doesn't want to tell Ridge but it is the right thing to do. Rick said he doesn't think Phoebe can handle it. Phoebe heard this last statement as she entered the lab. She thought they were talking about the soap and the publicity tour. Phoebe asked if it could wait. Ashley excused herself and Phoebe began kissing Rick. Rick stopped her and said they can't do this here. Phoebe assured Rick that all about the other women is forgotten and gave him a big hug.

At Insomnia, Bridge was talking to C.J. about the singing competition between Rick and Phoebe/Constantine and Phoebe. She asked C.J. what the winner would get. He said he doesn't care as long as it is good for business. Carl came in to talk to Bridget about the "little matter" at the hospital. Bridget said it is all taken care of but Carl says so we thought. Bridget looked annoyed and told Carl she did not want to play games. Carl told her that Dr. Mills is retiring a year sooner than planned. Carl said it got moved up because Dr. Mills wants to leave before the scandal about the Marone baby comes out.

Nick walked in and asked Bridget about Brooke. Bridget introduced Nick and Carl. Nick commented that Ferret was an unusual name. Carl and Bridget said they were done and Carl left. Nick sat down to talk with Bridget. Nick told her Taylor was doing great but craving scrambled eggs. Bridget almost choked on her coffee when Nick said scrambled eggs. Nick ordered decaf to go and asked Bridget what was wrong. She told him she was really happy for him and Taylor. Bridget mentioned her mom and Nick said he is concerned about Brooke. Bridget told Nick that Brooke was talking about going back to Ridge. Nick was not happy to hear that and said, "Brooke can't go back to that man!" Bridget told Nick she is just as concerned about Brooke as Nick is. Bridget told him she has never seen Brooke like this before.

Brooke went to the bar at Café Russe and ordered a sparkling water. She couldn't stop thinking about Ridge telling her he was moving on without her. A strange man at the bar was watching her. The man came over to talk to Brooke and said she is too attractive to be sitting in a bar alone. He offered to buy her a drink. She said no thank you. He insisted she let him buy her a drink. Brooke got a call from Donna who was babysitting for Hope and RJ. As Brooke was talking to Donna, the man wrote on a napkin and slipped it into Brooke's purse. Donna told Brooke to come home as she needed to leave to catch her plane. Brooke tried to leave but the man continued trying to come on to Brooke. He stood in the way as she tried to leave and she bumped into him and his "expensive scotch" spilled on her dress.

Brooke was driving home and continued to think about Ridge and Nick both having told her good bye. Brooke got another call from Donna. Brooke told Donna she was almost home. Donna got her things ready to leave and told Hope and RJ their mom was on the way. Brooke almost got run off the road and pulled over to calm down. Donna saw a car driving up the driveway so she left out the back. Unfortunately, it was the deliveryman and not Brooke. RJ and Hope were there all alone and Brooke was passed out in her car somewhere along the way home.

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