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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of July 16, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, July 16, 2007

Brooke is angry that she cannot take her kids home and insists that Stephanie is up to no good. Ridge tries to calm her down, offering to speak on her behalf at the hearing. Ashley supports Ridge's actions, and Brooke returns home to find Nick, who comforts her and assures her that they will get her children back. Stephanie visits Taylor, informing her of the hearing and suggesting that she attend in case she needs to testify about her conversations with Brooke. Stephanie then visits the children and Ridge, subtly hinting that Brooke should not be around the children. Ridge tells Stephanie to back off, then goes to tell Taylor that they both need to speak on Brooke's behalf. Taylor isn't sure if her testimony will help or hurt Brooke.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

At home, Brooke prepared to go to the emergency court hearing regarding her children. Storm who Brooke hired to represent her, advised Brooke to do as he advised, remain calm at court. Brooke told Storm that she was adamant that Stephanie was just trying to take her kids away from her so that Stephanie could finally rid her from the Forrester family once and for all. Storm did not believe Brooke's theory about Stephanie. Storm realized the truth that there had been two emergencies in the home within the last twenty four hours. However, Storm was encouraged. He believed because Brooke is a good mother that her children would be returned to her with his good defense of her.

Brooke went to Taylor's office to ask her to testify in her behalf at the emergency court hearing. Taylor declined Brooke's request and advised that Brooke would be okay on her own merits. Besides, Storm had not asked her to testify and Taylor did not think it was necessary. Brooke told Taylor that she did not have to fear her because she had no intention of trying to break up Taylor and Nick's marriage. Nick also asked Taylor to go to court and testify. Taylor again declined. She advised them that Stephanie had asked her to testify against Brooke. Taylor was not planning to go to court. Taylor was fine with the fact that Nick was going to court with Brooke to advocate for her. After Nick and Taylor left, Taylor was handed a subpoena to attend Brooke's court hearing.

At the courthouse, Stephanie, Eric and Ridge were surprised when Brooke arrived with Nick. The judge questioned the social worker. Storm defended Brooke. Brooke stood up against Storm's advice and spoke to the judge. Brooke told the judge that she believed that Stephanie was attempting to take her children away from her and this was the way Stephanie was going to accomplish it. Brooke behaved in a hysterical manner and did exactly what Storm told her not to do.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Brooke has a few outbursts in the courtroom. She believes Stephanie is trying to paint her as an unfit mother. Ridge testifies that Brooke has been a good mother, but expresses Brooke needs to get herself together. Storm taints Stephanie's testimony by getting her to admit she hates Brooke. Taylor testifies that Brooke is incapable of caring for her children at the present time. At Insomnia, Phoebe, Rick and Constantine perform (for the contest). There is a wild applause for both couples but C.J. and Felicia admit that there is clearly a winner.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

At Insomnia, C.J. and Felicia announce the duet-off is a tie. Rick and Phoebe head out for some alone time and Felicia tells Con she doesn't like him pursuing her niece ľ he says it's purely professional. Felicia says another Forrester is interested in him and she kisses him. Rick says he has a surprise for the Phoebster. They arrive at the beach house where he has every candle in Malibu lit and she's impressed. They start some serious lip locks, and Rick says maybe they should eat dinner, but Phoebe shakes her curls and says that she "wants to."

In court, Taylor blurts out that Brooke told her, as a friend, that she was falling apart and needed counseling. Storm suggests this is good sign and Taylor agrees. Brooke testifies that she can easily take care of her children, but Dorothy paints a sad picture of a woman so distracted while making dinner -- PB&J sandwiches -- that she didn't hear a fire alarm and kids crying. She also missed the smell of smoke. In yet another outburst from the gallery, Nick says the whole fire was his fault. There's a recess and the judge returns with a ruling that while Brooke is not a bad mother, he is concerned that in her current state, based on Tay's testimony, she needs to get some help while the kids remain with Ridge. Brooke protests, but the judge says it's temporary.

After the hearing, Nick lays into the Forresters outside the courtroom while Taylor talks to Brooke, but Brooke says Tay stabbed her in the back, adding that she will miss months with Hope and R.J. Brooke screams at Tay that she wouldn't wish having her children ripped from her on her worst enemy. Tay leaves and Brooke cries and cries and cries.

Friday, July 20, 2007
by PM

Brooke was at Ridge's tucking in the children. Hope woke up and asked if Brooke was taking them home. Brooke told Hope that she and RJ were staying so Ridge could spend more time with them. Ridge came into the room and saw Brooke snuggled up next to Hope and went back downstairs. Stephanie asked Ridge what was taking Brooke so long. Ridge stated Brooke could have all the time she wanted. While Stephanie made tea, Brooke came downstairs and said she wasn't surprised Stephanie was there. Ridge reminded Brooke that the situation is temporary. Brooke & Ridge discussed her needing to get help. She stressed how alone she was and asked how he could say what he did to make sure she was now more alone. Brooke blamed Stephanie, too. Then, Hope called to Ridge for a glass of water. Stephanie came back into the room and told Brooke she should take this time to deal with her issues and detailed them for her. Stephanie said Brooke had made some very bad choices and that they both had very different priorities. Brooke's priority was sex and Stephanie's was family. Stephanie smugly told Brooke she would make sure that RJ and Hope were brought up with the right morals. Brooke glared at Stephanie and said, "Now, you can raise a child with your beloved Ridge."

Nick came home to Taylor and he told her that Storm took Brooke to see her kids. Taylor and Nick traded barbs about what Taylor had said in the courtroom and how it did not help Brooke's case.

Taylor said she was under oath and had to tell the truth. She also said she did not feel the need to sugar-coat what she said because she knew Nick would always be there to catch Brooke when she fell.

Nick asked Taylor if she wanted to "go there." Taylor wanted to know if he could be objective where Brooke was concerned. Nick then said he was leaving to go to the Shady Marlin to cool off before they said things they would regret.

At the Marlin, Nick picked up his lighter and remembered playing pirates with Hope and RJ. Brooke popped up at the Marlin "to think." She acted surprised to see Nick there. She told Nick about leaving her innocent children at Ridge's asleep. She cried to him about how empty she felt. Nick hugged her close and comforted her. He told her things would be better before she knows it. He called her strong, courageous and beautiful then they nearly kissed. Brooke abruptly pulled back before their lips actually met and then Nick left.

Phoebe and Rick were in front of the fireplace kissing and were about ready to make love when Phoebe told Rick to wait because she was not ready. Rick stopped and told Phoebe he wants to understand but can't. Phoebe told him she loves him. He asked her if she loved him like a friend. Phoebe explained to him it was more than friendship. Rick tried to convince her that when two people love each other they make love so their relationship can grow. Phoebe let Rick know she wants to not have any regrets when she makes love for the first time. Phoebe let him know she needed to respect herself. She said she hoped he did not give up on them but if he did she'd find a way to deal with it. Rick said do what you have to do.

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