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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of August 13, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, August 13, 2007

As Stephanie tries to physically toss Donna out of Thorne's house, Thorne yells at her to stop as she is his fiancée. Stephanie, of course, flips out over this. She can't believe Thorne would be so stupid as to fall for this "trash." She tells him that obviously Donna is doing this strictly as revenge against her for taking Brooke's kids away. Thorne kicks her out, telling her he will take Eric home. Later after Thorne and Allie leave with Eric, Donna calls Jackie and brags to her how her plot is working. Suddenly the line goes dead and standing at the door with the other end of the phone cord is Stephanie. She promises Donna this is far from over and questions as to who's really using who. Donna vows that having her in her life will be far worse than Brooke ever was. She will be in the Forrester family and she does NOT need Stephanie's approval like Brooke used to. She will make Stephanie's "few remaining years" a living hell.

Thorne tells Eric about the engagement which surprises him but Stephanie's reaction was not a surprise.

Rick talks with Ashley about his wanting to win Phoebe back. She asks him if he's ready for everything that comes with a relationship with her (i.e. no sex until she's ready). He insists he is and that Phoebe's request makes it more special. She wishes him luck.

Phoebe stops by the recording studio to see Constantine. She tells him she's not sure if she's up for going on tour with Rick if they end up being the winners of the contest. She reminisces about her time with Rick in Australia and wonders if she can move on with him.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jackie went unannounced to Stephanie and Eric's home-with an engagement gift for Thorne. Stephanie was not happy that Jackie was there to throw it in her face that Donna and Thorne were planning to marry. Eric arrived and sensed the hostility festering between Stephanie and Jackie. Stephanie was appalled when Eric admitted that he already knew of Donna and Thorne's engagement-and approved of it. After Jackie left, Stephanie told Eric that she thought that Thorne would marry Donna just for sex, and that Donna was marrying Thorne just to get back at Stephanie for things she thinks Stephanie did to the Logan family. Eric advised Stephanie that he wished their relationship had more intimacy. Eric advised that marrying for sex was such a bad thing.

At Forrester Creations, Donna and Thorne told Brooke that they are planning on getting married. Brooke gave them her congratulations. After Thorne left, Brooke warned Donna that she is well aware that Donna does not love Thorne and is only marrying Thorne to anger Stephanie. Donna admitted that hers and Thorne's relationship is not a whirlwind such as Brooke and Ridge's relationship was, but there are different types of relationships. Donna vowed to Brooke that she could make Thorne happy. Donna insisted that Thorne was the man for her, since the only other type of man who paid attention to her were construction workers and bad boys. Jackie arrived and saw that Brooke did not approve of Donna's marrying Thorne. Jackie warned Donna that when the Forrester men go against Stephanie they usually lose to her. Donna was adamant that she and Thorne would be married no matter what Stephanie tried to do to prevent it from happening.

Thorne went to talk to Stephanie. He overheard Stephanie say to Eric that Donna was just using him to get back at Stephanie. Eric supported Thorne. Thorne however, asked to speak to Stephanie alone. Thorne lambasted Stephanie for her lack of affection and support over the years and through out his childhood. Thorne told Stephanie that his relationship wouldn't be the same as with Darla. Thorne pointed out he wanted Darla back, but Darla is dead. Thorne admitted that he was mixing pills and alcohol to numb his pain and loneliness over Darla's death. Thorne admitted he did not want to be alone any longer. Thorne tried to point out Donna's good qualities but Stephanie refused to hear him. Thorne basically told Stephanie that he is marrying Donna no matter what her opinion or feelings are about Donna.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Taylor listens to Stephanie complain about Donna. Stephanie hints at the custody agreement and how it will become permanent and that she wants Taylor to help. Ridge rethinks the situation involving Brooke and his children with Ashley. Dorothy is impressed by Brooke's progress and because of it, she will request a custody hearing for tomorrow. Stephanie suggests to Dorothy that she stop by unannounced and to not believe anything that Brooke says. Andy sits at the bar thinking of Brooke and the gift he sent her. He sits down at Brooke's table and admits to her that he is her secret admirer.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

At Café Russe, Andy reveals he is Brooke's secret admirer, and tells her he spilled a drink on her the first time they met. Brooke flashes back to the horrible evening she left the kids alone, but Andy touches her hand, apologizes and says he can help her with her custody case. He's a corporate lawyer, but his sister handles family law. A photographer takes a shot of the two with Andy's hand atop Brooke's and he makes a comment about her being so beautiful and such a public figure. They have wine together as Brooke tells Andy it's possible her kids will be home tomorrow. She says good night, and Andy oddly mentions this will be the last night she's home alone.

Café Russe is a busy place as Phoebe talks to Con while he is waiting for his date – Felicia. Phoebe whines she doesn't want to sing with Rick and she can't get over what he did with Ash. Con says he thought she missed Rick, and he sends her to rehearse with Rick. Felicia shows up telling Con Café Russe doesn't seem like his kind of place, but he impresses her with the fact that he knows it's her fave. He also knows about her cancer and plans to donate the Boldface Challenge concert funds to the hospital that cured her. Felicia is touched, and they share a lip lock. Con excuses himself to take a call and Felicia notices Brooke with Andy and calls Steph to tattle.

Phoebe drops in on Rick who holds up a sign to say he has no voice. Phoebe frantically asks what happened and Rick kisses her and laughs. Frantic Phoebe fumes and they discuss how things were and he wants them that way again.

At Steph's, Nick warns Steph about hurting Brooke again. Steph wonders why he's chatting it up about Brooke when he is supposedly so dedicated to Taylor and his baby. He warns her again that if anything prevents Brooke from getting the kids back, he'll know Steph is to blame.

Brooke arrives home, and Andy calls her cell saying he's at the front gate. Brooke is spooked asking why he followed her home. Andy says he has an article from his sister that she must read before tomorrow. Brooke suggests he leave it in the mailbox and heads upstairs. Later, she comes downstairs to turn off lamps when she hears the bird in the cage singing, but she can't figure out why. She looks up and out of the shadows walks Andy.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Brooke deals with Andy's abrasiveness and he leaves her alone until Stephanie calls and tells him to return to the house. Andy sneaks in and Brooke finds herself in a dangerous situation. Brooke struggles to get away from Andy, but he's too strong for her. Andy pins her down as Brooke cries out. Rick and Phoebe have trouble practicing because she can't feel the words, and Rick feels like the situation is hopeless. He finally begins to get through to Phoebe with words of hope, and they almost kiss. Felicia observes Constantine performing and she leaves him with something a little unexpected.

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