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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 15, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Taylor goes into labour in the middle of her baby shower. Bridget checks on her as Jackie calls the doctor to meet them at the hospital. Nick asks Thomas to drive and they all make their way over. Donna stays behind and greets Eric when he returns. She fills him in on the baby situation and is impressed that he still cares for Taylor so much despite the bad blood with Nick. She also mentions that Katie knows about them and blasted her for it. He doesn't want anyone else to know until he's had the chance to tell Stephanie. Felicia comes down the stairs and overhears them talking and flips out. She blasts them for doing this to her mother. No matter what Stephanie has done she doesn't deserve this. To carry on with Thorne's leftovers is disgusting.

Ridge is interviewed by Jarrett about the recent reacquisition of Forrester Creations. Jarrett wants Brooke/Ridge to be the cover as they are the big draw. Ridge tries to avoid that but when Jarrett presses that it might be causing problems in his personal life Ridge agrees to it. Broke arrives and tells him about the baby and hopes everything is well for Nick's sake. Ridge tries to call the kids to find out more.

Taylor and the gang arrive at the hospital. Her doctor isn't worried at all as she is well into her third trimester. Thomas and Phoebe worry until Bridget comes out and calms their fears. Carl corners Bridget and wonders if they should get the test done once the baby is born to find out who the mother is but Bridget doesn't have time to deal with that now. The baby is coming very quickly but his/her blood pressure is dropping. They may need to do a C-section. Taylor pushes for a while and finally gives birth to a very healthy baby... boy!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Taylor and Nick spend some quality time alone with their baby. The family comes in to visit before Dr. Caron interrupts. She says that there's a serious problem, explaining that the baby has Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. Dr. Caron explains that the baby will need a bone marrow transplant from one of the parents. Nick gives a sample of his bone marrow and the doctors call Ann Lloyd, the presumed egg donor, to explain the situation as they may need her to cooperate if Nick is not a suitable donor. Bridget gets the blood sample she needs from the baby to test it's paternity. Carl and Bridget begin to run the tests. Felicia attacks Donna saying how horrible it is of Donna to do this to Eric and his marriage. Eric interrupts to tell Felicia of Stephanie's involvement in Brooke's attack.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nick finds out that he is not a suitable donor. They need the egg donor to donate her marrow. Carl and Bridget discover the true egg donor of the baby is indeed Brooke. They share the results with Nick, who's shocked and in disbelief. Taylor is informed that Ann, the presumed donor, is actually an intern at the hospital and that she has agreed to the procedure. Dr. Caron calls the presumed donor into the hospital to begin the procedure, but she's not a match either. Brooke and Ridge shoot a cover for an "Eye On Fashion" issue. After the shoot, they enjoy a glass of champagne together. Brooke, once again, pleads with Ridge to give their family another chance. Ridge is swayed and they share a tender kiss. Bridget calls Brooke, asking her to meet her at the hospital.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

At the hospital, Brooke gets clued in on the alleged eggs-asperating egg mixup from Dr. Bridget while Nick begs for her help. Of course, she agrees to help the baby her baby. Seconds later, Brooke's going under the knife for the bone marrow transplant and Dr. Bridget is in on it. Nick walks in wearing scrubs, and Dr. Caron tells him he'll have to leave, but he tells her he'll own that hospital in a week or two and a new Mercedes too. Minutes later, the surgery is done, and Brooke is fine, and oddly enough, the space-challenged hospital has the baby on the other side of the curtain in an incubator ready for his transplant.

Meanwhile in Taylor's room, she's been heavily sedated but awakens to see Bridget at her bedside. Doc Bridget tells her all is right with the world, donor and baby are fine. Thoughtful Tay wants to meet the donor to thank her, but Bridget says it can't be done and she leaves. Or can it? Tay grabs a wheelchair.

Brooke is recovering and asks to see the baby. He wheels the incubator right over to her bed. She says he's a beautiful baby, and she understands that Taylor carried him for nine months, but they should be able to share a few moments as proud parents. Sounding sleepy, she says she's glad she could do this for Nick. Now he and Taylor can have a family and so can she and Ridge.

Meanwhile at Brooke's house, a tuxedo-clad Ridge has been dutifully waiting for hours for Brooke to return, but Katie comes home and tells him that he can leave. The two discuss that Brooke wants more than friendship from Ridge, and he knows it. Playful Ridge tells Katie not to worry, but he worries that Brooke has been gone a long time. He calls Brooke and her cell phone rings right there in the neonatal/adult/bone marrow donor/recipient recovery room. Ridge wonders why she sounds so sleepy. She tells Ridge she'll explain tomorrow. They exchange "I love you's."

Outside the curtain to the multipurpose room at the hospital, Taylor wheels in wanting to meet the donor and thank her.

On the other side of the world In Paris, Ashley walks into the bathroom at the Forrester International hotel suite to find naked Rick in the tub. He asks her if she wants to join him for breakfast. The two of them coincidentally have meetings at Forrester International and both booked the corporate Forrester Suite in the hotel without knowing the other would be there. They decide to go separately to their meetings.

Friday, October 19, 2007

In the recovery room, Bridget had joined her mother and let Brooke know that she did a great thing; she gave Nick and Taylor's baby a fighting chance. She has told her that it will be a few months before they know if the transplant worked. Bridget had gotten a little worried when her mother talked about resemblance with the baby, but Brooke had reassured her she knew it was Nick and Taylor's child.

Outside the Forrester Mansion, Stephanie's mother Ann has pulled up with Stephanie. They have talked about Stephanie having spent time with her mother in Chicago. Her mother commented how she is unaware of why Stephanie "hid" from her family but if Eric doesn't shoot her, if she shows back up on her doorstep, she will. After having walked Stephanie to the door with her luggage, Ann has turned to leave when Stephanie thanked her. Speechless, her mother hurried away, burning rubber in the driveway. Stephanie has tried the door but found it locked. She took out her keys but they did not work so she had begun to bang on the door.

Meanwhile inside, Eric and Donna have finished making out when Eric calls it a night. They talked about what Stephanie had done and whether or not she'll return. Donna pointed out how Eric is still wearing his wedding band and forgiven Stephanie countless times but she does not deserve to be forgiven for what she has done to Brooke. She has further stroked Eric's ego about his confidence and looks and he reminded her it's because of her that he has his company back. She then informed Eric that she is very much in love with him, They have resumed kissing when they swung around after hearing Stephanie pounding on the door.

Donna hides on the terrace and Eric has gone and let Stephanie in. She greeted him with a compliment on his looks and a smile. He informed her a lot has changed since she left. They discussed how he got the company and he reminds her she didn't think he could do it. Eric has let her have it about her "apology letter," abrupt departure and not staying to face the music. She informs he it was a bad judgment call on her part but she didn't know what would happen. Stephanie has also told Eric that she would be willing to go to counseling, together, alone; daily whatever it takes but begged him not to let this be the end of them. While still hovering on the terrace, Donna had gotten a worried look on her face.

At the hospital, Taylor and Nick argued about her meeting the donor but Nick pointed out the interns have wheeled out the baby from behind the recovery curtain. Taylor and Nick have followed the baby back to the nursery.

Nick has wheeled Taylor into her room and she finished chatting about the baby and meeting the donor, Taylor has realized due to Nick's silence that something isn't right and asked him a lot of questions about the donor and what he's not telling her. Nick walked across the room but turned and informed Taylor she had been implanted with eggs from someone other than their chosen donor. Nick told Taylor that there had been a mix-up in the lab and a dish labeled "Marone" that was meant for research was used instead. Taylor had immediately assumed it was Bridget's eggs and stated that while she loved Bridget, she thanked god that it wasn't her as it would've been awkward. Nick had kneeled in front of Taylor and with a grim look on his face and informed a shocked Taylor that the donor was Brooke.

Taylor got out of the wheelchair, walked across the room crying "no, no, no," pounding her fists on her bed and table. She screamed about how Brooke has taken everything from her her whole life and she had hoped that she finally had a clean slate with Nick and their baby but now it was her, Nick and Brooke's baby. Taylor had lain on the bed crying and not able to console his wife, Nick walked to the window, his back to the door and Brooke walked in. She walked up to Taylor and put her hand on her back and called her name. Taylor turned and looked at Brooke with contempt.

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