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Monday, October 22, 2007

In her hospital room, Taylor screamed at Brooke to not try to take away her baby; to get out and to not dare come near her baby; she asked where security was. Brook attempted to explain to Taylor and mentioned it was a stupid clerical error. Taylor questioned about her life being turned upside down due to a clerical error. Brooke apologized but Taylor reminded her about how she had wanted a child with Nick. Brooke explained to Taylor that they've all moved on. She explained how yes, the baby was conceived with her egg but its Taylor and Nick's child. Brooke told Taylor that she had given the child everything she could, but what he needed was his mother. Brooke informed her she wanted her to know so there was no confusion.

Nick looked on as Taylor sobbed and informed Brooke how she carried that baby for 8 months preparing for their future together. Brooke told Taylor that she could have her dream that she was not going to stand in her way. Nick told both women that there was no issue about paternity; the real question was about parenthood. He sat in front of Taylor and quietly spoke to her; reminded her of their lifetime commitment to raise and love the baby and give him their best together. He hugged Taylor as she cried. Brooke turned to leave and Taylor thanked her for giving their son a chance at a normal life as Brooke looked surprised at Taylor's words. Brooke started to reply that she just did what any mother and changed her words to "I just did what needed to be done." When Taylor questioned Brooke about doing it for a child she had a connection with and Brooke responded that she was going home to her own life and family. Taylor asked her if she could live with that; to look her in the eye and tell her she could live with it for a month, a year, 10 years, and wonder if anything could have been different. Brooke looked Taylor in the eye and told her that no, and she prayed that Taylor wouldn't either and she walked out the door.

Phoebe showed up at Ridge's house and informed Ridge that she, Thomas and Jackie had been to Nick's house setting up the nursery. Phoebe encouraged Ridge to call Taylor to see how she was but Ridge told her he'd send a gift to the house. Phoebe let Ridge know that it was okay to feel weird about Taylor having a child with someone else and how she had gotten past Taylor remarrying and that she liked Nick. Phoebe pointed out he was still angry with Nick even though Eric had gotten the company back. Ridge informed her that his issues with Nick shouldn't affect her relationship with him. Ridge's cell phone rang and he assumed it was Taylor but it was the hospital. They informed him he was the emergency contact for Brooke and she had been admitted and would be spending the night. Ridge was baffled and asked what was wrong and the nurse, thinking she made a mistake, apologized and hung up. Ridge grabbed his keys and ran out the door leaving a puzzled Phoebe to stare after him.

At the Forrester Mansion Stephanie defended herself claiming she could not have possibly known what that man would do to Brooke and she was only out to protect her grandchildren. She informed Eric she wanted to make it right. Eric informed her that the road was paved to hell with good intentions and that the road she had been on was paved with hatred and obsession. Stephanie pleaded with him that she didn't want this to cause her a life without him and their children, that it would be hell for her. Still hiding on the terrace, Donna continued to eavesdrop with a smirk on her face.

Eric informed Stephanie that if she had come back looking for sympathy, she knocked on the wrong door and there wouldn't be many others open to her either. Eric blasted Stephanie for the woman she had become compared to the warm, loving woman she used to be. He informed her that no woman was ever good enough for Ridge and certainly no woman who brought him such love and fulfillment as Brooke did. He further commented on how she felt Brooke was a threat but in reality, she was just jealous of Brooke. Stephanie looked on shocked as Eric finished with how she wanted Ridge and the children for herself and that Ridge was the real love of her life and no amount of soul searching was going to change that.

Stephanie informed Eric that she was not ashamed of loving her son but that is not what was wrong with their marriage. She told Eric that she had hoped that this time away would make him see and think through what happened and realize it was never her intention to hurt Brooke that way. Stephanie informed Eric that the mistakes they've made have always involved Brooke. She then told him that her heart stopped beating for him the day she saw Brooke in his arms. Eric informed her that until she takes full responsibility for her part in what happened to Brooke, they have nothing more to talk about. She told him she would apologize to Brooke but to please open his heart and understand and try to forgive her; to give her a chance. Eric proceeded to inform her that a lot had happened since she'd been away and that he had changed. She stopped him and told him she would go see Brooke. Eric turned his back to her as she turned and walked to the door.

Donna entered the living room and commented to Eric how Stephanie thought the two of them still had a chance and he informed her that Stephanie only hears what she wants to hear. Donna reminded him that she is not the home wrecker. They talked about how he has not made promises to Stephanie or Donna. Donna promised Eric that no matter how much Stephanie has changed or has not changed his life with her won't. She walked to him and told him that life is a banquet and it's all right there in front of him; he can survive on bread and water but wouldn't he rather have a decadent piece of chocolate cake. She questioned him as to whether she or Stephanie does it for him.

Ridge walked into Brooke's hospital room looking for Brooke and instead found a nurse there making the bed. He inquired as to why Brooke was admitted and the nurse informed him that Brooke had donated bone marrow to the Marone baby.

Brooke returned to her room and spotted Ridge and asked why he was there. He told her about the phone call and asked if she was okay. She returned to bed and he sat by her side and inquired about the baby's health. He told her she was an incredible lady for doing something like that. Brooke sent Ridge to get her a glass of water and Taylor's OB doctor walked in. She walked up to Brooke and thanked her for going above all the confusion and what an incredible thing it was she did for her little boy. The doctor left and Ridge walked over with a confused look on his face and asked why the doctor referred to Taylor and Nick's baby as her little boy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Donna and Stephanie share a heated exchange. Donna forces Stephanie to take the blame for Brooke's attack. She taunts Stephanie with the fact that the attack brought Brooke and Ridge's relationship closer. Donna ends the conversation with a threat to Stephanie. Brooke explains to Ridge that Nick and Taylor's baby was conceived with her egg. Brooke pleads with Ridge to not let this come between them. Dr. Caron brings the Marone baby in to see his parents. Nick hopes that seeing their baby will help Taylor feel a connection. Nick and Taylor decide on a name for their newborn Jack Hamilton Marone.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bridget brought Brooke home from the hospital and reminded her she'd be sore for a few days and couldn't do anything more than eat chicken soup. Brooke appeared deep in thought and didn't hear Bridget when she was talking about her pain killers and vitamins. She told Bridget about her conversation with Ridge about baby Jack and how she kept reassuring him it was Taylor's baby. Bridget reminded her how Ridge thought she was over Nick and Brooke told her she'd sign papers or do whatever but she wasn't giving up on her and Ridge.

Bridget brought Brooke in some toast and tea and Brooke commented about how it was her good china and silver tea service. Bridget commented that Brooke couldn't say no if it was served up on a silver platter and Brooke looked shocked. Bridget asked what was wrong and Brooke reminded her that "serving her up on a silver platter" is what Andy said to her about Stephanie and Bridget apologized. Brooke got up and walked to her desk and removed a set of keys and Bridget commented that those were her old keys. Brooke told her it was to remind her to never trust Stephanie again. Brooke had a flashback of the morning after the rape when Stephanie came into her bedroom and taunted her. Brooke placed her hands on her ears and screamed "stop it, stop it, stop it" and Bridget went to her and hugged her and talked to her about needing someone to talk to about her pent up emotions. Bridget looked stunned when Brooke yelled at her and told her if people would stop bringing it up, she would be fine.

Ridge was home drinking coffee and remembered his conversation with Brooke about the baby and his doorbell rang. He had opened the door and was shocked to discover his mother there. He told his mother there was nothing for her there and she remarked that at least he didn't slam the door in her face. He gestured for her to come in and they discussed how Stephanie had run away and needed help. Ridge reminded her that Brooke is the one who needed help. She called it her "lapse in judgment" and looked shocked when Ridge remarked "oh that's what we're calling it now." Ridge tormented his mother by telling her of Brooke's rape, bruises and wounds. Stephanie had tears in her eyes as Ridge told her he would not forget what happened or her part in it.

Stephanie congratulated Ridge on his engagement to Ashley and he told her of the irony of how she wanted him and Brooke apart but this attack bonded them like never before. He remarked how Ashley had given him space and gone to Europe and Stephanie told him that no matter who he chose Brooke or Ashley, she would not interfere. She inquired where Brooke was and Ridge pointed his finger and raised his voice at her, telling her to stay away from Brooke. They argued about her visiting Brooke and Ridge told her that he had heard from Brooke's rape crisis counselor. The counselor had told him Brooke had been traumatized by the attack and she is still to fragile. She has fear and rage to get through she's like a time bomb. She's never going to heal until she can get through it.

At Forrester Mansion, Eric lets Felicia in and they talk about Stephanie being back. Felicia remarked to Eric about having a meaningless fling with Donna Logan. She argued with Eric about how Stephanie was the glue that held the family together and Eric yelled at her and told her to stay out of it and that in many ways, Donna has already been there for him. Felicia commented to Eric that he could not seriously be considering some sort of future with that "hoochie mama". They talked about how Eric wouldn't talk to Stephanie until she apologized to Brooke and then Eric left for the office.

Bridget showed up at Forrester Mansion after Eric left and she and Felicia talked about Stephanie being back. Felicia told Bridget how her mother was making the rounds to people she needs to grovel to first. Felicia mentioned how Eric was heading to Brooke's first and about Stephanie going to apologize to Brooke. Bridget told her how she hadn't been there as of this morning and that when Stephanie did find Brooke, it would be a very big disaster.

Eric showed up at Brooke's to bring her a file but took it back after he found out she was ill. He inquired why she wasn't working and rather than get into it, smiling, she told him she had a minor procedure but all was well. He broke the news to her that Stephanie was back and her face fell. Brooke informed Eric that she wants nothing to do with her now or in the future and she just wants to forget. She told him how Stephanie would mouth the words but not mean it as Eric nods. Brooke rehashed Stephanie's part in her attack and Eric walked up behind her and put his hand on her shoulder and told her he'd keep Stephanie clear of her. Brooke told him how she didn't want her to apologize because it would make Stephanie feel better and would make Brooke feel furious and if she was standing there in front of her, she did not know what she might do.

Brooke closed the door after Eric left and walked over to the table to find he'd left his file. The phone rang and Brooke answered it and it was Ridge. He inquired how she was and told her his mother was back and had been as his house. Ridge told her that she does feel regret and Brooke replied that she did because her little plan backfired. Brooke tried to get Ridge to talk about the baby but he told her another time, to rest. As she was smiling, Brooke hung up and her doorbell rang. She walked to the door, assumed it was Eric and opened the door and her mouth dropped when she saw it was Stephanie. Brooke screamed at Stephanie to get out and threw the folder at her. Stephanie kept apologizing to Brooke but Brooke screamed at her to get out and her face was filled with shock and anger.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

At Thorne's, Thorne and Katie discuss the recurring Forrester nightmare. This time, Donna, with whom he slept, could end up being his step mommy. He can't understand why Eric would turn away from Stephanie and turn to Donna, of all people. Katie clues in Thorne about Eric's disgust with Stephanie since she had some influence on the rapist. Thorne is shocked. They talk some more and end up changing the subject to something more pleasant, then end up laughing and talking as Thorne says the third Logan may be the charm for him.

The Forrester men still don't realize telling Stephanie to stay away from Brooke won't do any good. Eric and Ridge both verbally warn Stephanie not to go to Brooke's but we all know where Stephanie is. Eric and Ridge discuss that Ridge is getting closer to Brooke again, but they don't get much further because Ridge wants to know where Mommy is, so he calls her again.

At Brooke's, a repentant Stephanie wants forgiveness, and Brooke tells her to get out. Brooke fires off a few missiles at Stephanie for sending Andy over. He was going to "help" her get her kids back - after Stephanie took them away. Brooke recounts the entire rape to Stephanie who is sickened by what happened. Stephanie apologizes again and again, acknowledging she unknowingly set the wheels in motion. Brooke stares at her crying and shaking.

Friday, October 26, 2007

At Brooke's house, Brooke and Stephanie continue to face as Stephanie apologizes for what happened and accepts her responsibility for her part in it. Brooke calls her a liar and says to her, "you wanted to steal my children but you used the wrong man, that's what you're saying. You gave him a key to my house and you claim it was an accident." When Stephanie answers no, Brooke tells her it's not about the key, it's about the idea she gave him that Brooke was garbage; that she was nothing; which is the reason why she was raped. She tells her to get out. Stephanie responds by telling her that she and Ridge have her blessing and Brooke laughs at her and tells her she is pitiful.

Stephanie tells her that she won't stand in her way and as Brooke walks by her she tells her that her she couldn't if she tried as Ridge's life with his mother is over. Stephanie chuckles and remarks that she always used to say Brooke was her enemy when all along she was her own worst enemy. She called Brooke obsessed when she was the one obsessed. She says, "That all the years I accused you of stealing my husband, the truth was, I drove him away then and I've done it again." Stephanie reflects on how much she's thrown away and wasted but she wants a chance to rebuild relationships, starting with Brooke.

Brooke asks what kind of relationship they could rebuild and tells Stephanie that she can't think of anything she's given her that she would want more of. Stephanie talks about respect. Brooke tells her she no longer respects her and no longer wants her respect; that she used to but now the shoe is on the other foot. Stephanie tells her to think about it and Brooke says she won't but she will forget all about her. She lets Stephanie know that she is stronger than ever and needed to see her to understand that. Stephanie says she's glad she came then and leaves, closing the door behind her. As she hears the door click shut, tears roll down Brooke's face and she holds her head in her hands.

In Eric's office, Donna introduces him to a new model to be the lead model and spokesperson. After the model leaves, Eric reminds her that is her role, but Donna tells him he needs subtle sophistication, which is what Forrester Creations is under him. She tells him he needs a Rolls Royce and she's an All-Terrain Vehicle. Donna walks over to a stand and uncovers a picture of Eric holding 2 oars and she tells him that the word is out, the boss is back. Eric looks surprised and asks "We're selling me?"

Donna tells Eric that women are fascinated by the man and the mind that devoted his life to celebrating their bodies. Eric argues with her that it's not him and walks away. She tells him the promoters are behind it. She walks over to him with tears in her eyes and tells him she doesn't want to lose him but Stephanie isn't going to give up without a fight; his children hate her and she's not in it to make his life difficult. He tells her he doesn't want to lose her either and then agrees to the campaign. They hug and kiss and Donna rushes off to work with promotions on the new campaign.

At the hospital, Bridget and Ridge are looking at baby Jack. Bridget talks about how Nick and Taylor are the parents and it should not matter who shares the DNA. She tries to encourage Ridge to get past it. Ridge remarks to her how he knows that now Brooke and Nick share a bond that can never be broken. Bridget tells him he can go home, all he has to do is want it enough as she puts her hand on his shoulder and walks away.

Eric has just finished getting his hair cut when his secretary announces Stephanie has arrived. Stephanie walks in and tells Eric she was at Brooke's and it didn't go the way she wanted. She walks behind him and sees the new ad campaign and starts to criticize it and how she can turn it around. As she is leaving to go work with promotions, he stops her. She looks puzzled and then her eyebrows rise as she comments that he has a new jacket, haircut and cologne and realizes he's having an affair. She believes its Jackie and remarks that "some women are like duvet covers in a second hand store, you just never know where they've been." Eric tells her it's not Jackie and she believes it's a model and he squashes that too. They argue and he finally tells her that it's not what he sees in her that he doesn't see in Stephanie but it's that when he's with this woman, he can actually see someone he can stand. At that moment Donna walks in and Stephanie tries to dismiss her but Eric won't let her. As he tells Stephanie to continue, she is surprised and thinks that everyone knows what's going on if Donna can remain. Donna tells Stephanie, "You might want to ask yourself why I'm here Stephanie." After a few seconds, the light goes on and Stephanie realizes he's sleeping with Donna and says to Eric, "Another son's rejects? How can you be such an old fool?" and Eric just smirks at her.

Ashley and Rick are boarding their jet in Paris and the pilot is apologizing for the delay. Rick jokes how they have plenty of booze and magazines and they are in English. He drops Ashley's bag and the wedding invitations fall out. She says she brought them with her and thought it would be romantic to have them postmarked in Paris and Rick comments that she never mailed them. Just then, her cell phone rings and its Ridge, apologize for not being available. He tells her about Taylor having the baby, the complications and then ends it telling her that he loves her. She tells him she loves him too and looks pointedly at Rick. They sit and the pilot tells them they are 12th in line for take-off. Rick picks up magazines and sees the one with Brooke and Ridge on the cover and tries to hide it. Ashley tells him she's already seen it and Ridge knows what he wants and that is all she needs to know.

Brooke is sleeping on her couch and Ridge comes to the door. She tells him about her visit with Stephanie. They talk about what they could have had, all the hurt that could have been prevented and she points out how they've survived it but they are here now and nothing is stopping them from what they want or is there as she looks at Ridge. They discuss her leaving him for Nick and how she hurt him and she reassures him that she loves him, she always has since the day they met. She also tells him baby Jack is not going to be an issue. She wants one more chance to share a life with him and begs him to break off his engagement to Ashley and come back to her and their family.

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