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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of November 12, 2007 on B&B
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Monday, November 12, 2007

In Stephanie's hotel room, Stephen tells Stephanie "just one little shove and you would be history and people would line up to thank me." Stephanie tells him probably but he doesn't have the guts to do it and shoves him out of the way and walks into the room. She tells him she knows he's angry, his daughter was raped and she apologizes for her part in it. He tells her he could wring her neck and not feel a thing. She tries to make him understand and he yells at her for all the years of suffering Brooke and his family have suffered at her hands. Stephanie tells him that no matter what has happened to Brooke, even though terrible, it will never erase all the damage Brooke has done to her family and the men in her life.

Stephen tells Stephanie that the men turned to Brooke for love because they never felt it from her. Stephanie yells at him and tells him what a lousy father he is and because of that Brooke has had real issues with the men in her life. She yells at him and reminds him of how he abandoned his family. He tries to blame her and Eric for the trouble in his marriage to Beth. Stephanie tells him to take some responsibility; he abandoned his children and his girls have always gone after older father figures. She points out to him that is what happened with Donna and Eric. Stephen looks puzzled and she realizes he didn't know and informs him of Donna's affair with Eric. They continue to argue more and Stephen picks up the silver platter and tells her it was just a warning and throws it across the room. He walks to the door and opens it and there is a bellman standing on the other side. He turns to Stephanie and he tells her that someday she will pay for what she's done to his family and he slams the door shut.

Stephanie is in the bathroom and hears a knock on her door. She is drying her hands on a towel as she opens the door and it's the bellman and he comments how he heard Stephen and wanted to make sure she was okay. She tells him not to worry about it; it was nothing and then thanks him for his concern and closes the door. As she walks away, she throws the towel down and says "Stephen's not the one I have to be concerned with."

In Ridge's office, he and Brooke are kissing and she stops and holds up a bag of take-out. She tells him she knows they are busy with the fashion show so she thought they could work, eat and spend time together. She walks back into his embrace and then mentions how her father is in town, how Donna called him and told him everything. Ridge tells her that while he's not defending her, if one more person comes down on his mother and Brooke interrupts and tells him she knows, it could get ugly.

Brooke is deep in thought and apologizes and tells Ridge she can't stop thinking about her father. Ridge brings up Donna and Brooke tells him that Donna is on this one woman crusade to avenge the Logans from Stephanie's injustices. Ridge tells her that if anyone has a right to be bitter, it's her and she's not. She tells him why dwell on the bad when you have so much good to look forward to and they lean in towards each other and kiss.

Ridge comments to Brooke about how they have a big decision to make and she says, "Their wedding." They talk about how it's forever this time and Stephanie promised she wouldn't interfere. Brooke reminds him he never proposed. He jokes and smacks his head that he knew he forgot something. They agree to put off talking about wedding plans until after the fashion show and then kiss some more.

In Eric's office, Donna is massaging Eric's shoulders and he says he should call and warn Stephanie about Stephen. Donna tells him that he is not a violent man, unlike the one Stephanie unleashed on Brooke. There is a knock on the door and Katie walks in. She walks to his desk and shows him the cover of 2 fashion magazines from Jackie's photo shoot. They talk about how Jackie bought Spectra and Eric comments about how great the ads are. Katie mentions ideas for damage control and Donna brings up Katie's former PR job and tells Eric they should hire her. Leaving Katie speechless, Eric immediately offers her a job in their PR department to "shake things up". Donna asks her when she can start and then Eric's phone buzzes. He has to leave the office but tells Katie he wants an answer when he returns. Katie asks Donna why she wants her there and if it's because she needs more bodies to back up her relationship with Eric.

Donna and Katie talk about Stephanie and Donna's relationship with Eric. Eric walks back in and asks if Katie made a decision. He tells her if she is half as good as her sisters, he won't regret making the offer. She accepts his offer and he brings up her salary and responsibilities and Katie tells him to hold on as she has to do damage control from Jackie's ads. Donna offers the use of her office as she'll be busy so Katie leaves and Donna shuts and locks the door behind her.

Donna walks seductively over to Eric and they start to kiss passionately. They move to the couch and get hot and heavy and he tells her they have to remember where they are. Donna says to him, "Locked away in my honey bear's lair" and they lie down on the sofa, kissing and caressing each other.

In the lobby of Forrester Creations, Stephen arrives and walks to the elevator. The security guard asks who he is and tells him that he needs to be cleared. Stephen tells him he is Brooke and Donna's father. The guard asks if he is there to see either of them and he tells the guard that he is there to save Donna. He steps into the elevator and the door shuts.

The elevator door opens, Stephen walks out and bangs on Eric's office door. Eric and Donna are inside, naked under a blanket and both yell "busy" when Stephen knocks. Angry, Stephen kicks the door open and barges in and sees both of them in a compromising position and says to Eric, "My god, my daughter. Get your hands off of her" as both Donna and Eric look surprised and embarrassed.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Brooke and Nick secretly meet to discuss baby Jack. Brooke requests that Nick give her a photo of the baby. Nick shows Brooke a picture, but refuses to let her keep it. Storm is infuriated when Katie tells him the news of their father being in town. As they review Katie's contract with Forrester Creations, Storm and Katie stumble across a gun in Brooke's safe. Storm hands Brooke's gun to Stephanie. Stephen threatens Eric when he finds him and Donna in bed together. Donna and Eric plead with Stephen, declaring their love for one another. Storm finds Stephen in Brooke's office. Storm explodes in anger at his father for having abandoned him, and their family.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Donna and Eric are kissing in his office. She tells him she can't believe he loves her. He talks to her about how all the achievements are worth nothing if you don't have somebody wonderful to share it with. He then tells her all that is left is for him to tell Stephanie and he puts his coat on, kisses her cheek and starts to leave. Donna pulls him back for a passionate kiss and then he leaves.

Katie and Brooke walk in and Donna blurts out that Eric announced he loves her. Brooke hugs her and tells her how happy she is for her and Katie puts a damper on it and wonders if the timing is right. From a PR perspective, she believes that Eric walking down the runway with Donna during his family's comeback could backfire, not to mention how Thorne and Felicia feel about her. Katie also mentions how she almost married Thorne and how they might have a problem with it. Donna tells Katie how she believes everyone deserves something great and now she's got it and Brooke tells her that Eric does too. They hug as Katie looks at Brooke skeptically behind Donna's back.

Storm comes in and walks up to Brooke and wants to know if Brooke was raped. She tells him yes, he hugs her and apologizes to her. He wants to know why she didn't tell him and why he had to hear it from Stephen. Brooke explains she wasn't ready to talk about it and she didn't tell Stephen, as she looks at Donna. Storm tells Brooke that Stephanie needs to be in prison and he wants Brooke to press charges. Donna tells him that she is being punished, that Eric is over there right now telling her he is leaving her for Donna.

Storm is surprised and Donna tells him that at the end of the fashion show, she will be on Eric's arm. Storm tells his sisters that growing up he knew everything about them and how he is the last to know about this. Katie tells Brooke they found the gun in her safe and Storm tells her he brought it in, it's in her desk if she wants to have her assistant return it to Stephanie. Donna tells Storm that Stephanie cannot hurt them anymore because she's out and they are in.

Ridge catches Eric on his way out and pulls him into his office. Ridge brings up Eric's decision and asks him to consider waiting until after the show so he has time to think it through. He talks about Stephanie's involvement in Brooke's rape and how it hit both of them hard but neither he nor Brooke are out for revenge. Ridge tells Eric that regardless of who he chooses he will respect Eric's decision if he makes it based on what he wants. Eric thanks him and then leaves.

Thorne and Felicia are working on the set-up for the fashion show. Felicia points towards one of the workers and asks if it's Jake McLean, and how Thorne is with him being there. Thorne tells her it's water under the bridge but that Jake did ask about her. She tells him she is busy with work and Dominic and ex. boyfriends are low on her priority list as Thorne smiles smugly at her. Ridge walks up and announces that Eric went to Stephanie's room. Felicia gets excited and reminds them of how it's a ritual that their parents have martins the night before a fashion show and she is convinced Stephanie will be at the fashion show the next day – "where she belongs".

Ridge tells Felicia not to get her hopes up and that he has a bad vibe. He thinks that Eric is letting Stephanie down. Felicia and Thorne argue with him and talk about Donna and how Thorne doesn't want his "almost wife" to become his stepmother. Ridge tells them that Eric never got in the way of their lives so they should not interfere in his. Felicia tells him that Eric is about to make the 2nd biggest mistake of his life, Sheila Carter being the first and does Ridge really want them to just accept it. Ridge tells both of them they sound like Mother. Felicia reminds him that Stephanie didn't violate Brooke; Andy Johnson did, as Ridge walks away. He turns around and tells them that he loves Stephanie and he is sure in some way Eric still does too but at some point they have to make a decision of what is acceptable. He tells them that their mother crossed the line and what she did to Brooke was wrong.

Stephanie opens her door for Eric and shows him she had room service bring up the makings for martinis. She reminds him of how they had done that in the past and that she is glad that tonight isn't any different. She hands him a martini and tells him she hopes he'll keep his eye on the show as it's important to him and the success of the company. Stephanie tells him that if he goes forward with his personal decision, it'll be a public distraction and that they can work on the rest of things later. He puts down his drink and looks at her and she asks him, "What?" and he tells her he's sorry. She asks him what he means.

Stephanie tells Eric this doesn't have to be the end of their marriage. She knows she should have left Ridge and Brooke alone and he tells her that he did not come to make her grovel; he just wanted her to hear his decision from him. She tells him she knows she became obsessed with Ridge and that she's apologized to Brooke and begged for forgiveness. Eric looks at her and tells her that he is in love with Donna and Stephanie is shocked.

Stephanie tells him that he is not in love with Donna and wants to know what about their children and her. She wants to know what their children are supposed to say to their friends and the press. She tells Eric that it is typical of him and the press will not focus on his line but his relationship with Donna. Eric tells her he's leaving her and she yells at him to tell him she won't take him back. As he's headed toward the door, he turns and looks at her and tells her that he doesn't want to go back because he didn't like the man he was while he was with her. She yells at him and then lowers her voice and tries to apologize for all the mistakes she's made but he won't stand there and listen to the things he waited years for her to say. He tells her he tried and he can't anymore; he'll always love her. He walks up to her and she grabs him and tries to pull him into a passionate kiss but he breaks away and lets her go. As she sits down crying, Eric walks out the door.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Out in the darkened Forrester Creations auditorium, Stephanie talks with Ridge about her failed marriage and if and how she can repair her relationship with him after all that's happened with Brooke. Ridge is skeptical, but hugs his mom as he leaves and warns her not to attend the fashion show because it's Eric's day and he will have Donna by his side, but she is adamant about being there.

In Eric's office, all the Logans gather round as Eric tells the crew he told Steph the marriage is over. He offers jobs to Stephen and Storm. Donna, Brooke and Katie are already on board. Eric claims it's a new era for them all and he will announce it at the fashion show. The Logan crew heads out as Eric meets up with Ridge, and the two have a heart-to-heart about Eric leaving Steph. Eric says he needs to be happy, and now he will be.

Out on the runway the Logans, still traveling in a pack, encounter Steph, and the insults fly as the Logans insist Steph shouldn't be in the building nor at the showing. Ominous threats abound as Stephen warns the Forrester matriarch not to show up at the fashion show because he will stop her from interfering.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Backstage at the fashion show, Katie walks up to Jake and asks if he's listening to a particular music group. She tells him she's a huge fan and he lets her know that he had gone to a concert the week before and taped the whole thing. He asks if she wants to watch it and she says yes, she'll find him later and then heads off to Brooke's office. Eric sees Jake with the video camera and tells him he can't use his camera because certain journalists have the exclusive. Jake puts down the camera and just stares at Eric.

The Logan siblings are in Brooke's office with Donna is ranting about Stephanie showing up and ruining Eric's day. Brooke and Storm are talking business when she opens her desk drawer and she sees and pulls out the gun. She says how she's been meaning to give it back and Storm says, "Yeah maybe when she gets it she'll take a hint." Brooke asks, "Use it on herself like she told me to do? Stephanie doesn't know the meaning of the word surrender." Storm says that no matter how it plays out, they take the high road. Stephen walks in and asks him if they really think Stephanie will just be ignored.

Brooke tells her family she is with Ridge, Stephanie promised she wouldn't interfere and she doesn't want things escalating. Stephen reminds her of how she has been hurt and the scars won't go away. Donna tells him that there is a building of reporters and to not draw attention. Stephen tells them that if Stephanie shows up, she'll deal with him.

Ridge walks up to Eric and asks him about the finale. Eric snaps at him and Ridge tells him it's not about Donna it's just about the timing. Eric tells him he made a promise to Donna. Ridge questions whether he wants the focus to be on his love life or the collection. Eric wants to know if that's really his concern, the scandal and the effect it has on their sales. He tells him that he told Stephanie the truth and she has to deal with it. Both Eric and Ridge look out at the crowd and see Stephanie there smiling and seating the journalists. Ridge says, "Oh yeah, she's handling it well." Eric walks up to Stephanie and tells her he needs to talk to her and a photographer gets the two of them to pose together for a picture.

In his office, Eric and Stephanie are talking about why she is there. She tells him she loves him, the show is about him, the family and his triumphant return. She says "About Donna, when you come back down to reality, I'll take you back." Eric laughs and tells her his decision is permanent. Storm knocks, walks in and warns them that Stephen is there. Stephanie says she is not worried about Stephen. Eric tells her he wants no trouble and Stephanie promises him it won't be her who starts it. Storm promises to do what he can about his father but he can't be everywhere at once. And he leaves.

Alone in his office, Eric is staring at pictures of him and Stephanie when Donna knocks and walks in. He tells her she looks beautiful, walks up to her and they hold hands. She talks about how much it means to her that he asked her to join him at the finale. Eric tells her how proud he will be.

Brooke is helping Phoebe get ready when Ridge comes up behind her. Phoebe walks away and they start kissing. Across the room, Rick is talking to Ashley about the fragrance samples but Ashley is distracted. Rick looks and realizes she sees Brooke and Ridge kissing. He tries to say something to her but Ashley grabs the file from him and says she'll take care of it and leaves.

Backstage, Felicia asks Thorne, "What is wrong with Eric and why does he have to pick today of all days to embarrass mother with that hoochie mama?" Stephanie walks up, grins and tells her, "Hoochie mama is right but he won't accept that today is about his work." They three of them talk about how worried they are that Eric is making a complete ass of himself.

Brooke walks backstage and finds Stephanie. "You just couldn't stay away", she tells her. Stephanie tells her it's about her family and she's not there to ruin it, but save it and she doesn't know what Brooke is so afraid of. Brooke replies, "All this from a woman who was involved in my rape? Who gave me a gun and told me to shoot myself? By the way, that gun is in my desk drawer, I want you to take it back I don't want anything to do with the violence that surrounds you." Brooke tells her that Eric made his choice; she should let them be happy and she had better not dare do anything to spoil this for Donna.

Jackie and Clarke walk into the Forrester showroom and the reporters question them but Stephanie smugly walks up and kicks them out. Jackie tells her that they own a boutique and Stephanie says that Forrester Creations owns their own Boutiques and Jackie and Valentino Jr. (Clarke) are not going to do knock offs of their designs. Jackie tells her that they don't need their over priced designs, she will peddle her new "M" line door to door before she will let any of the Forrester designs in any of her stores. Stephanie says, "Oh customer base is slipping? Did the Navy finally run out of penicillin?" Jackie gasps and Stephanie laughs and tosses them out.

Backstage, Eric gives a pep talk to the models and staff. He tells them he wants everyone to know who they are and what they stand for. Ridge says, "Class with a capital C" and Brooke says, "Just like Creations." Donna says, "C is for celebration" and tells them all to smile and have fun as Felicia and Thorne look ill as they listen to her talk..

Donna and Stephanie run into one another and Donna says, "So here you are, determined to torture yourself. Stephanie do you really want to put yourself through this?" Donna taunts her about how Eric will hold out his hand for her and does Stephanie want to be there crying into her program. She says to her, "Does it remind you of being in high school, the frumpy girl nobody asked to the prom?" Stephanie smirks and says "Well at least I wasn't the one under the bleachers with the whole football team." Donna smiles, laughs, and while seductively running her fingers up and down her neckline says "I'm off to find Eric find so he can help me get into the show stopper and make sure everything is just perfect for our big moment together" and she walks away as Stephanie rolls her eyes.

Ridge comes out on the runway to the buyers and media clapping. He tells them all how nice it is to be back where it all began and that Forrester Creations is back where it belongs. From the front row, Stephen is rolling his eyes as he listens and he looks antsy throughout the show. Ridge presents the new line as the music starts and the models come out and walk the runway.

Fashion journalist Jarrett finds Ashley and walks up to her. She offers him a sample of their new fragrance called "Felicia". He asks where her engagement ring is and she tells him they called things off. Rick walks up and convinces Ashley to leave the fashion show so she's not uncomfortable.

Backstage, Brooke is helping Donna get ready and Donna tells her she wants to make Eric proud. Eric walks up and tells her that she already does. They savor the moment and kiss and he leaves to go check the stage. From across the room, Felicia, Stephanie and Thorne have witnessed their exchange and they want to know how they can stop him from making a fool of himself. Thorne tells them that they need to stop Donna and Stephanie agrees. Felicia tells her that she and Thorne are in on her plan.

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