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Monday, December 3, 2007

At the police station, Stephen is angry that he is handcuffed to a chair. Storm inquires about the ballistics report from the gun and is told they were working on it. Stephen tells them that even if the gun matches the bullet taken from Stephanie, he didn't do it and demands to be released as Lt. Baker and Detective Baker stare at each other.

The forensics report comes back and there are no fingerprints, however, it the gun is a match to the bullet taken from Stephanie. Lt. Baker tells him that he was overheard threatening Stephanie by a hotel bellman and Stephen tells him that everyone has threatened her at one point or wanted too, even Lt. Baker has probably had moments where he wanted to. Storm mentions how Stephanie has already accused Donna and now they are trying to blame Stephen so he asks if he's next. Lt. Baker tells him that he is clear as he was on the phone with his son, Detective Baker, trying to get a restraining order against Stephanie at the time of the shooting. Lt. Baker tells his son, Charlie, to book Stephen so he takes him out of the room as Storm tells Lt. Baker that he will clear his father's name and prove his innocence. Stephen is fingerprinted, photographed and booked and then asks for his one phone call. Storm tells him that he'll try to get a judge and get him out on bail that night.

Ridge shows up at Stephanie's hospital room; Eric is there and Pam is sitting in chair knitting. They talk about how Stephanie is not safe as long as the person who shot her is still out there. Pam suggests making a list of all of Stephanie's enemies but mentions that could take all night. She says, "Poor dear, so many people despise you but who despises you the most?" Stephanie tells them she thinks it's Donna and they talk about motive. They toss around names (Stephen, Donna, Katie, Jackie and Nick) and who had motive and Ridge tells them to cross Brooke's name off, she didn't do it. He gets up and goes to leave and when asked by Eric where he is headed he tells them he's going to see Nick.

Clarke and Nick are talking in Jackie's office and Clarke wants to know where Jackie went to. He mentions how odd it was that she took off so quickly after Stephanie's shooting and Eric called wanting to know where she was. Nick tells him it's none of his business. Clarke mentions how maybe Jackie did it and Nick tells him she didn't shoot Stephanie and Clarke asks him if he did. Nick never answers. He calls his mother when he is alone and leaves a message asking her where she is and no matter what she did, to call him. Ridge walks in and asks him where he and his mother where at the time of Stephanie's shooting.

Nick turns the question around and asks what Stephanie was doing in that building. He tells Ridge that he sold the company back to Eric with a condition so Brooke had a safe place to go and work, away from that sick woman. Ridge asks him again if he shot his mother and Nick just glares at him. They exchange threats and Ridge's phone rings; it's Eric who calls to tell him Stephen has been arrested for shooting Stephanie. Nick overhears and when Ridge hangs up, he tells him "The dressmaker is wrong again, no apologies necessary" and Ridge just glares at him.

Brooke knocks on Stephen's hotel room door and Donna lets her in. She tells Brooke that the gun was found in Stephen's room and that he was brought to the police station. Both Brooke and Donna state how they believe Stephen didn't do it and Katie asks them if they are sure. Donna is upset that Katie believes Stephen did it, that he's not a violent man. Katie points out to her all the reasons why Stephen could have done it.

Katie tells them that she was in the ladies room and didn't even hear a gun shot and asks Donna and Brooke where they were. As they answer her, Katie asks more questions and both of them get upset with her. Brooke asks her what is with the questions and tells her to stop as she and Donna look angrily at Katie. Katie apologizes and Brooke tells her it's okay that they are all upset over this and first Donna was accused and now Stephen's been arrested. Donna blames herself for calling him to come to town and says she doesn't know what, but she'll get him out of this somehow.

Stephanie and Eric are alone in her room; Pam has stepped out. Stephanie thanks Eric for allowing her to move back home and promises she'll be on good behavior but she tells Eric he has to promise that he'll never see Donna again. He shakes his head and she says she tried, but at least they will be under the same roof and he informs her he is checking into a hotel room. He tells her that they will focus on finding out who shot her and after that they will deal with everything else. He kisses her hand as Pam walks in with coffee and sees and looks upset.

Lt. Baker walks into Stephanie's room and takes the gun out of a box and asks Stephanie if she recognizes it. She tells him it looks like the gun she gave to Brooke. Pam asks where he found it and he tells them they found it in Stephen's hotel room. Stephanie apologizes to Eric and tells him she was certain it was Donna. Eric asks if they've arrested Stephen and Lt. Baker tells them he is being booked and processed.

Stephanie and Eric are shocked that it was Stephen who shot her and Pam says to them "if his aim had been just a little bit better...." and Stephanie and Eric just stare at her. The phone rings and Pam answers it and hands it to Stephanie; it's Stephen Logan. He tells her he didn't do it and she tells him she hopes they lock him up and throw away the key. He tells her he's innocent and he doesn't know why he's making the call but she's probably feeling all safe and secure and she shouldn't, that he is innocent and the shooter is still out there and could possibly be coming back to finish the job. She hangs up, looking worried and tells Eric what he said and asks "What if he's right? What if Stephen didn't do it?" They show the bulletin board of suspects with their pictures: Nick, Jackie, Brooke, Storm, Katie and focus on Donna.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

At Spectra, Ridge told Nick that he is off the hook for Stephanie's shooting. Ridge told Nick that Stephen Logan had been arrested for Stephanie's shooting. Ridge tried to give Brooke's photo of Jack back to Nick. Nick accused Ridge of going through Brooke's things after Ridge admitted he took the photo from Brooke without her knowledge. Ridge warned Nick not to use Jack as a carrot to get Brooke back.

At home, Brooke told Katie that through a lab error, she is Jack's biological mother. Katie warned Brooke not to allow the situation with Stephen or Jack to interfere with her relationship with Ridge.

At Forrester Creations, Ashley covered the office and dealt with the press while Eric, Ridge Felicia and Thorne were at the hospital. Phoebe told Ashley that although they had their issues, Ashley made Ridge very happy. Ashley revealed that she was tired of being in love with men who were involved with others. Ashley believed that Ridge could forget about Brooke, but Ashley admitted it was a painful mistake on her part. Ashley told Phoebe that she has accepted Ridge's relationship with Brooke. Later, Ridge implied that he and Brooke were having problems. Ashley assured Ridge that he and Brooke would be married soon because they would overcome whatever complications they were having. Ashley expressed to Ridge that she had accepted his relationship with Brooke and that she was okay with it.

After calling the Marone home and hearing Jack crying in the background, Brooke panicked. Brooke did not recognize the person who answered the telephone and indicated neither Taylor nor Nick were at home. Brooke rushed over to Nick and Taylor's. To Brooke surprise, Nick had arrived home. Nick introduced Brooke to the new nanny for Jack. Brooke asked to hold Jack. Brooke held Jack in her arms and calmed him. Brooke started to bond with jack.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Brooke is holding baby Jack and says what a perfect angel he is and Nick tells her that he is now, she has the perfect touch. She walks the baby and Nick mentions Jack is tired, maybe they should put him down and Brooke asks for a little longer. She tells Nick, with tears in her eyes, that she thought she did what was best for everyone, signed the papers but she feels a connection to baby Jack when she looks in his eyes. She tells him she knows she should stay away and said she would but she just can't as Nick looks at her with concern.

Brooke puts Jack in his bassinet and she and Nick stand together and look at him. Nick comments Jack is tired and Brooke says "You know your son." He tells her he knows her too and she tells him it doesn't take a minder reader to know this is difficult for her. She thanks him for letting her hold Jack for the first time and then says she should go because Taylor wouldn't like that she was there and neither would Ridge; they should respect their feelings. Nick holds up the picture of Jack that Ridge gave back to him and asks "The way Ridge respected your's? Maybe he was right, maybe I am giving you mixed signals." She tells him she knows he's committed to Taylor and Jack and he tells her "You came over here tonight because you thought there was something wrong with this little boy and that's a good mother. You know Brooke; I fell for you the first time I laid on eyes on you like I've never felt before. That boy, when he looked up at me for the first time, I didn't need blood tests to tell me who his DNA came from."

Brooke tells him she isn't sure what he is saying and Nick tells her there is no denying she has a connection to Jack. Brooke comments how Taylor is just starting to bond with him and she doesn't need to be reminded of where he came from. Nick says "I don't think you should be denied contact with him." They talk about how their relationships with Taylor and Ridge are solid. Nick questions if Ridge is that insecure and Brooke tells him Ridge doesn't want her to get hurt. Nick asks "And being separated from that boy isn't getting hurt?" She tells him it's the way it has to be. He thinks Taylor will come around; they are all trying to adjust. Nick believes it isn't threatening to anyone if she is in contact with that boy.

Brooke and Nick sit on the couch and talk about how Stephen was arrested. Nick is surprised Storm is defending him and then comments how when Stephen knew she was in trouble, he got on the first plane and came to be with her; isn't that what good parents are about. She tells him he always know what to say to make her put things in perspective and then talks about all the fun they had, taking the boat out, camping out, playing pirates and wonders if a day will come when they all can do that together. He tells her he doesn't know about that but maybe Ridge and Taylor will come around. Until then, he says, "We'll find a way for you to continue seeing Jack; it'll be our little secret." She repeats "Our little secret" and smiles as they hold hands and gaze at each other.

Katie and Donna are talking in Stephen's hotel room. Donna is convinced he is innocent and Katie is skeptical. Stephen and Storm walk in and Storm mentions he was handing out fliers to hotel staff to find out if anyone saw anything and Katie says "What, that they saw dad put the gun in his bathroom wall?" Stephen says to her that she can't think he had anything to do with it, she can't think that he shot Stephanie.

Katie tells Stephen that she would like to give him the benefit of the doubt but she needs proof; his word isn't good enough. Donna tells her to think of her family and Katie tells her she is, and if they go to bat for him and it turns out he did it and then they all look like complete idiots. Stephen walks up to her and tells her "Katie, I didn't do it, I'm your father" and she replies "No, you're not. You're not my father."

Stephen wants to know how Katie can say he is not her father and she tells him he didn't raise her; he wasn't there when she was growing up. He tells her he was a bad father and has a lot of regret and did a lot to hurt his family but he did not do this. He tells her he takes responsibility for his actions, starts to blame the Forresters but she cuts him off and tells him he can't blame everything on them. She goes to leave as Stephen tries to stop her and with tears in her eyes she says "What, are you going to make it all better?" and she leaves.

Donna tells Stephen Katie will come around and he says, "She is tired of my excuses." Donna tries to blame Stephanie and Stephen tells her "I wasn't arrested because of something Stephanie did. I made the threats and left my family; that is why I was arrested." Storm tells him he and Donna know he's innocent and that's all that matters. Stephen tells Storm how proud he is of him and how great the kids turned out. He blamed the Forresters for what happened with his relationship with Beth and he was full of fear. He was incapable of making decisions for himself or his family. He comments to Storm on how he stepped up, filled the void, held them together and protected his sisters, his mother and now he has to protect him. Storm tells him he was so determined to prove they didn't need him, but he was just a kid, so terrified; he felt like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Stephen apologizes to him. Stephen tells him he has complete confidence in him, his future is in his hands. He tells them when this is all done; he hopes they give him a chance to pay them all back and he and Storm hug.

Detective Charlie is taking down the pictures from the suspect board, clearing it for the next case when Lt. Baker tells him not yet. He says that Stephanie Forrester has a lot of enemies and with the Forresters, nothing is open and shut. Detective Charlie says, "I'm sure we arrested the right guy" and Lt. Baker tells them that he feels that they need to make sure there are no loops, cracks, or questions otherwise Stephen can get through them. He wants them to look through every inch of the security footage they received.

Pam walks into their office and reintroduces herself to the Bakers. She tells them that she baked them cookies because the family is so grateful the shooter has been caught. She tells them "What a relief" and leaves. Lt. Baker writes Pam's name down on the suspect board and Charlie says, "Cookies. Her sister's in the hospital and she's bringing cops cookies." Lt. Baker tells him to check her out; to follow the cookie crumbs.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

At "M," Jackie is back in town and in the hot seat, or tub rather, as the police want to interview her. Of course, she's in a bubble bath. The Bakers question her about the fashion show and if she might know where Stephen was during the show. Later, Clarke wonders if Jackie had anything to do with shooting Steph, and Jackie indignantly says she‘s no shooter, but she did make off with copies of some designs – all to Clarke's delight.

At Forrester, Katie and Donna dish over Stephanie will go today from the hospital. Katie predicts he'll take her to the mansion, and Donna disagrees. The two banter about Eric's intentions with Donna and Stephanie when the Bakers show up to see if anyone can verify Stephen's whereabouts during the shooting. Later, Jake visits Forrester to retrieve his camcorder. He asks Katie to check out the camcorder concert footage, but he finds something else when he hits "play." The tape features nasty encounters between each of the Logans and Steph. After the Donna/Stephanie encounter, they hear a shot and see someone behind a curtain, but the image is too small. Jake says he can enhance the video on his equipment while Katie excitedly declares this could tell them who shot Stephanie Forrester.

At the Forrester mansion, all the Forresters and sister, Pam, rally around the matriarch at a Welcome Home party. As they celebrate, Stephanie says she believes Stephen is the shooter. Outside, Donna spies Eric and Steph in a tender hand-holding moment. Tiny, Pam's vicious dog, gets a whiff of Donna and chases out the front door after her with Eric in hot pursuit. Eric catches Donna and they hide out in the guest cottage where drama queen Donna whines that he loves Stephanie. Eric explains the mansion belongs to Steph too, and she needs to recover there. He loves Donna and he plans to move to a hotel room.

Inside the house, Stephanie and Ridge chat about how the Forrester/Logan feud is causing a rift between Ridge and Brooke. Steph adds that a bullet brought Eric back to her.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Katie and Jake are watching the video; she tells him to not erase it as its critical evidence. She tells him he needs to blow it up so they can find out who shot Stephanie. They hook the camera up to Jake's computer and he enhances the screen until they see a man's hand with a ring, holding a gun from behind the curtain. He agrees to save the image to disk and print out copies of it. Katie calls Brooke and tells her and Donna to stay put, she's on her way over and hangs up. Katie says, "I can't believe it, it's got to be true."

Rick walks into the lab while Ashley is working. He teases her but then tells her that the holiday sales are through the roof as the "Felicia" fragrance is flying off the shelves. She tells him she can't take all the credit as he did the packaging. They joke around a little more and he hands her an early Christmas present. She opens it and looks shocked. She realizes it's the wedding invitations to her wedding to Ridge. Rick admits he had every intention of mailing them but at the last minute he couldn't do it. Ashley tells him that she wondered why her friends in Genoa City hadn't called or emailed when the press found out Brooke and Ridge were back together. She tells him that the next time he doesn't mail wedding invitations he might want to tell the bride.

Ashley then gets excited and giddy and thanks Rick for saving her from humiliation. She also thanks him for trying to warn her. Rick tells her as she's learned that Brooke and Ridge's relationship is complicated and Ashley tells him she doesn't believe it's destined to succeed. She tells him that all along there was one guy who she thought had a hidden agenda but when times were tough, he was there. She thanks him for his friendship and they hug.

Eric walks into the mansion and reassures Stephanie everything is okay. She grimaces in pain and he offers her a pain pill and tells her to think of them as martinis. Pam comes in, tells them she put Tiny in the den and she just got done baking 8 kinds of cookies for the children, grandchildren and "that nice Lt. Baker". Stephanie tells her she should make a replica of the house, the outer houses on the compound and everything on it out of gingerbread all before supper. Pam asks if she's trying to get rid of her. Eric follows her to the kitchen to lick the cookie dough out of the bowls. Stephanie is alone in the living room and Stephen lets himself in through the patio. He tells Stephanie that it would be just as easy if he were the shooter to get in and finish the job. She yells for Eric who comes in with Pam and Eric yells at Stephen to stay away from Stephanie.

Eric tells Stephen he is violating a court order to stay away from "his wife" and Stephen tells him it's funny he says that when he's sleeping with his daughter. Eric tells him to get out but on his way to the door, Stephen stops and tells Stephanie, "Someone out there is waiting for his second shot and the next time they might have better aim" and he leaves as Stephanie looks scared. Eric calls and leaves a message for Lt. Baker.

Stephanie tells Eric and Pam that Stephen scared her. Eric tells her that once she gives her statement to Lt. Baker, Stephen will be rearrested. Both Stephanie and Pam worry that Stephen might return and beg Eric to stay to make them both feel safe. Eric tells them the police will handle it as someone knocks at the door. Eric opens the door and Jake walks in with his laptop, apologizes and tells them he has something they might want to see. Eric asks Pam to give them time alone so she leaves the room. Jake puts his laptop down, opens it up and shows them the still image on his screen. They realize it's the shooter and Stephanie recognizes the ring and says it's Stephen Logan's. Eric asks her if she's sure and she replies, "Yes, I'd stake my life on it."

Jake offers to take the footage to the police but Eric asks if he can leave it there as Lt. Baker is on his way over. Jake tells them that Katie saw it as well and that she has printed copies of the image. Eric worries about how the girls will handle it when they find out it's their father and Stephanie says she hopes he gets put away for a long, long time.

Donna barges into Brooke's and complains about the reporters outside the house. She tells Brooke she gave them a statement that her father is innocent and Brooke turns away. Donna asks her if she thinks he's not innocent and Brooke remarks on all the evidence the police have against him. Donna challenges her and asks when he has ever been violent, enough to commit murder.

Donna is trying to find out why Brooke doesn't believe their father's innocence when Katie barges in and tells them she knows who shot Stephanie and she has proof. She walks over to the desk, puts her purse down and takes out the photos. Brooke and Donna look at them and Brooke recognizes the ring as one that Stephen wears. Donna thinks it will clear him and Katie tells her its proof. They argue over the photo and whether or not it's Stephen or it's been doctored and the door bell rings.

Brooke opens the door and Stephen comes in and tells them that he went to the Forrester Mansion. He tells them that Eric and Stephanie believe he's the shooter and Katie asks him if that was wise. He tells them what's done is done and he just wants to be with family; people who believe he's innocent. Katie looks away and Donna and Brooke are speechless.

Katie asks Stephen about his past and how long he's known the Forresters and Stephen mentions, as he rubs his ring, Beth met Eric at Northwestern University and if it hadn't been for Eric... Brooke comments how Beth and Stephen were high school sweethearts. Brooke asks if he ever gave Beth his ring and he tells her he did but replaced it with an engagement ring. He tells them the sports he majored in are on the sides and Donna comments his name is engraved on it as well. He says he only takes it off when he has it cleaned and although it's silly for a grown man to wear his high school ring, it reminds him of happy times. He asks the girls what is going on and Katie gives him the photos and they explain what they are and where they got them from. He asks them, "Because of this fakery, you think I shot Stephanie?" and with tears in her eyes, Katie tells him "You did it, you did it."

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